~l"Cltic tQtIII'I1l!1fre . Latest Technology and Workmanship.! I I'\J!. ~f . .~loiiciIbDd..THE COMPANY Pugazh Chemical Plant and Equipments Pvt.~~~_-J. Ltd.l ~.. We emphasise on Quality.MfT ~~Iglll-.!J\ZH CIfUlICAL I'!.. - rvr. is a fast emerging company specialising in the design and manufacture of various chemical process plant and machinery.IIobil:ll!~dM~". .Il'[I) ~. L1D. OI! I lS\£tt~te of 9I. Over the years we have consolidated the expertise in this field.

REACTION VESSELS DRYERS Dryers for drying of heat sensitive materials under hygienic conditions and suitable for slurries. wet cakes and wet products. Reflux and Receiver. free flowing particles. Expansion column. Reaction Vessels comprises of Cooling / Heating jacket. Baffles. Mass Transfer and Dispersion. 0 r-I() 1650 0 I() 400 N 0 0 0 0 01250 ~ N I() 0 0 0 ~ . The type of reactions process are Solid. Impeller.Liquid / Liquid and Gas / Liquid / solid. • Tray Dryers • Vacuum Dryers • Ovens Reactors for use in various operations like Heat Transfer. Our range of Dryers are.

liquid. =. Solid .Liquid. =. • • • Planetary Mixers Ribbon Blenders High Speed Mixers AGITATORS For the use of different types of dispersions like Solid . o o """ 0 0 co 0 LI) t-. =. The agitators consist of cooling jackets baffles and variable drives. =. Gas . Our range of Mixers are. =.blade turbine and Propeller. powders and suspensions. Pitched . =. 550 =. =.solid. pastes. =.MIXERS Various type of Mixers for blending different mixtures consisting of solid .Liquid and impellers of Anchor. 0 0485 0 0 0 LI) ~ """ C') ~ LI) 0 LI) N 0 0 ~ . =.Liquid and Liquid .

0800 o 635 0750 F-------------------------~g g o o It) --t'r-o r::: ~ = = = 460 ~ . • Vacuum Nutsche Filter • • • • Candle Filters Centrifuges Pressure Nutsche Filter Filter press TILE MACHINERY • Pioneer in machinery.FILTERS Filters for the separation of solids and liquids. • We offer complete solution for manufacturing concrete designer tiles in one roof. • Vibrator Conveyors of Size 3000mm x 520mm. making Concrete Tiles Making • Aggregate Mixing machinery of Size 7.5 Hp Concrete. 5 Hp and 1.5 Hp. Our range of various types of filters are.

/Batch.PILOT PLANTS Pilot plants for complete Research laboratory process. pipes and chequred plates for complete assembly of platforms. - 1000 . It has unique features of . Condenser. Cooling Jacket. The process capacity ranges from 10 to 50 Ltrs. angles. Electrical heating upto 300'C. Thinning vessels. levels as for the specific We use I beams. Reflux Receiver and Variable speed drive. channels. Filter equipments and Raw material handling in different requirements. STRUCTURAL PLATFORM Manufacturing platforms for the use of Reactors.

. • • • • • Polyester resin plant Epoxy resin plant Alkyd resin plant Phenolic resin plant Specialised coating Chemical plant SPECIALISED FABRICATIONS We offer different types system Applications and General fabrications as per customer requirement.TURNKEY PROJECTS We offer range of Turnkey Projects some of our projects are. • Storage Vesselsupto 30 KL SS/MS • Sieving Machines • Vibration Applications • Bucket Elevators • Screw / Roller Conveyers • Pulveriser / Ball Mill / Attritor • Rubber/ FRP/ Lead lining and bonding • Heavy Structural Fabricatons.

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