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Staff Nurse Nursing Superintendent Grade II Nursing Superintendent Grade I Nursing Tutor and Clinical Instructors Principal, School of Nursing/College of Nursing Lecturer, College of Nursing Professor, College of Nursing Joint Director of Nursing/Deputy Director of Nursing/Assistant Director of Nursing Public Health Nurse-District Family Welfare Bureau.

recognized by Indian Nursing Council. Registration : Registered with the Karnataka State Nursing Council/Indian Nursing Council (INC) Job Summary Staff Nurse is a first level professional nurse who provides direct patient care to one patient or group of patients assigned to her/ him during duty shift. .STAFF NURSE Educational    Qualifications General : pre university course Profession : 3 years General Nursing/9 months/6 months Midwifery/Certificate.

Standard Norms (Nurse – Patient Ratio) General Wards ◦ 1:3 (Hospital attached with school or college of nursing) ◦ 1:5       ICU. CCU and other specialty 1:1 for 24 hours. Operation Theater 3 for 24 hours Outpatient Department 1 in each clinic room of the OPD Casualty and emergency 1:1 in each shift Pediatric unit 1:2 beds . Labour room 4 in each shift.

Administration of medication.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Direct Patient Care Carry out the procedures of admission and discharge of the patient. injections Assisting doctors in various medical and surgical diagnostic procedures Performing simple diagnostic procedures . Performs various technical task related to nursing care.e tablets. i. Makes beds of serious patients Maintains personal hygiene of the patient. Implements and maintains ward policies and routines. Maintains clean and safe environment for the patient. Attends to the nutritional needs of the patient.

 Ward/Unit  Management Helps the ward in charge to carry out her/his work or act as ward in charge during their absence. etc. ◦ Maintains case papers. if necessary. ◦ Maintains vital signs charts. investigation reports. intake output charts and other special charts.  Operation Theater Management  Management of Labour Room  Management of Postoperative/ICU/Burns Units  Psychiatric Unit  Educational Function .  Maintains general cleanliness of the ward  Writes the diet register and supervises the distribution of diet  Maintains all the records pertaining to ward/unit.

SENIOR STAFF NURSE Educational Qualifications As prescribed for staff nurse Experience : experience as staff nurse not less than 5 years Standard Job Norms At least one senior staff nurse for the five staff nurses(1:5). . Summary Senior staff nurse is a first level nursing supervisor who is accountable for nursing care management of a ward or a unit assigned to her/him.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Direct Patient Care Supervision and Administration Establishes and reinforces standards prescribed in the procedures Assists in making ward requirement Makes duty and works assignment. Identifying and procurement of ward supplies and equipments and keep records Educational Function .

Job Summary She/ he is responsible for developing and supervising nursing services of a department or a floor consisting of two or more wards or units managed by the senior staff nurses .Nursing Superintendent Grade II Educational Qualifications Educational qualification as prescribe for staff nurses Experience: as prescribe for senior staff Standard Norms At least one nursing superintendent Grade II for three senior staff nurses (1:3).

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Patient Organizes care/unit management and plans nursing care activities Plans staffing pattern and the other necessary requirements Makes rotation plan for the nursing staff Looks into general comforts of the patient and his/her relatives Make regular rounds of her/his department Educational function Arranges classes and clinical teaching of nursing students in the departments Implements the ward teaching program and clinical experience of the students Does counseling and guidance of staff and students. Arranges and conducts staff development programs of her/his department .

. She is accountable for the safe and efficient running of the various nursing departments in the hospital. Standard Norms  There should be one nursing superintendent Grade I for 200 bedded hospital.Nursing Superintendent Grade I Educational Qualifications  As prescribed for staff nurse. in a hospital having 200 or above bed strength.  Experience: Should have experience as nursing superintendent Grade II. one nursing superintendent Grade I for 2 t0 4 nursing superintendent Grade II. Job Summary  Nursing superintendent is responsible to the medical superintendent.

etc.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Nursing Services Participates in the formulation of the philosophy of the hospital  Determines goals. students.  Assists in students selection  Ensures the safe and efficient care rendered in the various nursing departments of the hospital.  Maintains necessary records concerning the nursing staff. . confidential reports and health records.  Makes regular visits in hospitals and wards. objectives and policies  Implements hospital policies and rules  Decides and recommends personnel and materials requirement  Interviews and recruits nursing staff. aims.  Office Duties  Submits annual reports of the nursing service .

Sc. and responsible for planning and implementation of teaching program and assists in administration of school of nursing. Professional : B. . Standard Norms As per Indian Nursing Council. Experience: Should have experience as staff nurse not less than 5 years. Job Summary She/he is teacher in nursing school. Nursing Registration: Registered with Karnataka State Nursing Council. Nursing (Postgraduate) or M.Nursing Tutor and Clinical Instructors Educational Qualifications and Experience General: As prescribed for staff nurse.Sc.

welfare and security. Overall supervision of clinical teaching program of subjects in hospital Maintains class room equipments. supplies and teaching aids. Assisting the selections of students and administration. Assist in teaching of other categories of personnel in hospital Assisting in the library work. Supervision of living condition of students in the hostel. Supervision of student health.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Academic Function Responsible for planning and implementation of teaching program. Teaching subjects in the curriculum. Administration and Evaluation Assisting in the administration of the school of nursing. Assisting in maintaining school records .

. Professional: Master degree in Nursing recognized by Indian Nursing Council. As the head of the school she/he will be responsible for the smooth implementation of the INC syllabus and school administration.Principal. School of Nursing Educational qualifications and Experience General: As prescribed for staff Nurse. Experience: Should have teaching experience in school of nursing not less than 5 years Job Summary Principal the administrative head of the general nursing school will be responsible to the Medical Superintendent or District Surgeon of the hospital. Standard As Norms per Indian Nursing Council. 0r BSc Nursing (Post –Certificate) Registration: Registered with Karnataka State Nursing Council.

. nursing arts.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Administrative Advertizing and calling for candidates for nursing program. psychology. Distributing teaching work load and departments to each tutor along with teaching materials connected with that e. anatomy. preparing merit list and calling them for interview. Conducting interview through the set up committee and selecting candidates and informing them. Planning for orientation program for new students and staff.g. etc.

teaching materials as requested by the concerned department in charge.  Countersigning records of each department. teachers and student. clinical experience etc . Educational  Arranging for the theory and practical work for each group. agencies  Maintaining students records. Carrying out correspondence with other departments.  Seeing to the supply of audio-visual aids. register. etc. results. registers master roll call for staff. library and hostel after annual verification by the concerned in charge of the department and the warden in case of the hostel. institutions.  Contacting agencies. admission. for arranging field visits.

Cooperating with the State Council/Board to conduct examinations Guiding students in filling examination forms. .     Initiating changes in curriculum keeping within the guidelines of the syllabus. in consultation with tutors. Taking classes in her/his subjects. schedule clinical experience of relation plan etc. registration fees. and seeing that they are submitted to the council in time. Preparing and displaying weekly/monthly class.

Sc. Experience: Teaching experience in college not less than 5 years. College of Nursing is the administrative head of the College of Nursing.Principal.D. Nursing Or Ph. College of Nursing Educational Qualification and Experience General: As prescribed for staff Nurse. will be directly responsible to the Director of the Medical Education/Director of Health and Family Welfare services and responsible for implementation and revision of curriculum for various courses. . and research activities of the college of Nursing. Job Summary Principal. Professional M. in nursing Registration: Registered with Karnataka State Nursing Council/INC.

•Prepares the job description. Investigates. Identifies the present needs related to educational program. responsibility in the relationship and channels of communication by means of organizational chart and other methods. ability and interest personally in equating responsibility. •Analyses the job to be done in terms of needs of education program.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Administration Planning Develops philosophy and objectives for educational program. indicate line of authority. evaluates and secures resources Organizing •Determines the number of position and scope and responsibility of each faculty and staff. •Considers preparation. .

 Subscribes and encourages developmental aspects with reference to welfare of staff and students.  Directs activities of staff working under.  Provides adequate orientation of staff members. scope of job and total staff composition. Coordinating  Coordinates activities relating to the programs such as regular meetings. time schedule.  Consistently makes administrative decision based on established policies.  Initiates ways of cooperation.Directing  Recommends appointment and promotion based on qualification and experience of the Individual staff. etc. .  Guides and encourages staff members in their job activities. maintaining effective communication.

KNC. research and writing for publication. .  Encourages studies. Guiding  Provides for systematic guidance program for staff members and students. Instruction (Teaching)  Plans for participating in educational programs for further development. etc. INC.Controlling  Provides for continuous follow up and revision of education program.  Recognizes the needs for continuing education for self and staff provides stimulation of opportunities for such development. University.  Maintains recognition of the educational program by accrediting bodies.  Maintains a comprehensive system of records.

Sc. • . Professional: M. College of Nursing Educational Qualifications and experience General: As prescribed for staff nurse. instruction and guidance activities.Lecturer. nursing/equivalent degree recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. Registration: Registered with Karnataka State Nursing Council Experience: Should have experience as staff nurse not less than 5 years in government hospitals Job Summary He/She works under the direction of the department head and assists him in administration.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Instruction Identifies the needs of the learners in terms of the program by utilizing the records of previous experience. personal interviews. tests and observation. Participates in formulation and implementation of the philosophies and objectives of the post. Make data available concerning learners and concerning methods of teaching and evaluation. Research Assist in initiating and participating in studies for the improvement of educational program. Identifies the problems in which research is indicated or potentially desirable. Participates in evaluation of the curriculum. Selects and organizes learning experiences which are in accordance with these objectives. . Assists the learners in identifying their needs.

Professor.Sc. College of Nursing Educational Qualifications and Experience General: As prescribed for Staff Nurse. Registration: Registered with Karnataka State Nursing Council/INC. Professional: M. . Experience: Should have teaching experience in the College of Nursing not less than 5 years Job Summary The Professor is overall in charge of the department and thereby responsible for administration teaching activity and guidance of that particular department. Nursing Or PhD in nursing with any specialty or other equivalent doctoral degree in nursing through convocation.

Identifies the needs of the learners in terms of objectives of the program and utilizing records of previous experience.. Develops plan for learning experience. tests and observations.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Administration Participating in determination of educational purposes and Contributes to the development and implementation of the policies. personal interviews. philosophy and purposes of the educational program. Participates in evaluation of the curriculum. . Utilizes opportunities through group action to initiate improvement of the educational programme Instruction Assists the learners in identifying their needs.

 Continues to develop competence in problem solving process Guidance  Cooperating in guidance program. developing and using guidance programme.  Gives guidance within own field of competence .  Analyzes and evaluates resources material.  Prepares and channels clear and concise reports.  Shares in planning. Counseling  Helps the learner to grow in self – understanding.Recording and Reporting  Maintains and uses adequate and accurate records.  Shares information about learner’s needs and achievements with other concerned Investigative Way to improving Teaching  Measures effectiveness of instruction  Increases knowledge and skill in own curriculum area.  Promotes continuous growth and development towards maturity.

directly responsible to both the Director of Health and Family Welfare Services and the Director of Medical Educational as well. Nursing or equivalent Master Degree in Nursing recognized by any University. Professional: M. Registration: Registered with Karnataka State Nursing Council Experience: Should have about 10 years experience in nursing service: of which 5 years in administration and education Job Summary Senior Assistant: Director of Nursing is at present rate.Joint Director of Nursing/Deputy Director of Nursing/Assistant Director of Nursing Educational Qualifications and Experience General: As prescribed for Staff Nurse. head of the nursing service under Directorate of Health and Family Welfare Services.Sc. .

.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES She/he is responsible mainly to see that the nursing services in the State run smoothly regarding: 1 Leave 2. Transfer of: Nursing Personnel Student nurses from one school to another Promotion and postings Appointments in consultation with superintendent of nursing services. Proposal to government Inspections. Correspondence with government and non Governmental institutions. Educational programs. Representing nursing interest on health committees. Review of confidential reports.

.Sc degree in nursing from any University or institute or certificate in Public Health Nursing from any recognized institution.Public Health Nurse-District Family Welfare Bureau Essential Qualification •B. Pay Scales The pay scale should be the same as prescribed by the State Government for similar categories of personnel under them Membership The Public Health Nurse will be a member of the District Health Welfare Team in the District Health Organization and will enjoy the status equivalent to that of the District Mass Education and information Officer. Professional Qualification •Experience of working with rural communities.

Working Relationship The public health nurse will assist the District Medical Officer/District Family Welfare Officer in planning. implementing and evaluating Material and Child Health Program undertaken in the district.  To help in organization of maternal and child health program  . Duties and Functions  To help in developing school health program in the district. b. She will receive technical guidance from him and under the administrative control.  To promote health and nutrition education activities through the lady health visitors  To help in developing school health program in the district.Job Description a.

    To ensure regular supply of equipment. etc . records. supervision and support to the ANM. female multipurpose workers To review the periodical progress reports on MCH work done by the ANMs. To ensure the maintenance of prescribed records To give technical guidance. registers drugs. female. vaccines. multipurpose workers.

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