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Containing a State of the Devil s Circum fiances, and the various Turns of his Affairs 3 from his

Expulfion out of Heaven, to the Creation of with Remarks on the feveral Miftakes Man> concerning the Reafon and Manner of his Fall. Alfo his Proceedings with Mankind ever fince Mam^ to the firit planting of the Chriftian Re

ligion in the




Containing his more private Conduc~b, down to the prefent Times: His Government, his Ap pearances, his manner of Working, and the Tools he works with.

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tie Devil


be abused,

Befalfly cbargd, and caufekjly accused, When Men, unwilling to be blanfd alone, Shift off thefe Crimes on Him which are their





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The Subject is fingular. THIS it Second Edition of this Work* notwith(landing a large ImpreJJton of the Fir is a Certificate fromthe ft. But he does not think that we are bound ne ver to [peak of the Devil but with an Air 2 of flrangeft thing it all is. boaft without Evidence. according to the Cuftom of Editors. to The A . SECOND EDITION. and has good Vouchers for it (in the Opinion ofJach whofe Judg ment paffts with him for an Authority} that the whole Tenor of the Work is folemn y cal culated to promote ferious Religion y and ca pable of being improv d in a religious manner.The PREFACE TO THE &amp. what he was from the Beginning ? The Author affirms. that when F the Devil is not f leafed. or tell a b in of its Favour. of his Friends fhould be angry? hear Satan complain that the Story is handled prephanely : But who can think it ftrange that his Advocates foouid BE. and the ig norant World has been taught by it 5 none but the malicious part of the World has been offended at it : Who can wonder. and it has been handled after a fingular Manner : The wife World has been pleafed with ity the merry World has been diverted with World of its general Acceptation (b we need not.

and lefs with the &quot. As for a certain Reverend Gentleman. not believe tis any Sin to expofe him for a as he is. Let the Performance be how it will.Dejign of it . and the honeft. have all the Room given them in the World to handle it better . Devil s) he only fays. He counts their Cenfure Fame. who approve my Work. has affed the ridiculous and foolifh &quot.Party as much as moft of God s And he can Creatures. as if we were always afraid of him* Tit evident the Devil. is pie afed gravely to diflike it is who apparent he has not yet preach d away Hearers. and as the Author profeffes he is far from thinking his Tiece perfeh . . is all his enough to me (fays the Author] that the Devil himfelf is not pleafed with my Work. Thofe that think the SubjeEt not handled with Gravity enough. He has had the Satisfaction to fleafe fome Readers? and to fee good Men approve it--. the Work (he rather for the Author s fake than the hopes. well mean ing. and 111 tell with Satan. Nofes if he dares. as fubtle and as frightful as he is.r in another Cafe. [ . and the Author what he will. and daily does fo. or fhew the World foolifh Devil/ that he may be laugh d at. they ought not to be angry that he gives them leave to mend it. charitable World. THE .PREFACE. and for the reft? as my Lord Rocheftery^/. let the Devil and all his fellow It Complainers ft and on one fide. on the other. of Terror.

the II. &amp. Satan had in Heaven before he /*//. what he in was before his Expuljion out of Heaven^ and what State he was from that *ime to the Cre ation of Man 34 CHAP. B Of EING an Introduction to the whole Page i CHAP. Of the Original of the it is Word DEVIL.5j CHAP. Milton s Miftakes about it &amp. who he is. Nature and Original of his Crime and feme of Mr. Of the Station the V. as a proper Name &c. Of the Name IV.THE CONTENTS: PART CHAP. oftheDe*uily his Original^and the Na 38 ture of his Circumftances he has been calYd [ince by that Name CHAP. CHAP. . I. ta j8 the Devil) and any or all his Hoft^ Angels^ III.

&amp. MiltonV Abfurdities on fhat Stttyeft Page 77 Number of Satan s Hofl how they came know of the new created Worlds now in and their Meafures with Mankind upon Being) -g the Difeovery CH Of A P. Of the degenerate a Church out of the midfl of World^ and of Satan s new Meafares . Of the firfl to VII. VIII. Of Deluge with fome more of Mr. SJ What became of the Devil and his Hofl of fallen Spirits after their being expeird from Heaven. his &amp. VI.wandring and Condition till the Creation & and what Shifts and Stratagems he is obliged to make ufe of to cotnpafs his Defigns ufon Man kind pf CHAP. the Progrefs of Satan in carrying on his Conover Mankind^ from the Fall of Eve to the queft in CHAP. Devil s footing in the renewed Noah and his Race fecond Kingdom^ and how he got World by his Vittory over CHAP. Of God s a calling XI. the Power of the Devil at the Time of the Creation of this World whether it has not been farther Jlraiten d and limited fence that Time^ &amp.The CONTE NT CHAP.

in the Management Pagan Hierarchy by Omens. Entrails. Of i VI.1 6 CHAP. when at the fame Time we find him at Liberty 2. Of the Devil / V. Of Satan s IV. Page 2 5-9 PART Introduction II.6 CHAP. be attacked them that Incident: fares upon and his Succefs in thofe Attacks immediately. Of Hellas it is II. and how the De underflood. the extraordinary Appearances of the Devil. Oracles. upon and Agents or Mijfionaries.2. of Satan s affing and carrying on his Affairs in this florid. as being perfonally in Hell.The CONTENT How S.06 ranging over the flTorld vil is to be CHAP. reprefented to us. and how they went off the Stage at laffi by the Introduction of true Religion CHAP. and their Attings in the Minds of Men in bis Name 2. and of the Clown-Foot particularly 16$ CHAP. Augurs. and fuch like Pageantry of Hell. CHAP. Of the Manner III. by PofTeflion and Agitation 2. . and particularly of his ordinary Workings in the dark. L CHAP.

) Witches^ or Warlocks . &amp. and particularly of fellingthe Soul to the Devil 316 [CHAP.Art^ Pawawing. to converfe Methods the Devil takes with Mankind CHAP. Of the fools the Devil works Wizards IX. CHAP. and bow far the Devil is or is not concerned in them The CONCLUSION. XL Of Divination. Of the various X. Whether is mofl hurtful to the World^ the Devil walking about without his Cloven-Foot^ or the Cloven-Foot walking about without the Devil ? his particular modern Privy-Counfellors cal?d Wits and Fouls 339 CHAP. Of the DevilV lafl Scene of Liberty. with (viz.The C ONTENT VII.) of tr itches making Bargains with the Devil. the Cloven-Foot walking about the World with out the Devil (viz. Conjurer Sj Magicians^ Di viner-s 9 Aftrologers. and what may be fuppofed to be his underfland of his tyer are to tormented for ever and being End 3 with what we 404 THE . Of Page 282 VIII. S. Interpreters of Dreams^ fel lers of Fortunes 5 and above all the reft. Sorcery^ the Black. and fuch like Pretenders to Devilifms.

I cannot think by any means that the Devil would terrify them half B fo . DEVIL. that really it were enough to fright the JDmVhimfelf. to meet himfelf in the dark. as they do and be fome time a reprayer. in fo many have told thcmfelves Co have form M and monftrous fhapes. folving whether they had bed look into it or no.THE HISTORY O F T H E fyc. Being an Introduction I. drefs dup in the feveral figures which imagi nation has form d for him in the minds of men 3 many horrible and as for themfelves. CHAP. to the whole Work. Doubt not but the amufe fome of firfl title of this book will reading friends a little at perhaps. left they fhould really raife the Devil by reading my 1 they will at a witch s j make apaufe. Children and old women frightful things oftheDevil^ and ideas of him in their minds. his ftory.

2 fo The HISTORY much. he has acted indeed in the dark.upon record. where he is. to do him juflice. and as for his con duct. to {hew what he is. who have out-witted the Devil. when he is IN us. this God of the world. Nor is the work fo difficult as fome may ima The Devil s hiftory is not fo hard to come gine. and I may in the procefs of this work give an account of feveral of the fons of jlclam) and fome focieties of em too. and what he is NOT. bly of Satan. as cunning as he is. It may perhaps be expected of me in this hithat imce I feem inclined to (peak favoura ftory. and has not {hewn himfelf a politi cian at all: Our old friend Mdtcbiavcl outdid him in many things. at. which we call Devil. this terror and averfion of mankind. and NOT. nay. It mud certainly therefore be a moil ufeful un dertaking to give the truehiftory ofihisTyranfof the air. I aflure you j nor is he fuch an un profitable Devil that way. in reverence to my brethren. J fliotild take fome pains to tell you what religion he is of 3 and even this part may not be fo much a jclt. as to me thod in many things j but in general. and to write his ilory impartially. as at firft fight you may take it to be 3 for Satan has fomething of reli gion in him. he has been fool enough to expofe hitnfelf in fome of the moil coniiderable tranfa&ions of his Life. as fome may fuppofe him to be 3 for tho . if they were to converfe face to face with him. His original and the firft rife of his family is. who have out-fin d the Devil. i t will . as it feems to be . . when they themfelves where he is is NOT j for I cannot know nothing of ^ie matter. and that I think may be call d out{hooting him in his own bow. and when he doubt but that the Devil is really and bona fide in a great many of our ho ned weak-headed friends.

He is a leliever. whatever their Lordfhips B a arc. And if in faying fo it fhould follow. and fome charge him with perfonating Pope Hildebrand on an extraordinary occafion. It has indeed been fuggefled that he has taker! orders. much their fault. I ihall not affirm it for a truth. : . But to fpeak to the point. for I love to fpeak pofitively and with undoubted evidence. fo I am willing to leave it as I find it. as if it were pointed at them. what religion the Devil is of j my anfwer will indeed be general. for I would not {lander the Devil. I hope my Lord of and his Grace the and fome of the upper clafs in the red-hot club. in a full con and you may hear rriore of this here gregation But as I do not meet with Pope Diabolus after among the lift 5 in all father PlatincCs lives of the felf fitting in j : Popes. becaufe tis due to them In a word. No f not 1 will not reckon him among the Clergy 5 much as a gifted Brother. but that he often preaches. however well it may fit to their fhapes. I .of the fo DEVIL. yet I cannot deny. It is faid alfo. and that a certain Pope. famous for being an extraordinary favourite of gave him both inftitution and induction 5 but as this is not up on record. and a nice point it is I acknowledge j namely . that even the Devil has more religion than fome of our men of fame can at this time be charged with. and therefore we have no authentic document for the probation. will not wear the coat. and I am apt to believe it. that he was very familiar with that holy father Pope Sifaefter II. yet not at all ambiguous. and himthe chair apoftolick. and if it be not pro tis as fitably to his hearers j as it is out of his defign&amp. or challenge the Satyr.

to give an ac count. talking to an infidel fort of Gentlemen. as I take We upon me to advance. the Papifts or the ProteftantS} and among the latter the Lutherans or theCalviniftsj and fodefcending to all thefeveral denominations of churches. in common with a few others. &c. that if I were not at prefent. who s the better who Chriitian. to our friends at the Bull and Mouth. from the greateit to the leaft. and a vote in every fynodj even from the Sanhedrim of the Jews. and that after ano* ther manner than ever he fear d Saint Prances or Saint Dunftan . that the Devil really fears God. fee who has lefs otthe Devil them. a pew in every church. dence of this in facred Hiftory. I {hall leave it to judgment. I can allure Infidel. It will. come very much within the compals of this part of my difcourfe. or at leaft make an effay toward it. I might fay it was fufficiently prov d \ but I doubt not in the procefs of this undertaking to {hew. them no have fuch abundant evi He fears God. a place in every pulpit. I confefs. and if that be proved. I {hall leave him among you for the prefent j not but that I may examine in its order who has the hefl claim to his brotherhood. 2. with whom thofe remote things call d Scriptures are not allow d in evidence. or our believe neither mo God dern gentry of mr DeviL Having thus brought the Devil within the Pale. and who morej and whether lefs or more the Devil has not a feat in every fyna- m gogue. of the fliare the Devil has had in the fpreading religion in the world $ and efpecially of dividing and fubdi- 4 viding . the Devil who believes and trembles.4 The H I S TO RY that the Devil is are.

at firit fight. holy zeal to recover the terra fancla^ the fepulchers of thrift and the Saints. we find him heartily employed in almofr. call d. viz. and embark ing their kings and people. fac d about to the Saracens^ animated the city^ B 3 immor- . religious madnefs. \\\eholy tho true religion fays it was the accurfed city. 1 think I do no injury at all to the Devil. fo like a true Devil he left them in the lurch when they came there. the Scots infilled to take the oath of fidelity. and laid it open for the next corner^ fpending their nation s treafure. tis a little hard indeed. only becaufp they entred in to God s heritage when he Kad forfaken grazed upon his ground when he had fairly ttirn d it into a common. with an explanation^ it is plain Satan Ms very often had a fhare in the method. and in the grofs . in thofe days. to fay that he had a great hand in the old holy war^ as it was ignorantly and enthufiailically called $ and powers of flirring up the chriflian princes to run a madding after the Turks and SaraEurope cens^ and make war with thofe innocent people above a thoufand miles off. as he craftily drew them in. and as they call d it falily. This religious Bubble was certainly of Satan^ who. filling their heads with that it& &amp. As to his propagating religion. and alfo to fhew and make it reach the farther how far he is or has made himfelf a miffionary of the famous clan de propaganda fide 9 - it is if not in the defign of propagating the chriftian faith : For ex ample.tftfo DEVI L. (I fay) in a war above a thoufand miles off. to charge the Devil with propagating religion. that is to fay. 5 to eke it out viding opinions in religion 3 perhaps. every cor : ner of the world ad pi opagandum err or em But that may require a hiflory by it felf. if we take it but if you take it as literally. and not worth fpending one drop of blood for.

Of this tac~l:ion. fuch as the Pariftan maflacre. give you the detail of his progrefs in thefe firft iteps of his alliances with Rome. . and add a long lift of mafllicres. and to Satan s full fatis&amp. and expeditions in behalf of religion. to compleat this part of his hiftory. and the maflacres in Ireland.lbigenfes^ with the crufiidoes and maffacres which followed upon them. hundred upon the deftruction of an infinite num ber of innocent people. the Fkmijh war under the Duke d Aha^ the Smitfypdd fires in the Marian days in England. whole blood has atten d the foil for the growth of the Catholick wherein to do the Devir$ politicks fome juftice. you have a compleat account in the of the Popes decrees againft the Count hiftory de I houkufe^ and the Waldenfes and A. in a manner very particular. he dropt it to play another game lefs foolifh. tt Made them fight like mad or drunk For dame religion as for punk. the Devil has not been I idle.6 The HISTORY immortal Saladln againft them. but ten times &amp. all which would moft effec tually convince us that. &quot. might. he met with all the fuccefs he could defire the zealots of that day executed his in fernal orders moft punctually. as Iludibras foid in another cafe. wars. and planted religi* on in thofe countries in a glorious and triumphant manner. and manag d fq dexteroufly that he left the bones of about thir teen or fourteen hundred thoufond Chriftians there as a trophy of his infernal politicks and after the chriftian world had run a In fanta terra^ or in Englijh) a faunfring-jfobutz. namely^ turning the cruiadoes of the Chriftians one againit another} and. wickeder than that which went before it. which he has had the honour to have a vifible hand in .

which was indeed not likely. I mufl (ay. But the greater! piece of which we management. that the Chinefes fhould have no infight in to matters of religion. that it fhould fucceed j or wick edly. or embark his allies to conquer nations who were already his ownj that would be Satan againit Beelzebub^ making war upon himfelf. indeed. I believe the Devil was innocent of that matter j my reafon is. and would place the conqueit of Mexico and Pent to the cre dit of his account. with de luging Philip II. to mention them thus in a fummary way j I fay. draw them within the reach of his own and do minions. while I am upon my again the generals only. fecms to be that ofthe mhTion into China j and here indeed Satan has afted his mailer-piece: It was. and I had almoil fatd malicioufly charg d the Devil with the great triumphs of his friends the Spaniards in America . I mean. If they fhould charge him.of the idle iti DEVIL. or his politicks. tis enough to prove that the Devil has really been as much concerned as any body. of Spain into that prcpofterous at tempt call d the Armada^ (anglice^ the Spanijh Invafionj I fhould indeed more readily join with them j but whether he did it weakly. becaufe. in the matter of religion. no doubt. much for his fervice. Some have rafhly. but I 7 thefe his bufinels j enough. I fhall leave it to decide it felf. that we call chrifc B 4 . to deflroy that great fleet ofthe Spaniards. in hope. tis propagating the chriftian religion in the world. and at lead doing nothing to the purpofe. in the methods taken by fome people for in may meet with way. find the Devilhzs concerned himielf in of late. the elements j this being a queftion which authors differ exceedingly about. But I cannot join with them in this at all. Satan was never fuch a fool as to fpend his time.

and confequent]y of being very good friends. it feems the diligent Jefuits out-witted the Devil in Cbina^ and. that the Chinefe and the Roman ido latry appeared capable of a confederacy. yet he did not think it fafe to let the general fyilem of Chriftianity be heard of among them in China. This was a matter. he put that Dutch witicifm. and dread ing what the confequence of it might be. and joining the prieftcraft of both religions together.S The HSITORY tian j and therefore. as they fay^ almofl frighted Satan out of his wits. with . as if alarm d at the thing. and making a virtue of neceflity. but he being a ready manager. if the flory be not a fiction. and. anfwer- However.?. when theqncftionwasput themfelves Chriftians in fuch a place as to them. tho Popery and the Devil arc not at fo much variance as fome may imagine. when they came to Japan j who having more wit than to own that. when. that they expelPd It it at once. was much fafer to his defigns. into the mouths of the States commanders. as they had been in Japan^ they cunningly fell in with the ecclefiafticks of the country. arm d the Japonefes again ft it with fuch fury. joining together^ of being wholly expelFd there too. ed negatively. overihot him in his own Bow 5 for the million being in danger by the Devil and the Chinefe Emperor&quot. as I faid above. they brought Jefus Chrifl and Confucius to be fo reconcilable. Hence when the name of the chriftian religion had but been received with fome feeming appro bation in the country of Japan^ Satan imme diately.piece indeed. immediately to the miffion. clapt in. of go ing on hand in hand together. and particularly fa mous for ferving himfelf of the rogueries of the fac d about priefts. nat they were not^ but that they were of another religion call d Hollanders.

in the Head of a protection from the Inquifition and now and then a rich prefent well plac d found them friends in the congregation it felf 5 and where anyNuncio with his impudent zeal pretended to take fuch a long voyage to oppofe them. d the million to move him off the premifles. being by fpir interpreted) to murther him. and that the Inquifition damn d it with Bell. not by the planting the Gofpel it felf. He never refus d fetting which he thought it for his intereft his to hand to any opinion acknowledged courts. or in&amp. among them. and unlock the cabinets of ilate in fo many it were poffible. if methods of their own (that is to fay. Book and Candle 5 diftance of place ferv d his new allies. fuch as it was. but here veryexad: be obli to inquire fo nicely into the Arcana of circumged itances. Nor has it been fuch difad vantage to him that this plan or fcheme of a new modelled religion would not go down at Rome .gt. is another efpecial part of his hiftory. blind or mo ing the faith of Chrift and the philofophy rals of Confucius together. . B. no. and would require. and formally chriftening them by the name qf religion j by which means the politick intereft of the mrflion was preferved j and yet Satan loft not one inch of ground with the Chinefes. Thus the miffion has in it felf been truly devilifh^ and the Devil has interefted himfelf in the planting the chriftian religion in China.of the all DEVIL * &amp. The influence the Devil has in the Politicks of mankind. Satan took care to get him fent back re infeffa. the miflionaries. 9 fo the religion poffible alacrity^ with the propofal Jejuitszndi heform d ^hotch-potch of made up of Popery and Paganifm^ and calculated to leave the latter rather worie than they found it. a we fhall neceflarily \ * N.

and the modern politicks by acts in our days 5 with the differing reception he which he has met with among th^e men of fuch difIt occurs whether tant ages.10 T^fclSTORY that courts. the Devil is in it. we go along. among it may. canvafs the councils of miniftcrs and the conduct of princes fo fully. feeing his confederates the Jefuites with the Affefforial tribunal of Poland take it upon themfelves? I fhall leave that part I wifh it were as eafy to to the ifTue of time. we may be taken in a double entendre. or elfe it would never be expe&ed. his methods and way of working in which paft times. than he had in former as ages 5 and this will depend upon comparing. What if he has had any concern in the late affair of ttorn ? What need we put it upon him. at leaftfor the prefent. who dare fay that the Devil tnuft be in it. if juftice fhould be obtained that way : I ihould rather fay. Be it that the Devil has had a fhare in fome of the late councils of Europe^ influencing them this way or that way. and fall unpitied for being only fufpefted of touching truths that are fo tender. to his own advantage. what is it to us ? For example. the next to enquire from the premises. But . perhaps. make a combuftion the great politicians abroad 5 and in doing that we may come fo near home too. that tho perfonal fafety and prudentials forbid our medling with our own country. the world that he had no hand in bring perfuade ing the injur d Proteftants to leave the juflice due to the cries of proteftant blood to the arbitrament of a popiili power. Devil has more influence or lefs in the affairs of the world now. and expofe them fo much. whether we are guilty or no 5 on thefc accounts I muft meddle the lefs with that parr.

. than the laft of that kind which came abroad among us. and whap he has been doing ever fince he got leave to ab in -/ the high ftation he now appears in. and that the matters of fact. he is certainly qualified by his knowledge of things to be a compleat hiftorian 5 nor could Bimop himfelf. Were Satan to be brought under the leaft ob ligation to write truth. no more confiftent with themfelves. for the pre- back to remoter parts of this hiftory the drawing his that people may know him when they picture meet him. the juftice of the characters. which he fhquld write. and with the honour of an hiftorian. declared Generaliffimo of the . and look a little ! be&quot. and was oblig d to quit the his refufing to The fiction of and fubmit to the acknowledge field : upon his being. hiflory of bis own times j twould. would appear a meer trifling iing-fong bufinefs. has given us already the Devil of a hiftory^ come up to him : Milton s Pandemonium^ tho an excellent dramatick performance. with by the way. &V. it mud be a reproach to the Devil himfelf to be the author of it. be for as to the fincerity of the a Deviliih good one performance. and in wars in Heaven j how and by what manner he loft the day there. the authority of the particulars. But there is fo much to enquire of about the before we can bring his (lory down to our modern fent let n times. with writing the &amp. and fee who and what he is. beneath the dignity of Chevychafe : The Devil could give us a true account the cf all thje civil whom. if they were no bet ter vouch d. if I might obtain leave tg# prefent an humble petition to Satan^ it fhould that he would according to modern ufage oblige them drop. might be depended upon. In the mean time. with truth. as well as one that is gone before the DEVIL. us all. who. that we muft &amp.

occafions. and of which we ihall &quot. s rebellion earth. if he thinks fit. and only ferve to con vince us that he (Milton) knew nothing of the mat ter. Burners Theory^ it was a confequence following antecedent caufes by the meer neceffity of nature 5 feen in conftitution. a blafl from Heaven. What a fine Hifiory might this old Gentleman write of the Antediluvian world. natural pofition. and of all the weighty fpeak further in this work. like him. there is not the like neceffity and natural tendency to a Con flagration at laft. according to Mr. that fine-fpun thought of Mr. how glorious an account could he give us of Noa/is Voyage round . and upon other . wrought by a fupernatural power in the way of miracle? or whether. Satan knows very well. as he himfelf can doubtlefs give us an account. whether it was a meet vindictive. could give a full and compleat account of the Deluge.13 The HISTORY - the Heavenly forces. as the elded officer 9 and his not being able to brook another to be put in over his head j I fay. as by the Theory publiih d by that learned en thu frail it feems to be ? Satan could eafily account for all the difficul ties of the Theory^ and tell us whether. Milton would. for our improvement and diverfion. which Satan expected himlelf. ap pear to be ftrain d too far. that the Mejffiah was not declared to be the Son of God with power till by and after the refarreftion from the dead^ and that all power was then given him in Heaven and. and unavoidable working of things. Would the Devil exert himfelf as an Hiflorian. as well of flate as of religion* which happen d during the fifteen hundred years of the patriarchal adminiftration ! Who. and not before j io that Sat inuft derive from other caufes. as there was a natural neceffity of the Deluge.

could fettle every Epocha. would make a very good chronologift. He could give us a true relation how he wheed led the people of the next world into the abfurd ridiculous undertaking of building a Babel far that ftupendous flair-cafe. that we neither agree in our holy-days or working days. by which means very few of God s creatures. in the refolve all the difficulties famous Ark! he could about the building it.vfthe DEVIL. except the Brutes. and tell us whether the tale of the {iege of fro} 9 and the rape of Helen was a fable of Homer or a hi (lory whether the fictions of the Poets are form d from their own brain. and the laying up provifionin it for all the collection of kinds that he had made j He could tell us whether all the creatures came voluntier to him to go into the ark. be fore it was interrupted and the builders confoun ded j how their fpeech was alter d. and bring all our accounts of time to a general agreement . how ima gination to reach up to Heaven. or whether they and how many fubdivifions at all or dialects have been made fince that. This great Antiquary could bring us to a certain ty in all the difficulties of ancient ilory. was carried. or founded in facts 3 and whe& the furnifhing it. or care one far were divided &amp. nor keep the fame fabbaths in any part of the fame globe. correct every Calendar. thing whether they do or no. to this day. which have put the world. as our blind Julian and Gregorian accounts. no doubt. 13 routid the world. thar . In all thefe things Satan^ who. underftand one which was in &amp. or whether he went a hunting for feveral years into fuch confufion. fafts or feafts. as well the Grecian Olympiads^ the lurkifb Hegbira^ the Chinefe fictitious account of the world s duration. in or der to bring them together. now many Tongues it was divided into.

and how he behaved at and after h is expulfiorij how Cain wandered in the land of Nod. till he made him murther ther j and made Noah^ who was above f oo years a preacher of righteoufnefs. and every inch in her fhape. what the Satan. He could have certainly drawn Eve s picture.U Sinai. Rocb. enter practice into the characters of the great men of his age.ft ock of his children. whole daugh big the city was he Poet of noble built there. give us in par* ticwlar . whether fhe was a perfect beauty or no. he could tell us how aiid in what manner he wheedled Eve^ deluded Adam^ put Cain into a his own bro paffion. told us every feature in her face. how fhould we be diverted with the juft hiftory of Adam$ in paradife and out ofitj his character. the HISTORY ther letters were invented by Cadmus the Ph&nidan^ or di&ated immediately from Heaven at mount Nay. according to a certain extraction. ill-natur d and a fcold j as the learned Valdemar fuggefts to be the effects of the curfe. and whether with the fall Ihe did grow crook ed. And would mark was which God ter his wife fet was. and by getting drunk and expofing himfelf. become the jefl and laughing. and how upon him. no doubt. ugly. debauch himfelf with wine. How Cain in the land of rafcal Nod When the Like an owl was alone in an ivy tod Built a city as big as Roan. dishonour all his miniftry. turn Sot in his old age. Defcending to the character of the Patriarchs in that age. according to the modern of the late right reverend Hiftorian. and of all his poilerity to this day. he might.

on the many I could enlarge with a particular fatisfaction up fine things which Satan. why the Devil practifes with fuch unwearied and indefatigable applica tion upon the beft raenjif poflible. his who they were and from Auguftus to the great King George j nor could the Bifhop himfelf go beyond him for Hence alfo he is able to write the lives of all the Heroes of the world. that the Devil fwells with envy and rage at mankind in general. worfhip d under the name of Baal j with Satan. never prevail with him. and at the beft of fuch of them as fliall ted to &amp. the granting this point is giving an unanfwerable reafon. the Abi~ 5 milechs of Canaan. for he has an indelible grudge againft us as he believes. and how they be with all the Pharaohs of Egypt. and enjoy all thofe ineffable Joys and Beatitudes which Satan enjoy d before his fall j no wonder then. and perhaps is afliir d that men were at fir ft created by his fovereign. life. &amp. I doubr^ much fervice as refol ving all thofe difficulties would be . and the great monarchs of AfiiiccefTors* haved fyria arid Babylon.E tj ticular the characters of Belus. them in particular 5 nay. any more than the Devil himfelf could go beyond the Bifhop for falfhood. arc appoin fill up thofe vacancies in the Heavenly Ho ft. rummaging his inexhauflible ftorehoufe of flander. could fee to blacken the characters of good dilappoint GOD Almighty s . and from Alexander of Ma* cedon to Lewis the XIV. and load the beft Princes of the world with infamy down and reproach. which were made by the abdication and expulfion fo that man is of him (the Devil) and his Angels to come in Satan s ftead^ to make good appointed the breach. to the intent that after a certain ftate of Probation in fhall But we to do mankind fo &amp. be approved.

notwithftanding all that the Dtvil and all the Hoft of Hell can do to pre vent it. fhall certainly be preferv d in fpite of his Devices for that inheritance. and were depofed from. But. thwart or difappoint the determined purpofes of Heaven j but that thofe which are appointed to inherit the Thrones. the Devil^ who we is no fool. fo infatuate his wifdom. which he and his fol lowers abdicated.vult But to leave this ferious part. and qualified to fucceed the ~Devil and his hoft. yet ib blind is his rage. witji that the gates of Ifellj that is to fay. fhall not prevail againft them 3 I however he knows the impofilbility there is fay. by that fuccefs of his wickednefs. and that when he endeavours the feducing thechofen fervants of the moft High. the Devil and power. &amp. It is have reafon to fay true indeed. ought to know better than to fuppofe that if he Aiould feduce the whole race of mankind. for the account of this rebel 5 feeing we are not to expect he will write his own Hiflory for our information and diverfion. and {hall have the pofTeffion fecur d to them. I : fhall . or fill up the places vacant by }ec~bs the and makes war with infinite power y undermining the church pf God. qui Jupiter perdere bos dement at. and that faith in htm which is fortified the eternal promifes of Jefus Chrifr.16 The HISTORY Almighty s decree. to be proper fubof his clemency. and that he fhould not find enough among the whole Race. however he knows the certainty of this. which is a little too folemn. that he cannot re all his frain breaking himfelf to pieces againft this moun tain. ftruggles with irrefiftible - grace. he fights againft GOD himfelf. I fhall fee if I cannot write it for him In order to this. he could. that he fhould obtain his ends. and make them as bad as him(elf. and fplitting againft the rock.

bribe body. will be fo little to his fatisfoclion. employed to eftablim correfpondences abroad. that minifters of ftate make an excellent pica of their not betraying their intelligence. 17 fhall extraft the fubftance of his whole (lory. and. and. whether it was to ferve their country orfervethemfelves. and to difcovcr my has been the fame hands 5 but ave come to my pardon me. whofe councils they againil all great fums of cret money pretended party inquiries into the to be paid for fe- and whether the fecrct fervice was to people to betray things abroad or at homej whether the money was paid to fome body or to no fervice & writing perhaps. that the Devil himfelf will not be able to fay. a word. Gentle* men. which 1 iliall col let out of what is come to hand. from the beginning to our own times. Befides.of the D E VI L. fuch as the Devil himfelf fhall not be able to contradict in may make my account of him In writing this uncouth (lory I {hall be freed from the cenfures of the Criticks. and the fame plea has been their protection: Likewile in the tis important affair which I am C upon. hoped . as authentick. this would be to betray converfation. that s nothing to him y I fhall take care fo to improve my intelligence. I dealt with the Devil in it I might. whether by revelation or infpiration. in a more than ordinary manner. or to eftablifh families and amafs treafure at in a home&amp. and you know ftatefmen are : very careful to preferve the correfpondences they keep in the enemy s country. give you fome account where I had my intellithe Arcana of his management fence. upon one account efpeciallyj (viz. left they expoie their friends to the refencment of the Power betray. ) that my ftory fhall be fo juft and fo well grounded. word. after all the good things I fhall lay of Satan. the learned tell us.

that however my information may be feciet and if it be a fingular. as it is a proper name hoft&amp. And yet. good antidote againft poifonj knowledge oftke Devil.m7bea/#0/ The for HISTORY hoped you will not defire fpondents 5 and malicious.or &noun iay. I {hall make it very plain. and all the beft help to make us defie his works. fo his a competent ways. that yet I came very honeftly by it. before I have Of the word DEVIL. is a queftion. or as the Scots call him.not yet determined by the learned. that a flone taken out of the head of a Toad is a : &amp.the multitude . to fhew his refentment? at lead it might endanger a flop of our intelligence for the future. may be the Devil and all CHAP. and fhall make a very good ufe of it $ for tis a great miftake in thofe who think that an ac quaintance with the affairs of the Devil may not me to betray my Correknow Satan is naturally cruel you and who knows what he might do be made very ufeful to us all They that know no evil can know no good and. as the learned tell us. to the Devil. and fo mull be ufed of perfonally only as a proper name^ it confequently im plies one imperial Devil^ Monarch or King of the whole clan of Hell y juftly difHnguifh d by the term THE the IT - muckte . and any or all his An- &c.thatisto name of a perfon ftanding by himfelf. whether the word Z&amp. II.

gt. Nor will it be any wrong to the Devil^ fuppofing him a fingle perfon. juft as occafion requires. But if we take this Word to be.dexter^ as occafion prefents. or (better the Scripture exprefles it. what is thy name ? and is anfwer d in the plural and fingular : together. I {hall talk * C 2 exiftence. iv. as an hoft of Devils or of infernal Spirits. where the perfon poflefs d Matt. my name is LEGION^ for we aYe many. as above. plural. .of the fnuckle horrid DEVIL. fummons me to prove that there is fuch a or fuch a perfon as the Devil j and thing in fliorc. and (bmetimes in the fingular. and as the hiftory of his affairs makes neceflary. unlefs I can give fome evidence of his Having thus of fpeech. or Satan & in the account I am now to give of the infernal Powers. more or lefs j and of understanding the word. 24. the Deil^ or as others in a wilder dialect. fo it is not altogether improper in the nature of the thing It is thus exprefs d in Scripture. than a diminution or leflening of him in the extent of his Fame. Legions at his heels. fingular or plural then the Devil with all his fignifies Satan by himfelf. is what he will take rather for an addition to his infernal glory. the Devil of a ftill) Devil-. that is to fay. as i$&amp. articled with the Devil for liberty of hirn fomctimes in the as a perfon. as fpcaking to a fingle perfon. the nature of the thing calls me back. But before I enter upon any part of his hiftory. a noun of multitude-) and fo to be u^dambo. and my Lord B of in his late famous orations in de fence of liberty. Devil of Hell. feeing entitling him to the con duit of all his inferior Agents. by way of emphafis. is firft faid to be poflefs d of the Devil (fingular) and our Saviour asks him. as this you pleafe. the gredt red Dragon^ the Devil and Satan. as it may be way very convenient for my purpofe.

you you could j but fince you put that great genius my Lord Rochefter upon me. or believe any thing about. I am fure you . it. then I ihall go ye. . fays a gracelefs comrade of to a great man. to the Gracelefs for I am almoft as wicked as my Lord Duke. you Dog. Sir. kind of people. and if there is fuch a place as a Hell. Yes Sir. I wonder then. you mean. I believe fays Nay. D- m me. You believe my would fain believe it if Lord. After death nothing And Gr. and what then? Gr. tis a place for fools. fings. Thou ar t a filly empty Dog. and Hell is no where . it. And you are to go no where when you are you ? you know what that my Lord Rochefter fings t it D lieve nothing of art. is. and the Devil is nobody. your Grace will go to the Devil. D. I am his talking of nobody. Prithee hold thy fool s tongue. as Tfa HISTORY (aid my Lord very well. Yes. don incomparable noble genius upon the fubjecTr. nothing death.5 fo that Heaven is no where. fays the . tho I be D m D - D &amp. D. D. my Lord. fuch as thou go Gr. Sir. fays the no where y I wonder where you intend to go ? / too I doubt. there s no bearing them. any fuch place as we call NO WHERE y the Heaven or Hell that I know of. they ll make a Hell wherever they come. Very good.20 exiftence. what Heaven the great wits I don t care to go to. I tell thee. let me play him back upon your fuch as my Lord Duke there. if there is that s all according to my Lord Duke ! die. let it be where it will they are a tirefome &amp. Gr. &amp.

D m yourfoolifh Poet. my Lord ? If it fhould fo fall out. Why? is it not wifer a wife Infidel. And my Lord Duke is D. than to be always terrify d at him ? Gr. You . D. But how muft I be damn d. You are a. I am not inconfiftent at all.j 0# Dog. D. poem upon is 21 one you have read his fine nothing^ in of the ftanzas of which this beautiful thought.foolifh Dog. and t My if I pleafe your Grace. But fhall I tofs another Poet upon you. D. fuch as when you fwore by God that you did not believe there Devil j fo was any fuch thing as a God^ or you iwear by nothing^ and damn me to KO where. as who can tell But there may be a GOD. Gr. if there s no De vil? Is not your Grace a little inconfiftent there? Lord Rocheftcr would not have faid that. that s not my Lord Rochefter. for fear T fhould be too late when their miftakes appear. to believe no Devil. Gr. * Mean t of nothing. And to be part The wicked of * thee wifely pray. I d make you fenfible of it. and had the ordering of you.of the DE VIE. That s like one of your Grace s paradoxes. I d make you think your felf damn d for want of a Devil. a Heaven and Hell? Mankind had beft confider well. No. C 3 D. Gr.

Nay. that the Lord brought the reality of the Devil into the queftion. D. God and the Devil. I Jcnow the confequence of it. and yet D. the to be a penitent Devil was made a preacher of repentance. if you are don t tremble neither. The Devil! the Devil he did? what you re going to quote Scripture. The Truth pofite ii} is. who was your tremble. Nay. for I never believed any thing of it. I my fchool-mafler pray ? Gr. And I ll go and reform my felf. are you ? Prithee don t tell me of Scripture^ I know what you mean. profligate &amp. however opano pret thejr nature. to your penitentials I have done with you. and both men of wit too $ and the effect was. And there. and the debate brought the fo in fliort. and t pleafe your Grace. And 1 think I muft have done with my Lord Duke^ for the fame reafon. and remote from one ther in their place of abiding. and therefore I don t D. You The HISTORY Dog. I ll go and enjoy my felfj I won t throw away the pleaiure of my life. The Devil. the Devils believe and tremble. feem to ftand ty much upon a level in Relieving the reality our he that of |heir exiftence. indeed. our faith : For as to . D.22 D. Gr. Gr. why then I have the \vhip-hand of the Devil. for I hate trembling $ and I am delivered from it effectually. elfe I know come the confequence too. Gr. who taught you who taught you to to a better fchool-mafler than are a critical believe tbefe folemn trifles? fay there is a GOD? had Gr. This ihort Dialogue happen d between two men of quality. Lord Duke. I am a wickeder crea ture than the Devil^ or even than my Lord Duke^ for I believe. ^y^ ay^ pray do.

and he that be lieves one. is One C 4 But .gt. and that GOD and the Devil feem to have an evidence of their equal {hare in our faith. if there is fuch a creature on Earth.ofthe DEVIL. that to believe the exiftence of a GOD is a debt to nature. As the belief of both thefe (lands upon a level. if any of thofe who believe there is a Very GOD. generally denies both . make a GOD of the Devil. fo the in many exiftence feems to ftand upon a level and as they are known by their Works things j in the fame particular cafes. and the other a deduction from the like reality of their -. fo they are difcover d after the fame manner of demonftration. It may be true. and to believe the exiftence of the Devil is a like debt to reafon j one is a demon ftration from the reality of vifible cauies. that like my Lord Duke^ he believes neither GOD or Devil. neceflarily believes both. few. effets. and acknowledge the debt of homage which mankind owes to the fupreme Governor of the World. doubt the exiftence of the Devil. for want of a better. except here and there one. and they would fubmit to and worfhip him with a different kind of fear. demonftration of the exiftence of GOD. in fome refpe&s tis equally criminal to deny the reality of them both. 25 denies one. Nay. only with this difference. that thofe nations have no other Ideas of the Devil than as of a fuperior Power $ if they thought him a fupreme Power it would have other effects on them. One demonftration of the exiftence of the Devil^ is from the avow d ill-guided confent of fome na tions. whom we call practical Atheifts and tis the character of an Atheift. too&amp. from the univcrfal well-guided confent of all nations to worfliip and adore a fupreme Power . who knowing no other GOD.

much lefs any inclination to do them good $ fo that in deed they make a meer Devil of him. fupe* rior or inferior. but under the no tions of perfect felicity. evil jSpirits. they are refpeftively the object . GOD and the Devil. Ghofls of the whom Dead. as thefe two refpect the Eternal ftate Now of man after life. the Romans. had their Lares or houfhold Gods. in whatever fhape or appearance he might come to them. and from whatever might hurt them and what was all this but fetting up Devils againft Devils. from the Devil. whom they calFd a bad Spirit. to give them good things more they paid a particular refpect to j as being their Protectors from Hobgoblins. ting to drive out and protect them from another. that he may do them no hurt 3 having no notions at all of his having any power. &amp. frightful Appearances. fill up all fu : turity in our thoughts ^ and tis impoflible for us to form any images in our minds of an immor tality and an invifible World. as well as capable for this reafon the fuch as the Grecians and polite Heathens. at the fame time that they bow| to him as to a GOD. or extreme mifery. and in the only reafon they give for worfhipplaces evil Devil or ibme ing him is. kind and inclin fupplicaone Devil under the notion of a good Spirit.24 But tis T^HSITORY plain they have right notions of him as a Spirit. the white Devil againft the black Devil? This proceeds from the natural notions man kind neceflarily entertain of things to come. evil Ge nius s and other noxious Beings from the invifible World 5 or to put it into the language of the day we live in. All the ages of Paganifm in the World have had this notion of the Devil: indeed in fome parts of the World they had alfo fome Deities which they honoured above him. as being fuppofed to be beneficent. becaufe the beft reafon.

as that there is a GW. in an in conceivable manner . and to fuffer for ever the eternal vengeance of the Almighty. they are of their exiftence. is to them the moft compleat article of ter Now GOD &amp. we that to think of told. that his prefence. fpringing from the prefence of that Being in whom all poffible Beatitude is inexpreflibly prefent. : - ror 9 That they are in themfelves perfectly miferablej and to be with preffible mifery to fills whom any for ever. and. the moft perfect. I mud from this time forward admit no more doubt of his exiftence. or of our horror and averfionj but not with {landing they are plac d thus in a diametrical opposition in our affections and on an evident level as to the cer paffions. nor wholly to confine my pery felf to the language of the Pulpit .of the DEVIL # of our reverence and affection. where we are and of the Z)m7. and from whence. tho blefled in it felf. as a neceflary attendant. confummate. adds an inex- ftate as well the minds of thofe who are to as place j and be. nor take any more pains to convince you of it 5 but {peak ing of him as a reality in Being. and all fuffering from that time. proceed to enquire who he is. to conceive of a fublime fallen Arch-angel. rebel Seraphs or Angels caftout of Heaven toge ther y all guilty of inexpreffible rebellion. in order to enter directly into the detail of his Hiftory. and. bear tainty an equal {hare in our faith. durable blifs and felicity. attended with an innumerable hoft of degenerate. as I faid above. It being then as certain that there is a Devil. or expect to be .gt. not to enter into all the metaphyfical trum of his Schools. and that in the higheft perfection On the contra ry. muft endeavour firft to form Ideas of thofe things which illuftrate the defcription of rewards and punifhments in the one the eternal prefence of the higheft good.

what ihare they have either or paffively in the actively eternal miferies of a future ftate. ticular aggravations it might have. and made prif^ ancj a n jjj$ Hoft. and in a word. as he was try d. the Devil and his Angels. and tis not my bufinefs to difpute things univerfally receiv d . a rebel Seraph. for he is from Hea by the moft lefs ven. whofe numbers were Heaven. namely. rais d a horrid and unnatural war in his domini ons . viz. but being overcome in battle. and the fentence of expulfion executed on him in is in this World like atranfportcd Fe lon never to return. whatever par tis certain. the perfonality of the Devil y and till you add to all the reft fome defcription of the company with whom all this is to be fuffer d. But when you have gone over all this. which the paffions of men colled to amufe one another with . and more truly than the Romans could fay of their idoliz d Numa. condemn d. That Satan is a fallen Angel. he is of the race of the Gods. of Devils j I allow him to come of an ancient family. His crime. amounted to High-treafon againft his Lord and Go vernor. you have faid nothing if you omit the main article. is a difficulty yet not fully difcover d learned j nor do I believe tis made a difficulty by their medling with it. But to come to the perfon and original of the Devi^ or. how far they are Agents in or Partners with the fufferings of the place. and a great deal more of the like. Now who this Devil and his Angels are. tho lefs intelligible language. he r^ infinite* .26 The HIS TORY be banifh d to them with inconceivable horror and amazement. is the general opini on. who wasalfo his Maker j againft whom he rofe in rebellion. took up arms. caft out for his Rebellion. as I faid before.

But not to run down that tho I admire Mr. which make his poem fo juftly valued. Mr. confirmations of my hypothefis i and are taken from a fuppofition of the Perfonality of the Devil^ placing him at the head of the infernal hoft.of the infinite. 27 glorious Angels like himfelf. or at leaft Hot determine. By the word Hell I do not fuppofe. and fo he has Adam and Eve too But that I lhall leave till I come to the Hi ftory of the Royal Family of Eden\ which I refolve to prefent you with when the Devil and I &amp. whofe poetry. and commenc d Devils^ being transform d by crime fuch as to into monfters and frightful objects &amp. are capable of proof as to the fact. or that of the whether they are &amp. if I let them fee. or his judgment. as I And as I fhall be oblig d fhall {hew in its place. obliged to draw piftures fancy and defcriptions in fuch forms as are moft hateful and frightful to the yet that he was greatly out in matters of Hiftory. to do Satan juftice when I come to that part of his Hiftory. notwithstanding. I doubt not. cannot be reproached without injury to our own j all thofe bright Ideas of his. That he has charged Satan falfly in feveral particulars . : have done with one another. is human Thele notions. and done the Devil a manifeft injury in a great many particulars. Milton s majeftick Poem where. all DEVIL. Milton s admirers muft pardon Milton neither. defcribe. tho he has play d the Poet in a moil luxuriant manner. gave birth to all the beauteous Images and fublime expreflions in Mr. Milton as a Poet. and efpecially the Hiftory of the Devil$ in fhort. as a fovereign ele vated Spirit and Monarch of Hell and as fuch it i$ that I undertake to write his hiftory. loft at once their beauty and glory with their Innocence. whole . he has finn d again ft Satan mo ft egregioufly. that his residence. is yet in the fame local HELL. to which the Divines tell us he fliall be at lad chain ddovvn j or at lead that he is yet confin d to it. and that they &amp. were all. quality and powers be what they will. together with their General. that is to fay of all the Devils or Spirits of But when am the infernal Clan. a fuperiorof the race j that they all fell. for we fhall find he is atprefenta prifoner at large: of both which circum fiances of Satan I fhall take occafion to fpeak in its courfe? I I call the Devil the Monarch of /&//. . and is fo generally exploded. Sat&n^ could not maintain his high ftadon in Heaven. yet that he did continue his dig nity among the reft. that there tho he. that it will hardly bear to be oppos d by any other argument. how many million^ foever in number. let their numbers. that he is the Sovereign of all the race of Hell. to be underftood as fuits to the prefent purpofe. that we can form in our minds And fo general is the opinion of it. the fovereignty and go vernment of one Devil above all the reft y I fay. that we muft not venture fo much as to debate the point.*s The HISTORY whole army of Devils. at leaft that will bear to be reafon d upon All the notions of a parity of Devils. upon this notion are form d all the fyftems of the dark fide of but with no confiftency or certainty. Taking it then as the generality of mankind : : whole black is a Grand Devil. Upon this fuppofed peribnality and fuperiority of Satan^ or. in Scripture his dngeh that he has a kind of do minion or authority over the reft. feem to be enthufiaftick and vifionary. as I call it. at his command employ d by him in all his hellifh &amp. Satan^ at the head of them 5 that do. or making 3 common-wealth among the black Divan. who are call d his fervants.

Tyrants. what he is now doing.aft and clofer confinement? as alfo what he can/iot do. that may be ufeful for information. and how far we may or may not be (aid to be cxpofed to him. or have or have not reaibn to be afraid of him? Thefe. and how his inftrumcnts arc likewife allow d to work ? what he has done ever fince he commenc d Devil. and for the fetting up kingdom in the world. it remains the own iuperior that we enquire into his chara&er. or Minifters. It being then granted that there is fuch a thing or perfon. may ex I know . whence he came? how he got hither. and in all his wicked contrivances deftru&ion of man.of the defigns. as a MafterDevil i that he is thus fuperior to all the reft in power and in authority. or Officers to execute his commands. caution. Suppofing then that there is fuch a Mafter-Devil over all the reft. yet I ihall endeavour to fpeak fome things which the experience of mankind may be apt to confirm. and that all the other evil Spirits are his and what he may yet do before his J.&amp. and which the Devil hirnfelf will hardly be able to contradict. and Furies of the World &amp. into this World ? what that bufinefs is which he is employ d about? what his prefent ftate is. or diverfion. and are employ d in his bufinefs 5 it remains to enquire. call him which we will. and whatever elfe occurs in the Hiftory and conduct of this Arch-devil and his Agents. DEVIL. and fomething of his Hiftory j in which. for his *& you pect in the procefs of this work. tho we cannot perhaps pro duce fuch authentick documents as in the ftory of other great Monarchs. and where and to what part of the creation of God he is limited and rcftrained ? what the liberties are he takes or is allow d to take? in what manner he works.

how Satan being fo entirely vanquifh d. in expofing man kind. that like our Newgate Thieves. to be referved there to the judgment of how it confifts with that the great Day Ifay^ entire victory. MAN? &amp. and fo ill furnifh d with weapons to aflift hiro. to fo unequal a fight. to and there to continue creation. his rebellion. This . if alone to leave him fuch in the conflict. That the Devil is not yet a clofe prifoner. like a thief that has God s hoftility againft God. to let him loofe again. as into a place of punifhment. to be worfted a dreadful enemy to engage with. Thefe objections as fwer to &amp. that when he was caft out of his holy place. I fhall give as good an anthe cafe will admit in this courfe. and daih d down has been queftion d more face than fear. make new - efforts at de-^ throning the almighty Creator y and in particular to fall upon the weakefl of his creatures.50 I The know it HI STORY how it by fome. in which he is fure. commit new ravages. weak in comparifon of the immenfe extent of the DeviVs power. a condemned hold. confifts 1 into the abyfs of eternal darknefs. with with a comof the and has fome little latitudes and advantages for mifchief. (to bring little Devils and great Devils together) he is let out by connivance. and find room to do mifchief to to fomanifeft an overthrow. he fhould be permitted to recover any of his wicked powers. and give him &amp. by that means return* ing at certain fcafons to his confinement again. we have evidence enough to confirm $ I will not fuggeft. or place of con finement. and acts of liberty. but muft adjourn them for the prefent. and fuggeft bold things againft the wifdom of Heaven. range about broken prifon. which they fay was pleat vi&ory at firft obtained by the Heavenly Powers over Satan and his apoftate army in Heaven. Nay they go farther.

Of III. TO learned come affairs. and in whatflate he was from that time to the creation of Man. But this wants farther explanation. who he isl and what be was before his expulfion out of Heaven. was originally an Angel of light. And again the fame author. If not the firft Archangel great in power. were it not.keepers or under whofe charge he was in cuftody. and the under. wink at his excurfions. that the power which has caft him down could be deluded. See how Milton defcribes his original glory : Satan. foL 140. a glorious Seraph 5 perhaps the choiceft of all the glorious Seraphs. lib. that the companion muft fuggeft. In favour and preeminence. the original of the DEVIL.of the DEVIL: ? t This might hold. and the Lord of the could place know nothing of the matter. It is screed by all Writers. v. jaylors. -. CHAP. fo call him now. that this creature we now call a Devil. tis to a regular enquiry into Satan s needful we fliould go back to his original. as far as hiftory and the opinion of the World will give us leave. and : upon the fame fubjeft -Brighter . as well facred asprophane. his former name Is heard no more in Heaven : He of the firft.

Here. (and not ill founded) namely . as well al ready finifh d. have begot whom I declare S o N.32. i8p. which unrevok d ihall Hand. And my All knees j your Head I have fworn to him Him {hall appoint: bow inHeav n. The HIS TORY lib. majefty and power to God the Supreme. whom you now behold I At my right hand felf cc &quot. and God the Father making the following de w claration to them. Thrones. caufe of his difgrace. as not then begun. and on which enfued his rebellion. was occafioned upon God s proclaiming his SON Generaliflimo . vii. c &amp. fol. Hence that that the firft notion.virtues 5 pow rs Hear my decree. to him j which poft of honour (fay they) Satan expefted to be conferr d on himfelf. ^ &quot. make among figure which Satan is fuppofed to the Thrones and Dominions in Hea ven is fuch. as above^ that he was the chief of the think. Under his great vice-gerent reign abide 4 United^ . This day &quot. &quot. * cc &quot.angels. The glorious Arch. Milton too. as appears in the following lines. than that ftar the liars among. This opinion is folio d by Mr. &amp.dominions5princedoms. and on this hill My only Him have anointed. where he makes all the Angels attending all a general Of Brighter once amidft the hoft Angels. and fhallconfefs him Lord. &quot. as next in honour. and with himfelf fupreme ruler in heaven 3 giving the do minion of all his works of all ye Angels. as we might fuppofe the highefl An and fome gel in that exalted train could make . prodigy of light.

it might be his due j I lay. to the incarnation of the Son of GOD. This day tbee. fo. and confequently to a time before the creation . if any higher poft could be granted. (tho (as above) was the Chier^ and expe&ing.) t hefe : Some refer the deep ingulph d. and that he fhould be fet up. as one individual foul. Par. his place Ordain d without redemption. 33. the throne fupreme all his Contemptuous. &quot. fays Mr. or at leafl of the Refurre&ion * fee Pool upon Atts xiii. This day have I begotten thee^ to that de claration of the Father before Satan fell. This day have I be gotten him. DEVIL. interidit to be under ftood . breaks union. raifdup Jeftts again&amp. Legions to diflodge.of the &quot. without end. affronted at this he rcfolv d a With &quot. Cc Satan. difobeys. faying. Milton is grofly erroneous inafcribing thofe words. affronted at the appearance of a new Ef(ence or Being in falls Into utter darknefs.A//7/0#. 33. and by adding again. and leave Unworfhip d. Afts xiii. For ever happy : Him who &quot. whereas. and bleffedvifion. of whom Satan for God. and that day Caft out from GOD. : D In * Mr. above all the former Powers of Heaven. 33 United. it is by Interpreters agreed to be underftood of the Incarnation of the Son of God. 140* But Mr. &quot. 4C &quot. erroneoufly) declared himfelf at that time. others to the Refurreflion : our Tranflators lay the flrefs on the prepoof which the verb is compounded. v. unobey d. lofti lib. call d the Son of God &amp. Pool*! words are have 1 begotten fktion (viz. Me difobeys.

cc &quot. Be number and legions of millions. dew drops. and there is ground for it. loft . 30. that is which they begun in in Heaven . lib. and not yield obedience to the Son. for the Refurreftion of Chrift. as he was author of the celeftial rebellion. they have yet reafiumed. &quot. is ftill the great Head and Mafter-Devil as before 5 un der his authority they ftill aft) not obeying but carrying on the fame infurreclion againft God. that they were the greateft half of all the angelick Body or feraphick Hoft. hoft An &quot. and fuggefts in one place. Satan withdrew with all his followers malecontent and chagrine. Innumerable as the flars of night. But Mr. his Power. making war ftill the perfon of his Image and againft Heaven. Or liars of Impearls on ev ry morning. Milton agrees in that opinion. v. But Satan with &quot. is that which St. their as it is. that the number of Angels which rebel d with Satan was infinite. Not that Chrift at hisReiiirreftion began to be the Son of God. fo. but that he was manifefted then to be fo.34 The H I S T O RY In a word. and tho vanquifli d by the thunder of the Son of God. of die fame Chapter. ib. Creature man. which the Sun leaf and ev ry flower. or rather not ftood of the Refurreftion . guide and fuperior. and call down headlong from Heaven. refolv d to diibbey this new command. numberlefs millions no part of my prefent enquiry j Satan the leader. in the context. Paul had propounded in v. as his theme or argument to preach upon.

lawlefs THE GODS. is finely defcrib d by ib. the lightning. &quot. 10. and giving the reafons of it to the heavenly Hoft. Their ftru&ure nodded &quot. * ftern * Lycaon praftis d to betray. &quot. Nor were the Gods themfelves fecure on high. Satan. Jupiter ftruck them with his thunder-bolts and overwhelmed them intheabyfs Fide Ovid Metam. at cc They re in their own ungodly mines flam. fay thus. fpeaking of the demy-Gods alluding to good below. This fall of the Angels. cc &quot. o er Immortals reign. For now the Gyants ftrove to ftorm the sky. &quot. D 2. till walls. p. (hatter d top o er Pelion broke. lib. The &quot. brood with bold attempt invade and mountains upon mountains toTBut now the bolt^ enrag d/fo Father took^ ^ Olympus from her deep foundations fhook. loft either 35 the will or the power of doing evil. lion upon : hew &amp. Since . Who fend The infafety can remain.oftfoDEVlL. refolving in council to deftroy mankind by a deluge.- Then again (peaking of Jupiter. ip. in his war of the Titans againft Jupiter $ calling mountain upon mountain. And Ofla s the mighty ftroke. with the war in Heaven which preceded it. and Heaven s empire (fway.c tranflation. men Think you that they c When I my felf who &quot. i. p. and hill upon hill (PeOffa) in order to fcale the Adamantine and break open the gates of Heaven.

gt. give me leave to make an excurfion of the like kind. Now Seek to thcmfelves as ivell as ftation fight. and the time before his fall. relating to his Hiftory immediately after the fall. Trans- . Rage and confufion ev ry Spirit pofTefs d. loft^ Unable to fupport the hated Expand feraphic for ivings^ and fwift as light new fafety in eternal Night. Where all his rebel hofl their outlet found Reft or d impregnable : The breach made up. In the remoteft gulphs of dark they land. after which I ihall return interval to honeft Profe again.36 The HISTORY Since then fo much poetic liberty is taken with the Devil. And garrifons of Angels rang d a top j In front a hundred thoufand thunders 1 roll. and which Mr. Here vengeance gives them leave to make their ftandj Not that to fteps and mea fares they pretend. Satan and his hofl. And lightnings tempered to transfix a foul Terror of Devils. and perfue the duty of an Hiftorian. AndJ/jame and horror fwell d in ev ry i breaft&amp. and till the creation of manj an vil s ftory is which I think much of the De to be feen in. &amp. difconcerted and difmafd. Milton has taken little notice of. Look d back and faw the high eternal mound. Councils zndfcbemes their ftation to defend. By guilt and fright to guilt and fright betray d. relating to his moft early (late. with hideous ruin thus fuppreft ExpeWd the feat of bleflednefs and But broken. at lead it does not feem compleatly fill d up.

When we re all flame. Here s finijtfd Hell ! what fiercer fire.. aflrj A will to all new attempts. takes vent within. The folding flames concave and inward roll.ofthe And the bright DEVIL: eflentials burns. Where er it burns it finds or makes a H E L L j For Satan flaming with unquench d defire Forms his own Hell. can burn? Enough ten thoufimd S Worlds to over-turn. and kindles his own fire^ Vanquifh d. Compared with. This fire outrageous and its heat intenfc Turns all the pain of lofs to pain of fenfe. but the frenzy of defeated pridc^ Seraphick Treafon s ftrong impetuous tide. but none to Yet feraphick. Act uponfpirit and penetrate the foul : Not force of Devils can its new powers repel. we fhall all fire defpife. and with revenge diilracT:. Suited to Spirits high fenfe of mifery. Deriv d from lofs which nothing can repair. And room for nothing left but meer defpair. 37 Transforming envy to their Angel to a frightful Devil turns. Viper like. Hell began 3 the fire of confcious rage Thus No years can quench. Ardent with hate. And never impotent in power // // now . and in juft degree. this can fcarce deferve a Name 5 How fhould it up to immaterial* rife. not in will brought low. But as his powers decline his pajffions grow : The malice. with its mtenfeft flame. Material Fire. Gnaws its own bowels. Impatient of the change he fcorns to bow. and burfts in its own fin .#0/ humbl d. HELL D Where . no length of time afTwage.

the name of the &amp. Could they that thing call d Being annihilate. Of IV. to be or not ? to be. Job s Wife was in the right. O. in all the parts Com pleat And worfc of endlefs mifery. Scripture is THE the firft writing on earth called where we find the Devil by his own proper diftinguifhing denomination.38 The vile its HISTORY j Where To own s ambition difappointed firft. and the nature of his circumftances Jince he has been called by that name. DEVIL.whofe crimes had {hut him out on high^ Could be reveng d on God himfelf and die . fire and /ry are in kind the lame. his original. rage and handle fs hatred cur ft The Por Thefe burn unquenchable farfd up to fury. . Might have it in our choice. and always we Might end by death all human mifery. And the word ENDLESS conititutes the place.ftate of Being! And the chief torture where being s the only griefs s to be damn d to life j 5 O life! the The only thing they have to hate finiflfd torment of a future ftate. ten thoufand times than not to BE 1 ! Could but the Damn d the immortal law repeal. There d be no forroivs in a future ftate j The hate in every face. And Devils dye^ thcre d be an end of Hell. j CHAP. that to flame .

See Pool D 4 Bed- . Milton) the Angel Gabriel s fpear had fuch a fecret powerful influence. The truth is. as we go to the Scripture for much of his hiftory. iii. xii. iii. or the Devil in quo vzs vehicuh) for that time. i o. if. all the anrient names given him. 39 or the * Deftroyer-y nor indeed is there any other author of antiquity or of fufficient authority which of that kind about him. was but the Devil s reprefentative. mser Devil) without any difguifes whatfoever. and with a touch to unmask. i . and on that occaflon he is called the Serpent .of the D E V I L. Belial) 2. as his feveral mifchievous doings guide us to conceive of him. fays any thing Here he makes his firft appearance in the world. xxiii. z. The Enerny^ Matt. vi. fo we muft go there alfo for fome of his names j and he has a great variety of names in deed. p. is Deftroyer. clothed in a bodily fhape. if we believe Mr. or if you will the Devil in mafquerade : Nay. 10. The old Serpent^ Rev. 2p. Here he is called the Serpent) Gen. and the feveral in the fhapes he has appeared in to do mifchief Now world. Rev. The great red Dragon. feems to be originals derived from and adapted to the feveral fteps he has taken. Satart) Job i. * The meaning of the word Devil upon ^7/xiii. i. Cor. as to make him (trip of a fudden. but the Serpent however fince made to fignify the Devil) when fpoken of in general terms. and fhnd upright in his naked original fhape. Thedccttfer of the Brethren^ Rev. acting under cover and in difguife. $. xii. xii. of which the Scripture is full. Zcch.

v. are in Scripture placed to his account. i. The Devil came down in a great wrath. and the dialecls of the ieveral nations where he is Ipoken of 3 But in a word. though they are fometimes mentioned too j but in the lingular it is the iden tical individual Devil. Mat. The Prince of the power of the air. 8. and all the great Devils. 3. xiv. ii. are fuppofed to act 5 nay. Rev. Beelzebub. Matt. pif. ix. Mammon. i John iii. . un der the particular title of the Devil^ not of Devils in the plural Nay. Acbs xiii.ire&ed by him. Mark The God of ibis world. The Foul Spirit. z Cor. Rev. xiv. The Lying Spirit. 2 Chron. Mark 27. I(a. ix. 10. Matt. of rcfifting the Devil. f The Unclean Spirit. in and under whom all the little Devils. 1 of Si mon Magus. Devil is the common name of the Devil in all the known languages of the earth. Co do. The Angel of the bottomlefs Matt. iv. Ilii. addon or Apollion. all he is called in the new Teftament^/0* DEVIL j his other names are varied according to the cuitoin of fpeech. . ii. Legion. Mark i. xii. a child of the Devil. Rev. But to fum them all up in one. 24. Mark ix. of our Saviour being tempted of the Devil. 1 *-*- * * .40 The HISTORY xii. 2 Cor. f. iv. they are fuppofed to be governed and d. 24. xi. vi. all the mifchiefs he is empowered number. v. 12. Mb Lucifer. p. 14. fames iv. of cafting out the Devil. 12. The dngel of tight. nr^ The Tempter. if fuch there be. Thus we are told in Scripture of the works of the Devil. xxx. Eph. iv. ii. 4. 34. 2. The 0# 0/ ?fe morning. .

lijh Commentators tell us. the Saint having difcover d the fraud. : r horrible in is its called the manner. and times. and out-witted the Devilj took occafion to preach that eminent fermon to his take the : Thus we difciples. . others that it fignifies a deceiver. I fay. wicked in its actings. and we never all that part of the Bible but four and then not once in the fingular number. for all evil Spirits. the Saint having difco ver d the cheat. are fathered upon we go on the Devil . all evil Powers. and all the infernal things \ve converfe with in the world. by how many agents foever working Every thing evil. all evil Works. and the Greeks derive it from a Calumniator or falfe witnefs j for we find that Calumny was a Goddefs^ to whom the Athenians built altars and offer d facrifices upon fome folemn occafions. and they call her Aia/Bo^rj ufed in from whence came the mafculine Aidfiohos which we translate Devil. ginary Devils. and the like. monftrous in its effects. name of Devil to fignify not but actions and habits 5 making ima perfons only. or whether he diftinguifh d him by his fmell of fulphur* or how other wile. in a word. the Engit means a deftroyer. whether feeing his Cloven-foot hang out of the purfe. Francis being tempted by the Devil in the fhape of a bag of money lying in the highway. authors arc not agreed . not once to fignify Satan as tis now underftood. According to thisufage in fpeech to this day.of the DEVIL: 4? 12. but. frightful in appearance. as one undivided fimple effence. the Learned give a great many differ ing interpretations of the word Devil . and transforming that fubflantial creature call d DEVIL into every thing noxious and offenfive Thus St. Devil. It is true. and even all evil things : Yet tis remarkable the to mon Devil find it is no old Teftament word. Devil is the com is name for all Devils j that (ay.

calling in this him is plain Devil^ word which mannerly age not fo. and making -. and to fpeak of him in the a common performances and atchievements are juftly attributed to him. before I ufed too much free dom with Sat art) to produce authentick Docu ments. to juftify the manner of my writing. all all the the black armies of Satan are comprehended. and rny authority being fo good. Powers of Hell.fonorous . known by And now. and give him thofe titles which he fo is belt known by among us tis &amp. Under this denomination then of DEVIL. upon the whole. as the Scripture calls them. and let you fee I iliall defcribe him in no colours. fo I thought it neceffary. Angels to Satan the grand Devil all their ac The H I S T O RY where his Text was. Nor. but what he has been many ages before me. difciples. and in fuch manner they are to be underilood in this whole work . and bring antiquity upon the ibge. not as the prince of Devils only. though writing to the common under {binding of my Readers. This being premised. I am oblig d to treat Satan very coarily. ail the numberlefs legions of the bottomlefs pit lervants j or. mutatis mutandi^ accoiding to the feveral circurn fiances of which we are to ipeak of them. &amp. Satan muil not take it ill. for indeed having many. all the Princes of the air. Money is THE DEVIL. but the Emperor of Devils the prince of all the princes of Devils.42. as I am oblig d by the duty of an Hiflorian to decency as well as impartiality. it only gives him the fovereignty of the whole army of Hell. is any wrong done to the Devil by this kind of treatment. nor call him by for any name. not very eafy to call him out However. of his name. if I treat him after the manner of men.

name&amp. as if he alone was fo. of a lefs obnoxious import than that of Devil) or Deflroyer. that in a word. and all the reft were a diminutive fpecies who did not go even in Scripture. as I have faid already. as particularly. proper and peculiar &amp. Scripture alfo has fome names of a coarby which the Devil is underftood. in the Apocalypfe he is call d the Great Red Dragon. whom he makes the Generals and Leaders of the armies of Hell and fo he makes Beelzebub. to be the names of parti cular Devils. you will in Hiflory facred or will find that in general the De this name. and fo many other expreffions of that kind. : The Scripture. 8tc. befides that it often gives him &amp. wanting titles of honour to give to the Leaders of Satan s Holt.of the rous as others &quot. Mam mon. fpeaks of the works of the Devil^ of the fubtilty of the Devil. of being tempted of the which is noted already. as I have faid above. members of Satan s upper houfe or Pandemonium \ whereas indeed. his Domi- . his ordinary name in all languages and in all nations the name by which he and his works are principally diftinguifli d : Alfa the Scripture. are made ufe of for us to underftand the evil Spirit by. thefe are all names to Satan himfelf. Lucifer. Belial. you vil is. Devil is the common name of all wicked Spirits: For Satan is no more the Devil. Milton* indeed. of cafting out De and beflow them upon his infernal Heroes.DEVI L: 4j might be. is oblig d to borrow feveral of his Scripture names. the Old Serpent. I whether under fay. of being pof? (efs d with a Devil. and fome others. But. and which by the error of the Times is apt to prejudice us againft his Perfonj yet it muft be acknowledg d he has a great many other names and firnames which he might be known by. \hzBeafl. every by that Spirit. and the like But take it in the fer kind. Mr. or where prophane.

an enemy and the objecl: of man s horror and averfion. he has ever fince man s creation been a plague to him. a calumniator. But who is he ? what is his original ? whence came he ? and what is his prefent ftation and con antient dition? for thefe things and thefe enquiries are to his Hiftory. His Name then being thus afcertain d. GOD and the Devil himfelf : only knows where $ for indeed we cannot fay that any man on Earth knows it j and wherever it is. and employ d in the fame wicked work as Satan himfelf. down. is Dominion or out of called the is much a real Devil. com mencing rebel and being expell d. nor indeed can very neceflciry any part of his Hiiiory be compleat without them. as has been touch d already If Scripture-evidence may be of any weight in the no room to doubt the queftion. and may Hill with propriety of fpeech. That he is of an antient and noble muft original be acknowledged. a deluder. and is a condemned The as HIS his TORY Dominion. and this the Scrip ture is exprefs in alfp 3 when fpeaking of man. his original is Heaven-born^ Angelic. we believe there is fuch a thing. fuch a creature as the Devil. he is not only fpoken of as an An gel^ but as a fallen Angel\ one that had been in Heaven. and had furrounded the Throne of the mod High j from whence. and his Race evidently plac d in a clafs fupcrior to the human. and without injuflice to his Character be call d by his name Devil. been a tempter.44 Devil. Spirit. had beheld the face of GOD in his full effulgence of glory. fo the Angelic nature is it As . and that he has been. for he is Heaven-born. that to fay. and of Angelic Race. down. it fhould be a little enquir d what be is . and hk Exiftence acknowledged. there is genealogy of the Devil. he was caft down.

is one thing^ but what he is fallen from. That in my opinion he abus d his Betters. is of a better family than any of you. is another. having no bufinefs. D. how many years he enjoy d his (late of bleffednefs before he fell j or how many years he con tinued with his whole army in a ftate of darknefs. and therefore I mud tell my learned and reverend friend J. Authors are not agreed about his age. and that the World {hall con tinue twenty thoufand more.5 he made him a lower than the An Thus the Devil. the Jews were of the opinion. W. unemploy d. and rolling in the ago ny of his own felf-approaches. gels. being all the while una&ive. in which he {hall find work enough to fatisfy his mifchievous dehis fires . Indeed let the Devil have been as idle as they think he was before. How long he remained thus. vigilant and diligent. that he remained twenty thoufand years in that condition. little 4. tis true. and but little from Tra dition 5 Rabbi Judah fays.and before the creation of man. Tisfuppofed it might be a confiderable fpace. DEVIL.*fthe it fays. as mean thoughts as you may have of him. of all GOD S . nay than the beft Gentleman of you allj what he may be fallen to. we have no light into from Hiftory. than it is in our fearch after his Nature : it is true. LL. and that it was a part of his punifhment too. Nor is the Scripture more a help to us in the fearch after the Devil s Original. what time he was crea ted. being a Hell to himfelf in reflecting on the glorious ftate from whence he was fallen. nothing to do but gnawing his own Bowels. it muft be acknowledged that now he is the moil bufy. but he fhews no authority for opi nion. when he fpoke fo rudely of the Devil lately.

as a Magazine in ftore for the ufe of thofe \vith whom Scripture. and perhaps expofe by themfelves. fays the fcripture. felt. to enquire whether the Devil has any particular fhape or perfonality of fubftance. no man has feen the Devil at any time 5 all thofe pretences of phrenziful and fanciful people. being now directing my flory to an age. and to thofe who are wil ling to truft to Gofpel-light. and confequently not vifible in his own fubftance. indeed. to bring demonftrations in fuch a cafe as this: No man has feen GOD at any So the time.46 The creatures. and believe what the Scripture fays of the Devil^ there may much of his Hiftory be difcover d. wherein to be driven to Revelation and Scripture-afTertions is efleem d up the difputej people now-a-days muft fiving ave demonftration $ and in a word. i and . is. Devil being a fpirit incorporeal. and therefore thofe that lift may go there for a fuller account of the matter. it may in fome fenfe be faid. who tell us. nothing will fuch evidence as perhaps the na fatisfy the age.teftimony is of force. the Dia bolical and the Human 5 the reafon of it. heard. nature and form. which can be vifible to us.. &amp. and then. gives us light into the en mity there is between the two natures. they have feen the Devil9 I {hall ex amine. But to referve all Scripture-evidence of thefe things. an Angel of light. or underftood and which he cannot alter. and how and by what means the power of the Devil is re train d by the Mejffias . It is hard. i John iv. but ture of the queftion will not admit. HIST O RY full GOD S and very of employment too? fitch as it Scripture indeed. I mult for the prefent turn to other enquiries. It might take up a great deal of our time here. what fhapes or appear ances the Devil has at any time taken upon him .

aflumc the e may. I do not find in any author. an Incubus or little Devil. 4? and whether he can really appear in a body which might be handled and feen. and that tho* ParticularProteus like. Ijay9 I do not find that even there the Devil appear d to them in any particular conilant fhape or perfona- lity peculiar to himfelf. not as my opinion only. and we ought to give but a juft proportion of credit to thofe as things. whom we can call creditable. but as what all ages feem to concur in. We they call it. tell us the Indians in America. and the like : Much of this is faid. but much more than it is eafy to prove. I fhall be obliged rather to give a hiftory of the fact. runs away with them into the air. and yet fo as to know it to have been the Demi at the time of his ap pearing 5 but this alfo I defer as not of weight in the prefent enquiry. that even in thofe countries where the dominion of Satan is more particularly eftablifh d. did. that there is no room for any queftion about it and &amp. the Devil in a real body. &amp. who worihip d the Devil that he might not hurt them j yet. appearance of either . than enter into any difTertation upon the nature and reafon I when come of the I conclude and Jay it down. Scripture and Hiftory therefore. with ging all the appearance of a body of a man or wo man appearing to them alfo of having a Familiar. as a Devil which fome &amp. giving us no light into that part of the queftion. have divers accounts of Witches conver with /^? Devil. that the Devil has no body 5 that he is a which fucks their bodies. to that part. As to his borrow d fhapes and his fubtle tranfthat we have fuch open tefttmony of^ formings. and where they may be faid to worfhip him in a more particular manner.

and that fhape. and that the next difcourfe might go upon a certainty in this grand point . with hands to act. and rather to make the poor people believe he had a real fhape and body. and which in parti cular.and clothe him perhaps. into all the feally Nor is crct . by mewing him as a felf. yet it muft be fome borrowed fome aflum d figure. I thought it needful to difcufs this as a prelimi nary. confine his actings within the narrow fphere of the organ or body to which he was limited j and tho* you were to fuppofe the body to have wings for a velocity of Motion equal to fpirir. when he has thought fit to defcend to the meannefles of di- Curbing and frightning children and old women. indeed. breaking windows. with what appearances he pleafes. neither can he felf. which would feem to be below the dignity of his character. is ordinarily performed by organic Powers 5 yet even then he has thought fit not to be/een. manner act with the ordinary Powers.4S either The man HI STORY or beaft. is not vifible by our eyes. and fuch like little ambulatory things. which are human and Organic. he has no vifible body of his own. it any difadvantage to the Devil. yet if it had not a power of invifibility too. that his Seraphic nature is not confined or impriibn d in a body or fhape. fuppofe that fhape to be what monftrous thing we would j for this would. that the Devil. that he re yet tains the feraphic Nature. and the like^ than to give proof of it in common to the whole World. body ufu- by and ordinarily does. that he is himfelf ftill ameer Spirit. mouth to fpeak. pro hac vice. however. and acting vifibly and openly. and a capacity of conveying it felfj undifcovcr d. or in the ordinary as bodies do j and therefore. he may for his particular occafions put himfelf into a great many fhapes. namely. noifes and knockings. diflocating the chairs and flools.

Arch enemy as I fhall a Satan.of the cretrecefles of DEVI L. no more any difficulty to mankind to ihun and avoid him. 49 mankind. not upon Spirit . confin d to corporeal motion. that hatred of God. fuggeftion. indeed. to have a&ed terrible and even de- E flruftive . that is a Dcftroyer. d fouls equally feraphic are only prefcrib by being d and encas d in fleih and blood as we are j embody fo he would have been no more a Devil to any body but hirnfelf: Theimprifonmentina body. whole ed. by wounding his Glory thro the fides of his weakeft creature. and reftrain d as a Body muft be fuppofed to reftrain a Spirit. had the powers of that body been all that we can con ceive to make him formidable to us. and the fame fecretarto^ of infinuation. and all his other devices affifted. retaining all that fury and fwelling ambition. any farther than as he might fuppofe it to afFeft his Maker at fecond make plain in the other part of his Hi- ftory. a dangerous nor would it be to the fouls of men &amp. capacity by which his wicked defigns are now propagated. would yet have been a Hell to him 5 confidjer him as a conquer d cxafperated Rebel. it muft. certainly. MAN. that is. for exert ing his rage and enmity againft God. he would be no more a Devil. the Devil from the beginning been embodi he could not have been invifible to us. He muft. no fpecies being empower d to aft out of the compafs of its own fphere: He might have been em power d. and envy at his as Had creatures a Devil: yet fuppofe which dwells now in his enrag d fpifit as him to have been condemn d to organic Powers. by which he de ludes and betrays mankind $ I fay. &V. becaufe Body can only act upon Body. and. accusation. be thus confin d. no more a De ceiver. fuppofe him to be effectually is thods he now diiabled from all the me allow d to makeufe of. at the fame time.

and bent to propagate his Glory and Jntereft 5 or he muft have put an end to the race of man. or he muft have ruin d mankind Injhort^ he muft have ceas d to have been a The HISTORY ftru6Hve things upon mankind. be compaffionate. and fteadily good in fparing tfie rival enemy he was able to deftroy. as the Americans do to this day. capti vate. or engine could hurt. fuppofe him to have had wings to have flown in the air j Or to be invulnerable. efpecially if this had any powers given it which mankind had body not. Angelic. and delight in the Works of his Creator. ge nerous. and that no human invention. and made mankind. and which his fiery darts could not penetrate. or reftrain him. beneficent. worfhip the D&vil^ that he might not hurt them . but it could not have prevented the deftruftion of mankind. erifnare. whom it would be in his Power to deftroy. and oblige his Maker to create a new fpecies. whom he had given power to deftroy him j This indeed. which fortify the old with fome kind muft be invulnerable. art. heavenly nature 5 been fill the principles of love to. : On this occafion differ ftile me to make an excurand with thus : fion from the ufual ibme folemnity to exprefs of this Work. or of defence. and muft have re-arTum d his d with original. fuppofing the Devil to have had malice equal to his power: and he mult put on a new nature. by which man would be overmatch d and not be in a condition of felf-defence 3 for exam ple. might have occaiion d a gene ral idolatry. But this is to fuppofe the righteous and wife Creator to have made a creature and not be able to defend and prefcrve him or to have left him defencclefs to the mercy of another of his own creatures. &amp. the wifdom and goodnefs of glorious the great Creator of the World in thusrellrainis ! How my Thoughts in g .

from exerting feraphic Powers. as Seraphs and Angels. hear farther in let his tis its order. and to deilroy and confound God s Creation 3 nay. either to his Maker or himfelf. and render him perfectly ufelefs. But there. of all thet otlierfolarjyfowf9 which. we do not know how much it may or may not be - E 2. at leafl. envigorating them with the fupernatural Powers. for ought we know. as an Angel. the Devil s Power he has indeed a vaftly extended Em limited) pire. which. which. he was cer tainly veiled with before the fall. the whole Atmofphere to range in. and a&ing with that fu pernatural force. dimininYd . and put the World into a general confla But were thofe immortal Spirits embodi gration ed. from affuming body power be what it will or bodily fhapes with fub fiance . they might the Creation it felf. they would be able even to fright mankind from the face of vhe Earth. and how far that Atmofphere is extended. 51 of ing thefe feraphic OUTCASTS from the power human or organic bodies which could afluming they do. being Prince of the Air. having. and which we are not certain is yet taken from him y or at moir. tho they were not permitted to confound na they are^ : ture. they now poilefsand might exert. reverfe and over-turn deitroy nature. is not yet afcertain d is niceft obfervations 3 I fay at leaft^ becaufe not yet know how far he may be allow d to make excurfions beyond the Atmofphere of this Globe into the planetary Worlds. may exift in the mighty extent of created fpace. even as ! were not their power limited. and what power he may exercife in all the habitable parts of the filar fyfletn$ nay. and that in two particulars j he is limited as above. they defenceleis would be able to harrafs poor weak and man out of his wits.of the D E V I L. and of which you by the we do may fure firft. we arc limited here. But the Dragon is chained. and fecondly.

fhould threaten to feize upon them. an immortal Being 3 infinitely fuperior to man.52 given him at The his his H I ST O R Y the dimininYd by degeneracy. was frighted with an Apparition. and telling his tale to a good honeil chriftian Gentleman his neighbour. as I have faid. be favourable and civil to them. a terrible. wickedly reprefent him clothed with terrors that do not really belong to him as if the power of good and evil was wholly vefted in him. as he calPd it. Thus a poor deluded country fellow in our But letusconfiderhim then limited and reflrained as he is. in to be rebels like himfelf. if they did well. and drawing them. without a new commiffion. and on the contrary. &amp. if they did evil. and. that had liv d a wicked. to diftribute both puniiliments and rewards 3 In this they are much wrong. that be his Power greater or lefs. if they do not is -. He fancy d that he fpoke to him. till they turn their heads. fall upon them to hurt them. debauch d life. abominable. terrifying and deluding fanciful people about him.and that he was plac ed in the Throne of his Maker. yet he remains a mighty. whofe proper bufinefs mifchief. as in the dreadful powers he retains ftili about him 5 it is true the brain-fick heads of our Enthufiafticks paint him blacker than he of the Devil. and in a word. that had a little more . as well in the dignity of his nature. who was one equal to the Angel who kill d 180000 men in one night. and by blow expuldon : this we are certain. to take away the life of one Job^ nor to touch any thing he had. carry &amp. as if the Devil. he is reltrain d from the exercife of it in this World 5 and he. feducing and deluding man kind. if they do fuch and fuch good things them away with him they know not whither. and fright them into a belief that the Devil will let them or alone. is not able now. carry them away.

but it muft give fire fho. for it was midnight. Gent. if and fo they be Sir. See him ! ! art thou fure of it. How ftrect? fho. difcourfe. he was clothed with fire and brim- Hone. you had a candle. but it burnt as blue! I was and as dim ! Gent. him? when he was gone. when I faw him. could you fee him then ? did you fee by the light of the fire you fpeak of? fho. He I fmelt his it behind Gent. But was it within doors. no. I know twas the Devil. fays he^ I faw him very plain. ! O it Gent. if you re fure. Well then. that Gent. but if the Devil was clothed with fire and brimftone. I am fure enough of to be fure twas the Devil. E 3 . there can t be fuch a fire as you fpeak of. it. but and brimftone 5 he left a fmell of AT0. he had no clothes on. 53 than himfelf 3 the Gentleman ask d him more he was fare he really faw the Devil? yes. pray what clothes fho. gan the following fee the Devil Gent. Gent. for all that. ever feen the Devil before ? fhomas? had you fho. a light with it. I had a candle. it was in my own Chamber. Yes. And how do you know twas had he on? contradicting you . hadn t you? fho. No. fure Gent. 00. Well. I had never ieen him before. or out in the fho. Thomas? Mafter. yes. yes. for all that. It was within. to be but. he gave no light himfelf 5 but I faw him. Was it dark or day light when you faw him? was very dark. No.of the fcnfe DEVI L. Well. fho. Nay. juft going into bed. the Devil. Gent. Sir. don t jeft with me. he muft give you fome light. Yes. Thomas^ there s no -. no. gave no light.

Yes. if it had really been the Devil. it HISTORY you fay he had fire. Gent. Going what did you run away from him ? Tho. So you faw none of his body. but without light or heat. twas one of our bullocks that goes to plow. To hide my felf you do that for? from fuch a frightful Why. Gent. put into a great fwcat with the fright. but I was hot enough without it. twas as wife as all the reft 5 but come. for you I fay was he in. do think the bed-clothes would have fecur d you you Gent. fo was Tbo. like the croak it call d me by my name twice. Gent. and funk Sir. ? Nay. And was that all you (aw? Sir.54 no feel The light. itfeems. . Thomas Dawfon^ Thomas Dawfon. as and his feet TJjo. he was all in fire. but his eyes O! Tbo. but gave a deviliih fire indeed j did it Gent. I I don t know. Gent. no. from him Tho. Nay. it man Tbo^ s ing of a Frog. creature. as I law his cloven-foot very plain. to fright any body out of their wits. pray did he all jpcak to you ? Tbo. well. What voice ? kind of voice was it. me Very brimftonej pray what he like} Tho. he flunk of Gent. big Gent. but who was it was like Lord knows. for it warm ? was the room hot while he was in it ? No. Well. only. but in a fright it was could do. yes. to be a little ferious. enough Gent. ? a fine vifion indeed ! was enough to fend me going. Gent. the a I heard a voice. No. but I fled into bed at one jump. And what did Tho. you fay. what was law him? you iliapes faw t wo great flaring (aucer eyes. Thomas. that ! down and pull d the bed-clothes quite over me. and No. it was a hoarfe ugly noife. No.

Gent. Gent. you lay with Jenny S lafl night j you don t repent . ? 55 Well. any thing elfe? it faw that I did not (peak. Thomas. to Hell. Thomas. andyoujhall be damn* d. But he bid you repent too. I don t know to fay to that j but what could it be ? twas the Devil to be fure. but why fhould he be angry at that ? he would rather bid you lye with her again. for No. you wretch.of the Gsnt. you fay ? Tho. But how fhould the Devil know \l. twas the Devil to be fure. . he knows it to be furej why.Thomas? with Jenny S Nay. but your own frighted ima with that wench. Yes. that s true too. did you anfvver Tho. no. yes. Tho. Sir. Thomas. and be gination ing a young firmer of that kind. elfe. DEVIL. / will take you away alive and if Tho. and encourage you to lye with forty whores. my life 5 -why. No. Well. twas neither the Devil. they he knows every thing. Tes. when cany you Gent. do you think the Devil would have you repent ? Tho. 1 could not havefpokeaword frighted to that you at lafl that you imagined he was come for you indeed faw him and heard him $ whereas. Thomas Daivfon. than hin der you: This can t be the Devil. \ E 4 night. he threatn d me if I did not. what Gent. you may depend upon it. not Did it I. it And was true. it could be nobody elfe ? Tho. told you the Devil would fetch you away. -. Gent. fay Gent. Thomas. Jenny S will let you lye with her every nor any body you had lain &amp. Why no. and you would be damn dj and you were fo perfuaded it would be fo. did you lye the night before ? Indeed Matter. why yes it was true. it Thomas Dawfon. Yes. you are faid. a wicked wretch. Why. byt Tho. your Confcience terrified you. fay I was Gent. I was very ferry afterwards.

no breach of God tis &amp. not to repent 5 and he profefles no other . a ter rible and an immortal Spirit 5 he is himfclf calPd a Prince. but will never diihirb you. nor does he pretend to it 3 therefore. you need no other enemy. it could never be the Devil. the Devil will hold the candle. and indeed not what he is. any for we know conception more than we know what the bleiTed Angels are j of whom we can fay no more than that they arc &amp. fbomas was not the only man that ha ving committed a flagitious crime had been de luded by his own imagination. no offence. and his attending Spirits are call d his Angels : ib that however Satan has loft the glory and reftitude of his Nature. Tho. let no man charge the Devil with what he is not concerned in. and that was Devil enough which above our places him above our rank. he may prcfs men to this or Why &amp. Thomas $ twas only your own guilt frighted yon. one would think the Devil mould not bid me repent. and the when both but to prefsthem to repent. by telling them tis no fin. yet he retains a greatnefs and magnificence. or do any thing to forward it. by his apoftate Hate. is too tis his bufinefs honed: to pretend to fuch things to perfuade men to offend. s and the like. as I have {aid. the Prince of Devils. not with (landing his loft glory. and the power of fancy. a mighty. to think the Devil was come for him $ whereas the Devil. But to return to his Perfon. that a&ion. that s true but certainly twas the Devil for all that. to give him his clue. that s quite out of his way j tis none of his bufinefs. he s too much a friend to your wicked nefs. the Prince of the Po^er of the Air 3 the Prince of Darknefs.5 736* H I S T O Pv Y night. that s true. when really they have offended. he is. winiftring . if you knew the worfl of it. Now -&amp.

and to difappoint him in his main defign. rob him of the glory defign d in his new work of creation. nor on his own account iimply. That he is the vanquifli d but implacable ene my of God - his Creator. tells us it was meerly to affront God his Maker. malice. nor for any advantage he (the Devil) can make by the ruin and deflruction of man j but in meer envy at the felicity he is fuppofed to enjoy as Satan s rival . however. who has conquer d him. and as he is appoin ted to fucceed Satan and his Angels in the poffeffion of thole glories from which they are fallen. rage. That he is man s irreconcilable Enemy 5 not as he is a man.of the winiftring Spirits. i. and all uricharitablenefs 5 would dethrone God and overturn the thrones of Heaven. DEVIL. of foul. may give us fome ininto the nature of the Devil. and he might ex pect a new Fund of glory fhould be rais d. and thefe we have a clear difcovery Two of in the whole feries of his Conduct from the Beginning. z. In all which Satan could not be fool enough not to know that lie ihould be in a perfect reftituoc after of creatures his own image. andexpelPd him from the habitations of blifs y on which account he is fill d with envy. Mr. Milton makes a wrong judgment of the reafon of Satan s refolution to difturb the felicity of man . the creating a new fpecies He And here I mult take upon me to fay. namely. 8tc. if it was in his power. from whom . crib d them. as 57 the Scripture has de- things. and who was to appear as the triumph of the Meffiah s victory over the Devil. in the prefent fight Hate he is in .

vigilant difpofition. tell us. much more probable defign and tho he may be faid to act upon a meaner principle than that of pointing his rage at the perfonal glory of his Creator j yet I own. judging or leading him to judge by himfelfj (for he was as near being infallible as any of God s creatures had been) and then inclining him to try whether it was fo or no. the Devil went upon a -. and were made capable of pofleffing the manlions of eternal Beatitude. and therefore the moft fitted for his purpofe. that in my opinion. that could be made. he (Satan) and his Angels were e^pell d and irre trievably banifh d j envy at fuch a rival mov d him poflible artifice.a6ted his rage before. Modern Naturalifts. was legible. he faw evidently that fhe was the beft form d creature to make a Tool of^ and the beft to make a hypocrite of. that as foon as ever Satan faw the woman. might fee his Rival fo who were intended fill up the empty fpaces in Heaven.58 The HISTORY fo be difappointed by the fame Power which had eminently counter. to himfelf only) that there a throne . for he faw him deprived of capacity to do it by force^ to render him unworthy like himfelf} that bringing him to fall into re by all damn to bellion and difobedience. He faw by fome thwart lines in her face. as I have. made by the abfence of fo many millions of fallen Angels. i. efpecially fome who have not fo large a chanty for the fair fex. that whereas he perceived this new fpecies of creatures had a fublime as well as perhaps. I believe. he d with him and thofe &amp. and look d in her face. But. from whence. is beft explained by the Devil s prying. and more likely to fucceed 5 and that was. How he came to know that this new fpecies of creatures were liable tor fuch imperfection. it was by much the more rational undertaking. human part. be caft out into the fame darknefs with them.

if it 59 fit a throne ready prepared for the fin of pride to took an early pofTefupon. fomething fo veiy charming in her mein and behaviour. and with a nearer view to her imperfections. with out better evidence. lent 2. and to conceit that it either was fo. to difturb her repofe. and put dreams of great things into her head . fo engag ing as well as agreeable in the whole texture of her perfon. or at leaft in her tears. but 3. and above all. upon the very furvey of her outfide. or of heavenly Race. which ( however. her figure being fo extraordinary. fuch a fluency of tongue. or was infinitely more fublime and beautiful than it really was 3 and having thus tickl d her vanity. fuch a vivacity of parts. he faw room to conclude that fhe was of a conftitution eafy to be feduc that fhe was really Angelic. to introduce Pride gradu frame ally. till at lafl he might perfuade her. firft was . and that would make her fomething more excel ftill. and wanted nothing but to eat the forbidden fruit. and adiflurbance among her paffions $ and accordingly he fet himfelf to work. fion if ever fuch a thing may befuppofedin the human &amp. fome have been ill-natur d enough to fuggeft ) I fhall not injure the Devil fo much as to mention. But. fhe would eafily be brought to delude Adam^ whom he found fet not only a great value upon her perfon. railing a commotion in her Soul. and efpecially by flattering her . he found. efpecially EVE you may fuppofe was a perfect Beauty.of the in flate : DEVIL. and withal fuch a fprightly wit. Looking farther into her Frame. together with fome thing of a namelefs Kind. that he made no doubt if he could but once delude her. fuch a winning prevailing whine in her fmiles. befides this. was the groundwork of his project} there needed no more than to bring her to be vain of it.

to fuggeflof the fair feu. at prefent. he went immediately to work with her. and draw him into any gulph of mis chief. and not go round about. That the pride of a Seraphic Knowledge did not fo much work upon her imagination to bring her to confent. that Eve was not fo pleafed with -. who might as eaiily have been impofed upon as fhe. Other Commentators upon this critical Text fuggeft to us. her. from hence. as to have encouraged him to make his attack directly upon him. the hopes of being made aGaddefs&amp. fhe was fenlible fhe had not. to ruin her husband. that fhe fhould be wifer than Adam^ and fhould by the fuperiority of her undcrftanding. as a certain fecret Notion infus d into her head by the fame wicked inflrument. tho they ihould come to their knowledge. were it ever fo black and dreadful. infinitely fuperior to her. that if he could but ruin word. 4 This . and then fetting her upon her husband. beating the bum. neceflarily have the govern ment over him $ which. that ihc fhould firft fall into herfelfj how far fome may be wicked enough. rather than with Adam? not but that one would that they have been Devils to their hufbands ever fince. from the beginning and who can wonder that upon difcoveries made into the woman s iniide. the Devil might have feen fo much of it in his countenance. as well as of firength. and ploughing with the Heifer fetting upon the woman firit.60 was The perfectly HI ST O R Y captivated by her charms j in a he faw if Adam was fool enough to be deluded by his wife. Thus thefe fubtle and penetrating has Satan been &amp. he fhould eafily make a Devil cf her. I cannot fay $ J hope they will not be fo unmerciful to difcover truths of fuch fatal confequence. he being matter of a particular air of gravity and majefty.

an inftrumcnt for his Turn 5 nor has he fail d to make her a Tool ever fince.DEVIL: 61 This is an ill-natur d fuggeftion . abufe him with her fmiles. Eve and how Satan really went the right way to work.) he Jh The it. -. in making her thought more entire fubjeftion to her husband be a part of the Curfe. may enquire of him and thofe that World 5 farther. and upon a near ileady view he might eafily fee there. and ter rify him with the thunder of her TREBLE j ma king the effeminated Male Apple -eater tremble at the regret. and at the beginning of his only give the general hint of thefe things Satan s govern ment know I in the particularly would be more informed. perhaps. but obferve here with how it appears by the confequence. puniftiment. noife . who are of this opinion. by the very methods which he at firft propoled ^ to which. that fhe might read her fin in the all rule over the e. feme cannot however. that the Devil was not miftaken when he made an early judgment of Mrs. but it muft be confefs d the impatient defire of government. much room tb legitimate the to Expofitors. he has made fome ad ditions in the corrupting her compofition. or the to that crime $ Heaven particular temptation fit to fhew his juftice. add that this being her original crime. I as they appear recorded in the annals of firft Tyranny. M & which (fince that) appears in the general Behaviour of the fex. and fometimes cock her crown at him. as well as her underftanding j qualifying her to be a cornA N to pleat fnare to the poor weaker ve/el wheedle him with her Syren s voice. leaves too fuppofition. (viz. to judge of her y tis certain the Devil had nothing to do but to look in her face.and particularly of governing hufbands. delude him with her crocodile tears.

whofe name. calling to Adam at a great brings her in. fince that. andyoujhall never eat any of it at all) and you fo all be ft ill a fool^ and be governed by Creature ? Take fay. thus 5 Here.oblig d him to eat the forbidden fruit. at the very Sound j nay. And therefore a certain author. how light foever fome husbands make of it in this afraid trefpafs the new Termagant? what are you afraid SOT. beckoning to him with her hand. if this fhe Scolded him interpretation of the thing be jtift. Thus. and brought &amp. don t you fee how and trembl What I am cut exalted in foul by it. which at firft com For it is yet a debate which have not decided. or^ if you don your wife for ever.a thing that y has retained a dreadful influence over him ever fmce nor have the greatefl of Adam s Succef&amp. exercifed her authority and . in an imperious haughty manner. alls the d.ty rant. to con ceal their terror. z not . into it Rated him. you coward ly faint-hearted wretch^ take this branch of heaven ly fruity eat and be a ftupid fool no longer 5 eat and be wife j eat and be a God y and know^ to your eter- naljhame^ that your wife has been made anenlighttfd Goddefs before you. you Fool. I it^ and am quite another t / // go and . if we may fors. Tongue. (ays of? did God forbid you! yes^ and why ? that we might not be knowing and wife like himfelf ! What reafon can there be that we. whether fhe perthe Learned fuaded and entreated him.6i The H I S TORY noife of that very manded him to Sin. down the free. He tells you Adam hung back to : a little at firfr. fays fhe. who have capacious foulS) able to receive knowledge^ Jhould have it with held ? take //. and eat . believe hiftory. for fear of the Sex s refentment I prevailed even among the Gods &amp. him to it by the terror of her voice . or like a true fhe. been ever able.

lt. Befides what has been faid Poetically. far I have gone upon general obfervation. how any thing lefs could be expefted from him y But we fhall meet with it again by and by. they fay. or at Juno out-fcolded the noife of all his Thunders. Milton j miflakes about it. as the THUS the World to the fall &amp. and defire it fhould be taken fo I fhall give you what I think is deduced from good on the part of Satatfs flory in a few originals words. who .gt.5b he had of fuccefs. the fiat ion Satan had in Heaven before he fell . form d by the fame omnipotent hand and glorious power. &amp.of the not all DEVIL. to at and if you coniider him as a tack the woman Devil. I do not fee who can blame him. even Jupiter himfelf led fuch a - C Of H A P. But to return to the Devil. and confider the fair profpe&amp. relating and wandering condition of the Devil and his Ho ft. I muft confefs. main work before life &amp. and was within an ace of brawling him out of Heaven. and what he aim d at. With thefe views he refolv d. V. the nature and original of his crimey and fome of Mr. which poetical part I offer only as an excurfion. of Vulcarfs hammers could clamours of that outrageous whore his nay. that once. it feems. He was one of the created Angels. in this great affair of Satan and his I now come to my Title^ Empire in and fhall enter upon the hiftorical part. 63 the noife iilence the Goddefs $ with a termagant wife.

Having granted the dignity of his Perfon. may very well be apply d to him Son of the Morning ! Lucifer art thou fallen. before that Rebellion. and above ly to inquire into a little into the reafon of it 9 certain it is. and be one of the higheft confequently that he might &amp. in dignity there. this Prince of Devils. thofe words. place. we cannot think it in the leaft afluming to fay. did fall. call d Satan. that and which. Do minions. was guilty of Rebellion and Difobedience. was plac d in before his expulfion. he is plac d at the head of all the Apoftate armies. is.lefler degree. tho taken in another How fenfe. contain d Angels of higher and lower ftations. after he was fallen. he all. might well be to me is more wonderful.64 The : H I S T O RY all who created the Heavens and the Earth. the juft effect of Pride . as we have. we have as much reafon to believe. But what I think. that he might be fuppofed to be one of the principal Agents in the Rebellion which happened in Heaven. the lower. we cannot come at the knowledge of. and This innumerable heavenly hoft. was his overthrow 5 and therefore. What particular ftation among the immortal Choir of Angels. this Arch-feraph. at leaft. of greater and ol. and Principalities : This. fins. which. and with the greater precipitation. how came feeds of crime to rife in the Angelic Nature? created : O ! - . that is therein as we have reafon to believe. in that holy call d wonderful. The higher his ftation. it would come then neceflarithe nature of his fall. exprefs d in the Scripture by Thrones. that there are Stars in the Firmament (or ftarry Hea vens) of greater and of lefler magnitude. not with fuch an Autho^ but as from Scrip rity as may be depended upon ture authority. will be very ill accounted for. I think. and the high ftation in which he was placed among the heavenly Hoft .

and among them the great Dr. 65 how was treated in a ftate of perfect. : that crime broke in upon them at fome interval. when &amp. Thou . province in this reafons for it. or envy to generate there ? could there be offence where there was no crime ty breed corruption ? ? could untainted puri could that nature contami iri nate and infect. does not reach it. nor. to me. which is the full em ployment of Angels 5 but even this. pride. thus. is. whofe circum fiances confefs the Guilt. which was always Drinking ? principles of perfection Happy tis to me.of the DEVIL. they omitted but one moment fixing their and thoughts on the glories of the divine eyes face. thaty^ upon Record. to admire and adore. I fhould break off at this and flill groan un der the Punifhment. make it one jot more coinall I can fay to it prehenfible than it was before it w^j. tho it goes as high as imagination can carry us. or fign caufes 5 if it was not Work my give otherwife. If you will bear with a poetic excurfion upon die fubjeft. is j that I am to relate the Fact. J? -r. for I acknowledge I do not fee thro it j neither do I think that the great Milton^ after all his fine Ima ges and lofty Excurfions upon the Subject. that writing the Hiflor}^ not folvingthe Difficulties of Satan s Affairs. the fact was here. has left it one Some are jot clearer than he found it of opinion. unfpotted holinefs ? it firft found in a place where no unclean thing can enter ? how came ambition. and the reje6bed Troop are in being. not to folve but to illuflrate the diffi culty 5 take it in a few lines.

66 The HISTORY ! Thou fin of Witchcraft firftborn child of Crime Produc d before the bloom of Time 5 Ambition s maiden Sin. Vapour flying in the fluid wafte A Of unconco6bed air ? And how at firft didft thou come there ? Sure there was once a time when thou wert not. *T would calcine Sin. and Glory fills the Space? noxious vapour there could lies . and in a place all s fupreme. or melt it into air. thou there. And bright eternal Day be foil d with Sin Tell us. ! And who could have believ d Defilement could in purity begin. thou fault fublime ? thou pafs the Adamantine Gate j ? And into Spirit thy felf infinuate ? From what dark ftate? from what deep From what ftrange uncreated race ? Where was thy ancient habitation found place Before void Chaos heard the forming found ? Waft thou a Subftance. How . Which fills as well as conftitutes the place. Sin never could Seraphic Glory bear j The brightnefs of the eternal Face. or an airy Ghoft. For there no noxious matter Nothing that s evil could appear. rile. in Heaven conceiv d. Would be a fire too hot for crime to bear. ? By whom Art thou waft thou created and for what ? a fteam from fome contagious damp exintail d. hal d? contagion be How fhould On Where No bright feraphic Spirits. fly ? How cam How didft ft penetrating Crime.

chou firft vital feed of Sin Life of Death. (nenceAnd banifh d with thee from the high Pre-emi* has the fplendid Seraph chang d his face. the matter Without whence or manner how ? : Thou high fuperlative of Sin. And doft o er lefTer crimes prefide$ Not for the mean attempt of Vice defign d. and damn Mankind. and like thy monftrous race ? How F z Ugly . firft Tell us thy nature..of the DEVIL. But to embroil the World. That lofs that ne er to be reftor And made the bright Seraphic Morning-ftar In horrid monftrous fhapes appear ? that while he dwelt in Satan^ glorious light. And fill d the breafts of loyal Angels there The With the firft Treafon and infernal War. That in effulgent rays of glory fhone. Eternal Sight mult know thee there. Was always then as pure as he was bright. defilement enter in? ! 67 How Thou then did firft Ambition. by him alone. And being known. Thou art the high extreme of pride. and ftript of Innocence. Transforming mifchief. now haft thou procur d d. Debauch d the Regions of eternal Peace. Diftorted now. how canVft thou there In what bright form didft thou appear In what Seraphic Orb did ft thou arife? ? ? Surely that place admits of no difguife. Excell d by eternal Light. Transformed by thee. thou foon muft difappean But iince the fatal Truth we know. where thou didfl begin degree of thy increafe.

and write No queftion. folemn ry things manner till in fhort he has made a good PLAY of Heaven and Hell . that help us a little in the enquiry $ for to know it is not^ is one help towards knowing what Mr. Fitted by thce to make a local Hell. has indeed told us a great many mer of the Devil. For fuch muft be the place where either of youi (dwell. tell you. Story. tho as I (aid. fubjccl:. the Devil and I may not be fo good friends as you may fuppofe we are 5 at leaft. make us believe . tho it be for public good j fo we muft be content till we come ont other fide the Blue-Blanket^ and then \ve {hall know the whole fecrets. Thus. and no doubt if he had liv d in our times. as I told but as to you. venture to difficulty in it. I may. I doubt I fhall tell fo many plain truths of the Devil) in this Hiftory. perhaps. for which he fell. I could prewith Satan to fet pen to paper. I only moralize upon the the Milton &amp.158 The HISTORY Ugly. in a moft formal. But now. unlefs. and difcover fo many of his I find : which it is not for his intereft to havedifcover d. as I hinted at faft . that before I have done. much and efpecially not fo much how may what it is. I will not attempt to I folve the difficulty. he might have had it acted with our Pluto and Profe rpitie. that there is not ib as at firft fight appears as fome people would : hope. not friends enough to obtain fuch a favour of him. I muft leave it as Vail it.God and the Devil^ and a little addition might . let us (ec others are miftaken in it. but this part of his own Hiftory he could let us into the fecret j but to be plain. as is the crime. He has made fine Speeches both ht.

ought to be better fatisfy d about that Point than I 69 might have turnM it a la modern into a Harlequin Dieu 6f Diable. but he has made meerje ne fcay Quoi of Jefus Chrift. fo that for ought I know. lib. they that will venture to write that way. I confefs I don t well know how far the do minion of Poetry extends itfelf 5 it feems the Buts. \\. F 3 So . In another place he has indeed complimented brought him in making a Speech to &amp. there can as fome of our Divines be no Blafphemy in Verfe no Treafon in the Pulpit. fince Ovid in his Metamorphofis. and Bounds of Parnaffus are not yet afcertaind . and of differing Perfons and Species. But fay there can be &amp. Upon this foot Mr. Loft. as to be fure they Milton. and great founds 5 and has made a a very fine Story of the Devil.of the DEVIL. 2? Angels. he makes CHRIST himdity in nature. In one line he has him riding on a Cherub. has gone a length beyond all that ever went before him. and give room for his To wring Fancy. ye Saints Here ftand. Stand ______ ftill in bright array. as in two feveral Bands. and in ano ther fitting on a Throne. his Saints. without the greateft both in the very fame moment of action. felf diftinguifh them. Par. Fie has GOD Almighty with a flux of lofty words. by vcrtue of their antienc privileges call d Licenlia Poetarum. when tis evident he had none there for we all know Man was not created till a long while after j and no body can be fo dull as to fay the Angels may be called Saints. 174. to grace his Poem.

that no Poetic Licenfe can account for it j for tho Poefie may form Stories. for he alone will engage the Re Army bels. and bring their prefents to our Lord upon his birth at Bethlehem^ where he reprefents them as a Painter Thus three . the fancy may be good. had liv d. the ftrokes mafterly. and Men were but gives it a being before the Fall of the Angels and brings it in opening its mouth to receive them. and making a Speech to them. the place &amp. as Idea and Fancy may furnifh Materials. and make things which in time were to Earth at that &amp. there could have been no Saints there. as if one were the main Battle of Infantry.Saint of all that ever were feen in Heaven^ as well as the Proto-martyr of all that have been upon not to call it a Blun der. to tell them they fhall only ftand by in warlike order. But who are thole Saints? tis they are indeed all of Milton s own making -.70 So that The HISTORY CHRIST here is brought in drawing up his before the laft Battle. act before they exifled. and the Angels there. exift. and the other the Wings of Cavalry. certain there were no Saints at all in Heaven or time j GOD and his Angels fill d up and till fome of the dngels fell. and fo great an abfurdity. and were dead. and yet have fome unpardonable im So proprieties which marr the whole Work. may make a fine piece of Work. the famous Painter of Toledo painted the ftory of the three Wifemen of the Eafl coming to wor{hip. but that they fhall have no oo caflon to fight. and the beauty of the Workmanfhip inimitably curi ous and fine. he places the Saints here. Juft fuch another Mifhke. yet Pocty muft not break in upon Chro nology. Saint Abel was certainly the Proto. This is fo contrary to the na ture of the thing. he makes about Hell. Then in embattling his Legions. which he not only makes LOCAL.

v. any more than in Hiftory tis a confufionof Images which is allow d to be difallow d by all the Criticks of what tribe or fpecies foever in the world. and hung up in the great Church. tho they are in ihort. my F 4 Mr. In a word. fo. and yet never difcover d the miftake till the piece was preferred to the King. unpardonable. Milton^ that really taking out of all. Mr. I can eaallow Mr. he made three black feet for the Negroe King. and indeed (hocking to Nature. 44. 71 Kings 5 two of them are and one black 5 ^But unhappily when he white. lily flowry Meadows and Plains (and the like) in Hea ven and places of Retreat and Contemplation in Hell. much lefs three Arabian or Indian inconfiftencies. cannot allow him to make their Mufick in Hell to be harmonious and charming as he does fuch Images being incongruous. Milton to make Hills and Dales. where ning. Milton^ but of the Devil: befides. to fet the Angels a dancing lib. I being at this time not writing the Hiftory of Mr. that it can be allowed to no Poet on Earth but 5 their legs being neceflarily a little intermix d. drew the latter part of them kneeling. in Heaven^ Milton^ if you pleafe. but it is the Devil of a Hiftory. fo. of thele things notice of them But we fhall find fo many more in Mr. 138. Milton. &amp.of the DEVIL. I will allow & and is indeed &amp. As this is an unpardonable error in Sculpture or Lim in Poetry. Neither can I think we fhould allow things to be plac d out of time in Poetry. But I efpecially the laft. tho I muft add. i. . which to be fure was done after their fac. would carry me quite way. Milton has indeed made a fine Poem. and but three white feet for the two white Kings. it muft be much more fo the Images muft have no improprieties. lib. Nay. and the Devils a fing- ing in Hell.moft horrid Abfurdities.

has Mr. fo.&quot. or how it increased and grew up to crime/ But all this he paries over. but nothing of the nature or reafoh of gel to be proud ? ! but how came Satan while How did it it. lib. only tells us. In plain terms. how the fpotlefs feraphic Nature could receive infection. Nor main fall. an Arch-an confiii. that we know the fad is fo.72 Mr. Milton (viz. and hurrying up that part in two or three words. As I had cantion d you againtl running to Scripture for fhel- of difficulty. is. and but to very little of it for fome time ter in cafes little ry among after. that fuch a celebrated who but he that can write the Hiftory of the Devil dare meddle with him ? But to come back to the bufinefs. i. his Pride. and fo we are all 3 and the mofl that can be faid. that Pride and perfect Holinefs fhould meet in the fame Perfon? Here we muft bid Mr. J. and how . Milton The is HISTORY Man. But . what noxious matter could emit corruption there. Scripture weighing ve the people I am directing my Speech to 5 fo indeed Scripture gives but very lit tle light into any thing of the Devil s Story before his Fall. whence the contagion proceeded. he is in the dark about it. Milton good night 5 for.) faid difficulty How one word to folve the the Devil came to Sin came into Heaven . by whofe aid afpiring to have equal d the moftHigh. Had caft Of rebel He trufted His pride him out of Heaven with all his Hoft Angels. how and whence any vapour to poiibn the Angelick Frame could rife up.

As . fbj. that we mull forbear to give up to Mr. indeed. the Thought rich and bright. in fome refpecl:. The in Heaven. I mean by this. I page 32. noted in the Introduction to is not declar d the Son of this Work 5 God da&amp.}\ 137. as will afllil fome people to fet it all afide. is unfufferably grofs. Invention. and God they finn d (wonderful*!) cafl them out j what their fin was is not explicit. truly fublime : But the Authorities fail mofl wretchedly. or muft fet afide part of the iacred Text. Armies of Heaven 3 and of the Father s fummoning all the Angels of the heavenly Hofl to fubmit to him. and there.But to of the come to the DEVIL. and pay him homage. as is mull own the but on Earth j tis true. for Chrift affiimes. and fhocks our Faith in fo many points neceflary to be believ d. v. Milton here takes upon him to give the Hi as if he had been born ftory of it. On fuch a day 4 &amp. us an account of it $ (I hope he is better inform d by this as joftles time y) but this he does in fuch a manner. is very fine. but in general all fin tis call d a Rebellion againftGoD j mull be To. the Images exceeding magnificent. and the mifs-timing of it. his invented Scheme of the being declared in Heaven to be begotten and then to be declar d Generalifiimo of all the then. that On a a certain day^ for fo our Poet lib. with Religion. tis fpoken from Heaven. in fuch a The words Son s are quoted already. Mr. Milton. but then tis fpoken as perfected on Earth 5 if it was at all to be affign d to Heaven. Hiftory : 73 Angels his eternal Generation is allow d 5 but to take upon us to fay. and. as particularly and came down hither on purpofe to give there. it was from Eternity. c - When on a day. indeed.

except it be that dull authority call d which will not pafs in fo folemn an foetlc Licenfej affair as that. indeed. or elfe the eternal Generation falls to the ground 5 and if then Mr. And Milton can have no authority to tell 4. the As Heaven s great Year brings real Hoft empy Of Angels by imperial Summons call d. us. it would be reconcileable with Scripture and with fenfe 3 for either the begetting is meant of ordaining to an office. i. Of . fo. and the higheft of all the Angelic Train. But then the was to the declaring him that day . But the thing was neceflary to Milton^ who wanted to affign fome caufe or original of the JDmTs iign is Rebellion well laid. Rom. as I faid above^ the decall it only wants two Trifles d Truth and Hiftory it felf. Milton day to the it is & only by the Refurreftion of the dead^ and this is both a Declaration in Heaven and in Earth. not fatisfy d with the Ex The cafe muft be altation of the Son of God. this fovereign Forthwith from all the ends of Heaven appeared. j and . is wrong chronology too. This is. there was any Declaration of it in Heaven be fore this. is declar d the Son of God with power . had he made him not begotten that day.74 The HISTORY forth. for Chrifl. Work office (Mediator) out in afcribing another fix d fee lib. fo I leave it to ftruggle for This Ground -plot being laid. thus perhaps. for he imme diately brings him in. Satan being an eminent Arch-an^el. but declared General that day. fo. too grofs at this meeting he makes God declare the Son to be that day begot&amp. 194. that the Son hearing 5 vZ. ten^ as before &amp. he has a fair field for the Devil to play the Rebel in.

becaufe a deduction of probable Events j but the Plot is wrong laid. that the wicked or finning Angels. with the great Arch-angel at the head of them. confequently carry d over a great party with him. not then. becaufe contradicted by the Scripture account. bcfides the authority of Scripture. in almoft every pafe thro . of are witneiTes in all the which Mankind merry things they do in his name. thinking himfelf the feni or Officer. All this part is a Decoration noble and great. by the righteous judgment of GOD. Milton is not orthodox in this part. to be expel d the holy Habitation 5 this. revolted from their obedience. but lays an avow d foundation for the cor rupt Doctrine of Arius^ which fays.of the DEVIL.) in his victory over Sin and Death. (viz. in order not to be compel d to obey. by the Refurre&ion from the dead fo that Mr. even in Heaven it felf 3 that Satan began the wicked defection. perhaps. viz. and difdaining tofubmit to any but to his former immediate Sovereign 3 in fhort. who all together rebel d againft God 3 that upon this Rebellion they were (entenc d. whether we talk of things . but on Earth. we have vifible teftimomes of. revolted and broke out in open Rebellion. as is obferv d above. there was a time when Chrift was not the Son of GOD. according to which Chrift was declared in Hea ven. 75 of God wasdeclar d to be Head or Generaliflimo of all the heavenly Hoft. But to leave Mr. Milton to his flights. I agree with him in this part. he threw up his Commiffion. and. from the Devils themfelves3 their influences and ope diers call it : rations among 3 us every day. nor is there any objection to be made againit the invention. and not declar ed with power. but from Eternity. and being a Chief among the heavenly Hoft. and under fcene of life they his prote&ion. took it ill to fee another put into the high ftation over his head^ as the Sol 3 he.

76 The H I S TORY things done openly or in Mafquerade. that I leave to the Sages. things done in earneft or in jell. and the terrible Battels in Hea ven between Michael with the royal Army of An one hand. fo nobly dciign d by Ovid. in a word. or no. Form. which was their Beauty and Perfection 5 and being ingulph d in the abyfs of irrecoverable ruin. have given an account of two or three thoufand millions of Angels cut in he allows them to give pieces and wounded. upon doubling length brings their rage and bringing new engines of war into the field. commenced ugly Monfters and Devils. things done or out of it. &amp. as well as evil Spirits j fill d with a horrid malignity and enmity againft their Maker. and with a hellifh refblution to fhew and exi ert tKeir Angelic beautiful . and became evil frightful doers. it is allow d by moil z^uthors. Milton gives fuch a full and parti cular account of. putting Michael and all the faithful Army to the Worfl and. at lead. tis no matter but whether Poetic Fancy fhould be allow d to fable upon Heaven. and make a kind of retreat fo over making way for the compleat vidory of the Son this is all invention. a of GOD borrow d thought from the old Poets. they are. in But then. or at leaft. ipfofaffo. and Satan with his rebel Holt gels on on the other j in which he fuppofes the numbers and ilrength to be pretty near equal ? but at in the Devils Army. yet the fight. and upon the King of Heaven : Now &amp. defeats them? For tho they were not put to a plain flight. from that very time they lolt &amp. almort two thoufand years ago and there twas well enough . ftript of the Rectitude and Holinefs of their Nature. what comes of the long and bloody War that and the Fight of the Giants againft Jupiter. By this expuliion of the Devils. in which cafe he mutt.

\\totisabfurditieson that fubjeEi. I take upon me to lay down fomc Fundamentals. they are under reflraints and limitations of a iuperior Power. If . before I bring them to aftion. What became of fallen Spirits after VI. and into the place of their im mediate Rcfidence for this will appear to be very fo as neceflary to Satan s Hi (lory. thus brought the Devil and his innumerable Legions to the edge of the Bottomlels-pit. crt 77 it on all occafions . the Devil and his Hofl of their being expelld from Heaven. I. will be inconfiftent and imperfecb. perhaps. 2. which I believe I {hall be able to make out Hiflorically.DEVIL. which it is their Torment. and indeed. for they are en or will to do good^ tirely diverted of either Power and even in doing evil. CHAP. that without it. that fome enquiry fhould be made into the pofture of their affairs immediately after their precipitate Fall. and fiich or that. tho . all the farther account we have to give of him. retaining however their exalted fpirituous Nature. perhaps. That Satan was not immediately. it remains. not fo Geo graphically as fome have pretended to do. all which they can ex ert in nothing elfe but doing evil. a great part of their Hell that they cannot break thro . And firft. and having a vail extenfive power of Adion. and his ixandring condi tion till the Creation . HAVING &amp. M. nor yet lock d as is down is into the Abyis of a local /&//. fiich as he fhall be at lail $ fuppofed by fome. with fome more of Mr.

which the Philofoall &amp. and certain fpheres of action. Milton full in my face. fometimes. in which he can. at leall gives the length of the journey by the time they were pafling or falling. this Globe or Earth where we live} that he rambles about among us. by which his bufinels is done. &amp. he might every jot as well have brought Hell up to the Walls of Heaven. to do. I meet he fays. call and whence he is phers call jftmofpbere d the Prince of the Power of that Ele ment or part of the World we call Air ^ from whence he fends out his Spies. again. and to carry his Commiflions to his trufty and well beloved Coufins and Counfellors on Earth. to get That Satan has no particular refidence in 3. is . and his affairs carried on in the World. he and his Devils in Camps volant but that he pitches his grand Army or chief Encampment in our Adjacencies or Frontiers. if not in all of us one time or other. who Here. his Agents and EmifTaries. and of which we fee fo many examples both about us and in us 5 in the inquiry after which. he has certain allowed him for excurfions into the Regions of this Air. was nine days 5 a good Poetical flight. If The H I S TORY liberties he was. roll d down directly into a Hell proper and local nay. which. I fhall take occafion to examine whether the Devil is not in mod of us. and marches over and over our whole country. like a very Devil as he is 9 the mifchief he can. he meafures the very diflancc.78 z. but neither founded on Scripture or Philofophy&amp. and does move. or he ought to have confider d the fpace which -. advanced to receive them. that the Devil^ immediately at his expulfion. will have

and re* gap d ceived them all at once $ millions and thoufands of millions as they were. j Virg. we may receive. they had no difficulty to go wide&amp. But fuppofe the paflage to be nine Days. lot it fhould all whofe does not at - or no gels y elfe we muft fuppofe both Men and were made by the glorious and upright An Ma ker . it received them all at a but it was for the it was prepar d for thofe be to come there j but this fuppofe it was prepar d before it was refolv d whether there ihould be fubjebs for it. locality. Whlfton^ and the reft ence. but a bad Hiftorian 20fhet was prepar d of old. let 79 to be allow d to any of part infinite diftance him take what between Heaven and a created Hell he pleafes. but then the great Gulph which Abraham tells him was fix d between them./- &amp. but not at all as Hiftorical rable in come difficulties infupeour way. Hallarge. is juft genius pleafes to place 5 nine days betwixt Heaven and Hell j well might ves then fee father Abraham. But let that be as Mr. ac cording to Mr. fome of which may be as fol for then low : Hell is here fuppofed to be a place j nay (i a place created for the puniihment of Angels ani and likewife created long before thofe had Men.of the is DEVI L. Facilis defenfus averni^fed revocare gradum Hoc of us hie labor eft. fallen. Mr. : Milton was a good Poet. as according of our Men of Sci ley. All this. that is to fay. Mr. indeed. Milton^ what folio w d ? why Hell open d its frightful mouth. it feems. as we call it. as Poetical. or thefe had Being j this makes me in. Milton s extraordinary it the paflage. does not feem to be fo to Sir Ifaac Newton^ Dr. we take it to be. no. none at all. and talk to him too Z&amp.

by his anfwer to God s queftion. Milton. But there is worfe yet to come j in the next place he adds. c And felt ten-fold confufion in their fall: c c Yawning receiv Burnt after d them all. as Mr. 4 Nine days they fell. it s - plain he was a prifoner at large. if he had been once lock d in Now we know there. a local Confinement. they were lock d in. took them in$ clos d or {hut its Mouth j and in a word. if not ab more fo than any other he has laid} evident. neither Satan or his Hoft of Devils are. d upon them j that is to fay. whence comeft thou ? to which he anfwer d. clos that Hell having receiv d them. Milton fays he was that he is abroad again^ he prefented himfelf be : fore God. they were lock d in. eternal wrath them Unquenchable. confounded chaos roar d Hell at lad: . among his neighbours.and on them clos d * Down from the verge of Heaven. no not any of them y yet. as it was faid in another place. knock off his Fetters. confin d in the eternal Prifon. that can fuppofe the Devil able to break Goal.80 The HISTORY kcr of all things. and the Key is carry d up to Hea ven and kept there . on purpofe for dcflrucciori. 4 4 This Scheme furd. he {hall be referred in chains of darknefs. for ive know the Angel came down from Heaven. where the Scrip ture fays. when Job s cafe came to be difcours d of y and more than that. They muft have mean thoughts of Hell^ as a Pri fon. from going to and fro thro&quot. even now. and I think tis is is certainly deficient. which was. and come abroad. fee Mr. the . having the Key of the Bottomlefs-piti but firft. which would be incongruous and abfurd.

that he is continually hovering over this inhabited Globe of Earth j fwellingwith the Rage of Envy. and dftracan. a kind of Empire in the liquid Waft or Air \ yet. (and all the other Worlds for ought we know. in confequence of his An gelic Nature. fince his Fall from Heaven. Satan being thus confin d to a vagabond. in the wild Coun tries of Karakathay. like the Hoords of fartary. Place. the true Account of the Devil s Cir- cumftances. and if there are any fuch. for devour they cannot. is much likely to be thus That he is more of a Vagrant than aPrifoner. of looking back towards the Heaven which he had loll y there to fee the - Chafrn or Opening made up. without any fix d Abode. this. Kaffan. allowed him to reft the Sole of his Foot upon. live up and down where they find more : proper 5 fo Satan and his innumerable Legions rove about hie ubique^ pitching their Camps (being Beafts of prey) where they find the mo ft Spoil j watching over this World. who. unfettl d Condition. Si the Earth^ &c. I demand then. out at G which. and if it be as certain that Hell clofed upon them. where he and his Legions. after fuch Rogues In fhort. or how got he out? and why was there not a Proclamation for apprehending him. that is. the Deferts of Barkan. I fay. wandring. is plain. this is certainly part of his punifhment. as there uiualas break prifon ? ly is. and feeking who they may devour. tremely limited in Power. and fo deftroy. From his Expulfion. to his unfpeakable tification : Mor This is his prefent State. Man 5 and ftudyingali the means poffible to injure and ruin him but ex & 1 &amp. at the Felicity of his Rival. as at a Breach .of the DEVIL. I take his firft View of Horror to be that. is without any certain Abode j Fortho he has.) I fay watching. who they may deceive and delude. that he is a Wanderer in the wild unbounded Waft.

and not yet confin d ftri&ly to 7iW/. which. to upon what was to If I had as much perfonal Acquaintance with the Devil. at their firft AfTemand the next fhould be. and the Creation of Man ? as for the Length of the Time. to fee the Breach repair d. as is Poetically hinted at before. Wherever they found it. how they were em ploy d in all that fpace of Time. tis plain they muft be (bme where : Satan and all his Legions did not lofe their Exiftcncc* from annihilating him. but of that immediately 3 firft let me enquire what what Mealures they refolv d on ? bly they were doing all that time. fhould be. Upon this fight.. nor the Exiftenee of D^/fr neither.S2. I would not concern my Curioiky much about it $ tis molt certain. as would admit it. what was pafs d. he Wf:$ thrall Head-long by the Power which expel d him * I fay. I fay. and began. and d with Thunders 5 and. and according to the more Learned. not half a Quarter fo much. you may be furc they pitch d their fir ft Camp. the firft Queftion I would ask him. being thn?. GOD was ib r. was twenty thoufand Years. there was a con fiderablc time between. and tha-t they might be out of the View of fo hated a Sight. made terrible by that Glory from whofe Prefence they were expel d. above all. the Mounds built up. The HISTORY Breach in the Wall of the holy Place. according to the Learn d. that he ftill preferv d his . call out of Heaven. tis no wonder (if there was fuch a Place) that they fled till the Darknefs might cover them. The Devil and hisHoft. after am many a four Reflc6tion upon confider and think a little. the Walls garifon d with millions of Angels. come. and could depend upon the Truth of what Anfwer he would give me. between their fo flying the Face of their almighty Conqueror.

who take a great deal of pains to fill up the vafr. and fo or Mafter~Devil9 \ feparately in his own Sphere or World. and their own wonder not at /V. and believe) inhabited (as they would have us by the like . and all thefe Planets and I Moons to be Worlds &amp. who. as particularly the ftory of Job. the Devil there by himfelf. G z But. and feverai others. having left: feverai expreffions his Hi (lory fo far upon record in Scripture alfo make it evident. dark. find a World all they would make Hell enough them wherever they went. and be able. &amp.from the face of the Avenger j and his abfence. habitable. o- paque Bodies.of the his DEVIL. and that not only in the known Conitcllations. for for every Devil in enough making a Hell on purpofe j ought I know. tis certain. find room his Angels. as Milton fuggefts.even whole fyftemary World. to every fuch Syftem allow a cer tain number of PlJnets fo Planets. without fo that j I I nay they Nor need we fly to the Dreams of our dflrorto* mers. and play it . And even if this were fo. cannot be denied but that one Devil for a reftrained. that they fled Some where. If Hell did not immediately ingulph them. for &amp. folid. / Being 5 and himfelf has Gob this not Mr. but made known to us. Spaces of the fhirry Heavens with in numerable habitable Worlds allowing as many guilt. folar Syftems as there are fix d Stars. every one may be a Monarch the Devil s Hoft. and to every one of thofe many Satellites or Moons . ac Devil and all | . I fay. Animals and rational for the I Creatures as on this Earth this but even inGWlaxie it felf . to in a place would be enough . if not do mifchief enough there too. Milton only. mentioned before 3 the like in our Saviour s time. from the anger of Heaven. and to ruin and overthrow the whole body of t People contain d in it. .

or that yet namelefs no-tubere^ as I calPd it or be they Worlds or no. the innume rable company of Angels which attended about the Throne of God exiiled j thefe all had a Being long before. mull: be fuppofed. in which thefe That immenfe Space glorious Bodies are plac d. and here they fhifted as well as they could. where the Thrones and Dominions of his Kingdom then exifted. had then any exiftencej for the Be ginning. we now appears to be zfome-where. Here . when we fpeak of things we cannot fully underfland ourfelves: Tho in the Beginning of Time all this glorious Creation was form d. fo as to be underflood by others. or this contult the Aftronomers in the decifion of for wherever Satan and his defeated Hoft went. they certainly launch ct from the bright Precipice which they fell from. and there not&amp. as the Scripture calls it. and even to thofe Spirits. But that is fo to fpeak a little by the rules of Philofophy. Into this void or abyfs of Nothing. I mean the fix d Stars. fo the Heaven of Heavens. or the Place.*4 But. the Earth. infinite. Time. before they had Being. Planets. themfelves Inconceivable. was not yet Begun. and exiiled before all Being. had an exiftence before the glorious Seraphs. I point 5 The fay. inconceivable and ineffable. however unmeafurable. &V. the (tarry Heavens. which thofe take up. at their expulfion from Heaven^ we think we are certain. and all the Furniture even was a Time when they were cannot fay fo of the Void. none of all thefe Beautiful Worlds. as the Eternal Creator of them a3 had before them. fay. H I ST O R Y fly we need not to thefe fhifts. to be plac d there: As God himfelf was. and which they move in at this Time. which thereof. or Place.

Milton himfclf in part confefles. Here Milton might. I fay. Satan and all his Gang of Devils^ his numberlefs. was ridiculous. Be this utmoft remov d Diftance where it will^ Here. to retrieve his Affairs. and therefore a Pandemonium or Divan in Hell. tho routed Armies retired. as I hint ed before. and the Scripture affirms . certainly. the Bottomlefs-pit lock d upon them. of which I fhall alfo fpeak place. clofcdup there. confultihg what was next to be done. the Devil himfelf could not have been fo ignorant as to think of any future Steps to be taken. to confult of it. from the Face of GOD their Con formerly queror. or to carry on the Rebellion ^ but had they been caft immediately into Hell. they hurried away to the utmoft Dillance poflible. and of his & Milton s Scheme of Satan s future Con duct. and then moll dreaded Enemy their Joy and Glory. as Mr. and Horror at their Defeat furnifh d them. at their Expulfion out But that they were in a State of in its of Heaven j Liberty to act.of the D E VI L. make it not reafonable to fuggeft that the Devils were confin d to their eter nal Prifon. G 5 CHAP. with fome good Ground. had this been fo. have form d his Pandemonium^ and have brought them in. tho limited in afting. and whether there was any room left to renew the War. . All Mr. and the Key carried up to Heaven to be kept there. and all the Scripture Expreffions about the Devil and his numerous Attendants. 85 Here expanding thofe Wings which Fear. actings fince that time.

they do not fay who. you muft know. $ CHAP.ifco a calculating SEVERAL things have been fuggefted to fetus the number of this frightful throng of Devil* 9 Devil. of the Beads or Devils. and bid that Saint count itj He was. caft up the Number of the Devils of all forts in each Battalia. was very familiar with fhe Devil. Of the Number of Satan s Hoft how they came firfl to know of the new created Worlds now in being.lup t*J2 Devil and hjs sfngch are certainly no inFrancis. but prefently railed a great Cloud of Dull. no. who dividing Satan s Troops into three Lines. fay. and three hundred thoufand times as manv as both in the third Line. by the the Maflerout of Heaven . they tell u. it feems. who inake up this Throng. a Calculator. I cannot Mailer of Political Arithme- tick to call nor the Number up the Number of the Beaft. who was thus call I fls am fo much with Satan.86 The HISTORY VII. fifty millions of times as many in the fecorid Line. at ten hundred times a hundred thoufand millions of the dl: Line. ask d the Devil once. St. &amp. him &amp. or fome other i confide- . I fuppofe. how llrong he was ? for St. only to hint that it has always been the Opinion. and their Meafures with Mankind upon the very. of a Gull of Wind. and . that Satan s Name nray well be call d a Noun of Multitude. 1 fuppofe. that would be call d grave. The Impertinence of this account would hard ly have given it a place here. . i T&amp. Francis. did not tell him.

and Envy the Felicity of his Creatures. for you are half a Devil already (and will be a whole one when you come there) for you are for and bringing us Soul deluding all you deal with^ A f and Body into your Hands ^ that you may be paid for letting us go again. fays many ? {ays rais the Nobleman : half /fays or is not a Punifhment to Seraphs and tis jud to Spirits-. I fuppofc. The horror of their Condition can only be conceiv d of at a Didance. I fhall no lights being given me that &amp. fPbj being ten millions five hundred and eleven thoufand^ fix hundred and feventy five Devils and a half. who being embodied Creatures.if the considerable Number a Venetian Nobleman : DE VIL. 87 It was a fm art Repartee that made to a Pried who rallied him upon his refuting to give fomething to the Church. and what the Poihirc of the Devil s Affairs might be. G 4 arc . and efpccially by us. As to how leave that Search long their time might be. ber. d by the novelty of the anfwcr. his curiofity. were in all: How yes. which the Pried demanded for the delivering him from Purgatory 5 when the Pried asking him. But fuppofe they fuffer d all that Spirits of a Seraphic Nature were capable to fuftain. during that Time. to condate of that long interval between the Time of their Expulfion from Heaven^ and the Creation of the World . he knew how many Devils there the Pried. their their Ha at tred and Rage againd God. So much for their Num would come in very aptly.^nry what kind of a Devil is tbat? your elf^ fays the Noble man. confident with their Exiftencej notwithftanding which they retained dill the HeUiflmefs Here alfo it fider the of their rebellious Principles 5 namely. if he knew what an innumerable Num ber of Devils there were to take him ? he anfwer d. cannot fully judge of what is.

or that any fuch thing as a Man was created. that may it as well believe Father . as thofe who judge it one thoufand Years . it was before the Creation. in his remote Situation. nor indeed could he find room for it . we had fome Records of what happened or was done by him in the Interval. by all the ways they had power to iliew it. as indeed Powers to conceive of. which we as well a Name. the Devil having. perhaps. for. might have difcovered that the Al- mjghty Creator had form d a new and glorious Work. who fuppofes to be a hundred thoufand Years. During the wand ring Condition the Devil was in at that Time. as I have fiud. got In telligence of the Place whereto find Adam out. and at the Happinefs of the remaining faithful Angels. a Liberty to rational Schemes want range over the whole Void or Abyfs. Satan. and there might be laid for it: Mr. with infinite Beauty and Variety. tis enough that we M we are fure. is How Matter of juft Speculation. From this determin d Hated Enmity of Satan and his Hofl again ft GW. Milton brings in Satan. and at every thing that brought Glory to his Name. how long be fore is not material to the Devil s Hiftory^ unlcfs to him. and taking up a dreadful Refolution to ruin and all his Pofterity. (whenfirii hefaw Adam vti Paradife^ and the Felicity of his Station there) fwelling with Rage and Envy. we mayfuppofe. and we have little room to make a Judgment of it. he and his whole Clan to be employed in exerting their Hatred and Rage at the Almighty.S8 The H I S T O RY fo are cither probable or rational. Mr. meerly to difappoint his Maker of the Glory of his Creation 5 I lhall come to fpeak of that in its Mam Place. filling i up . Milton many does not undertake to tell us the Particulars.

cali d Light They found thefe luminous Bodies.he. and to revive the Malignity of his Mind againft his Maker. . Surprized. to take a flight thro all the ama zing Syflcms of the fix d Suns or Stars. without finding any thing to work on. or to exert their Apoftate Rage in againft their up the of the immenfe Waft of DEVIL. Motion and Revolution confpired to Form the mod admirable Uniformity of the whole. which we fee now but at a Diflance. That at den Space. even to furthe Devils prize they might reafonably be fupto ftart out of their dark Retreat. was enough. and infinite in Number. with its Luftre. and to them unknown Luftre. yet fixt in their wondrous Stations. (the Devil) and his Angels ^ had rov d for fo long a time. but matter to fwell his revolted Spirit with more Rage. fire to look into. tho immenfe in Bulk. as we fay in human Af fairs. and with pofed a Curiofity not below the Seraphic Dignity 5 for thefe are fome of the things which the jfngels deation -. Here the Devil found not fubject of Wonder only. in which (again) a reciprocal Influence. tending to their particular Centers. and efpecially againft this new encreafe of Space. which to his infinite Regret was extended over the whole Waft. to be fure. confin d in their proper Orbits. and enjoying every one their peculiar Syftems. with this fudden and yet glorious Work of the Almighty for the Cre : &amp. and which he look d upon. with new. fhining in felf-exifting Beauty. and only make Ailronomical Guefles at. regular and exact in their Motions. a length they found the infinite untrod on a Hidden fpread full with glori ous Bodies. in S9 which Maker. within which was contained innumerable Planets with their Satellites or Moons.

in habit thofe Worlds . with the utmoft Curiofity. many Syflems-. will have it an invafion up on to them. bcfidcs this little little Globe. but as no knows that Part but the Devil^ with the Enquiry. and indeed probable. however ercat. according to the Opinion of our Philofophers. and his Kingdom. yet inferior Kingdom or Cre ation. the immenfe fpaces iu which thofe glorious Bodies that were created and made part of it. after they had. we have not yet had an account 5 poffibly they are converfant with other Parts or God s Creation. view d all the parts of it 5 The Glories of the feveral Syftems. were more than ordinarily furpriz d at the Nature and Reafon of all this glo rious Creation. if conquis^ you as in the Language of the Devil. which is but as a Point in comparifon of the Rell j and with other of God s Creatures befides Man. in their and Rebellion. What Difcoverics they may have made in the other and greater to work fome defpite to their great Crea tor. as a The Pays HISTORY we {hall body not trouble our felves very rcafonable. than this Earth. as fo many Suns in : Center of fo diftant Solar the tis Rut that the Devils &amp. however glorious. were allow d refpe&ively to move the innumerable fix d Stars. who may. (likewife . numbeiiefs and won fome of his derful. or to affront his Majefty in the Pcrfon of new made Creatures * and upon this be jufHy fuppofed to double their Vi they may gilance. in the furvey they refolve to take of theie new Worlds. that tho they could Envy not aflault the impregnable Walls of Heaven^ and could no more pretend to raife War in the Place of BlefFednefs and Peace yet that per haps they might find Room in this new. Here it naturally occur d State of &amp.90 fairs.

which were in fuch great Numbers to be found attendant upon. and made fubfervient to the Ufe. and yet inconcievable Velocity of their Motions. he foon came to an Eclairiciffement^ or a clear UnderftandFor Example^ ing of the whole. nay the whole Clan of Devils could fcarce entertain any juft Ideas of the thing j Till at laft Satan^ indefatigable in his Search or En quiry into the Nature and Reafon of this new Work. To fee the Beauty and Splendor of their Forms. and the Variety and Virtue of their Influences and which was even to the Devils themfelves then.*. upheld by account only. the Order and Exactnefs. as appear mean. moil aflonifhing. and in Appearance con the meaner! of all the Kinds fuppotemptible &amp. fcd to inhabit fomany I -&amp. Firft. and would ceaie made for d Man 5 that all was the wife Creator. that Species {hould end and be dctermin That but (as this Creature was to be found no where above) in one little individual Moon-. and the Creature Spot leis than almofh any of the Moons. the Regularity of their Pofition. ed now to be form d glorious Worlds. . and depending upon thofc Suns refpetively for fuch whom he found God had thus plac d in the little Globe. and particularly fearching into the Spe cies of Man. in iticlf fmall.of the DEVIL: 9I (likewife innumerable) dark opaque Bodies recei ving light. and prefcrib d with in every Syftem of the whole created Heavens 5 This was aftontfhing even to the Devil himfelf. Delight and Blefling only of one poor Species. That after all the red of their Obfervations they fhould find this whole immenfe Work was adapted for. -. and then reflecting that light again upon and tor the Ufe of one another . on his necefTarily end an4 whenever d. the certainty of their Revolutions. call d Earth. that Moon call d the call Earth.

and that he became a living thing call d SOUL. of enjoying him. (determined to be a ftate of probation) he fhould be tranf- latcd thro the Regions of Death into a Life purely and truly Heavenly. and (landing . being a kind of an extraordinary heavenly and divine Emanation 3 and confequently that Man. in his Pretence. but that he had breath d into him the Breath of Life. him 5 was capable not only of know and contemplating God. and which fhould remain fo for ever 5 being capable of knowing and enjoying God his Maker. and poiTefs d of a certain thing till then unknown and unheard of even in Hell it felf . was yet. this .gt. That he had the moll fublime Faculties infufed into . in the Habitation of Devils. let that be where it would. tho mix d with.9z The HI ST O R Y this He found Creature. as the glorified Angels do. Heaven-born. a kind of a Seraphic Species j that he in the very Image of God.) That GOD had made him indeed of the loweft and coarfeft Materials. (viz. And which was flill more. ed with reafonable Faculties to know Good and Evil. as above . that is. and confin d for the prefent in a Cafe of mortal Flefli j he was intended to be removed from &amp. that being of an Angelic Nature. in his fpirituous Part compleatly Seraphic j and after a Space of Life here. Appea was made rance. and which was ing ilill more. however mean and Terre final his Body might be. call d in his was however mean and fmall Man. but (which the Devil now was not) capable of honouring and glorifying his Maker who nlfo had condeicended to accept of Ho nour from him. endow .

of the







Earth after a certain time of Life here, to inhabit that Heaven, and enjoy that very Glory and Felicity, from which Satan and his
Angels had been expell d.

all this, it prefently occur d had done it all as an aft of Triumph over him (Satan,) and that thefe Crea tures were only created to people Heaven, depo pulated or ftript of its inhabitants by his Expulfion, and that thefe were all to be made Angels in the Devil s ftead. If this thought encreas d his Fury and Envy, as far jas Rage of Devils can be capable of being


he found

to him, that


give a

by fearching into the Nature and Conftitution of this Crea and to find out whether he ture, calPd Man

it doubtlefs fet him greater Vent to that Rage and Envy,

on work to


invulnerable, and could

by no means be hurt




or deluded by his Subor whether he might be begun" d and delu

Power of

ded, and fo, inftead of being prelerv d in Holinefs and Purity, wherein he was certainly crea ted, be brought to fall and rebell as he (Satan)

had done before him


by which, inftead of be

ing tranfplanted into a glorious State, after this Life in Heaven, as his Maker had defign d him to be, to fill up the Angelic Choir, and fupply the Place from whence he (Satan) had fallen, he might be made to fall alfo like him, and in a

Word, be made

a Devil like himfelf. This convinces us that the Devil has not loft his natural Powers by his Fall; and our learned Commentator Mr. Pool is of the fame Opinion j


Power, or
xix. 17.

he grants that the Devil has loft his moral his Power of doing Good, which he can never recover. Tide Mr. Pool upon Afts


we may




the Man poflefs d with an evil Spirit flew upon the feven Sons of Swua the Jew^ who would have Exorcis d them in the Name of Jeftts, without the Authority of Jefus 9 or without Faith in him He flew on them and mafter d them, fo that they fled out of the Houfe from the Devil conquered, naked and wounded But of this Power of the Devil I fhall fpeak bv

94 when







it felf.

the Devil s Story Hands thus For fa many Years as were between his Fall and the Cre ation of Man, tho we have no Memoirs of his par ticular Affairs, we have Reafon to believe he was without any Manner of Employment j but a cer tain tormenting Endeavour to be always expreffing his Rage and Enmity again ft Heaven 3 1 call it tormenting, Becaufe ever difappointed $ every thought about it proving empty j every attempt towards it abortive j Leaving him only Light enough to lee ftill more and more Reafon to defpair of Succefs j and that this made his Condi tion ftill more and more a Hell than it was be

In a

Word, and

fum up


his firft Expulfion, it



After a Space of Duration in this Mifery, which have no light given us to meafure or judge of, He at length difcover d the new Creation of Man, as above, upon which he foon found Mat ter to fet himielf to work upon, and has been bufily em ploy d ever fincc. And now indeed there may be room to fuggeft a Local /&//, and the Confinement of Souls (made corrupt and degenerate by him) to it, as a Place tho he himfelf, as is ftill apparent by his of this Hell, Aftings, is not yet confin d to it its Locality, Extent, Dimenfions, Continuance and Nature, as it docs not belong to Satan s Hiftory, I have a good excufe for faying nothing,





of the


$* put off my meddling with that, which if I would meddle with, I could fay nothing of to the Purpofe.

Of the


"Power of the Devil at the Time of the Creation of this World ; whether it has not been farther ftraitn d and limited Jince that Time, and what Shifts and Stra tagems he is obliged to make ufe of to com-

Mankind. pafs his ^Dejigns ufon

Men have fabled, and tho it be without either Religion, Authority or phyCUnning fical Foundation, it may be we may like it ne er the worfefor that} that when God made the Stars and all the Heavenly Luminaries, the Devil, to mimick his Maker and infult his new Creation, made Comets, in Imitation of the fix d Stars ; but that the Compofition of them being combuftible,

when they came



in the Abyfs, rol

ling by an irregular ill-grounded Motion, they took Fire, in their Approach tofome of thofe great Bodies of Flame, the fix d Stars and being thus kindled (like a Fire-work unskilfully let off) they then took wild and excentrick, as alfo different Motions of their own, out of Satan s Dire&ion, and beyond his Power to regulate ever after. Let this Thought itand by it felf5 it matters not to our purpofe whether we believe any thing of tis it, or no 5 enough to our Cafe, that if Satan had any fuch Power then, he has no fuch Power now, and that leads me to enquire into his more

recent Limitations,






to fuppofe, he and all his Accomplices confounded at the Difcovery of the new being Creation, and racking their Wits to find out the meaning of it, had at lafl (no matter how) difco^ ver d the whole Syftem, and concluded, as I have caWd Man, was to be faid, that the Creature, their SuccefTor in the Heavenly Manfions j upon which I fuggeft that the firft Motion of Hell was


to deftroy this

new Work,

and, if poffible, to

overwhelm it. But when they came to make the Attempt, they found their Chains were not long enough, and that they could not reach to the Extremes of the Syftem They had no Power either to break the Order, or ftop the Motion, diflocate the Parts, or confound the Situation of Things 5 they traverfed, no doubt, the whole Work, vifited every Star, landed upon every Solid, and fail d upon every Fluid in the whole Scheme, to fee what Mifchief they could do. Upon a long and full Survey, they came to this

Point in their Enquiry, that in fhort they could do nothing by Force 3 that they could not difplace any Part, annihilate any Atom, or deftroy any Life in the whole Creation ; but that as nipotence had created it, fo the fame Omnipotence had arm d it at all Points againft the utmoft Power of Hell, had made the fmalleft Creature in it invul nerable, as to Satan ; fo that without the Permiffion of the fame Power which had made Heaven, and conquered the Devil, he could do nothing at all, as to deftroying any thing that God had made, no, not the little diminutive thing call d Man, who Satan faw fo much reafon to hate, as being created to fucceed him in Happinefs in Heaven. Satan found him placed out of his Power to hurt, or out of his Reach to touch 5 and here, by the way, appears the fecond Conqueft of Heaven over the Devil; that having pluc d his Rival, as ic



of the







were, juft before his Face, and fhew d the hate ful %ht to him, he faw written upon his Image, Touch him if you dare. *It cannot be doubted, bur, had it not been thus, Man is fo fir from being a Match for the J)evil9 that one of Satan s leaft Imps or Angels could deftroy all the Race of them in the World, ay World and all in a moment j As he is Prince of the Power of the Air, taking the Air for the Elementary World , how eafily could he, atoneBlaft, fweep all the Surface of the Earth
into the Sea, or drive weighty


immenfe Surges of Ocean over the whole Plane of the Earth, and deluge the Globe at once with a Storm ? Or how eafily could he, who, by the Situation of the Em pire, mull be fuppofed able to manage the Clouds, draw them up, in fuch Pofition as fhould natu

produce Thunders and Lightnings, caufethofe Lightnings to blaft the Earth, dafli in Pieces all the Buildings, burn all the populous Towns and Ci ties, and lay wait the World 5 At the fame time he might command fuited Quantities of fublimated Air to burft out of the Bowels of the Earth, and overwhelm and fwailow
up, in the opening Chafms, all the Inhabitants %L of the Globe? In a Word, Satan left to himfelf as a Devil, and to the Power, which by virtue of his Sera phic Original he mult be veiled with, was able to have made Devilifli Work in the World, if by a fuperior Power he was not reftrain d. But there is no doubt, at haft to we, but that with his fall from Heaven, as he loft the Recti tude and Glory of his Angelic Nature, 1 mean his Innocence, fo he loft the Power too that he had before y and that when he fir ft commenced Devil, he received the Chains of Reftraint too, as the Badge of his Apoftacy, viz. a general Pro-






hibition, to do any thing to the this Creation, or to aft any thing


by Force or

Violence without

fpecial Permiffion.

This Prohibition was not fent him by a Mefor proclaimed fenger, or by an Order in Writing, from Heaven by a Law ; but Satan^ by a ftrange,

and unaccountable Imprefiion felt the Reftraint within him ; and at the fame time that his moral Capacity was not taken away, yet his Power of exerting that Capacity felt the Rcftraint, and left him unable to do, even what he was able to do at the fame time. I make no queftion, but the Devil is fenfiblc of this Reilraintj that is to fay, not as it is a reftraint only, or as an effeft of his Expulfion from Hea ven ; But as it prevents his Capital Defign againft Man, who, for the Reafon I have given already, he entertains a mortal Hatred of, and would deftroy with all his Heart, if he might ; and therefore, like a chain d MaflifF, we find him oftentimes


a horrid hellifli Clamour and Noife, bark ing and howling, and frighting the People, letting them know, that if he was loofe he would tear them in pieces ; but at the fame time his very Fury {hakes
his Chain,



them know,

to their Satis

faction, he can only Bark, but cannot Bite. Some are of Opinion that the Devil is not reftrain d fo much by the fuperior Power of his So and Maker; but that all his milder Meavereign fures with Man are the effeft of a political Scheme, and done upon mature Deliberation ; that it was refolved to aft thus, in the 1 great Council or P of Devils, call d upon this very Occafion, when they firft were informed of the Creation of Man; and efpecially when they confidered what kind of Creature he was, and what might probably be the Reafon of making him, (viz.) to fill up the Vacancies in Heavens I fay, that then the Devils 4

of the



was not for their InteDevils refolv d, that reft to fall upon him with Fury and Rage, and
fo deftroy the Species, for that this would be no Benefit at all to them, and would only caufe ano

ther original


5 for that they fame Omnipotence, form as many new Species of Creatures as he pleafed 5 and, if he thought fit, create them in Heaven too, out of the Reach of Devils or evil Spirits, and that therefore, to deftroy Man would no way anfwer their End.


to be created


could, by the


the other

hand, examining



Mould of

new made

Creature, and of


Materials he was form d how mixt up of a Nature convertible and pervertible, capable indeed of infinite Excellence, and confequently of eternal but fubjecl: likewife to Corruption and Felicity

Degeneracy, and confequently to eternal Miferyj That inftead of being fit to fupply the Places of Satan and hisrejefted Tribe (the expelPd Angels) in Heaven, and filling up the Thrones or Stalls in the Geleftial Choir, they might, if they could but be brought into Crime, become a Race of Re bels and Traytors like the reft and fo come at laft to keep them Company, as well in the Place of eternal Mifery, as in the Merit of it, and in a Word, become Devils inftead of Angels. Upon this Difcovery, I fay, they found it infi nitely more for the Intereft of Satan s infernal Kingdom, to go another way to work with Man kind, and fee if it were poffiWe, by the ftrength of all their infernal Wit and Counfels, to lay fome Snare for him, and by fome Stratagem to bring him to eternal Ruin and Milery. This being then approved as their only Method, (and the D*w7ihew d he was no Fool in the Choice) he next refolv d that there was no time to be loft 9 that it was to be fet about immediately 3 before the 4 Race



Race was



Multiplied, and by that means the be not made greater only, but perhaps the more difficult too ; accordingly the diligent Devil went inftantly about it, agreeably to all the Story of Eve and the ferpent, as before the belief of which, whether historically or allegorically, is not at all obftru&ed by this Hypothecs. I do not affirm that this was the Cafe at n*rn% becaufe being not prefent in that black Di-van^ at lead not that I know of, for who knows where be was or was not in his pre-exiftent State ? I can not be pofitive in the Refolve that pail there j but except for fome very little Contradiction,



find in the facred Writings, I fhouLd, I confefs, incline to believe it Hiftorically j and I fhall fpeak of thofe things which I call Contra dictions to it more largely hereafter. In the mean time, be it one way or other, that either that Satan had no Power to have is to proceeded with Man by Violence, and to have deuroy d him as foon as he was made or that he had the Power, but chofe rather to proceed by other Methods to deceive and debauch himj / fay^ be it which you pleafe, I am ilill of the Opi nion that it really was not the Devil s Bufinefs to deftroy the Species 5 that it would have been nothing to the purpofe, and no Advantage at all to him, if he had done it j for that, as above, GOD could immediately have created another Spe cies to the fame end, whom he either could have

which we




invulnerable, and not fubject to the Devil s

Power, or remov d him out of Satan s Reach, plac d him out of the Devil s Ken, in Heaven or fome other Place, where the Devil could not come to hurt him ; and that therefore it is infi nitely more his Advantage, and more fuited to his real Defign of defeating the End of Man s Cre ation, to debauch hint and make a Devil of him,

to carry off the firft. to be a beggar and a Vagabond. and pleading that if his Eftate was taken away. Eftate. Power now tis God gave up Job s Wealth and that is in thy &amp. to let his Maker fee what would become of his Servant Job contrary. 6. f. -& and ask d him if he bad confider d bis Servant Job. and fee we curfe God to his Face.of the that he DEVIL. nay his Family. and carry them off} he mov d the Chaldeans to fall upon the Camels and the Servants. and he was exposed as he (Satan) was.-has sternum. from the Story of Satan and Job^ when Satan appeared among the Sons of GOD. he fhould be a very Devil too. that Godanfwered ir. true. the Text fays. why did not the Devil . Job i. when God gave fuch a Character of Job to him. H 3 Now . he mov d the Sabeans to fall upon the Oxen and the and kill them all and he blow d his Houfe down upon his poor Children. f 10. he deftroy d them all . and the Lives of his Chil dren and Servants into the Devils Power and 5 accordingly.go immedi ately and exert his Malice againft the good : may be Now Man at once. 1 1 Behold all that he hath plain here. like himfelf. 101 the infernal may be rejefted like himfelf. like a true mercilefs Devil. going to and fro in the Earth. 8. that Satan not the Power of Definition put into his Hand. Upon this. as the Text fays. as he is. and walking up and down therein. in his Diftrefs? On the he only anfwers by ihewing the Reafon of Job s good Behaviour j that it was but common Gratitude for the Bleffing and Prote&ion he enjoy d. and that he cannot take away the Life of a Man and it feems probable to be fo. . and increafe Kingdom and Company in the Lake In of Mifery It . and murther the laft 5 he made Lightning flafh upon the poor Sheep. for ought I know. and buried them all in the Ruins.

which indeed Authors are pretty well agreed in the Truth a Specimen of Satan s good Will to Mankind. &amp. Opinion - y for if we I fliould believe the la ft. the Svjine^ till he had ask d leave and that ftill. he hurried them all into the Sea and choak d them thefe. if we might believe all the Accounts. 31. as foon as he had gotten leave. that he cannot go a Foot beyond his rica^ I confefs it of Satan would go a great way in favour Generofity. namely. by virtue of his Domini on over the Elements. be brought. if he might-. which he cannot exceed. where his Dominion feems to be eftablifh d j how he ufes them when they s deny him the Homage he claims of them as his Due 3 what Havock and Combuftion he makes among . and what Havock the Devil would make in the World. for know. upon the whole. Matth. where fo much as poflcfs the filthieft and meaneft of all Creatures. the Devil is not reftrain d in Power $ but on the other fide. fo that I cannot but be of the Opi without nion he has fome Limitations. fame kind of Evidence we have in the Satan could not Gofpel. in a Word. viii. and here not do this is a Teftimony too. are fome of the Rcafons why I am not willing to fay. and by other Teftimonies of his Power. that he could leave . we might. like the ought American Indians^ to worfhip him at that he do us no Harm.102 The HISTORY Now here is (i . may And now I have nam d thofe People in Amelaft&amp. the firft is the fafeft The &amp. of the Mifchicfs the Devil does in thofe Countries. or. I fome Bounds fet to his natural Fury j a certain Number of Links in his Chain. we are told of fo many mifchievous things the Devil has done in the World. as well as in Teftimony of his Power. that I don t know what to think of it 5 tho . to fliew his good Will.

and that we are told is the Reafon why the fame Method fo flrangely takes with all her Pofterity (viz.//. that any of his Agents may en ter after him without any more Difficulty: Hence the fame Argument. but from him that made the Devi/^ and made him a Devil or fallen Angel by his Curie.) that you are fore to prevail with them. and having once found a way into the Heart. as I have faid before. But to go back to the Method the Devil took with the fir ft of Mankind 3 tis plain the Policy of Hell was right. to make it fruitful. by p railing her Beauty. that they rarely deny you any thing. if you can but once perfuade them that you believe they are Witty and Handfome 3 for the Devil.ofthe among them by Likewife 3 DEVIL. you may obfervc. tho the Execution of the Refolves they took did not fully anfwer their End neither 3 For Satan fattening upon poor. made prefently a true Judgment of her Capacities. theZVi. Rains. and foothing her Vanity (which is to this Day the fofteft Place in the Head of all the Sex) wheedl d her out of her Senfes. The foolifh Woman yielded prefently. has fo bewitching an Influence on the Sex. ri diculous Mother Eve. always takes care to keep the Door open. never quits any Hold he gets. and came not from him. proud. was from Him 5 whereas they really were the common Bleflmgs of a higher Hand. and of her Temper 3 took her by the right Handle. when Management he was more immediately worfhip d by them . fee a we in his namely. after they are but weak H 4 enough . how Beneficent he is 103 (or at and lead negative in his Mifchiefs) their hellith Sacrifices. him when they Appeafe Teft of his wicked Subtilty of thofe dark Nations. and kind Influences upon the Earth. Dews. and promiiing to make her a Goddefs. efpecially the lair. the making them believe that all their good Weather.

when there then was no profpect of the ufe or want of thofe Charms ? that indeed makes a kind of Difficulty here. however they came there. fuch Ideas in her Soul. z. nor could fhe make as GOD had threatn d but why the Pride of Eve fnould be fo eafily tickled by the Motion of her exquifite Beauty. and fo having corrupted her felf. was by creeping dole to her one Night . which the Icarn d have not determined. namely. no body fear If fhe had been as Ugly as the Devil. that fhe fhould break in upon the Command of GOD. &amp. If fhe had been Bright and Beautiful as an Angel. fhe had to rival her. any ufe of it either to a bad purpofeor to a good. and therefore I believe the Devi^ who is too cunning . \vhen fhe was afleep. Eve had no fuch Occafion for her Beauty. which her Fancy a Tip-toe. For. or afraid fhe fhould cuckold him 5 fo that in fhort. on the other hand you are fure they never forgive you the unpardonable Crime of faying they are Ugly or Difagreeable It is : firfl: Method the Devil took to fuggefled that the inunuate all thofe fine things into Eve s giddy Head. and laying his Mouth to her Ear^ whilpcring he knew would the fine things to her. It was evident what the Devil zim d at. I .104 The H I ST O R Y enough and vain enough to accept of the Praifcs you offeAhem on that Head.Miflrefs. fhe would never be quiet till fhe had work d them up to fome extraordinary thing or other. bring the Curfe upon her felf and all her and fo made her receive them involuntarily into her Mind knowing well enough that when fhe had form d all fet &amp. flie had no other Admirer but poor and he could have no room to be jea lous of her. fo that fhe need not Adam fhould leave her and ^et another &quot.

to the wheedling her out of her Modefty. and in the other. when Satan fir ft made the Attempt upon Eve. rather tempted her by the Hope encreafing her No of Wit. as to be fure {he never had entertain d before . un lawful Defires fuch. s But to come back to the Method of Satan tempting her. viz. and fuggeiled to her waking Soul. {he will certainly Dream of the Thing you fay to her. and Whifper to her clofe to her Ear. and fo will a Man too. yet I can aflure him the am Experiment has been tried upon many a Woman fince. be this fo to her Race or not.of the D JE V I L. and to be made a Goddefs. or have brought his Bufinels about fo foon 5 the Devil himfelf could not have imagined {he {hould have been fo foon brought to . for {he wak d with her Head fill d with pleafing Ideas. the Devil {hould come into her. as well as her Simplicity j and the Cunning Men tell us ftill. Thefe are fuppofed to be fatally infufed in her Dream. when the Organ Ear which convey d them was doz d and infenfible. it was it feems fo to her. and by alter that means he certainly fet her Head a madding that in one a PFoman {hould go out of him. that s the Truth of it. behowever the Devil may have been the firft caufe. the more particular upon this Part. Certainly. and as fome will have it. that ever practifed it. in Paradife ! that whereas we have Notice but of two Sleeps there. than her Beauty. 105 cunning to do any thing that fignifies thing. and then it back d I by the fubtle talk he had with her af whifpering to her in her ileep j twas a cunning Trick. he did not think he fhould have fo ealily conquered her. flrange Fate of fleeping &amp. that if you can come at a Woman when fheis in a deep fleep. Well.

4 c Firft Hark how the Fool pleads faint. and to be fenfible both of Sin and Shame j and fee how (imply they a6ted. Crime. 3 &amp.Leaf Veils. that {he fhould Command all. accufing her would excufe him But . * To hide c ! their Bodies from the fight of Beails. c Could rob him of the Reafon c A weak Pretence As if to {hift his early Crime. And mark how wife they were his fay. even all the Knowledge for ought I fee. and then his Wife The Woman which thoii gatfft) as if little the Gift left. even Eaten. as to believe it was for fear of her being like himfclf. c c His Image both enjoy d and underftood. to one another 5 nay. . and being detected in c c it. know that they were Fools. Among the Buflies from the Infinite^ (Sight c c As if that Power was blind^ which gave them J With fenfelefs Labour Tagging Fig. it him. who was bid it afpirc fo ignorant when he was over-perfuaded (if it were doneby Perfuafion) by after they had and what Fools they both acted like. and have ventured had told her. and made her forget that GOD to her to touch it j and above fhould be Death to be as wife as tho Adam {he be faid to be the weaker Veihimfelf had little enough to fay for his being the ftronger of the two. ^ 5 &amp. I upon their having committed the Wife to do the fame thing. to tranfgrcfs againil gave it. Well might fel. only to they attam d toby it was. View them to Day converfing with their God.io6 to forget the The HIS TORY or at leaft who given. fo Morrow skulking with a fordid Flight. that he had for her. for forfeit Life* he reproaches Heaven.

and cover themfelves among the Bufhes from their Maker) but thus it was. feparately and fingly to feduce them 5 whereas fome whole Nations have been fuch willing fubjects to him.of the * DEVIL. 4 And intercepts the Heavenly Influence. and all the Clan of Hell. as having fo egreabufed and deluded them both. and well might he. but juil the contrary j for he had Agents enough to employ. began the Devil s newKingdom $ as he had now feduc d the two firft Creatures. Debauches Reafon. 107 But thus encroaching Crime dethrones the Senfe. and therefore prepared to attack them alfo. which generacy. where fome will have d the firil Inhabitants. for ought we know^ have been enough to guide a whole Country \ the People being en in. that he convey if . them Man after the Blow was tirely fubje&ed to his Government for many Ages 5 as in America^ for example. as Mr. as foon as they came on 5 nor was their encreafing Multitude any Difcouragcment to his At tempt. at leaft it. makes the Man a Fool. coming. he was pretty fure of Succefs upon all the Race. that one of his Seraphic Imps may. poor to hide their Nakednels when there was no body to fee them. and this the Devil had brought them to. Mil : If that a was made but their being Appearance in made its as fidl ton brings laugh and triumph over the given. Adam and Eve both fell into upon the fir 11 com mitting the Offence of taking the forbidden It muftbe confefs d Fruit it Gods. if every Man and Woman that fhould be born was to want a Devil to wait upon them. that it was unaccountable De even of their common Reafoning. to be fure. 4 And turns his aftive Light to Ridicule. gioufly But here.

this we are certain of. and in moft Places much more. that World. that we knew nothing of them for many hundred Years $ and when we did. none ever came back to give their Friends any account of their Succefs 5 or invite them to follow? Nor did they hear of one another afterwards. when the Difcovery was made. and no body ever go after them. or both. they that went from Hence found Satan in* faH and quiet PoiTeflion of them. from whence America mull certainly have been peopl d. or elfe the Devil muft have done it indeed them. that People did at firft reach from one to the other. or come back from them in above three thoufand years after. of how they got And how came all entirely cut off the Communication to be fo between the Nations of Europe and Africa. Nay. fhould be peopled from Europe or Africa.io8 if he did The HI S not. but that they mud have been Parts of the ilarved to death before they could reach the Shore o America. left News from Heaven fhould reach them. nay a Quarter of the will have it be. fo entirely cut off between how Communication to We Account of it. ruling . whenever if was. let the Devi? and they alone to account for their coming Thither. no Ships made that could Provifions enough to fupport the carry People that fail d in them. the Ferry from Europe or Africa. and fo they fhould be recover d out of his Govern ment ? cannot tell how to give any other rational be ? I came the fay. we don thither. T O RY t well know who did. half the Globe. But as to the Americans. or as fome a Nation. in any Part ( which we have known Navigation to be pradbifed in) being at leaft 1000 Miles. as we have Reafon to think: Did Satan politically keep them thusafunder. that except the time. when there was that thofe Countries fhould be peopled no Navigation in ufe in thefe World.

making a Feu de Joye for the Viftory Satan obtain d over one indeed it was a Piece of Succefs filly Woman &amp. that he has in fome Senie carried his Point. for it was all of Religion that was to be found among them) worfhipping horrible Idols in his Name. with out Offence. himfelf . and fending them all out of the World at once for now he has peopled his own Dominions with Government.of the ruling them with an cular to himfelf y - D EVIL. brings in the Devil and all Hell with him. greater in Confequence than in the immediate Appearance nor was the Conqueft fo compleat as Satan himfelf imagin d to make. and bringing them to break with their Maker as he had done before them. I might call it Devotion. It is evident that Satan has made a much better Market of Mankind. Milton. fince the Promife of a Redemption out of his Hands. Mr. nay. by thus fubtilly attacking them. to whom he directed human Sacrifices continually to be made. yet this may be faid of the Devil. and as it were forc d his Maker to be fatisfied with a Part of Mankind. who he knew would hurry them all out of the World as faft as he (the Devil) himfelf could defire of them. and the lead Part too. which was immediately made to the in behalf of its 5 Man. than he could have done by fulminating upon them at firlr. as I have noted and tho a Remnant are fnatch d as it were out of his Clutches. till he deluged the Country with Blood. from the Invalion of the Spaniards. 109 parti He had led them into a blind Sub- arbitrary jedion to himfelf. inftead of the great Glory he would have brought to himfelf by keeping them all in his &amp. But to go back a little to the Original of Things. Service. and ripen d them up for the Deftru&ion that follow d. by the Agency of Invinci ble Grace. of which I am not to difcourfe in this Place .

gt. but as if they had refolved to Satan went on with his was a great and as it were fnatch d Difappointment to Satan. a Blaft upon the Race of Mankind . This glorious Eftabliihment has robb d Satan of all the Joy of his Victory. to this Day. It is certain the Devils knew what the mean and who was to be the ing of that Promife was. which Satan s Defe6tion and what was before filPd up with crea left open ted Seraphs. is now to be reftor d by recovered Saints. are ftill to fupply &amp. and the Defcent or Propagation of the corrupt Seed. ihall recover back again from irrefiftible him. the incarnate Son of God) and that it was a fecond Blow to the whole infernal let that &amp. and left him juft where he was. in this Part has been fuch. and thereby fecured the Contamination of Blood. by the Power of Grace 5 which ele&ed. which his Maker has refolv d he fhall not be able to corrupt. Number thus feleftedor which we will. call it the Vacancies in Heaven.he had ruin ed the whole Family. Victory upon the Kind. I fay. the fending the promised Seed His Succefs &amp. . were it not for one The HISTORY himfelf and his believing and were it not for one thing. defeated and difappointed nor does &amp. to carry on its own Rebellion. a felected Company or Number. or if he does. and act it felf in the Breads of Eve s tainted Pofterity and that in deed has been the Devil s Bufinefs ever iince his Body 3 &amp. by whom infinite Glory is to accrue to the Kingdom of the Seed of the Woman^ namely. he had nothing to do but to affift Nature in time to come. call it what you will. namely. the beft Part of his Victory out of his Hands. firft *&quot. that fee upon innumerable Occafions a general Dejye etion has followed a kind of a Taint upon Na ture. and as he had introduc d Crime into the nefs common Parent of

CHAP. (hould make up the Defection of the Hod of Hell. But in the midft of his Conqueft. tho lefs folemn. notwithftanding the Fall. that he had gotten a better Conqueft than if he had deftroy d them all. compared the whole Race. and then by her Afliftance had brought Adam too (like a Fool as he was) into the fame Gulph of Mifery. .of the DEVIL. he found a Check put to the Advantages he expected to reap from his Victory. of Peopling Heaven with a new Angelic Race of Souls. Hand?. Progrefs of Satan in carrying on his Conqueft over Mankind. and that he had put an End to the grand Defign of their Creation $ namely. the PolTeilion of all thefe makes no amends to him. from the Fall of to the is M &amp. in does the Pofleffion of all the Myriads of the Sons of Perdition. eats out all the Satisifchief he has done in feducing all fa&ion of the the reft but / mujl not preachy fo I return to things as much needful to know. who yet fome are of the Opinion will be fnatch d from him too at laftj I fay. he thought he had done his Work. who when glorify d. were to be purchafed by the MeJJiah^ and fnatch d out of his (Satan s) Doubt I plainly. if the Devil was ask d the Queftion he would confefs. that after he had conquer d Eve by his own wicked Contrivance. that they were now his own. Of the Eve IX. that the Envy at thofe he cannot feduce. by the immediate Promifo of Grace to a Part of the Pofterity of ddam^ who. that had been expung d by their Crime j in a Word. for he fuch a Devil in his Nature.

and that fuch. as indeed fully dif ap pointed him in the main thing he aim d at. that he was capable of and that Eve likewife afllfted to both in her Place and Degree. the World may be faid to be upheld and continued for the Sake of thofe few. (viz. and the &amp. would have amounted to in all?) And thus. and gave them all the neccflary Advantages of a Religious Education. That he brought up his Children very foberly.The HI ST O R Y Hands. had they not fallen. or but for them it would not have flood. he led a very religious and fober Life ever after and efpecially in the firit Part of his Time. indeed. fince till their Number can be compleated. that without them. any more than. and over whom he could make no final Conqueft 3 fo that his Power met with a new Limitation. and the Man with her: The next Thing was to go to work with her Pofterity. The one Heir apparent to the Patriarchal Empire. and not having enquir d of Satan what he has to fay on that Sublet us go back to the Antediluvian World &quot. not with ftand ing his Fall. 4 other .jecl:. which were thus fecur dj (And what if the Numbers of Mankind were upon this account cncreated in fuch a manner. that the fele6ted Number iliould. Their two elded Sons Cain and Abel-. by Length of Time. The Devil to be furc. and particularly with her two Sons Cain and dbelAdam having. amount to juffc as many as the whole Race. the Creation cannot fall. gain d his Point upon Eve^ and in her upon all her Race He drew her into Sin j got her turned out of Paradife. Charity bids us fuppofe that &amp.) preventing the Beatitudes of Mankind. repent ed very fincerely of his Sinj receiv d the Promife of Redemption and Pardon. with an humble but : : believing Heart a good Introduction into the World. But leaving this Speculation.

or per their &amp. who attack d their Father. or mifs d any Ad vantages that the Circum fiances of Mankind of fered him to do Mifchief. I fuppofealfo. How it was. as Monarchs I your . L. 113 other Heir prefumptive. for he. I perceive your Majefty (for the all firft Race were certainly great as to their immediate Poflerity) to be greatly Kings. haps Grandfather. and a Recognition of Obedience 5 ib thereceiv d Ufage of Religi on dictating at that Time that this Homage was to be paid by a Sacrifice. and for what Reafon that God had refpect to the Offering of Abel^ which the Learn d fay. your Countenance is chang d. difturb d of late.oftheVEVl &amp. as an Acknow ledgment of his Mercies. they either of them brought a Free-will-offering to be dedicated to God refpectively for themfelves and Families. the Offerings being equal ly fuited to the refpective Employment of the Men. What Shape or Appearance the Devil took up to enter into a Converfation with Cam upon the Subject. and did not give any Teflimony of the like Refpect to Cain and his Offering. and raifed Envy and Jealoufy in the Mind of Cain 5 and at that Door the Devil immediately entred&amp. Lamb of the Fir filings of the Flock. in the fol lowing manner. was very diligent in his never flip d any Opportunity. that Authors do not take upon them to determine but tis generally fuppofed he perfonated fome of Cain s Sons or Grandfons to begin the Difcourfe. lived very lober and religious Lives and as the Principles of natural Religion dictated a Homage and Subjecti on due to the Almighty Maker. who from the Beginning. which was of the fir ft Fruits of the Earth. or to that Purpofe. upon this Occaflon. that is not my prefent Bufinefsj but this we find made Heart-burnings. D. was Sir.

Doubtlefs he may. the Labour of our Journey is nothing when plac d in Competi tion with the Eafe of tis but a few your Mind Days travel loft. : &amp. yet I know not which way to look for we have heard that your great and you are not the Man you ufed to pleafe yourMajefty to com municate your Griefs to us your Children. and reftore your Delights. and reprefenting your Cafe to him. with a juft Scnfe of an obliged Parent j go then. the Lofs of which. as you fay. Do not fay fo. we will hear his Ad vice. but tho tis very heayy. Sir j there can be no Difeale fure on Earth but may be cur d on Earth if it be a mental Evil. and to offer your Afliftance I confefs. that if it be poflible. Cain. and my Bleffing be upon . no Cure can be found for it on Earth. my Mind is opprefs d and difpleafed .114 The HISTORY yournoble Chearfulnefs (the Glories of your Face) are ftrangely funk and gone. It is very kind. D. and in the End deftroy you. Cain. you. will be very hurtful to be&amp. The offer is filial. we would pro cure you Relief. you may be fuf for the Diftemper is above our Reach. is the Oracle to which all his Children fly for Direction in fuch Cafes as are out of the Reach of the or dinary understanding of Mankind j pleafe you to give leave. &amp. the firft Father of us all. we will take a Journey to him. Cain. and bring it to you with all Speed. Z). and I accept your affedionate Concern for me. my dear Children. who lives ftill on the great weftern Plains towards the Sea. and you will not be the worfe if we fail of the deflred Succefs. for the Eafe of your Mind. if thus you go on tofubjecl: yourfelf to too much Mejancholy. to {hew your Refpect thus to your true Progenitor. I know not whether he can reach my Cafe or no. and if not.

No. And what need your Majefty be concern d at that. But what does all that fignify to me. but alas ! DEVIL. in his favour is Life 5 what can all the World avail without the Smiles &amp. while he dai ly Favours and Countenances my younger Bro ther Abel) as if he refolv d to fet him up to rule over me? D. and next after his Sovereign Imperial Majetty Lord Adam^ Patriarch of the ! O Sir. that cannot be.refuany more with me. not the Favour of God be valued ! yes. and he does not appear to me as he ufed to do ? D. while a black Dejection and token of Difpleafure furrounds me every Day. you have the whole World to enjoy your felf in. God How and Countenance of him that made I it? z D. has not God blefs d are you not the fccond Sovereign of the you? Earth ? and does he not converfe with you Face to Face ? are not you the Oracle to all your. and. if it be fo? if he does not appear pleafed. and all your numerous and rifing Pofterity Adore and Honour you what need thofe remote Things be any difturbance to you ? ! Cain.of the upon you. growing Pofterity. yes. -do World ? fed to converfe rejected me. why do ! 115 can he blefs I blefs? whom God Z). Sir. Doubt- . But has not God the Government defcend to you by the divine Right of Birth and Blood ? Cain. when given? are not you Lord Adam s eldeft Son ? are you not the firftborn Glory of the Creation ? and does not Cain. has not blefsM not fay and to ihine upon him. you cannot be difturb d at fuch a thing $ is not the Right of So vereignty yours by Primogeniture? can Godhimtis once felf take that away. while appears to favour and carets my youn ger Brother. my Children.

not. to govern and direct it. all the while he wasfacrificing. You are quite wrong there. we enjoy whatever our Hearts de fine. we hear of him in D. or you fuppofe that God is pleafed and fatisfied in that your Offerings are brought to me. you know. if you knew that God is that when that he docs not accept your Offerings ? J iacrific d to him in behalf of you all. and we bring our Of you for him. and when that s done. and the fweeted of the Oil. he that made the World and plac d you at the Head of it all. Sir. a Pledge of Favour. as you direct. and yet they know little of this great GOD ? He feldom converfes among us. and cheating light ambient Flames play d hovering in the low er Air. Cain. D. an Offering fuited to the Giver of them all ? he reje&ed my Offerings.tho you were never to converfe with him all the while you live in t. has made it agreeable. But do you as all Children ferings to deed by your (age Advices. and it is able to give you a full Satisfaction and Enjoyment. delights in Cattle. and fo -doubtlefs may you in an abundant manner. and are they not compleatly happy. Cain. but if you pleafe. tho I brought a prince of the fined: of the Wheat. the ly Gift. your well as us rejoicing in the Plenty of all Things. * quite wrong. being choked and earlieft Fruits. for he. is wrong plic d then. my fee Children. as if attending his Sacrifice $ and when rea dy . But your Felicity what would you difpleafed ? fay. Yes. yes. if you pleafe to confider it well. and covers the Mountains with his Herds ? over him. how are you fore they were not accepted ? Cain.ti6 The HISTORY D. Sir. great Sir. did not my Brother Abel offer at the fame Time a Lamb of his Flock. Doubtlefs. But if you offered them. I am fure. a bright Emanation (hone and enlivening .

in that he and his Houfe are all Joy and Triumph. as if they had fome great Advantage over me. it. the Wood unapt to burn by the Moiiture which Fire I brought to kindle fell. requir d Cain. you are difcharg d of the Debt. for I rather take it. rather fmother d and choaked. I } Cain. in that their Offering was accepted when mine was not ? D. without confuming what was brought to be offer d up. who thus teftified his Acceptance whereas. what is it that my younger Brother Triumphs in ? and how am I infulted. than kindled into a Flames in a Word.of the dy DEVIL. Does he Triumph over your Majefty. that the prefentj but then. 117 defcended and burnt up prepared. and then it being call d for. hung dripping upon the humble Altar I had raifed. I ? That may indeed be the Cafe. and wetting the fineft and choicefl Things I had prepar d. no Queftion. Let not our truly reverenced Lord and Father be difquieted at all this j if he accepts not what you bring. nor do think of attempting any more to bring an Offer I am forbidden for ing. and he ought to be expell d the Society of Man kind. is a horrid Rebellion and Treafon. I . and difbilling Vapour. will be accepted 9 or elfe why fhould it be bourd &amp. &amp. it went quite out. fpoil d and defac d them . fcarce receiv d the and even then. and we will go and pull him and all his Generation in over you who are his pieces i for to triumph elder Brother. over my Head a black Cloud. immediately the our Lord and Sovereign ? give us but your Order. nor have the Trouble of fuch la- when Collections of Rarities any more he thinks fit to require it again. pou will have Notice. mifly. a fweet odoriferous Savour afcending to him. and need bring no more .

go then. a juft D. iny dear Children and faithful Subjects. and receiving a Bleffing on his Sacri^ frees. and give Account of the State of our Affairs. Here thecurfed Race being fully given to the Direction of the Evil-Spirit. infults you upon the fancied Opinion of having a larger Share in the Divine Favour. before I take up Arms againftmy Bro ther 5 befides.118 The HISTORY &amp. on Pretence of the fame Favour being de nied you. I am content. by the Affiftance of thy numerous IlTue. all devoted to thy Intercft and Felicity. Cain. Adam.Right to aft . tho I accept your Offer of Duty and Service. {hall foon return with the agreeable anfwcrj let not our Lord and Father continue fad and deje&ed. My Bleffing be with you in your Way. his it is not in my D. Cain. and give you a favourable Reception at the vcneTent of our univerfal Lord and Father. and doubt not to obtain his Licence too. to empower you to do upon your younger Brother j and Commiflion your felf Juftice who is being your Vaflal. being yet alive. as he junior in Birth. which fo early poflcfs d them. to bring about the Advice which they had already given their Father Cain a touch of and to pretend that Adam being juftly provok d at the undutiful Behaviour of Abelj had gr*i Cain a CommiiHon to chaftife him and by 3 Force 3. and fwelling with Rage at the innocent Mel and his whole Family. our Sovereign Father and patri archal Note. but depend upon a fpeedy Re lief. they refolved upon forming a moil wicked and detef^ table lie. I think fo too. or at lead inferior. yet I will confider very well. t. Cain. We are offenfively without Command. tition to ready therefore to carry your Pe him. indeed however. We up .

near the Banks of the now Red-Sea. Men. fuch as were fufficient to make Cain believe they had been at the fpacithe fame which ous Plains. or the Plains of Mecca in Arabia Foslix. nager of all our wayward PalTions. 119 Force to cut him off and all his D. that Cain having received a thefe wicked Hint from Subjects. as if juft arriv d with the Return of his Meflage from Adam. fan d the Fire of Envy and Jealoufy with his utmoft Skill all the while his other Agents were abfent . Cain. as guilty of Rebellion and Pride. Patriarchal Lord ! we come with Joy to render thee an Account of the Succefs of our MefTage. Note here alfo. they came back to their Father Caln^ after flaying a few Days. Hail Sovereign. Have you then feen the venerable Tents where dwell the Heaven-born. approach their Father with an Air of folemn but chearful Satiffa&ion at the Succefs of their EmbafTy. as before. the Angelic Pair. his Children and intimating that Abel had bro in his Behavi our towards him. while Things flood thus with Cain^ Satan brings in his wicked Inftruments. at whofe Court they had been for Orders 5 and thus they. as it foon afterwards did in a furious Flame of Wrath and Revenge. that is the De+ ken the Laws of Primogeniture vil afluming to fpeak by them. that it wanted nothing but Air to make it burn out. even to Blood and Deftruftion. (Cain) and that he might be that cunning Ma juftly puninYd for it. 14 to . Fill d with this mifchievous and bloody Refolution. Juft in the very critical Moment. where Adam dwelt &amp. Satan.ofthe DEVIL. are calPd the blefled Valleys. and by the Time they came back had blown it up in to fuch a Heat of Fury and Rage. Reverend.

and be no more the firilborn Son on Earth. affronting Primogeni ture and Laws of Pride unfufferable and Man. very Word? am I commiflion d then to pu- to thee to punifh. We did. what s tobedone? Cain. did he ufe the Word. and gives his ! God Am ! h-igh Command Cain. who with a jutlice God-like and peculiar to injur d Parents. What fpoke the Oracle? he s God to me. Abel s Pride refents. as they Punifhment. We did. and Mother of Mankind did. and blefs d us all. but his rebel alike are join d in Race. impofes by his I to be crufh d. We did. a humble Homage for me pay. Forbid it Heaven as jtfdam too forbids. hut bow and kneel to him ? D. and due Affifi- snce and Direction crave ? D. Injuries impartially lay down. I to am ly differ bear the infulting Junior s Rage ? and meek what unjuflly he. a juft. Cain. Not Crime AM only. paid ? is whom all human D. and ought We humbly Cain. . hope with humbieft Signs of Duty you took it for me on your bending Knees ? D.1*0 to The always to be have. I my Soul ? and back their Bleffrng to thee filial bring. ? Did you in humble Language reprefent the Griefs and Anguifh which opprets D. and had our Share j the Patriarch lifting his Hands to Heaven exprefs d his Joy to fee his fpreading Cain. what juft Command d ye bring. HISTORY Reverence highly due. to the great Sir- D We Cain. Cain. Did you. my Race. together with my grand Requeft. alike in D. the To punifh? fay you. Did you my folemn MeiTage too deliver.

Upon this he fends out Cainj while the bloody Rage was in its Ferment. Look . juft in his Way. Rights of Sovereignty deriv d to thee from him j and not be left expos d to injury and Power ufurped. and now he brings in Cam prompted by his own Rage. and to preferve the Race in Bounds of Laws fubordinate and limited to Duty. and I commiflion d but to execute his high what tis m Com mand. that thou his elded Son.) Craft. he had drawn Adam to the luded the fame Snare. his Sentence. and deluded by his. And is is it then my Sovereign Parent V s Will? Will. and wickedly at the fame Time bringing Abel^ innocent and fearing no ill. he had de Mother to a Breach againft the firft and only Command. Race. And fo I will Abel &amp. (Satan s. an ag gravated Murther. falls by the Hand of Heavenly Juftice. he fuggefts to his Thoughts fuch Words as thefe. {hall quickly know to trample on his elder Brother j lhall know that he s thus fentenc d by his Father. to commit Murder. nay a Fratricide. Cain. Cain. with him j how did they all infult. Record ftand to future Times to encourage upon like Rebellion. his belov d. but fhould do thy felf Juilice on the rebel It his his D. This too the venerable Prince refents. which is God s. when they faw me from my Sacrifice deje&ed come. and that he So now Satan had done his Work. Commands that this leil the Precedent firft Breach be not pafs d by.the Merit Cain. as if of tke DEVIL: The Race indeed have fliar d 121 my Difappointment was their Joy ? D. and with a Shout of Triumph mock my Sorrow. fhould be maintained in all the

tis likewife as probable they were all murther d. there be ing no other Women then in the World . the Devil Brother ^^/.122 The HIS TORY Look you Cain^ fee how Divine Juftice con curs with your Father s righteous Sentence. that thou may fee ft do thy thou may felf Juftice ft kill upon him without Fear &amp.and after a little unarm d Refiftance. and fo the World have been involv d in a Civil War as foon as there were two Families in it. or thy Pofterity. Woman and Child. the innocent poor Man expecting no fuch Mifchief. but I anfwer. fo that no Refentment or Revenge thee. for were the only Men in the World who were allow d the Marrying their own Sifters. the exafperated Crew of Cairis outrageous Race. was fb much the lefs prepar d to avoid the Snare thus artfully contriv d by the Mafter of all Subfo he immediately runs upon his tilty. him. could poffibly be the Perfon. and as we never read of any of Abel s and Superior. by his former avow d Rage and Refolution of Revenge. Cain prepared for the Fact. or will the World it. as is to be fuppofed. as that they fhould kill Abel Cain* being at Man s by Eftatelong before their this. can be apprehended. had they feveral Children own Sifters. overrun all his Family and Houfhold. tis not likely but that Abel^ as well as &amp. his Brother. upon nor will any one fuggeft that thou. It is obje&ed here that we have no Authority in Scripture to prove this Part of the Story. killing Man. to conceal ever know it. whofe Sons might immediately fall upon Cain for the Blood of their Father. and if thou haft a Mind no Eyes can fee. fee there s thy Brother Abel directed by Heaven to fall into thy Hands unarm d. unguarded. But . was conquer d and murther d 5 after which. but it may be faid fome wild Bead had rent him.

when twas fo natural to a de generate Race to act in fuch a Manner? However it was. been a breeding young Lady. as may be faid. and by whatever Tool the Devil wrought. I have nothing to do with it here. could we come to a Certainty in it. then there is no Improba ly bility in the Story. and Cain was curft and driven out from the Prefence of the Lord. had been as it were extinct without a new Creation. two Sons were thus far loft. is and if was now. in that State of Longevity. for why might not he that made Ufe of the Serpent to tempt Eve^ be as well fuppofed to make a Tool of fome of Cain s Sons or Grandfons to prompt him in the wicked Attempt of murthering his Brother ? and why muft we be oblig d to bring in a Miracle or an Apparition into the Story. tis not doubted the Devil wrought with Cain in the horrid Murther. The Devil had now gain d his Point. really Childlefs..of the DEVIL. had not Adam and Eve been alive. what was the Mark that God fet upon Cain^ by which he was kept from being fallen upon by Abel s Friends or Relations? but as this does not belong to the Devil s Hiftory. 123 But be it fo or not. not the / s. the King dom of Grace. to make it probable that the Devil had any Hand in it. and it was God s Mark. and his Race blafted with for his Adam him. It would be a ufeful enquiry here. bare Children till they were feven or Dm eight . nor is the Latter unlike the Latter. namely. and had not Eve^ tho now 1 30 Years of and worthy our giving an Account of. and thus the Devil made a fecond Conqueft in God s Creation j for by Agents &amp. Abel was kill ed. poor Abel was butcher d. fo newly erected. or he had never done it 5 whether it was directly or not material. tis certain that this was the Confequence. for we muft fuppofe the Woman.

Seth^ the Father of Enos 9 and indeed the Father of the holy Race * for du ring his Time and his Son Enos 9 the Text fays that Men began to call on the Name of the Lord 5 that is to fay. for tho Abel was kill d Cain had a numerous Offspring prefently. But the Devil had met with too much Succefs in his firft Attempts. repented rcfolv the d to and clear the general Deftruc/ World of them. would foon have replenifh d the World with People. they began to look back wicked Race. and to go on in it with fuch aggra &amp. and he overwhelm them again with a tion. branded with a Mark of Infamy. and to lead a new fort of Life. as that it Lord that he had made Man. the Seed of a Murtherer. till in a Word he brought both the holy Seed and the Race to joyn in one univerfal Confent degenerate namely. . embroiPd already in Blood and Murther $ fo he pro ceeded with his degenerate Offspring. But after the Murther of Abel^ Adam had ano ther Son born. and bringing them off from God and therefore as he kept his Hold upon Cain s curfed Race. The Succeffion of Blood in the royal original Line of Adam^ is prefcrv d in the facred Hiflories and brought down as low as Noah and his three Sons. which had Setb 9 (Adam s third Son) never been born. and led their whole Pofterity into. and who afterwards fell all together in the univerfal Ruine of the Race by the Deluge. vating Circumflances. and being convinc d of the Wickednefs they had not to go on with his ge his and upon Cain neral Refolution of debauching the Minds of Men. they began to fue to Heaven for Pardon of what was paft.124 The HISTORY : eight hundred Year old This Teeming of Eve peopled not the World fo much as it reftored the blefled Race&amp. curfed of God. fuch as they were .

we might fuppofe it was forbidden by fome particular Command at that Time 5 feeing we may reafonably allow every to be forbidden. yet he might work up the Guft of wicked Incli nation on either Side. where they ought not to have been fo * and perhaps. came in unto the Daughters of Men. the Progeny of Seth. It is objected here. fo the Reafon given why the Men of thofe Days i did Men . that is. fo the Scripture calls the Men of the righteous Seed. and married it felf fo promifcuoufly with them. which they are tax d with Thing a Crime in committing y and as the Sons of God - taking them Wives as they thought fit to choofe. Satan no doubt too had a Hand in this Wick- ednefs 5 for as it was his Bufinefs to prompt to do every Thing which God had prohibited. tis faid. is there charg d upon them as a general Depravation. for a continu d feries of I4)*o Years. fay fome. tho from among the Daughters of the curfed Race. GOD even repented that he had made we need go no farther to fatisfy our felves them. join d themfelves to the curs d Race of Cain. that we do not find in the Scripture that the Men and Women of either Race were at that Time forbidden intermarrying with one another 5 and it is true. that literally it is not forbid 5 but if we did not fcarch rather to make doubts than to explain them. fo as to make both the Men and Women tempting and agreeable to one another. and the Sons of God.of the DEVIL: 125 Sons. according to their Fan cies. the more tempting for being under legal Rcftraint. the Women it fecms being beautiful and tempting j andtho the Devil could not make the Women handfome or ugly in one or other Families. 1640 fay others 5 in which Time Sinfpread generally thro the whole Race. and a great Crime 5 and for which. as it is often feen to this Day. that it was certainly forbidden.

the Ladies were beautiful and agreeable. his Senfes engag d became put Wickednefs once. for that God could eafily have reitrain d. neceflary not in the ordinary Manner. Race. chofe^ But the Text adds. he tempted them by the Luft of the Eye j in a word. In hort. that even the holy Seed was tainted with it. were fair .gt.God perceived a Dege neracy orDefedk of Virtue had feiz d upon the whole &amp. but by a general Deftru&ion to Yweep them away. that there was a general Corruption of Manners. it. corrupt before God . Sort. by Judgment and Re proofs of fuch kind as ufually reclaim Men. and an End to the &amp. God faw that the Man Wickednefs of was great in the Earth. but that the very Heart of Man was debauch d. and that every Imagination of the Thoughts of his Heart was only evil continu And again ^ 1 1. for it fhew d that the Wickednefs of the Heart of Man was great before God. it to fhew the divine Difpleafure. And God looked upon the clear the Earth of them. without regarding the fiipreme Pro hibition They took them Wives of all which they or fuch as they lik d to choofe. removing the Offence and the Offenders all together ^ this is fignify d at large. and be hold . and the Devil knew how to make the Men liked and took life of the Allurement $ them by the meer Direction of their Fancy and Appetite. and the Earth was fitted with Violence. and prevaiFd to a great Degree . they faw the Daughters of is of the wicked Race or forbidden Men. his Defires wholly vitiated. at Gen. that this promifcuous Ge neration went farther than the meer outward Crime of it. and that he refented it .The did this that HISTORY Thing was. The Earth atfo was ally. that the Devil had broken in upon them. f. and in it fo that in a Word. vi. a Depravity of Nature upon them. that not only the Pra&ice of the Age was corrupt.

we cannot tell. and their Wives y and even they are ( tis evi dent) recorded. thac i for .of the hold his it DEVIL: 127 bad corrupted was Way upon corrupt 3 for all Flejh the Earth. Murder. Robbery. now he becomes a Preacher of Vengeance $ firft he tells them they ftiall be all oyerwhelm d with a Deluge. in a Word. this Years the Devil having fo effe&ually debauch whole i f oo d Mankind. not fo much to be fav d for their own Goodnefs. liv d by Prey. - oufnefs. Oppreffion and Injuftice prevail d every where. that at leaft one went to the Devil even of thofe three. or at leaft not one of them left. namely. Ham or Cham for triumph ing in a brutal Manner over his Father s Drunkennefs 5 for we find the fpecial Curfe reached to him and his Pofterity for many Ages 3 and whether it went no farther than the prefent State of Life with them. brought the whole Race of Mankind into a general Revolt from God y Noah was indeed a Preacher of Righte. like the wild Bear in the Foreft. that he had. and he had preach d about foo Years Purpofe as moil of the good Minifters ever did j for we do not read there was one Man converted by Rape. - It muft be confefs d it was a ftrange Conqueft the Devil had made in the Antediluvian World. Blood. for as he had before been a Preacher of Righteoufnefs. At this Time Noah begins to preach a new Doctrine to them. had advanc d his infernal Kingdom to a prodigious Height for the Text fays. biting and devouring one another. or none fpar d but Noah and his three Sons. and Man. but becatife they were his Sons j Nay. the whole Earth ivasfilFd with violence. for that at the Deluge there was either none of them alive. as I may fay. to as little - We will fuppofe now that thro &amp. without Breach of Chanty we may conclude.

what Contempt did this Work expofe the good old Man to for above a 100 Years? for fo long the Work was to building. a Lunatick ? and all this in an Age when divine Things came by immediate Revelation into the Minds of Men the Devil muft therefore have made a ftrange Conquer! upon Mankind to obliterate all the Reverence. which but a little before was fo ftrangcly imprefs d upon them concerning their Maker. to float over the Mountains.The HISTORY that for their Sins God repented they were made. the Divine mer cenary. and that he would deftroy them all. adding. or whatever they call d it. he refolv d to build him a Ship to have recourfe to when the Water fhould the World. and dance over the Plains. and the whole Scheme of Divinity a Frame of Prieflcraft j and thus no doubt the building an Ark or Boat. come over the Reft of What Jefting. This was certainly the Height of the Devtrs Kingdom. and we fhall never find him arrive to fuch a Pitch again-. we need go no far ther than to our own Witicifms upon Religion^ and upon the molt folemn Myileries of Divine Worfhip how we damn the Serious for Enthu-y think the Grave mad. as antient Authors fay let us reprefent our felves in the moil lively Manner how the &amp. fiafts. that to prevent the Ruin of himfelf and Family. what Scorn. what could it be but a religious Frenzy. to reprefent this to our felves.. witty Noah World at that Time behav d to poor old . and paiTed their Judgment upon it. he was then truly and lite ! rally . how they took their Evening Walks to fee what he was and the Sober me lancholy y call Religion it felf Flatus and Hyppo make the Devout ignorant. and upon the Progrefs of it 5 I fay. -y and the Man that fo buried himfelf.

Unhappy Man an End j at no Subjects. which he had before? Now whether he retired in the mean Time. fo the Devil. the ^Devil s fecond Kingdom. cripple his Government.of rally this World the DEVIL. drown d out of the World. if he had a Dominion he had : ! how has he. his embarking himfelf and all Nature s Stock for a on board it 5 the long Voyage they took. I know not what would have been the Cafe. him all the Advantages. I2 p God of he governs Tyrants do. that we except as tance. new K come . and he got footing in the renew d World Victory over how by his Noah and his Race. come next to enquire. I fay. and the bad Weather they met with. made the Devil^ eafy to him. and how he got footing again after Noah and his Fa mily were landed upon the New Surface. as has been fulfill d in the Meffiah.had all his Work to do over again Kingdom for the prefent was at leaft. C H A Of P. the f &amp. and afterwards drown him out of PoffeiHon. and given weak Reiifby recovering his Hold too his before excepted. Dethrone him and Depofe his Power. tho it would embellifh this Work very well. nay all and as his as But his he was. that is to fay. them with an arbitrary abfolute Sway and had not God thought fit to give him a Writ of Ejectment.. he might have kept his Hold for ought I know till the Seed of the Woman came to bruife the univerfal 5 Monarch. his Story of building the Ark. and J THE World Noah. and as the Creation was in a Manner renewed. X.

and perhaps now does or if the Atmofphere of this Globe wasafFcted by the Indraft of theAbforption. that when he faw his Kingdom diflblv d.i$o come The in very HISTORY much to the Purpofe in this Place. having mentioned Satan s being in cannot prove it. would certainly have happened and there fore I fuppofe rather. except as it might unking him for Time} I fay. when he faw this.) that he was in the Ark among the of which I fliall fpeak by and by Here he ftay d hovering in the Earth s Atmofpherc. and thefe fecondly^ joyn d together make me conclude he was ab(ent } the la ft I chiefly infift upon. to lee what the Event of the new Phenomenon would be. as he has often done fince. I doubt not. or in a Word. he retired only into that Region. i From . I : & for that as it Reafon I muft omit it. that we read of no Mifchief done there. is than it was to him. I fay.asfomc think. the next Place of Retreat he could : &amp. he is Prince of the Power of the Air. fome good Reafons to believe he was not there Firft ^ I know no Bufinefs he had there $ we read of no Mifchiefdone there. enough a to him. I think. does not belong to the Devtfs Story. his Subjects all ingulph d in an inevitable Ruin and Defolation. fo there are. for yet I cannot prove what fome fnggeft (viz. wherever it was. which if he had been in the Ark. fuggefled that as of Safety. and make his Retreat to a Place no more It is difficult to us. was as near the Earth as he could place himfelf perhaps in the Atmofphere of the Moon. a Sight fuitable the And now Ark j as I fay. and this Watch. find. then he kept himfelf upon the Watch. It is molt rational to fuppofe he went no further on many Accounts. he took care to fpeed himfcif away as well as he could. where that was.

I will not deny y and that which he moil outdoes us in is. he might make his K i Retreat . that he fees more to conclude from than we can. he has not a more certain Know he may be able to make ftronger Con ledge 9 that and tnore rational Conclufions from that jectures he fufficient Space to receive him. and what God proposed to do ruption with the Ark. for Example) did he know whether God would repeople the World &amp. or as might ffcrve by its PrefTure to preferve the natural Pofition of Things. befides what I hinted Devil could have no Retreat in the Earth s Atmofphere. I will not affirm that there could be room in it. or is now for the Devil. that Some above. for that the Air being wholly condens d into Water. and all that was in it. 131 Froni hence I took upon me to irififtj that Sa tan has not a more certain Knowledge of Events than we I lay. on that Occafion. that there was but juft enough Air left to furround the Water. that the Body was become fo fmall. but not (I be lieve) to that Degree. and fupply the Creatures in the Ark with a Part to breath in. and a fufficient Body of his Troops for the Bufinefs he had for them -a c that time. - - any more or no. however.of the DEVIL. and had fufFer d fuch Convullions. and having continual ly pour d down its Streams to deluge the Earth. much lefs for all the numberlefs Legions of Sa tan s Ho ft j but there was. but I am fatisfied he knows nothing of Futurity more than we can fee by Obfervation and Inference $ nor. and that s enough to the Purpofe j cr if the Earth s Atmofphere did fuffer any particular Convulflon. I what would be Philofophers tell us. and now certainly is. fee muft therefore allow that he only waited to the Event of this flrange Eof Water. The Atmofphere indeed might fuffer feme ftrange and unnatural Motions at that Time.

efpecially when the Lord brought a flrong Wind to blow over the whole Globe. would certainly take Care of it. or of Mars^ or of Venus ^ or of any of the other Pla nets y or to any other Place. as God had drown d the whole Race of Man. Burnet thinks) guided by two Angels. he would have taken care to have difpatch d them too. for doubt lefs had it been in the Devil s Power. &amp. and fo made an End of the Creation at once 5 but either he was not empowered to 4 Way . and. nay even the very Struc ture of it. except what was in the Ark. which by the was the firft. it was his whether on the fame Surface the Waters draw ing off. If*) to watch with the utmoil vigilance for the Event. and he never goes out of his Way of doing Mifchief. the Devil with all his Cunning could not becaufe his Buiinefs lay here. but certainly kept the Waters calm about preferve it upon the Water. if it was thus guided. and that with Envy and Regret that he could do it no Injury. of Futurity. &amp. for he that is Prince of the Air could not want Retreats in fuch a Cafe. and which proves his Ignorance &amp. If the Ark was (as Mr. to fee whnt would become of the Ark was wife enough doubtlefs to fee. to be furc the Devil faw it. the only univerfal Storm that ever blew. who had directed its making. I fuppofe. In particular. and bring it to fome Place of Safety or other tho where it fhould be. or in any other created or to be created Place 5 and this State of Uncertainty being evi dently his Cafe. his more than ordinary Concern he was. from whence he might watch for the I flue of Things certainly he did not go far.1 33 The HISTORY Retreat to the Atmofphere of the Moon. for to be fure it blew over the whole Surface at once 5 I fay. that GOD. they not only held it from foun -* dering or being fwallow d up in the Water.

r -. giving Thanks. and if I do not matter him one way or another. fo Noah is my Man now. however with Dr. -. I fay. in his Mind. tho himielf cloth d with a by the Snare I laid for poor Eve. without creating any new Species. from thePofterity of thefe eight Perfons. Pardon me for making a Speech for the Devil. and where they fay a Piece of the Keel is remaining to this Day . Noah big with a Senfe of his late Condition. and pearching on the Roof. I am miftakenjn my Mark. not one Word. or it was fo well guarded by Angels. and praifing the Power K 3 that . I be being fafe landed. This Sight was enough Satan was at no Lofs to conclude from hence that the Defign of God was to repeople the World by the Way of ordi nary Generation. and when I had Cain and his Race to go to work with y for here is the old expung d Corrupted Race ftill. as the Search of their Food or other proper Occafions directed them. fo as not to be feen. as the Sea men call it. that when he came near it he could do it no harm : So it relied at length. fays the Devil . faw all the Heaven-kept Houmold fafely landed.. 135 go to the Ark. tis reafonable to prepared to go on Shore. as foon as the dry Land began to ap and here you mufl allow me to fuppofe pear Satan. came immediately.of the to DEVIL. is good ftill and I am now juft where I was after Adam s Expulfion from the Garden. as Cam was the Object then. and all the Hoft of living Creatures difperfing themfelves down the Sides of the Moun tain. and while the Wonders of the Deluge were frefh believe The Ark Noah &amp. the Waters abating on the Mountains of Arrarat in Armenia^ or fome where elfe that Way. lieve of which. then my Advan tage over them. Very well. fpent his firft Days in the Extaiies of his Soul.

While Noah was thus employ d he was fafe? the Devil himfelf could no where break in uponf him . ferings upon the Altar. or according to fome. as untaught Youth generally do. all Noah) a diligent induftrious Man. his Edu cation was probably but curfory and fuperficial ? his Father Ham not being near fo religious and ferious a Man as his Brothers Shew and Japhet were 3 and as Canaan s Education was defe&ive. the young of Ncah^ had a Son who was nam d Ca-. pious. and Noah s Sons had feveral Children j whether himfelf had any more Children after the Flood or not. being with his Family thus planted in the rich fruitful Plains of Armenia^ or wherever you pleafe. that we are not arrived to any Certainty about. in and thro the Flood of Waters. 20. as pnc of the firft Things he was employ d in.134 The HISTORY that had been his Prote&ion. naan^ a loofe young profligate Fellow. and very devout Perfons jerving God daily. and con- fequcntly a fit Tool for the Devil to go to work with. poflible watching notwithstanding all Advantages againil his Sons and their Children j for now the Family began to encreafe. and which had in fo miraculous a Manner. as he found the old Father invulnerable. after the Example of their good old Father Noah^ and he could make no but thing of them. H& built an Altar unto the Lord^ and offered Burnt-Of Gen. religious. viii. Ham the er Son fecond. or of any of their Pofterity -. lately landed him on the Surface of the newly difcover d Land 3 and the Text tells us. and we may fuppofe very reafonably. Among his Sons the Devil found Japhet and Sbem^ good. he left him for foine Years. a wild. immediately to work ? cultivating and improv ing . fo he prov d.let it be near the Mountains of Caucafas or Arrarat went &amp. and in fhort a very wicked Fellow.

is beg ging the Qucftion in the grofTeil Manner. which. and a Preacher of Righteoufmfs. as they ftill in the {ame Country do make. a great and a good Man. rich.Tow ing Corn. which way of arguing by no means fuppoie what is fuggefled \ at firffc you muft fupport there was no fuch Thing as Wine made before the Deluge. to make out this Story. tell us. that again. he knew not the Strength or the Nature of Wine. thong. both in K 4 knew . or at leaft from the Cenfure. I cannot come into the Notion of our Criticks. I fay. who to excufe Noah from the guilt of what follow ed.of fife DEVIL: 135 Ing the Soil. I fay. as I fee no Reafon to queflion. which is indeed favourable for Noah^ but in it felf extremely very ridiculous. and pleafant. he tafled the tempting Li quor. If the Contrary is true. not in the leaft ima gining there was any fuch Strength in the Juice of that excellent Fruit. preffing he might take a larger Quantity 3 till at length the heady Froth afcended and feizing his Brain. it was true that there was Wine drank. they cannot then but fuppofe that Noah) who was a wife. and tafted again and it out into a Bowl or Difh. if. and that the Devil afliiling he was charm d with the delicious Fragrance. and among other Things planting Trees for Food. and that Men were or had been drunk with it before. and that no Body had been ever made drunk with the Juice of the Grape before N&ab. moil excel lent Wine. and beg the Queition moil egregioufly But wilt fome particular Cafes. but chat gathering the heavy Clutters of the Grapes. lufcious. encreafing his Cattle and Paftures. he became intoxicate and drunk. and their own weight cruthing out their balmy Juices into his Hand. of the Grapes thereof he made no doubt. you mull neceflarily fall into fome Abr furdities. and among the Fruit Trees he planted Vines.

ij6 The it. or he thirfty. HISTORY in his preach knew of and without doubt had their- ing againft among the reft. and the Subiiftence of his Family : and if he did not fet know what they were. and that he had reprehended them for it $ and there fore it was not his Ignorance. fo the Devil beguiled Noah. and in fhort. and be DID DRINK y the Temptation was too llrong for Noab^ not the Wine$ he knew - well .gt. he would not have them. when his Appetite was eager. for he was not planting for Diverfion but for Profit. and what Fruit they bore. was llrong and would make him drunk if he took enough of it He knew that other Men had been drunk with fuch Liquor before the Flood. the Serpent be- gmldedher^ and ihe DID EAT. how elfe did Noah come by the Vines which he planted ? For we are to fuppofe. and the Liquor cooling and pleafant . he could plant no Trees or Shrubs. them for it. jigain^ tis highly probable they had Grapes Crimes. Upon the whole it feems plain to me he knew what he did. and had confequently grown up and brought forth the fame lufcious Fruit before. and confequcntly Wines made from them. or elfe it may be fuppofed alfo he would not have planted them 5 for he planted them for their Fruit. preach d againfl this upbraided them with it. as he did it in the Provilion he was making for his Subfiflence. reprov d growing. as Eve faid. and which no doubt had been there before in their higheft Perfection. and exhorted them againft it. but the Devil took &amp. Befides. as he found the Roots of the Vines. but fuch as he found the Roots of in the Earth. fo he underftood what they were. in the Antediluvian World. as well when he planted the Vines as when he prefled out the Grapes and alfo when he drank the Juice that he knew it was Wine. : him at forne Advantage.

prompted his Grandfather to drink. did the fame to his Brethren Japhet and Shew but they like modeil and good Men. &amp. 137 fooner was the poor old Man conquer d. and leaving him in that indecent Poihire. it DEVIL. Pool and other Expofitors are partly of the fame Mind. but as the Drunkards was fo good he could not for bear it. In this juncture who fhould come by but young Canaan^ fay fome $ or as others think. or the Devil fo on purpofe to expofe him. like the Vefts which the Armenians wear to this Day.. and then. of the enough what he Day. went and made Sport with it to his Father Ham^ who in that Part. on Pretence of the Wine being good for him. and fo he got drunk before he was aware j or as our ordinary Speech exprefTes it. went and cover d him. he lay there affifting in a naked indecent Poiture not fit to be feen. uncovered hi in on purpofe to expofe him. and as may be fuppofed inform d him how he had been abus d. as the Scripture exprelles it. triumph d over him 5 boafled of his Conqueir. flying Why elfe fhould Noah^ when he came to him felf. proper for the Support of his old No the Wine had Age. and by whom. he was over taken with drink) and Mr. which in thofe hot Countries were only loofe open Robes. this young Fellow fir It attack d him byway of Kindncfs and pretended Affection . Devil like. and . and fubtilly let upon him. and lighten d his Head.well this fay to did. and tumbling backward his Clothes. wicked like himfelf. and. drinking dfo with and fo (his Head being too ftrong for the old him. far from carrying on the wicked Infult on their Parent. {hew his Refentment fo much again ft Canaan }iis Grandfonj rather than ag^inft Ham his Father. infulted the Body as it were dead. Man s) drank him down. but it may be he falls off from the Chair or Bench fuppofed where he fate.

a Servant of Servants Jball 2. the Devil certainly made a great Conquer! here.j. if. Canaan might do it without Defign but might be brought in to ridicule and make a Jeft of the old Patriarch afterward. fed be Canaan. or his Mouth itopt. Cur tis and who he be. and in this Cafe the Devil fcems to have made Canaan the Tnftrument or Tool to delude Noah^ and draw liim in to Drunkennefs. Ham was Guilty. and fo beginning or initiating the new young Progeny with a Crime} but here was the great Oracle filenc d at once. Gen.i 3 8 The HISTORY fuppofed in the Story the guilt chief* we fee the Curfe is (as it were) laid ly lay upon? wholly upon Canaan the Grandfon. Poffibly at fir ft. as he made the Serpent the Tool to beguile Eve^ and draw her into DifobeThat dience. it was a flopping of his Mouth in cheworft kind 5 far wprfc than Hopping his Breath. I lay. which was worfe . and not 3 Word of the Father is mentioned. the Preacher was turn d out of Office. nay. which Noah relented it. ix. as is too frequent lince in the Practice of our Days 5 but I rather believe he did it really with a wicked Defign. for . and on Purpofe to expofe and in*fult his Reverend old Parent 5 and this feems more bccaufe of the great Bitternefs with likely too. the Preacher of Righteoufnefs. But be that as it will. and as to outward Ap^ which he gain d be pcarance no Ids than that fore over Adam-y nor did the Devil s Victory confid barely in his having drawn in the only righte ous Man of the whole Antediluvian World. 8cc. 16. but I cannot but fuppofe his Grandlon was the Occafion of it . for fuch no doubt he would have been to the new World. ns he was to the old. after he came to be inform d of it. that s certain from the Hiilory of Fact.

that is. with their wicked En-* deavours to promote theWickednefsj and both with as much Succefs as the Devil himfelf could wifli for. that Noah was not only over taken once in his Drink. and he continued in it a great while. and that it was this which is the meaning of his being uncovered in his Tent. and the Scandal to his whole Family. but that being fallen into that Sin it became habitual. his own pious Exhortations to the late drowned World. a hun^ d red Years. that Reprefents Shem and Japhet applying themfelves in an humble and dutiful Manner to their Father. fay they. tho I hope without Ground. and therefore we had better take it as we find it (viz. but he was dead to the Office of an Inftru6bor. and to confider the Offence which he gave by his evilCourfes to God. encourag d and prompted it. who had thus fallen himfelf into the moil fharneful and bealHy Excefs? Befides fome are of the Opinion. the Office had defcended to his Sons Shem and Jafhet. he conti? nually expofed himfelf for a long Time. in Teftimony of his fincere Re pentance after the Fact. Then as for his two Sons modeftly and decent ly covering their Father. tis ftill certain j gle At that . and that his Son faw his Nakednefs . The Story is not fo very unlikely as it is cer tain that it is not to be proved. entreat and befeech him to confider his antient Glory.DEVIL. for had i^ - he died. and alfothat they arc brought in effectually prevailing upon him 5 and that then Noah curfed the Wickednefs of Ham s degenerate Race. tho alive as to his Being 9 For of what Force could his Preachings be. and all the while Satan ftill prompting them. they tell us. and that his Son Ham^ and his Grandfon Canaan having drawn him into it. Jccpt him in it.) for one finbut fuppqfe it was fo. joined their Scoffs and contempt of him. to.

and the Face of the World hardly dry from theuniverfal Deftruftion of Mankind. This was certainly a Matter-piece of the Devil s Policy. no not to Adam himfelf. that in his Mifcarriage the Rife and Progrefs of a Re formation of the new World fhould receive an early Check. Noah thus overcome.) that the Door of the Ark was no fooner open. we do not fo much as read that he had any more Children. and flies at the next general Reprefentative of Mankind. which we do not fuppofe was allow d. and {hould be at once prevented. and alas ! poor unhappy Noah^ he proved too weak for him. but he was at work among them j and that not only to form a general Defection among the Race.I4 o Noab The HISTORY s Preaching was fadly interrupted. (viz. unlefs you will fuppofe he was allow d to marry fome of his own Progeny. he ftrikes at the Root. Satan prevaiPd in his very fir/ft At tempt. nor indeed could Noah have any more Children. except that he lived three hundred and fifty Years after the Flood j nay. who it was very likely he had had four or five hundred Year. the Devil had little more to do in the World that for . and a fatal Inftance of his unhappy Di ligence. upon the Foot of the original Taint of Nature. and the Force of Energy his Pcrfuafions enervated and abated. and this was as much as the Devil had Occafion for 3 and therefore indeed we read little more of him. except by his old and perhaps fuper-annuated Wife . and got the Victory over him at once. but like a bold Devil he ftrikes at the very Root. attacks the Head of the Family. like a bold Devil. the of his Words flatter d. I fay. Daughters or Gran* daughters. and Satan s Conqueft carried on to the utmoft of his own Wiihes. but the contrary. by thisfhamcful Fall 5 that he was effectually filenc d for an Inftruc~bor ever after.

after. as we Charge generally ly. for it had neither End or Means. for fuch it feems it World had &amp. and to in finilh deluding the of the Race. he takes the Expreffion to be alle little. Poffibility or great ftupendious was intended. and that the Building was defign d chiefly for a Store-houfe for Provinons. or otherwife infatua even Sa ted. univerfal 141 fome Ages. apt to vindicate from the underftand it. is a Queflion by it felf 5 his opini that the Confufion was nothing but a Breach among the Undertakers and Direftors of the of his or no. than to carry on an De it generacy among Mankind. calPd Babel^ in the Building that Stair-cafe. perhaps they might not be Aftronomers enough to meafure the Diftance of Space between the Earth and Heaven. as we pretend to do now . and them as they came Generality on gradually into Life j this he found the lefs dif ficult. in Cafe of a fecond Deluge $ as to their Notion of its reaching up to Heaven. that they really defign d to build a Tower which fhould reach up to Heaven. name it felf. they would never have undertaken tan himfelf could never have prevaiPd with them to undertake fuch a prepofterous Piece of Work. but as Noah was then gorical rather than alive. Probability in I it. becaufe of the firft Defection which fpread like a Contagion upon the Earth immediately by a like diligent Application. . and only to mean that it fhould be exceeding high . is on Work. my Thoughts. or that it fhould fccure them in cafe of another Flood . The firft Evidence we have of his Succefs in this mifchievous Defign was which if the whole not been drunk. whether I am.of the for DEVIL. I muft confefs am fometimes in our old Ancestors. and Father Cafaubon is of my

I4i alive. as if they were not to multiply fufficient to take up any more. as it is recorded. and the more inconfifient with common Senle.) that they could build up to Heaven.. fuppofing fuch another Flood Should happen I would ra ther think it was only that they intended to build a moft glorious and magnificent City. in Cafe of extraordinary Floods or other Events. the City being built in a great Plain. or could build firm enough to refill:. that they fhould fpread their Habitations over it. and for a Store. or as above. that the Plains of Shimar near the &amp.) that they or high enough to overtop the Waters. River Euphrates. Again. it But what car d the Devil for that. they were able to have inform d them how abfurd it was to fuppofe either the one or the other . namely. and it fhew d the more what acornpleat Conqueft he had gain d over the Reafon as well as the Religion of Mankind at that Time.) (i. the and as HISTORY all his we believe three Sons were fo too. (2. the more to his Purpofe. or to put little handfomer. that was what Satan aim ed at 5 for it was enough to him. they were not only aching contrary to the Nature of Things. But the Story.(viz.houfe to lay up vaft Magazines of Provifions. to bring Man a kind . fuits better with Satan s Mealurcs at that Time y and as he was from the Beginning prompting them to every Thing that was contrary to the Happinefs of Man. fo the more prepofterous it was. tis evident in this Cafe. and People the whole Globe j whereas they were pitching in one Place. where they might all inhabit together j and that this Tower was to be built for Ornament and alfo for Strength. - but contrary to the Defign and to the Command of Heaven j for God s Command was that they fhould replenifh the Earth.

when he blend ed the Sons of God. for fo the tion. he fucceeded even to triumph upon Eve^ he did the like upon Cam^ and in fhort upon the whole World. and if poffiblc in every Thing. one Man (Noah) except ed-. fo ger. their What a Confufion this their being was to them we all oblig d to leave off their the kind to D E V I L. it God new Undertaking. for by this every Family found themfelves under a Neceffity of keeping together. for at firft it might be no more. and this naturally encreafed that Differing jargons of Language. But God himfelf put a flop to this foolifh Piece of Work. and and himfelf put a flop to this difappointed the Devil j in how was done? not Judgment and An perhaps the Devil expefted and hop d for. Satan had never met with any Disappointment in all his wicked . that remains to be confidered of. one another &amp. divided and confufed their Councils. for in deed it belongs to his Hiftory. or as fome fay. Authors are not agreed whe was a Difeppointment to the Devil or no. for a madder thing the Devil himfelf never propofed to them 5 I 143 ab juft contrary to what Heaven had dire&ed or commanded them in any thing. together. as but as that they could not agree with one another. and it was time indeed to do fo. it . Word is mifcuous Voluptuous Living underftood. and the Daughters of Hell. thereby feparating them into Tribes or Families. by -. which would be the fame Thing as not to underftand or he put a new Shibboleth upon Tongues . know. he confufed their Speech.Attempts till now for firft. pitying the Simplicity of that dreaming Creature Man. in proas well as Genera As ther it to the Deluge. and immediately feparating one from an other j but what a Surprize it was to the old Serpent.

but actually performed it. to lay a Foundation for a new Conqueft in the Generation that was to come$ But in this his ProfpecT: was fair difcouraged. and as often as he thought fit. fo that at laft it burft and fell down in a continual Spout or Stream of Water. that could give Satan any Concern. by any infight into Futu rity that he was Matter of. might be indeed a Surprize to him. Tis true the Aftronomers tell there was a us. I do not fee by any thing I meet with in Satan s Hiflory. furpris d. of the Earth in the let fo that this Comet not falling . that it ap peared for 1 80 Days before the Flood continual and that as it approach d nearer and nearer ly -.144 it The H I STORY Noah had ther. to leave this Tale to them that told it. fo I am of the Opi nion he did not believe it himfelf. or in the Nature of him. us contider the Devil. haps juft the Contrary 5 and if God would drown it again. But not. and he had his Work to do over again. and to ridicule his whimfical Build ing a monftrous Tub to fwim or float in. for tho* preach d of it for a hundred Year toge very terrible Comet feen in the Air. who fhould he be eight People to met with fuch Succefs when he enough. that he was much Deluge. and drown d it from it felf. that it was forty Days a only foretold die Deluge or drowning of the Earth. and a little amaz d at the Abforption or Inundation. and the Quantity fo great. that he would be at all difturb d at it$ all that I can fee in it. for why had . being of a watry Subftance. yet as he (Satan) daily prompted the People not to heed or believe what that old Fellow Noah faid to them. and am pofitive he could not forefee it. would be that all his Fa vourites were gone. per concerned at it. or what ever we are to call it. when the faid Deluge fhould come. every Day all the while. when he had now work upon. I fay.

and the threatning of Death alfo annext to it. which I mentioned above 5 for now he forefaw what would follow j namely. and how many Languages they were. without the Help of Language and Words. in all his At tempts and Practices upon Mankind. when in its primitive ReHtude and Purity. no not with himfelf: This I have not time to enter upon here 5 however. whatever Lan* gunge he fpoke. juft come out of the Hands of its Maker. fome into feventy two. and fortify d with the Awe of his high and fo-* lemn Command juft given them. others into one hun dred and eighty. Thoufands. as the firll Difappointment that I find the Devil met with. I fuppofe.) that the Devil foon learn d to make Mankind underfland him. or upon the new Creature. if broken? But I go back to the Affair of Babel : This Confufion of Language or of Councils. and no doubt but he found : L Ways .of the had but two ? DE V fliould I L. 145 and why he queftion break ing in now where Nature was already vitiated and corrupted. when he had before conquer d the fame Nature. and others again into feveral teen. or not feeing Man has no other Medium of Con verting. It alfo remains a doubt with mej this feems plain to rne (viz. the feveral ancient Wri* ters of the Devil s Story have not yet determin ed fomc tell us they were divided only into fif How &amp. the Devil learn d to fpeak all the Lan guages that were now to be ufed. that the People would feparate and fpread themfelves over the whole Surface of the Earth. will be fo with others alfo. whether Satan has yet found out a Method to converfe with Mankind. take it which way you will. and a thoufand new Scenes of Actions would appear^ in which he therefore prepares himfelf to behave as he fhould fee Occafion.

born from Hell. and that only j and thefe Fa milies multiplying grew into Nations. War.) their Pride . fome that. fpreading and poflcfling (till more and more Land as their People encrealed. the People neceflarily forted themfelves into Families and Tribes. as it was the fir ft Game the Devil play d after the confounding of Languages and Divifions at Babel) fo it was a Conqueft upon Mankind. it when Men into meer Devils j for transformed into the very Image of Satan himfelf. and encroach d upon their Land the other liking their Situation. prepare for their Defence. when is he turn d into a meer really transform \i is Man Devil. till they found out Countries refbettively proper for their fettling. and fo began Oppreffion. and there they became a Kingdom. and his Attendants clapping their Hands. The bringing Mankind thus to JVar and Confit/ion. for Men being naturally Proud and Envi ous. Nations and Tribes began to joflle with one another for Room j cither one Nation enjoy d better Accommodations. purely devilifri. (viz. if it is not when he is fighting with his fellow . Alter the Confufion of Languages. Battle and Blood. as Men do when they fet Dogs on upon one another. whatever Language they fpoke. and tho(e Nations wanting Room.146 The HISTORY Ways and Means to under ftand them. and feeking out Habi tations wandred Come this Way. Invafion. Satan all the while beating the Drums. and fo exactly tinctured with Satan s original Sin Ambition^ that : -. or had a better Soil or a more favourable Climate than another 3 and thefe being numerous and ftrong thru ft the other out. every Family understanding their own particular Speech. till at laft the whole Earth was fcarce big enough for them This prefented Satan with an Opportunity to break in upon their Morals at another Door.

and he has indeed ilicwn himfelf a Workman in it. would take up a great Part of the Devil s Hiftory. that he has wheedled Mankind into fl range un natural Notions of in order to propagate things. fighting at the lad: Drop. a Satyr ^ a terrible and frightful Monfter. whether it be right or wrong. under this Head. by which killing and murdering is underftood to be juftifiable. and . and the like. but from a daring Defiance of God and Man. killing and treading under y for there : Foot his fellow Creatures. fair Fighting. and the Standard of Ho nour is quite different from that of Reafon and of Nature Bravery is denominated not from a fearlefs undaunted Spirit in the jufl Defence of Life and Liberty. and fupport the fighting Principle in the World j fuch as Laws of War. metamorphos d from a comely Beauteous angelic Creatureinto a Fury. Rage and Fury diftort the Mufcles of his Face is he his Paflions agitate his whole Body. at the ordinary Commajad of the Officer. into a Devil $ for Satan himfelf his very is defcrib d Account is by the fame Word which on ehang d into a Subftantive. fighting. nay. L i and .of the Blood of his DEVIL.) of making War 5 in which it has been the Devil s Mailer. a voracious Grin (its upon his Coun tenance . Hands ? 147 in the his fellow Creatures and dipping his own Kind Lee Picture be confider d. Virtue and a true Greatnefs in Spirit is rated now by Rules which God never appointed. and bringing Nations to fight and make War upon one another. (viz. d Furies. and the Devils are call This fowing the Seeds of Strife in the World. the Fire of Hell flames or fparkles in his Eyes. behaving like Men of Honour.piece. and abundance of extraor dinary Things would occur in relating the par ticulars tions kindled in the have been very great Conflagra World. by the Artifice of Hell.

or they could pafs fuch abfurd Things among them for reafoning .14* The HISTORY and whether it be in a juft Defence of Life. a Practice forbid by the Laws of God and of all good Government. or live and be laugh d at. and our Country s Life. and Meanncfs of Spirit . to refute fighting. ! fit for Man s Head. no body but But fo being put in mind. This trumping upthefe imaginary Things call d Bravery and Gallantry. A prudent avoiding caufelefs Quarrels is calFd Cowardice. put on his Clothes and take his Sword . and to take an affront Bafenefs.and putting Life at a Call on the Point of a Sword. is all from the Devil s new Management. B is the Perfoninjur d. A exclaims loudly. that he is of Honcnr^ Harts back and muft ab the honourable Part. the Adulterer and the Adulterefs fhould have been taken Prifoners and carried before the Judge. or whether it be for the Support of Injury and Oppreffion. and being taken in the Fab. and the innocent abus d Hus- B a Man 4 band . fhould have been immediately fcntenc d. and his fubtil influencing the Minds of Men to fly in the Face of God and Nature. forfooth. naming them Virtue and Honour. and coming into the Chamber with -. Why won t murder me^ will you ? as you are Man of Honour let me rife and take my and to act againfl his Senfes j nor but for his Artifice in the Management.&quot. could it be poflible that fuch Inconfidencies could go down with Mankind. that is Liberty. whereas had the Laws of God. he to the Block and he to the Stake. his Sir^ you- Sword in his Hand. for Example. then they fight. A very good Story indeed the Devil to put into any it is. and B is kill d for his Honour . of Nature and of Reafon taken Place. a&amp. A is found in Bed with B s Wife. fo he lets A get up. is yet call d Cowardice and a Man is bound to die duelling. and there fore offended.

But we (hall meet with this Part again very often in the Devil s Story. viz. as apparently from the fame Intereft. let me lie with your PVife too^ and then ifyou defer e it ^1 may then I am upon even Terms with you . ^. and therefore the Devil^ not the want of Elbowroom. by venturing my life upon an even Lay with him. i. and this was in the Affair of Worlhip . and by the fame original. and muft fight him upon equal Hazard. as either. and then to give will fight me Satisfaction. But thus has Satan abus d the Reafon of Man y and if a Man does me the greateft Injury in the World. : : bold. 149 of the no Reafon to have run any Rifque o^ band had his Life for being made a Cuckold. which the French call doing me Keafon \ No Sir^ (ay I. It does not appear yet that ever the Devil was fo -. To fet himfelf up to be worftiip d as a or which was ftill worfe. muft be the Occaiion of it j and tis carried on ever fince. and to quarrel for Room in the World. but fight you this indeed is the Reafoning which the Devil has brought Mankind too at this Day But to go back to the Subject. I therefore lay it by for the Prefent. I mutt do my felf Juitice upon him. and come to the next Steps the Devil took with Mankind after the Confufion of Languages. L Both . and as we bring him farther on in the Management of Mankind . the Devil bringing the Nations to fall out. no To God at all to perfuade Man to believe there was worfhip. tells me.VIL. he me. God. and fo to fight in order to difpofTefs one another of their Settlements This began at a Time when certainly there were Places enough in the World for every one to choofe in. in which the injur d - DE Perfon is : as often kill d as it Injury above^ a Suppofe now Man abufes my the Perfon offering the be in the fame Cafe as Wife.

From a Negligence Mn worshiping the true GOD. z. he never thought it could ever pafs upon Mankind. it was to be have. one thefe are introduced fince the indeed by the De r oil^ who icon found Means to fet himfelf up for a God in many Parts of the World.I 5 o Both The HISTORY Deluge. done Step by Step to worfhip him by halves. when they had once forgot ten the true God. injhort^ modern Cafuifts. Having thus debauch d their Principles in Worfhip. and feem d fitter to command the Homage of Mankind 5 fo it was not the hardeft Thing in the World. fo the Devil went on gradually. call d in the holy Text the Hoft of Heaven thefe 5 had greater Majefty upon them. it would have been too grofs to have fet himfelf up as an Object of Worihip at firlt. or that any Thing fo grofs thcfe I fay^ out-iin d the Devil. indirect Con tradiction to his Commands this would not go down with them at firft. 3 for Example. in which it mull bcconfefs d Man has out-fin d the Devil . As then both thefe are modern Inventions. to bring Men. and give little or no Regard to his Laws. Sa tan went on gradually. in the Reach of our Days. fo that. he by Degrees introduc d the worfhip of falfe GODS and to introduce this he be j gan [with the Sun^ Moon. and led them from the true and only . &amp. and Sfars. It was fufficient to bring Mankind to a Neglect of God. J. for to do Satan jutlice. and holds it to this Day 3 but the lafl is brought in by the Invention of Man. would go down with them . not by Force. to embrace the Worfhip of fuch Gods as thofe. and being to work upon human Nature by Stratagem. and fo grow loofe and immoral.

but ftill he was (Ixteen hundred Years bringing it to pafs 5 and tho we have Reafon to believe the old World. and then they were call d by the fame Name. Hob goblins. that the Devil did not find it fo eafy a tafk to obliterate the Know ledge of the true God. I do not enquire here 5 I know they tell us ftrange Things. and that from very good Authority. and this was therefore a Name afcrib d at firft to the true God&amp. It is true he carried Things a great Length un der the Patriarchal Government of the fidl Ages. can aflure you. or Mighty and Magnificent. Thoughts in Chaldaick and Hebrew^ fignifies Lord or Sovereign. Monfters. Saturn brought Mankind to adore every Block of their own hewing. and after wards Belly from $ 151 it was the few Grada only Object of Wor/hip to a them on ib in a tions more he brought them to downright Idolatry. but afterwards they defcended to make Images and Figures to rep relent him .ofthe eafier to carry DEVIL. of its being the Product of meer Nature. Stones. who pretend to have ib critically enquir d into Satan s Hiflory. fuch p worshipping Stocks. as Baal^ Baalim. by a hellifh Dege neracy. falfe. which. before the Flood was arrived to a very great Height of Wickednefs. and to Names. as thofe People fuggeft. and Ovid - L 4 very . to run into Idolatry. and even in that Idolatry he proceed ed gradually too 5 for he began with awful as were venerable in the of Men. and every fordid frightful Thing. and at lall the Devil himfelf. in the Minds and Confciences of Men. as BAAL or BELL. one remove from its primitive State y but I. What Notions fome People may entertain of the Forwardnefs of the firfl: Ages of the World.

then to Qppreffion and Tyranny.j 5 2 ^HISTORY it very nobly defcribes by the againft Jupiter^ yet tan was come to fuch a we do War of the fitans not read that ever Sa as to Length bring them to Idolatry againft 3 3 indeed we do read of it Wars car ried on among them. Men fanVd for their mighty Va great A&ions of War we may fuppofe. is fomething hard to determine 3 the Dewho certainly of all God s Creatures is beft able yjl) Length : . the Devil had not brought them to that yet perhaps it would ibon have follow d. of Luxury and Lewdnefs. for Thus for the ojd Antediluvian World went. others. Rapine and Violence. the whole Earth was filled with Violence. either for Ambition or not well which. that is to fay. or elfe it is to be underftood that they iiv d (in common) a Life fomewhat like the Brutes. is to fay. then to falfe worfhip. or only Perfonal. but the Deluge intervened. but tis not to be doubted but there was fuch Wars. either for Do We minion or Avarice. then to negle&of true Worfhip. whether was one Nati on tell another. and there were Giants among them. hunting and tearing one another in Pieces. the Strong devouring the Weak 3 for the Text fays. and then Idolatry by the meer natural Confequence of the Thing 3 who were the firft Na tion or People that fell from the Worfhip of the true God. After the Deluge. and very wicked they were. and Men of Renown. we cannot But the World feem d to be fwallow d up in a Life of Wickednefs. for we know Wealth. who perfonally oppofs d read of no confiderable Wars indeed. and their Strength. and he went on by the lame Steps 3 firft he brought them to Violence and War. there is no doubt of that 3 but we have Reafon to believe that was no Idolatry. that lour. as / have faid^ he had all his Work to do over again.

Nimrod was the Grandfon of Ham. and thus (Satan prompting) the World was quickly fill d XIV.names. When thefe with Idols. was firft call d Eelus^ exactly concurring then Baal) and worfhip d in moft of the eaftem Countries under thofe Names fometimes with Additions of Sir. having left us nothing upon Record upon that Subject. . the World had their Memories in efteem many Ages after j and as their great Aftions were no otherwife recorded than by oral Tradition. that is to univcrfal Monarchy 9 the very fame Bait with ay^ which he has plaid upon the Frailty of Princes. till from Heroes and Champions they made Gods of them. tho do not find Satan s Hiftory with it. I who according to the re* ceived Opinion. and enfnard the greateft of them ever fince. according to the feveral o^intries ? or People. Noah s fecond Son. even from his moil Auguft Imperial Majefty KingM^rod the firft. This Nimrod is he. and the Tongues and Me^ mories of fallible Men. Satan affiftmg^ into Miracle and Wonder: Hence their Names were had in Veneration more and more 3 Statues and Bu boes repreicnting their Perfons and great Actions were fet up in public Places. dreams of Empire. 153 to inform us. Men foon fabl d up their Hiftories. particu-. and hav Government of all the Reft. Time and the Cuftom of magnifying the paft Aftions of Kings. or Towps where he was -. but we have Reafon to be lieve it was thus introduc d. the fame who was curfed by his Fa ther for expofing him in his Drunkennefs: This Nimrod was the firft who it feems Satan pick d Here he infpir d him with am out for a Hero : bitious ing the Thoughts. to his moft Chriftian Majefty Louis - the and many a mighty Monarch between.of the DEVIL. mighty Monarchs and Men of Fame went off the Stage.

yet we are certain it was not long after the Confufion of Babel 5 for Nimrod^ as is faid. as Baal Peor. &amp. Ammon. and knowing him to be fuch. As to the Antiquity of this horrible Defection of Mankind. he could have brought them. I that I think it was a Maf~ the World to Idola ter-piece of Hell to bring fo foon after they had had fuch an eminent try Example of the infinite Power of the true God. plain Devil as he was. did bring many of them to worfhip himfelf. who was famous for no thing when he was alive but Blood and War y I 1 rnuft - to fet up this Nothing. to bring them (even before Noah or his Sons were dead) to forget whofe Hand it was. a monftrous Degeneracy from Nature. might be alive fome Years after Nimrod was born and as Nimrod was not long dead. and give the Homage of the World to a by the fame Rule. fay. was rio more than Noah s great Grandfon and Noah himfelf. as was feen in the Deluge. and even from common Senfe and in the next Place twas a token of an inexpreffible Craft and Subtilty in the Devil) who had now gotten the People into fo full and compleat a Management. to bring the World this meer Name. acknowledge. before they forgot that he &amp. . to have worfhip d any thing j and in a little while more.154 The HIS TORY Baal Zephon* particularly fct up. and particularly in the Efcape of Noah in the Ark. Jupiter Capitolinus^ Jupiter PifJupiter FeretriuS) and about ten or twelve Jupiters more.jY. that in ihort. and in other Places plain Baal^ as Baal Phegor. tho we do not find the beginning of it particularly recorded. nay the very Image and Picture of him for a God^ it was firfl a Mark of moil prodigious Stupidity in the whole Race of Jupiter in after Times had the like Additions j as Jupiter t&amp. and that a Name of a mortal Man dead and rotten.

B. and delug d them all in IDOLATRY. to pretend to inftruft or reprove the World any more. the Devil took hold of them immediately.of the DEVIL. I fay. for Terab was born within one hundred ninety three Years after the Flood. and all this was during the Life of the firft Poft-Diluvian Family. long the whole World may be faid to be thus overwhelmed in Ignorance and Idolatry. and for want of a Prophet to warn and admonifh. ran that little of Religion which there might be left in Shem and Japhet^ quite out of the World. was fo. that Father and Patriarch of the whole World. and made a Baal^ that is a Lord or Idol of him. above an hundred Years pradifed in the World. who not being able for the Shame of his rible own foul in all probability. he filenc d and flop the great Preacher of Righteoufnefs. who was Terab s Grandfon for we find Laban. we may make fome tolerable guefs at by the Hiftory of Abraham . and drawing him into the Sin of Drunkennefs 5 for by this. and one hundred fifty feven Years before Noah was dead . as I d the Mouth of faid. 155 he was a Tyrant and a Murtherer. 1 &amp. and even Abram himfelf was eight and fifty Years old before Noah died. as was doubtlefs Bethuel. It is worth Remark here. for Nimrod was born in the Year of the World 1 847. and yet Idolatry had been then. that any fuch Thing as a Church . what a ter Advantage the Devil gain d by the de bauching poor Noah. N. for it was not till God call d him How from his Father s Houfe. who was BethueFs Son. he was not long dead. and built Babylon the Year 879 5 and we find Terah the Father of A~ braham^ who liv d from the Year 1 879 was an Ido later.

i 5


eftablinYd in the
in his

nor even $ and Succeflors for then, except almoft four hundred Years after that Call ; and till God brought the Ifraelites back out oF Egypt , the whole World may be faid to be involved in Idolatry and Devil worfhip. So abfolute a Conqueft had the Devil made over Mankind immediately after the Flood, and all taking its Rife and Beginning at the fatal De feat ofNoab, who had he liv d untainted and in vulnerable, as he had done for fix hundred Years before, would have gone a great way to have ilem d the Torrent or Wickednefs which broke in upon Mankind and therefore the Devil^ I fay, was very cunning and very much in the Right of it, take him as he is a meer Devil^ to attack Noah perfonally, and give him a Blow- fo foon. It is true, the Devil did not immediately raze out the Notion of Religion and of a GOD from the Minds of Men, nor could he eafily fupprefs the Principle of Worfhip and Homage to be paid to a Sovereign Being, the Author of Nature and Guide of the World the Devil faw this clearly in the firft Ages of the new World, and there fore, as I have faid, he proceeded politically and by Degrees That it was fo, is evident from the Story of Job and his three Friends, who, if we may take it for a Hiftory, not a Fable, and may judge of the Time of it by the Length of Job s Life, and by the Family of Eliphaz the femanite^ who it is manifeft was at lead Grandfon or Great Grandfon to Efau Ifaac s eldefl Son, and by the Language of Ablmilech King of Gerar to .AbrahaW) and of Laban to Jacob^ both the Latter I fay, if we being at the fame Time Idolaters may judge of it by all thefe, there were ftill very found Notions of Religion in the Minds of Men 5 nor could Satan with all his Cunning and Policy

Church was


own Family






of the



deface thofe Ideas^ and root Minds of the People.

them out of the

put him upon taking new Meafures up his Intereft and prelerve the Hold and his Method was he got upon Mankind like himfelf, fubtle and politick to the lall De



to keep


whole Hiftory makes appear for fee ing he found they could not but believe the Being of a God, and that they would needs worfhip fomething, it is evident, he had no Game left him to play but this, namely, to fet up wrong Notions of Worfhip, and bring them toafalfe Worfhip inftead of a True, fuppofing the Object worfnip d to be flill the fame. To finifh this Stratagem, he firftinfinuates that the true God was a terrible, a dreadful, unap
gree, as his

him was fo fright Death ; that to wor prefent fhip him immediately, was a Prefumption which would provoke his Wrath ; and that as he was a confuming Fire in himfelf, fo he would burn up thofe
proachable Being
ful, that it

that to fee

would be

in his

Anger that dar d to offer up any Sacrifice to but by the Interpolation of fome Medium him, which might receive their Adorations in his Name. Hence it occur d prefently, that fubordinate Gods were to be found out and fet up, to whom the People might pay the Homage due to the fuprcme God, and who they might worihip in his Name } this I take from the moft ancient Ac count of Idolatry in the World 5 nor indeed could the Devil himfelf find out any other Reafon why Men ihould Cannonife or rather Deify their Princes and Men of Fame, and worfhip them after they were dead, as if they could fave them from Death and Calamity, who were not able to fave themfelves


Satan bring


they were alive ; much lefs could to fw allow fo grofs, fo abfurd a the bowing the Knee to a Stock or a



I 5 8



the Image or Stone, a Calf, an Ox 5 a Lion, nay as the IJraelites made at Figure of a Calf, fuph Mount Sinaii and fay, Thefe be thy Gods, O Ifrael,

who brought

themfelves that they worfhip d the true God and no and Appearances which other, under the Figures
to reprefent him, it was eafy after that they made to worfhip any thing for the true God j and thus in a few Ages they worfhip d nothing but Idols, even throughout the whole World 5 nor has the Devil loft this hold in fome Parts of the World, Parts of the World to this Dayj nay not in moft dill all the Eaftern Parts ot Afea, and the He holds Southern Parts of Africa, and the Northern Parts of Europe, and in them the vaft Countries of China


tbce out of the Land of Egypt. thus, I fay, brought them to fatisfy

and India, Guinea^ Ethiopia, Zanquebar, Congo, Angola, Monomotapa, &c. in all which, except Ethiopia^ we find no Veftiges of but that of Idols, Monfters, any other worfhip and even the Devil himfelf 5 till after the very coming of our Saviour, and even then, if it be true that the Gofpel was preach d in the Indies and China by St. ffomas, and in other remote Countries by other of the Apoftles 5 we fee that whatever Ground Satan loft, he feems to have recovered it again j and all AJia and Africa is at prefent overrun with Paganifm or Mahometanifm, which I think of the two is rather the worft y Befides all America, a Part of the World, as

and fartary.



the Devil

Bignefs to all the other, in which never interrupted from its firft being inhabited, whenever it was, to the firft Difcovery of it by the European Nations in
fay, equal


Kingdom was

the (ixteenth Century. In a Word, the Devil got what we may call an entire Victory over Mankind, and drove the Worfhip of the true God, in a Manner quite


of the
in a



out of the World, forcing, as it were, his Maker new kind of Creation, the old one proving thus ineffe&ual to recover a certain Number by Force and meer Omnipotence to return to their Duty, ferve him and worfhip him 5 But of that

Of God s


calling a Church out of the midjl a degenerate World, and of Satan s new of Meafures upon that Incident : How he attack d them immediately* and his Suecefs in thofe Attacks.

SAtan Chapter, made,

having, as I have faid in the preceding as it were, a full Conqueft of Mankind, debauch d them all to Idolatry, and brought them at lead to worfhipingthe true God by the wretched Medium of corrupt and idola
trous Reprefentations God feem d to have no true Servants or Worfhippers left in the World,


if I may be allow d to fpeak fo, was oblig d, in order to reftore the World to their Senfes again, to call a felect Number out from the reft,

he himfelf undertook iTiould own his Godhead or fupreme Authority, and worfhip him as he requir d to be worfhip dj this, I fay, God was oblig d to do, becaufe tis evident it has not been done fo much by the Choice and Council of Men, for Satan would have over-ruVd that Part 9 as by the Power and Energy of fome irrefiftible and invincible Operation, and this our Divines give high Names to 3 but be it what they will, it is the fecond Defeat or Difappointment that the Devil





he met with

I have

World j

in his Progrefs in the

fpoken of already. It is true, Satan very well underftood what was threatn d to him in the original Promiic to


immediately after the Fall, namely,

tboujhalt bruife his Head, Sec. but he did riot ex pect it fo fuddenly, but thought bimfelf fure of
till the Fullnefs of Time when the Meffiah fhould comej and therefore it was a great Surprize to him, to fee that Abraham being call d was fo immediately received and eilablifh d, tho* he did not fo immediately follow the Voice that directed him, yet in him, in his Loins was all God s Church at that time contained. In the calling Abraham, it is eafy to fee that there was no other way for God to form a Church, that is to fay, to fingle out a People to himfelf, as the World was then dated, but by immediate Revelation and a Voice from Heaven All Mankind were gone over to the Enemy, ovefwhelm d in Idolatry, in a Word, were d



to the Devil-, God Almighty, or as the Scrip ture diftinguifhes \nm,the Lord, the true GOD, was out of the Queflion ; Mankind knew little or


nothing of him, much lefs did they know any thing of his Worfhip, or that there was fuch a Being in the World. Well might it be faid the Lord appeared to Abraham, 6en. xii. 7. for if God had not appear d himlelf, he muft have fent a Meflenger from Heaven, and perhaps it was fo too, for he had not one true Servant or Worihiper that we know of then on Earth, to fend on that Errand j no Prophet, no Preacher of Righteoufnefs, Noah was dead, and had been fo above feventeen Year j and if he had not, his preaching, as I obferved after his great Mifcarriage, had but little Effet } we are indeed told, that Noah left behind him

of the





to give an Account of But to leave that Fiflion, and

me look upon thofe Laws call d the Pre of Noab to be a modern cepts Invention, as I do alib the Alphabetttm Noachl^ which Eocbart pretends

neither any Letters, much lefs Writing were known in the World, is a Difficulty which Remains to be folv dj and this


certain Rules and Orders for the true Worfhip of GOD, which were call d the Precepts of Noah, and remain d in the World for a Times tho*



come back


AbrahamiGod call

d him, whether at


without any Vifion, whether in a Dream or Night which was very Significant in thofe Days, or whether by forne awful Appearance, we

by Voice

the fecoiid

the Promife of it for him fuch a Faith that the Devil foon found there was no room for him to meddle with Abraham. This is

Land of Canaan, gave him

Be it which Way prefsly GOD appeared to him it will, GOD himfelf call d him, fhew d him the



indeed faid ex-

Pofterity, and withal gave

do not read that the Devil ever fo -much as fome will fuggeft that attempted Abrahams.








Ifaac, was a Temptation iible to defeat the glorious


go and offer up his of the Devil, if po fWork of GOD S call

ing a holy Seed into the World; for the /fry? if Abraham had difobey d that Call, the new Fa vourite had been overcome and made a Rebel of or fecondly, if he had obeyed, then the promised Seed had been cutoff, and Abraham defeated but
himfelf propofed it to Abraham, I {hall not ftart the Suggeftions of the Criticks, in Bar of the facred Oracle. Be it one way or other, Abraham fhew d a Hero-like Faith and Courage, and if the Devil had been the Author of it, he had feen himfelf
as the




exprefs that






difappointed in both his Views (i.)by Abraham s ready and bold Compliance, as believing it to be GOD S Command 5 and (i.) by the divine Coun termand of the Execution, juft as the fatal Knife

was lifted up. But if the Devil


Abraham, and made no

attack upon him, feeing him invulnerable, he made himfelf amends upon the other Branch of his Fa who, not wit (land mily, his poor Nephew LOT was fo immediately under the particular ing he Care of Heaven, as that the Angel who was fent to deftroy Sodom^ could do nothing till he was

out of it and who, tho after he had left Zoar, and was retir d into a Cave to dwell, yet thefubtle Devil found him out, deluded his two Daughters, took an Advantage of the Fright they had been in about Sodom and Gomorrah^ made them be lieve the whole World was burnt too, as well as thofe Cities, and that in fhort, they could never have any Husbands, 6cc. and fo in their abundant Concern to repeople the World, and that the Race of Mankind might not be deftroyed, they go and lie with their own Father-, the


telling them doubtleis toxicating his Head with

how to do it, by in Wine 5 in all which

Story, whether they were not as drunk as their Father, feems to be a Queition, or elfe they could not have fuppofed all the Men in the Earth were confum d, when they knew that the little City

Zoar had been preferv d for their Sakes. This now was the third Conqueil Satan obtain d by the Guft of humane Appetite that is to fay, once by Eating and twice by Drinking, or Drunkennefs, and {till the laft was the worft and moft fhameful for Lot^ however his Daughters manag d him, could not pretend he did not underfland what the Strength of Wine was 5 and one would have thought after fo terrible a Judg ment
> >

of the


as that of Sodom was, which was, as we may executed before his Face, his Thoughts fay, fhould have been too folemnly engag d in praifing God for fparing his Life, to be made drunk, and that two Nights together. But the Devil pJay d his Game fure, he fet his two Daughters to work, and as the Devil s Inftruments feldom fail, fo he fecur d his by that hellifh Stratagem of deluding the Daughters, to think all the World was confum d but they two and their Father To be fure the old Man could

was fo fufpecl: that his Daughters Defign wicked as indeed it was, or that they intended to

debauch him with Wine, and make him drink till he knew not what he did. Now the Devil having carried his Game here, gain d a great Point ; for as there were but two re whence ligious Families in the World before, from a twofold Generation might be fuppoled to rife
that of
religious and righteous like their Parents, (viz.) Abraham and this of Lot ; this Crime

ruin d the

more be


Hopes of one of them it could no that juvt Lot was in Being, who

vex d his righteous Soul from Day to Day with the wicked Behaviour of the People of Sodom $ righteous Lot was degenerated into drunken inceituous Lot) LOT fallen from what he was, to be a wicked and unrighteous Man 9 no pattern of Virtue, no Reprover of the Age, but a poor fal

len Degenerate Patriarch, who could now no more reprove or exhort, but look down and be


d, and nothing to do but to repent fee the poor mean Excufes of all the three.




The Serpent beguiled me^ and I did eat. My Grand/on beguiFd m^ or the lays, Wind beguird me^ and I did drink.




we never nor have we much of any of their Repentance. It is Noah was filenc d. and as to themfelves. you never hear one Word more of either of them after it 3 as for Mankind. or of any Thing the Face to offer to them 3 The Devil always builds a Abraham indeed went off the Stage free. obfervable. But it could not be long that the Devil lay idle j as foon as God call d himfelf a People. &amp. but he was bufy enough dren for Example. fo the like may be faid of Lot . HISTORY I aJfo Lot My Daughters beguff d me^ and did drink. c c Wherever God fets up aHoufe of Prayer. Reafon to believe they did repent. we do not fo much as read of any failing the &quot. both wereuferead lefs to them. he ploy d as he indeed but little to do. He fent Judah to his Sheep -{hearing. lull d alleep under the Witch craft of Idolatry. and in fhort. ture . and are fo ftill. of both his Birthright and his Blefwith all his Chil fing.Devil had ever they had. From this Attack of the Devil upon Lot^ we hear no more of the Devil being fo bufily em had been before in the World. if you will excufe him for beguiling his Brother Efau. and fo did Ifaac too.i6 4 The fays. they were a Kind of firft Rate Saints . or with Jacob either. and in the Po(placed a Whore (famar) in his Way. that as I faid above. and his Preaching at an End.^ after that one Action. for all the reft of the had World was his own. the Devil could not be at Reft till he attacked them. Chapel there.

of the cefr. We muft fairs in a now confider the Devil and his Af the quite differing Situation: When World firil appeared peopled by the creating Power of God. to their Father. Ball. gave them as good Inftru&ion as the Circumitances of his wandring Condition would allow him to do. after fo good an Introduction into the World as they all of them had. to make the believe Jofefh was kill d by a s He fent Potiphar Wife to attack Jofeph s Chaftity. he debauch d the whole Race. He fent Dinah to the their Matter. he had only Adam and Eve to take care of. In a Word. fo both together. to be fure 5 for Jacob^ no doubt. and then prompted them to Revenge. fet fall upon poor murther him intentionally. &c. and filFd her with Rage at the Difappointment. and I think he ply d his Time with them to purpofe enough : M After the Deluge he ha4 5 Noah . fo wicked and fo notorious. to Sichemite Ladies. the Party. and play the dance with the Whore with He He enrag d Simeon and Levi^ at the fuppofed Injury. for which their Father heartily curfed them. He taught Jofeph to fwear by the Life of Pha* roab. ex cept Benjamin^ and never Man had fuch a Set of Sons. He made them {hew and tell a lie poor old Man Lion. Hefent inceftuous Reubenio lie with his Father and Whoredom Concubine Billah.coloured Coat. DEVIL. Jofeph^ and then actually fell him to the Midia- them all together to fir ft to nites. made him commit 165 Ins ture of Temptation.

The Egyptians were plagued even without his Help. portunity to draw them into fome Snare or another. and that therefore it was his Bufinefsnot to be out of the Way. and be at Hand up on all the wicked Occafions that might offer. taking them as a . and God feeming to fhew a particular Concern for them. how Times he conquered them in their Journey. and look on for fome Time.Body politic j and we find they came into his Snare one Man but Now. but depended up going dry on having them all cut in Pieces the next Morn ing . nor could he make a few Lice. However. nay. he prepared to at tend them. and where he tent Pharoah and his Army to block them up between the Mountains of Piahiroth and the Red Sea j but there indeed Satan was outwitted by Mofes. yet he durfl not meddle . At the Building of Babel he guided them by their acting all in a Body as one Man 3 fo that in fhort he managed them with eafe. Hand at a Di (lance. the lead and meancil of the Armies of Infects raifed to afflict the Egyptians. Firft he put them in a fright at Baal-Zephon^ where he thought he had drawn them into a Noofe. the Devil was obliged to new Meafures. {hall fee prefently. and that he fhould not fail to have an Op as &amp. and he quickly conquer d him by the Inftigation of his Grand/on.166 The HISTORY Noah only to pitch upon. as if he had been fully fatisfied fuch Occafions would offer. but to be ready (as we fay) to make his Market of them in the befl Manner he could : How many we many Ways he attempted them. when he perceiv d that God refolved to bring the Ifraelites out. fo far as it appeared to be a humane flood and looked on. nor tho the cunning Artift. for he little thought of their footed thro* the Sea. the Children offfrael multi plying in the Land of their Bondage. as I (aid. to watch them.

knew no thing of the Matter. and Mofes leading his vaft Army in full March over the dry Space ^ nay even then tis very propable Satan did not know that if the Egyptians follow d them. by theWildernefs of Etan. or knows to Day what his Maker intends to do to Morrow j for had Satan known that God intended to Ford them over the Sea. Way^ or any Infight into Futurity j nay that he has not fo much as a fecond Sight. by fending out Pharoah and his Army time enough to have taken the Strand be fore them. and in all Probability have deftroy d them : But the blind fhort-figh ted Devil. flood ftill flattering himfelf with the Hopes of his Booty. or at lead he was auxiliary to Pharoah^ - M 4 it .of the DEVIL. where he would have purui d and harrafs d them with his Cavalry. that if he had. by the ing by the Egyptians 5 an that the Devil has no Knowledge of Events. 167 eminent Proof. was as much deceived as Pharoah himfelf. much lefs prompted Pha roah to follow the Chafe at fuch an Ex pence y fo that either he mufl be an ignorant unforefeeing Devil. the Sea would return upon and overwhelm them j for I can hardly think fo hard of the Devil himfelf. and the Revenge he fhould take upon them the next Morning j till he faw the frighted Waves in an Uproar. and fo have driven them to the Neof travelling on Foot round the North ceffity Point of that Sea. becaufe the Efcape of the Ifraetites was really a Triumph over himfelf 5 for the War was certainly his. perfectly in the Dark. I am enclin d alfo to the more charitable Opini on of Satan too. and unacquainted with Futurity. or a very ungrateful falfe Devil to his Friends the Egyptians. if he had not been able to have prevent ed the Miracle. he would certainly have prevent ed the Efcape. and to his utter Aftoniihment and Confufion faw the Paffage laid open. he would have fuffer d.

jio Re volutions 5 all the Red of Mankind lay ft ill under &amp. that the People went over or thro it. ?. ther. worfhip d every Idol he fee up. if he had But we fhall fee taken by the Devil in the and their forty Years ple tiernefsj and tho he was ful. quietly fubmitted to his Government. and in a Word. that you muft come to me for. To return therefore to M&fes and his dividing the Red Sea . It was in the Night they march d thro whether the Zfcw/faw it in the Dark or no. we do not find any extraordinary Things happen ing any where elfe in the World for above one thoufand five hundred Years. I will be the more lifefay. that s s pot my Bufincfi.. becaufe alfo. he had no Difficulty with any Body but the Jews. and cautioned them not to venture in after them. and he lay. no Variety. Murmurings and Wranglings God. the Devil behav d. and Mutinies againft poor Mofe^ agajnft yet the his Yoke. But . grace. tho would never have toge fuffer d the Dif- known it beforehand that is to he could not have prevented the Efcape of Ifrael) or the dividing the Water. and for this Reafon. this Part of his inftru&ing. that we have the facred but ful and Story how Hiftory at leaft not in Print. or I know not where you will find a true Accobnt of it. did jufl as he bad yet he might have wairn d the Egyptians.168 it The a HISTORY over Hell and was Victory Egypt -&amp. and wheedled them miferable a great many weak Affair of this Wandring in Steps very Peo in the Wilfuccefs- fome things into many foolifh and Devil was oftentimes baulk d and difappointed and tis for this Reafon that I choofe to finifh the firft Part of his Hiftory with the Relation particular of his Behaviour among the Jews.

into Snare or other to their Hurt 5 at another fpme time. like a Monkey that has done Milchief. Wo fee them is It triumphing on the other Side in Safety. fo as we cannot queftion the Truth of it j the Na ture of the Thing will tell us it was a Difappointment to the Devil. a great Di appointment to the Devil to mifs of his Prey. the Prey being thus fnatch d Tis true the out of their Hands unexpe&edly. when he had Day-Light and view d the next Day s Work. true. 3 .. and who making his own Efcape fits and chatters at a Diftance. but was not what he aim d at 5 for he was fure his enough of them - juft at that Tiwe^ yet and if it was not he knew what and who they were y but as he had devour d the whole Jfraelttijh Hoft in his Imagination.of the ut DEVIL. no doubt. and found out. that Egyptians Holt was lent to him in their Room. and to &amp. while at the fame time he is carrying on his fecret Defigns to draw the People he pretends to manage. for it. that I think this Part of the Devil s Story very entertaining. to offer ftrange Fire. as if he had triump d in what he had done 5 fo Satan. I cannot but obferve here. them to (et in to worfhip a Calf. own Way. tho the Comparifon is a little too low for his Dignity. men and Children j it was. for Hiilorians are generally backward to own Misfortunes $ but as we have an Account of the Fa6b from other Hands. Satan s Annals do not mention this all Defeat. and a very great one too. I make no Queftion but all Hell felt the Surprife. and the like j and fo to bring up the Divine Vengeance upon themfelvcs 3 leaving a when he had drawn regifter their &amp. to the Tune of at leaft a Million and a half of Souls ber caufe of the great Variety of Incidents which ap in every Part of it fometimes he is like a pear hunted Fox. curvetting and counter-running to avoid his being purfued&quot.

Nor was this all. nay. kept at a Diftancc. His indefatigable Vigilance is. conquering and conquered. but in lefs than one Year more we find them. and againft. thought of nothing but Conqueft at Piahiroth. on the other hand. tho the Triumph of the Ifraelites over the Egyptians muft needs be a great Morti fication to the Devil. as well as an improving View to us no (boner is he routed and cxpos d. but not overcome. warily defends himfelf. yet the Confequence was only this. he ftraitens them for Water. and many a vile Prank he plaid them there as and reinforces his Army. and.Mofes^ within a very few Days. redoubles his Rage. that Satan^ like an Enemy who is baulk d and defeated. viz. I fay. of which he expected a compleat Victory for doubtlefs the Devil and the King of Mgypt too. being defeated. till at laft he receives a total De feat 9 of which you fhall hear in its place In the : mean Red time. of their great Deliverance of all. he begins another. and the like 5 as the feveral Stories relate. and boldly attacks his Ene my at the fame time. defeated and difappointed in one Enterprise. and exafperated him very much. like a cunning 7o The HIS TORY i them in their Diftrefs. and what the Egyptians could not do for him. and provok d. but &amp. inilead &amp. he refolves to do for him felf 5 in order then to take his Opportunity for what Mifchief might offer. (at his Inftigation too) fetting up 4 a golden . up and down. at the Slur that was put upon him. let us take up his Story again at the Sea 9 where he receiv d a great Blow. he refolves to follow them into the Wildernefs. as he look d on with Satisfaction to fee them Burnt* fwallow d up. fwept away. Hours. Thus we fee him. However. them murmur againft GOD. a ufeful Caveat. and makes & thro this whole Part of his Story.

that God had deftroyed Mofes . it s true. pufh d the Advantage. and for them 5 I be imfay. in themfelves foolifh &amp. or he was ftarved to Death for want of Food. and had not been feen in forty Days. what could be too grofs for the Devil to perfuade them to? A People who could dance round a Calf. that this was the Great JE HOVAH. and he had hid himfelf in the Mount. who ufed to be their Guide. having been forty Days and forty Nights abfent. and infinuated that they (hould never fee Mofes again. fo they might have concluded he was able to fupport his Being without Food as long as he thought fit $ All thefe were. might do any things that could fay to one another. and that within fo few Days after God s miraculous Appearance to them. moft was ad Suggeftions. to turn them all back to Idolatry ! but the watchful Devil took the Hint. that brought them out of the Land of Egypt . that he was certainly devour d by venturing too near the Flafhes of Fire in the Mount. nothing but that they had loft Mofes. confidering Mofes mitted to the Vifion of God. This put them all into Confufion $ a poor Pre tence indeed. and call it their God. but to a People fo eafy to believe any and prefuming upon the Liberty he had taken before j in a word. fuch a People were really fitted to pofed .of a golden Calf^ and t^ DEVIL: 171 making all the People dance about it at Mount Sinai $ even when God himfelf had but juft before appear d to them in the Ter rors of a burning Fire upon the Top of the Mountain j and what was the Pretence ? Truly. fo that they could not tell what was become of him. and that God had been pleafed to appear to him in the moft inti mate manner that as they might depend God would not deftroy his faithful Servant.

and / / came out ! ! ! tbis Calf. &c. Ridiculous ! as if the Calf came out : by meer fortuitous Adventure.The H I S TORY too grofs for pofed upon. Story equally furpriting. This was indeed his firft confiderable ment upon them as a People . nothing could be them. Mofes would certainly have known of it j had Aaron been innocent. without a Mould And to caft it in j which could not be fuppofed if it had not come out ib without a Mould. indeed^ and I caft the Gold into the Fire.) how monftrous it And fee what an Anlwer he gives to his Bro I did fo and ther Mofes . that they forced him to make them . tor rather ) upon above all the reft. the Devil s whole Hiilory does not furnifh us with ! Mount Sinai : To 3. (for tis was plain that he made it. and told Mofes honeftly that the whole Body of the People came to him in a Fright. and juft after their very Face at It was more aftonifhing in the main Deliverance than even their paffing the Red Sea : In a Word. Experi Body y and - for &atanj moil of his Mankind. and with making the Idol for them too. he that was fingled out for the facred Priefthood. or a the Truth is. fhould come into this abfurd And how was poor Aaron that He was A/0/w s and ridiculous Propofal. how weak how fimple the Ear-rings. could hardly doubt of Attempts upon Succefs in any thing after he had carried his Point in bring them to Idolatry in the of their Deliverer. he would have anfwered after quite another manner. for him to defile his holy Hands with a polluted abominable Sacrifice. \ bad them bring fe. his Affairs required \vho had been a Succefsful Devil as it. and that was and Oracle. bewilder d in it too ? Partner in all the great Things that Mofes did in Pharaoh s Sight. that he. or Ora appointed to be his Affiftant all public Ocean* ons .

he deceives all our Senies. takes the Advantage of it. and impofes upon us in Things which otherwife would be the caueft to difcern and judge one weak place or other. if he cou d bring up the Paffions of the People to a Height to be rude and -. an Idol $ which he did. And . and he does prevail $ but tis all Legerdemain^ tis all Craft and Artifice. unmannerly to him (Aaron) and perhaps to threat en and infult him. perhaps they threatned to kill him . he had faid nothing but what was certainly true$ for the People into threaten and bully enough the old venerable Prophet (for he was not yet a Prieft) who was the Brother of their Oracle Moif it in and the People terrified was Satan s Power to make folent and outrageous feS) and had been Partner with him in fo many of his Commiffions I fay. and then taking the pro per Metal to caft it from That indeed he had : finn d in fo doing. how fecurely he ac~b ! he never wants a handle 5 the beft of Men have to GOD. he may be eafily iiippos d to be able to intimidate Aaron^ and terrify him into a Compliance. and conquers them by one Artifice or another 5 only take it with you as you go. that the Dwil prompting his Fear beguiPd him.173 of the DEVIL. and if he had added. but that he it. the Calumniator and Deceiver. the Mifreprefenter $ he mifre: prefents Man alfo of. he is ftill ArajBoXn. that is. and mifreprefents GOD to he mifreprefents Things i he puts falfe Man\ Colours. and he always finds it out. See this cunning Agent. was mobb d into him. and then manages the Eye to fee them with an irnperfec~b View. by making firft a pro per Mould to caft it in. when he has Man s Deftruciion in his View. raifing Clouds and Fogs to intercept our Sight 5 in fhort. tis always by Stratagem^ never by Force $ a Proof that he is not empower d to ufe Violence He may tempt.

of it 5 for by laid way than he would have done by Fury if he had been allowed to make ufe his Power indeed he might have the World defolate. to fall down and worfhip him I fay. as I have faid. and that not a few: But this was none of Satan s Bufinefs. or elfe carried all before him. as he aim ed to have it. not fend them away to him 5 and therefore he works by Stratagem. for by deflroying Men he would have made Martyrs. We are now come to his Story. and fent abundance of good to Heaven. which was ftill worfe3 having a View .gt. not Saints . and. his Defign lies quite another Way&amp. not to make them fuffer-y to make Devils of them. and made a Heap of &amp. with Mankind either in their feparate Condition. than yielded to ferve him. as it relates to the Jewijh Church in the Wildernefs.engroffing whole Nations in hisSyftems of Idolatry. to The let HISTORY s This indeed thod all is in part the Benefit of the Devil us fee that he has ufed the fame Me alfo y and that ever fince he has had to do with Mankind. Men & /. and. as I have obferved long ago that would not have anfwered his Ends before. not by Force. taken out of his Go vernment. and draw them away from their Maker. hisBufinefsis to make Meny#. But having now a whole People as it were fnatch d away from him. Rubbifh of it but. he dealt &amp. and to the Children of Ifrael in their travelling Circumftances 3 and this was the firft Scene of publick Ma nagement that the Devil had upon his Hands in the World for.174 and overwhelming them in an ignorant Definition. to delude them. half fo well. he has pra&is d any thing along upon them with Stratagem and Cunning tis j obfervable that he has carried his Point bet ter that and Violence. who would much rather have died. he would have made Martyrs. one by one. // now.

gt. nothing but the Covenant of Circumcifion. we fhall fee to have a Million of People fetch d out of his Hands. be wondred at if he endeavour d to overthrow them in the Infancy of their Conftitution. and tried all poffible Arts to bring them back into View of his own Hands again.of the DEVIL. Bondage. we know not 5 thePafFover was not ordain d till juft at their coming away j fo that there was not much Religion among them. that he might be provok d to deftroy obey GOD. But. furrounded with Idols. this allarm d him at once. and that Satan faw evidently God had fingled them out in a miraculous manner to favour them. and how. or in what He perform d their Homage. 175 a Kingdom being fet up independent of and fuperior to his Authority. lay dole Siege to them. or if they did worfhip the true God. we fcarce know in what manner they did it y they had no Law given them. and even Mod that. them and how near he went to bring it to pafs. and take all the Meafures and difpoffible to bring them to rebel againfl. no Feafts were ordain d. flow. at leaft that we have any Account of and we may fuppofe the Devil was pretty eafy with them all the while they were in theHoufe of their &amp. and call them his own . no folemn Wor manner they fhip appointed. &amp. and to have the immediate Power of Heaven engaged in it. found them not only carried away from the Country where they were even in his Clutches. This . as it were all at once. and therefore he refolves to follow them. and where we have Reafon to believe the greater! part of them were pol luted with the Idolatry of the Egyptians \ for we do not read of any ftated Worfhip which they had of their own. it is not to him. till he was fes himfelf had not ftrictly obferv read of no Sacrifices among frighted into it 3 we them.

not in the Jetting but in the manner of their But this was the DeviFs Way with Mankind. the eafier to make them Offenders. would be d by dancing round a Calf! and that not worfhip a living Creature. where they flood.I 76 The HISTORY up the Calf only. but the mere Image of a Calf caft in Gold. whofe Glory they had feen in Mount Sinai. to obferve how the Devil not only impofed upon their Principles. all it was much In this very manner he a&ed with them thro the Courfe of their Wildernefs Travels 5 for as they were led by the Hand like Children. and paying an idolatrous Worfhip to it (for they afted the Heathens and Worshiping. but by acting the greater! Ab furdities. de fended by Omnipotence. or a real Calf. and whofe Pillar of Cloud and Fire was their Guide and Prote&ion. and I doubt not. or. the Devil brought them to be guilty of. one would think twas impoffible they fhould be ever brought to queftion either his Willingnefs or his Ability. viz. fed by Miracles. but upon their Senfes too 3 as if the awful Majefty of Hea ven. in a manner: i. inflrufted immediately from Heaven. Idolaters. and committing the grcateft Follies in Nature j and even thefe. to impofe upon their Senfes. 5 namely. in Brafs gilded over. having firft made them Fools. and bring them into the grofleft Follies and Abfurdities and then. and fupply d them in every Want. This making a Calf. As in every Exigence. Dancing and Mufick^ Things they had not beenacquainted with in the Worihip of the true God) I mention here. as fome think. and yet they really objected againft both j which was indeed very provoking. and in all things had Mofes for their Guide 3 they had no room to mifcarry. that when the Devil had brought them to aft GOD furprifing himfelf reliev d them m .

gt. now for Water. &amp. nor their Shoes grow old upon their Feet out. and in what a rude. the Seeds of Church-Rebellion in the Sons of Aaron^ and made Nadab and Abihu offer ftrange Fire till they were flrangely confumed by Fire for the doing it. He N . they mur mured at their Bread when they had it 5 Our Soul I oaths this light He fow d Bread. fent. the Fowls to feed them with Flefh. none were Miracles their clothes did not wear lick among them. and a for Flefti at the firft three lufting Days Journey from Mount Sinai. Bread from the mifej fo that in fhort. for all their CarcafTes fell in the Wildernefs. were niable 5 he gave them Water from the Rock. then for Bread j nay. could any thing be more abfurd. he really hoped and believed God would be provok d effectually The Teftimonies of his Care of them. abfurd Manner they acted 3 how he fee them upon murmuring upon every Occafion. fet He He planted Envy in the Hearts of Miriam and Aaron. Satan gained his Point as to that Generation. till he humbled the Father. them a complaining at Taberah. than to doubt whether he could provide for them who had ne ver let them want for fo many Years ? But the Devil managed them in fpight of Mi racles j nor did he ever give them over till he had brought fix hundred thoufand of them to pro voke God fo highly that he would not fuffer above two of them to go into the Land of Pro&amp. and fupported them all the Way by their Health was preferv d. Let us take but a fhort Viewto what a Height he brought em.of tfo in fuch DEVIL: 177 : a prepofterous Manner. againft the Authority of Mofes^ to pre tend GOD had fpoke by them as well as by him. and made a Leper of the Daughter. and Abi miraculous and unde lity to fupply them.

and ruffled the Temper of the meekeft Man upon Earth. He tried to make Baalim the Prophet curfe them. in the Cafe of the Wickednefs of the Men of Gibeah. not effectually to drive out the curfed Inhabitants of the Land of Promife. four hundred Men excepted in the Rock Rimmon. till at laft they often opd them for their Idolatry j and. which was prefs worfe. till he brought them to be fwallowed up alive.z. and be ihut out from the Holy Land. that they might remain. to Goads . He prompted the Benjamites to refufe Satisfac tion to the People. and call upon Samuel 2. and be in their Sides. At laft he tempted them to rejecl: the The ocracy of their Maker. for which fix hundred thoufond of their Carcafles fell in the Wildernefs. He rais d a Mutiny among them when they travelled from Mount Hor^ till they brought fiery Serpents among them to deftroy them. to the Deilrudion of the whole Tribe. he brought the Midianites to debauch them with Women. 7s The HISTORY He debauched ten of the Spies. that he might take of the accurfed thing. by which he made both him and Aaron forfeit their Share of the Promife. but there the Devil was diiappointed However. debauched them to Idolatry. He put Mofes into a Paffion at Meribah. He tempted the whole People. and the Babyknijh Garment. and the two hundred and fifty Princes. frighted them with fham Appearances of Things. when they went out to fearch the Land j and made them fright the whole People out of their Underftanding as well as Duty. as in the Cafe of Zimri and : Casff. and be deftroy d. He rais d the Rebellion of Korah. He tempted Jlcban with the Wedge of Gold.

that Hands of the to carry the it Ark of into the might fall tempted Uzzi to reach out his Hand to up as if he that had preferved it in the Houfe of Dagon the Idol of the Pbiliftines^ couldv not keep it from falling out of the Cart. as you {hall hear in their Thus he plagued ple continually. and betray his own happy Secret to a both Whore. in the very Doors of the by the Vengeance of their Maker. He tempted Sampfon to debauch himfelf with a Harlot. to ruin themfeives or had delivered. and made the Children of Ifraei go a whoring (that is. to the confuming fome Millions of them. andieveralof the fudges. yet ^ere drawn into fnares by this fubnl Serpent. As he did with the whole or not fufficiently reprove them. When the People had gotten a King. E V I L. He tempted the People God into the Camp. at the Expence Eyes. and at laft of his Life. a He worihiping) after ir. N * He . he im hold it &amp. 179 make them a King and moft of thofe King3 he made Plagues and Sorrows to them in their time. who were made Inlfouments to deliver the Peo ple. &amp. He Pbiliftines.of the to D &amp. And mediately that fet to King to load work in diverle Ways to bring them with Plagues and Cala mities not a few. Body of the Peo fin againft making them He tempted Eli s Sons to lie with the Women. fir It and laft. con Law of the Tabernacle. the People they trary to the tempted Gideon to make an Ephod. the whole Order. and bring Judgments upon themfelves.f his&quot. when they came to bring their Offerings to the Prieft 5 and he tempted poor Eli to connive at them. fo he did with their Rulers.

After Saul was dead. and with a Spirit of Envy at poor David^ to hunt him like a Partridge upon the Mountains. either for Sin againfl God. attacked him fo many Ways. he tempted him to kill himfelf. He made him diilruft his Benefactor fo much as to feign himfelf mad before the King of Gath y that as &amp. fo hardly was ever a vvorfe Man in many any good King Cafes one would have almoft thought the Devil had made Sport with David^ to fhew how eafily he could overthrow the belt Man God could choofe of the whole Congregation. or Di (grace among Men.I8o The HISTORY tie tempted Saul to (pare the King of Amacontrary to God s exprefs Command. by which he was left to way ward Difpoiitions. and David came to the Throne. After that. no Man when he had fled to him Z for Shelter. tho fome Ages after that. he made it a Fafhion among the Romans. and was forced to have it fiddl d out of him with a Minftrel.. the Devil fell upon him with the more Vigour. as being taken Prifoner by a Philiftine ! A Piece of Madnefs none but the Devil could have brought Mankind to fubmit to. and fent him to a Witch to enquire of Samuel for him . He tempted Saul with a Spirit of Divination. and conquered him fo very often. that had forfaken him when he was alive. as if God would help him when he was dead. He . He not tempted Saul only. but poflefled him with an evil by how much he was a Man chofen and particularly favoured by Heaven. on a Pretence that he might not fall into the Hands of the Uncircumcifed 5 as if Self-Murther was not half fo bad. was fo good a King. He tempted Saul with a Spirit of Difcontent.

He made him march with his 181 four hundred only becaufe he would not fend him Chear he had provided for his honeil the good Sheep-fh carers. Then he tempted him to the ridiculous Pro tho agaimt God s ject of numbring the People. And to make him compleatly wicked.of the DEVIL. was very loth To break his Word. Adultery. in his Children. give Ziba half his Mailer s Eftate for his Treachery. David s Repentance for the kit Sin kept the Devil off for a while) when he could attack him no perfonally he fell upon him in his Fa and made him as miferable as he could defire him to be. and betray d in which poor Mephibojhetb for the fake of it &amp. Command 3 a Thing Joab himfelf was not exprefs wicked enough to do. for j End of her we (poor Girl!) never hear any more of N 5 Then . and fhew d him a naked Lady bathing her felf in her Garden. in which it appear d that the Devil knew David too well. three of whom he to Deftruftion before his Face. He made him. it feems. to cut off poor Nabal. till David and the Devil forc d him to it. he car ried him to the Top of his Houfe. that he might not (tho quite give him over. after he knew he had been the Traitor.. c 4 The good old King. he tempted Ammon an to raviih his Sifter Tamar her. and what was the particular Sin of his Inclination and fo took him by the Right Handle 9 drawing him at once into the Sins oMurtber and &amp. and therefore broke his Oath. for his Word s fake. fo. farther Firir. Then. and all hi^s Houfhold. and ano brought ther after his Death. there was as to this World.

in to murther his Bro Revenge for Tamar s Maiden dy. to lie with his Father s Wives. Slaughters and Defolation. (weak Man s ! ) to the Block. in the Face of the whole City and had AcbitopbeTs honeft Council been follow d. to a contemptible Block of Wood. railing War againft. the ten Tribes as well brought as the two Tribes till at laft God. and the few that were left of them. yetfo did his Ar among* Then he tempted Abfalom ther Amnon^ head. that. himfelf was to unchurch them. and efpecially as a Church j till at lad he fo effectually debauch d them to Idolatry j that Crime which of all others was moft provoking to GOD. own Game. long before his timeBut there Satan and Achitophel were both out witted together. he tempted him to Rebellion. contrary to Then he made Joab run Avfalom thro the Bo David s Command. He tempted him. firft or laft. Thro all the Reigns of the feveral SucceMbrs of David) the Devil took care to carry on his &amp. their after incredible Enemies. As and to Abfalom. And after David s Death he brought Adonija. for ufurping King Solomon Throne. fures to the continual infulttng the Mea- which God himfelf had taken for the eftablifhing his People in the World. and aim oft out of the Kingdom. he them all into it. gave them up to provoked brutilh foever it was in] it as it was carrying the People away from their Allegiance. or an Image of a brute Beaft and this how fordid and for David s farther Mortifica tion. he had certainly fcnt him to Sleep with his Fathers. his Father. to the turn ing him fhamefully out of Jerufakw. tifice prevail &amp. and tranfpofing the Homage they ow d God their Ma ker. were hurried .

he drew him into fuch im moderate and infatiable an Appetite for Women. that. when they might have come. namely. of that few that were carried away. Ladies of Quality : the Grand Seigniors. as Pharaoh s Daughter. in the middle of all this. &amp. God King s Daughters. bring whoring to much into Reputation.j that is to feven hundred of them were Princefles. but continued there to See Epiftles of the very coming of the Meflrah. as the Text fays.183 of the D E V I L. Firft. But to look a little back upon this Part ( for it cannot be omitted. would not accept of it. it ieems. as to fet up the St. Peter^ at the Beginning. or pretended to before nay. and for the making the moft glorious and magnificent Appearance for God s Worfhip that ever the World faw I fay. fome into fariafy^ and Babylon^ from whence very few. i Kings all xi. &amp. and to s &amp. as to their Nation . were Women of Not as Rank. and perhaps the greateft Se raglio of Whores that ever any Prince in the World had. (for he began immediately with the very he drew in King Sobefl and wifeft of the Race) in the mid ft of all his Zeal for the build lomon. ing God s Houfe. i . it makes fo confiderable a Part of the Devil s Hiftory) I mean his drawing . into all the Sins and Mifchiefs which gradually contributed to their Deftruchon. as well as Number) fo he Nor was this N 4 cnfnar d . James and of St. and Great Moguls. Kings and all. but as he drew him into the Love of thefe forbidden Women (for fuch they were. others into hurried away. to pick up their moft beauti ful Slaves j but thefe. Hitamong the Moabites^ tites^ dec. and the Daughters of the Princes and prime Men -Ammonites^ Zidonians. ever found their Way Home again 5 and fome. (other Princes of the Eaftern World ) have fince pra&ifed.

I\K Old Serpent. and had ripened up the Peo Well might the ples Humour to the Occafion : &amp. As to Solomon^ Satan had made Conqueft enough there.1 84 The HISTORY enfnar d him by thofe Women to a Familiarity with their Worihip. call j it liftening it to the Council of the young a a&amp. nor the Whores themfelves.) yet GOD did not appoint him to fet up the two Calves in himfelf. of ten Tribes. and to fuch MeanneiTes 5 no. : Text Heads thofe id!. had not the Devil prompted his Pride and tyrannical Humour. whom by the In- he had abhorr d and detelted in his for Youth. faking So far - Jeroboam for the Text Perfon of GOD fays of might appoint Jeroboam to be King. without the Devil to help who for was indeed with Heads too were young that Vengeance but by an old ! t&amp. as I have obferv d. . he would never have given the People fuch an Anfwer as he did and when he faw a Fellow at the Head of them too whom he knew wanted and waited for an Occafion to raife a Rebellion. revolts.(that is to fay. as dishonouring that God and for whofe Worlhip he had finiih d whom.e- his Craft is called. and by degrees brought that famous Prince (famous for his Wifdom) to be the and mohSimpos d-upon old Fool in the freateft V^orld t icing y Bowing down to thofe Idols of hjs Whores. without the Aflifhmce of his Whores. and dedicated the moil magnificent Building and Temple in the World Nothing but tl^ffincible Subtlety of this Arch Devil could ever have brought fuch a Man as Solomon to fuch a Dege neracy of Manners. was in the Perfon of his Son Rehoboam .gt. we need hear no more of him 3 the next Advance he made. This Thing is But tho GOD the . God had directed him y in the firft exprefly. not the Devil himfelf. Having thus pav d the Way.

gt. the Land. not with them only. but with us alfo. we need not trace him among his SuccefTors for the fame Reafon of State that held for thefetting up the Calves at Bethel and Dan^ held good for : &amp. and be fo well fatisfied with a couple of Calves. and ever flnce. And this is Satan s general Way of work ing. to all Jeroboam s Pofterity j nor had they one good King ever after even who call d his Friends to come and fee his JehU) Zeal for the Lord^ and who fulfill d the Threatnings of God upon Ahab and his Family. even then. nothing could have been more to the Purpofe what Reafon he had to expec~b the People would fo univerfally come into it. viz. When he had thus fecur d Jeroboam s Revolt.01 what Arts and Management he (Satan) made ufe of afterwards. in is 5 Jeroboam s own doing. even from their firft breaking away from the Egyptian Bondage 5 fo that he had nothing to do but to work upon the old Stock. This was indeed a Mafter-piece of the Devil s Policy. inftead of the true Worfhip of GOD at JeriffaIem-. Jeroboam made Ifraelto fin. to bring the People in. the keeping them up. that we find but little of in all the Annals of not Tis certain the Devil is it much to the Cafe found a flrange kind of Propenfity to worfhiping Idols rooted in the Temper of that whole People. and with all the World. to join with fuch a Delufion. and it was effectual to anfwer the End. he . and up on Queen Jezabel and her Offspring. and knew nil the while that he was executing the Judgment of the true God upon an idolatrous Race 3 yet &amp. the two extreme Parts of and in that was and done on purpofe to back to Rehobcam^ falling Dan^ : &amp.of the DEVIL. and propa gate the Crime that he found was fo natural to them. keep the People from by being obliged to go to Jerufakm to the publick Worfhip And the Text adds.

might have brought all the reft back again. for his Work was now brought into a narrower Compafs j the Church of God was now reduc d to two Tribes. that the King of Judah .iS6 TAeHlS T O R Y part with his Calves. or what we call hereditary Right. as far as they could claim by Birth and right Line) . Abija by Name. and perhaps an Ido later in his Heart. was to foment a War between the two Kings. no lefs than foocoo Men of Ifrael were Idll d. and he none of the beft neither \ but God s Time was not come. fuch a Slaughter. and that as the People would have to worfhip. who feparated from the Schifm of Jeroboam^ and came and planted themfelves among the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin : The firft thing the Devil did after this. who was himfelf a wicked King. Satan any more than other Politicians. but would have thought it to have been parting with his Kingdom. and the Devil receiv d a great Difappointments when Jeroboam was fo entirely over thrown } that if the Records of thofe Ages do not miftake. fa they would have transfcr d their civil Obe dience to the King of Judab^ (whofe Right it really was. did not take down the golden Calf - . while Judah was govern ed by a Boy or Youth. and among the reft Bethel it felf 9 and yet fo cunningly did Satan manage. that one would think the Army of Judab. is not for the jus divinum he would not gone up to Jerufalcm at the fame Time of lineal Succeffion. any farther than ferves for his Purpofe. Thus Satan ridded his Hands of ten of the twelve Tribes j let us now fee how he went on with the reft. except a few re ligious People. and have intirely reduc d the Houfe of Jeroboam and the ten Tribes that follow d him to their Obedience 5 nay they did take a great deal of the Country from them. fo that by the way. had they known how to improve as well as gain a Vi&ory.

his Viclory figni- fied nothing. as for we find the De beft of efpecially the fuch as Mana/etb^and thofe them&amp. his Heart was perfeft all his Days. and alfo to marry his Son to Ahab s Daughter. but that he (Satan) is to be underftood by the wicked Spirit which flood before the Lord. 20. As fir ft. is 7 Calf that Jeroboam had there. thofe he had no great trouble with. yet this fubtle Spirit. fo that in fhort. jlmlt Pofterity. From hence vil bufy to the Captivity. by being a lying Spi rit in the Mouths of all his Prophets 5 and who for that Time had a fpecial Commiflion. tempted him when the King of Ifrael came out againft him. xviii. . ten Tribes. as he had another Time in the Cafe of Job ? and indeed it was aCommiffion fit for no body but the Devi I: Thou Again. and offered his Service to entice Ahab the King of Ifrael to come out to Battle to his Ruin.of the Idolatry it DEVIL. good King AJla^ of whom the Scrip with the Kings of In the fame manner he tempted Jeho/bdpbat to join with that wicked King Ahab againft the King of 3770. till he brought every one of them into fomeMifchief or another. that could break in upon him no where elfe. who tranfgrefs d by the general Tenor of their Lives. ture fays. But fuch as Afa^Jebofbaphat) Hezek ab^ and Joiah^ he hung about them and their Courts. no nor deftroy the felf. 2. to fend to hire Benhadad the King of Syria to help him as if GOD who had before enabled him to conquer the Ethiopians^ with an Army of ten hundred thou&nd Men. could not have faved him from the King of the &amp. which was fatal to Jehojbaphat^ and to his He tempted Hezekiah to fhew all his Riches to the King of Babylon s MefTengers 3 and who can doubt.

as in the Story of /&/&amp. Enemy carried away into Captivity. From the Death of this good King. and thoufloalt alfo prevail: and do even fo. prevailed fo with and brought them to fuch an incorrigible Pitch that God gave them up. Woman and Child. by the Miniftry of that true Agent of Hell. the Devil the whole Nation of the Jews. by the fame Babylon. which he fuffer d to be fpoil d firft. except a fmall Number that were left. but there Satan met with a Difappointment too. who were in Captivity in Babylon. Jofiah himfelf. was he Satisfied with this general DeftrucNor tion of the whole People of Ifrael. till rinding he could not tempt him to in his Government. Man. yet the Devil never left him with his Ma chinations. and his prime Minifter Ham an was Haman the Agagite-. Kings of Wickednefs. King of Alfo he went very near to have them rooted out.188 The HISTORY Go out jhalt entice him. 5 he firfl there corrupted. f. for the t dn Tribes were gone before but he folio w d them thofe the &amp. which was but the fourth that he had met with. of wliom it is re that like him there was no King before himy corded. Even good xxiii.?r. then burnt and deniolinYd 5 deftroying the whole Nation of the Jews. in which he loft his and then they were deftroyed upon the Overthrow of Egypt.zi. forfook his Habitation of Glory. there he was difoppointed. in all his Management fince the Creation 3 I fay. even into their Captivity Egypt. 16. as he de- Having . which they tell thofe that fled away to us were feventy thoufand. young and old. and neither after him arofe there any like him. 2. he tempted any Thing wicked or mov d him to a needlefs War with the King of Egypt. the Temple.

whofe End was not the Good. that he who exafted fuch bloody Sacrifices as that of Moloch^ and fuch a bloody cutting themfelves with Knives. but mutt be a cruel. : We having been. at that feem d juft then as if God had really forPeriod 5 it faken the Earth. except among them. and I fay. but the Deftruction of his Crea tures But to fuch a Height wns the blind dement ed World arriv d to at that Time. to. could not be a GOD. : as it were. till Heaven was again put. come therefore to the Reftoration or Re turn of the Captivity Had Satan been able to have afted any thing by Force. as the Priefls of Baal did. of univerfal Empire. he . they were but a few there was not one Corner of the World left where the true God was call d upon. IS9 Having thus far traced the Government and Dominion of the Devil^ from the Creation of Man I think I may call to the Captivity upon him to & all the Princes and Powers of the World. or that the Devil could prompt them fet up his Standard - &amp. and in a Word. at his Devotion. and given the entire Dominion of Mankind up to his outrageous Enemy the De vil y for excepting the few Israelites which were left in the Territories of the King of Babylon. as they really were. the Light of Rcafon fhould have convinced Mankind. as 1 have obferv d before. or his Dominion fo much as acknowledg d $ all the World was buried in Idolatry. that one would think. voracious and devouring Devil. they went on worfhiping dumb Idols. in fa Neceflity vour of his own forfaken People. a good and beneficent Being. as he had done before. committing all the moil horrid and abfurd Abominations that they were capable of. by Miracle and Surprize. and that of fo many horrid Kinds.EVIL. to the of bringing about a Revolution. that in thefc fordid and corrupt Ways. and offering human Sacrifices to

and to have a fecond Temple built the Devil) who knew the Extent of his own Power too well. and reedified. and would come to pafs. the Power of the Devil rather declin d and decreased. and his not being able to do that. arm d againft the Jews. nay almoft : rebuilt . the People of the Jews encreafed and multiplied to an infinite ber and Strength $ and from this Time we may fay. and what Limitations were laid upon him. as it had done before j It is true the Jews fell into Sects and Errors. flood ftill as it were looking on. who brought the Abomination of Defolation into the and there the Devil triumphed over holy Place them for fome Time 5 but they were deliver d : Num -. and even the Return the World of the Captivity. and not daring to oppofe the Return of the Capti vity. He did indeed make fome little Oppofition to the Building. and the Hand of God appeared in it. and prevented the Rebuilding the Temple. made him turn his Hand fo many Ways to plague and opprefs them j as particularly by Antlochus the Great . after the Return from the Captivity. than went on with Succefs. and that he was refolv d to reeftabliih his People the Jews. and to the fortifying the City^ but as it was to no Purpofe. and the Temple rebuilt. fo he was foon obliged to it over \ and thus the give Captivity being return d. which he very well knew had been propheiied. But now the Devil s Power manifeftly receiv ed a Check. many Ways.tpo he might all The eafily HI ST O R Y have made ufe of them. till at lail they came peaceably un der the Protection rather than the Dominion of the Roman Empire When Herod the Great govern d them as a King. and no doubt the Devil had a great Hand in thofe Divifions j but he could never bring them back to Idolatry. and Divifions of many Kinds.

fuch as old Zacharias the Father of John the Baptift. and the Vigilance and Fidelity of his Inftruments. or the antient Part of his Kingdom . at the Creation of Man and therefore with this I break off the Antiquities of the Devil s Hiftory. &amp. find his his Empire has declin d gradually j and tho* wonderful Addrefs. more glorious than that of Solomon s^ greater and tho^ that I take to be a great Fable. when the Mejpah came into the World. PART .gt. tho he had made fome Encroachments upon them as above 3 for there was a glorious Rem nant of Saints among them. and of the Human as well the Ecclefiaflick as the Secular he has many Times retriev d what he has loft. as well human as infernal and diabolical. and how he has politically maintained his Intereft and encreafed his Dominion among the wife and righteous Generation that we cohabit with and among. for from hence downward we fhall &amp. except Great Bri tain-. repulft and beaten back. as fome fay. that he made it. which was fuch another mortal Stab to the Thrones and as that of which I Principalities infernal. his prodigious Applica by tion. in this Condition Si&quot. will be the Subject of the mo dern Part of Satan s Hiftory^ and of which we are next to give an Account. was come j and the Devi I was kept at Bay.if the rebuilt their D EV 1 IL. as tis call d in Scrip ture. and fometimes bid fair for recovering the universal Empire he once poflefs d over Man kind 5 yet he has been ftill defeated again. to fay no worfe of it. and old meon^ who waited for the Salvation of Ifraeli I the Jewijli Church flood fay. havefpoken already in Chap. when the Fullnefs of Time. III. In this Condition the Jewijb Church flood. and his Kingdom has greatly declin d in many Parts of the World 5 and efpecially in the Northern Parts. 191 Temple. with fo great an Expence and

and his Ange lic Capacities. efpecially to the Coming of the Me/pah. I Empire in this World: What has happened to his more fublimated Government. v/hen one would think the Devil could have nothing to do have indeed but touch d at fome which might have admitted of a farther Things Defcripuon of Satan s Affairs. I L. Have examined the Antiquities of Satan s in the former Part of this Hiltory Work.192 The HIS TORY P A O R T F II. as it relates to his among us. as far as to our blefTed Chriftian Times -. CHAP. and the Particulars of which we may all come to a farther Knowledge of hereafter 5 yet I think I have fpoken to the material Part of his Conduct. and brought his Affairs down from the Crea tion. I fhall have an at in feveral folid Particulars as Qccafion to touch we go along. The . T H E MODERN HISTORY OF THE D I E V I.

received. Noah. and from this Time forward he appeared a weak. fuch as the Building of Babel. Lot. that not only his Angelic Jtrength feems to have received a farther Blow upon the Coming of the Son of God into the World. which he gain d by the Fall o r our firft Father and Mother in Paradife. how fooliih a Project was it. when. ignorant Devil. his Empire or Domi nion over Man. any firing. a Downfal or Overthrow. 193 The Mejffiah was now born&amp. and how below Satan s celebrated Artifice in like Cafes. when he manag d Mankind juit as he Stocks. and fometimes upon other and very mean Occafions too. and all the Patriarchs. it was the Devil O .of the DEVIL. in hopes to deftroy the Infant ? for I take it for granted. compared to what he was before j He was upon alrnoil every Occafion the Fulnefs of Time *wa$ come. that the old Serpent was to have his Head broken. It is worth observing) in order to confirm what I have already mention d of the Limitation of Satan s Power. difappointed. baulk d and de &amp. as Ifold. &amp. efpecially in all his or croft the Miflion and Attempts to thwart Miniftry of the Meffiab. And firft. and that in their pubiick Capacity j and thereby led them into abfurd and ridiculous Things. to put Herod upon fending to kill the poor in nocent Children in Bethlehem. tis evident he outwitted all Man kind. and even Nothing . and in a Word. but he feems to have had a Blow upon his Intellects his Serpentine Craft and Devil-like Subtihy feems to have been circumfcrib d and cut Ihort $ and inflead of his being fo cunning a Fellow as before. Now feated. Stones. not only Eve. but even Nations of Men. and deifying and worfhiping their Kings* when dead and rotten idolizing Beafts. while he was upon Earth. Cain. that is to fay.

was that of coming to tempt the MeJJiah in the Wilderit is certain. / know thee who thou art^ the holy One of GOD j how then could he be fo This iliev/s that either the Devil is in general ignorant as we are. or elfe that great Event was hid from him by an im mediate Power fuperior to his. no not fo much as our famous old Merlin or Mother Shiptcn did. as well as cruel Order. that he might be fure to deilroy the MeJJtah among the reft. that the Devil knew our Saviour to be the Son of God and tis as certain that he knew. how fimpte and foolifh foever 5 now we mull allow him to be very ignorant of the Nativity himfelf. &amp. and how certainly he knew that it was once to come to pafs. weak a Devil as 3 to fay. before it is really come to pafs . and confcquently can foretcl nothing. if thou beeft the Son of GOD ? why he knew him to be the Son of GOD well enough j he faid fo afterwards. upon many Occafions.194 the Modern HISTORY Devil put into Herod s Thoughts that Executi on. The next fimple Step that the Devil . and he own d it himfelf after nefs wards. that as fitch he could no Power or Advantage over him 3 how have fooliih then was it in him to attack him in that Manner. of what is to come in the World.took^ and indeed the moft foolifh one that he could ever be charged with. or when 5 nor was he able to direct Herod to find him out. unworthy the very Dig nity of a Devil) and below the Underitanding that he always was allow d to act with. and therefore put him upon that foolifh. if thou art^ then do/0 and fo ? The . confidcring how much he was concern d in it. or elfe he might eafily have guided his Friend Herod to the Place where the Infant was. which I cannot think neither. tis certain the Dtvil knew nothing where Chrift was born. But be that as it will. to kill all the Children.

for you find him always afterward. finding himfelf diiappointed he fled. as Man. when ever Chrift met with him. and in a Word. as tie God manifeft in the Fleih. the Devil.. he would leave no Method untried. tract the Limits of his Kingdom. one immediately after another but then. /&amp. as much a Devil as he was. crying out in a horrible Manner. or elfe very humble and was his entring into Judas. and there*Text calls fore made that fooliih Attempt upon Chrift. Defeated the firft Stratagem I find him concern d in after it.of the is DEVIL. think ing to have conquer d his human Nature as ca and at this Rcpable of Sin. This evidently proves that the Devil was igno rant of the great Myftery of Godlinefs. the Seed Mam & he attempts him three a Thing he has often done fince. and whether. tho his referv d Godhead might be and upon this Foot. and putting him upon betraying Chrift to the Chief Prieftj but here again he was entirely miftaken. did not fully know him to the Myftery of the Incarnation $ nor did he know how far the Inanition of Chrift extended. and felt the Shock of it y twas a iecond Overthrow to them. as when he begg d leave to go into the Herd of Swine. which it was Hell groan d. to con Head. 195 he knew The Cafe plain. the whole Army of regimen pulfe ted Devils receiv d a Wound. not&amp. they had had a long Chain of Succefs. tho be the Son of GOD. to dethrone him in the World : doubt the of the Woman No Devil receiv d a Shock. he was not fubject to fall us was. what the Event would be 5 but when he O came . for he did not fee. as ftill immaculate and pure&amp. carried a devilijb Conqueft over the greateft Part of the Creation of GOD 5 but now they were cut fhort. was now come to break the Serpent* s that is^ to cut fhort his Power.

gt. with all the Fury and Rage of fome of the moft flaming Tyrants that the World ever faw. and as he now plainly faw Kingdom declining. that the Number of Chriftians encreafed even under the very Means he made ufe Thing &amp. to befimen Ecckfix. Thus the Devil was difappointed and expofed - in every Step he took. and not till then. tho* he a footijh Devil in that too. that if Chrift was put to Death. Here lifli it was that he refolv d upon that truly hel- calPd Perfecution. Heaven counter-a6ted him there too. that this was the fulfilling of all Scripture Prophefy. and root out its ProfefTors from the Earth. of . . and tho he arm d the whole Roman Empire againft the Chriftians. and that thus it was that Chrift was to be the End of the Law. he flatter d himprotfd felf he fhould be able to deftroy God s Church. rifing up upon the Ruins of his (Satan s) Power . GOD made all the Blood. and they were fallen upon every where. he ftrove all he could to prevent ir. even almoft as foon as it was eftablifli d whereas on the contrary. as foon as he perceiv d this. and even the tem poral Kingdom of Chrift. he knew how Chrift was to vanquifh Hell by the Power of his Crofs.I 96 The Modern HISTORY came to he would become a Propitiatory and be the great Sacrifice of Mankind. that is fay^ the whole World. fo to refcue the fallen Race from that Death they had incurred the Penalty of. and difturb d Pilate s Wife in her Sleep. hefeem d to retreat his into his own Region the Air. by the Fall. and to confult there \vith his fellow Devils^ what Meafures he ihould take next to preferve his Dominion among Men &amp. by which. I fay. which the Devil caus d to be fpilt. and the DEVIL had the Morti fication to fee. of whom Nero was the firft 9 yet in fpight of Hell. in order to fet her upon her Husband to hinder his delivering him up to the Jews y for then.

good while. Years after Having thus tried all the Methods that bell fuited his Inclination. and Things began to look as if Satan s Kingdom was at an End 3 but he foon let them fee that he was the fame indefa tigable Devil that ever he was. : 197 This of to root them out and defcroy them was the Cafe thro the Reign of all the Roman Emperors. or had no Difpofition to hinder the Progrefs of Chriftianity in the firft Ages of its Settlement in the World : In this interval the Chriftian d under Conftantine^ Re flourifhed in Peace. and went farther to wards reftoring his Power and Empire in the World. and reafluming the Subtilty and Cra^. efpecially among the Church-Men for Precedency and Dominion. and towards overthrowing that very Church which was fo lately eftablifh d. the univerfal Paffion rooted in Nature. than all he had done by Fire and Blood before. as if the Devil 3 O . and under the moft ligion The Devil feem d to be at a perfect Tranquillity Lofs what he fhould do next. for knowing the Difpofition of Mankind to Quarrel and Difpute. His Policy now feem d to be edg d with Refentment for the Miftakes he had made. which. I fay. he gain d more Ground in the next Ages of the Church. and fatiated with Definition. fits ftill and becomes a peaceable Spectator for n as if he either found himfelf unable. he fell to work Church was eftablifh : J with them immediately j fo that turning rheTables. for the Chriit. complicated with Tortures and all Kinds of Cruelty. and the Profperity of the Church gave him a large Field of Ac tion. he feem d to have loft in the former four hundred Years. and that for fo long a Stage of Time as above 5 the Devil all on a iuddain. as if glut ted with Blood.of the DEVIL. fir ft three hundred. I mean thofe of Blood and Death.

and the Diflenter will be undone by it. not Fire and Faggot. and will fo to the vil ever a better Ruin fhew the World. for the of Religion. and banifh d . but he thriift himfelf in. only fowing Error and Variety of Opinion among them. and they would bring Fire and Faggot in fail enough among themfelves. he involved the good Emperor himfelf in it firft. that we It find he not only did not fail then. befides that of the Dif- End of Game fenters in England^ who are the late Toleration: Whether is hand ment or of Parlia an A but tis too evident no. and raifing the Quarrel up to a fuited Degree of Rage and Spleen. to fee what a Fool he had been to expect to crufh Re ligion by Perfecution. and Aihznafitts was bamfh d and recall d. and jftbamjius the ortho dox Bifhop of the Ealt oppofing him. he has catch d the Fifh by it 5 and if the honeit Church o England does not in Pity and Chriltian in baiting his evidently weaken d by the Devil had any Hook with Charity to the Diflenters. Hiftory filent. I cannot but fear the Devil will gain his Point. but the fame do hellifh Methods have prevailed ftill. way and that he had nothing to do but to give tjie zealous People their utrnoft Liberty in Religion. itraighten her Hand a little. and fo certain was the Devil to hit his Mark by them. the Devil no fooner faw the Door open to Strife and Inipofition. Upon this new foot of Politicks the Devil began with the Emperors themfelves : Arlus^ the Father of the Hercticks of that Age. having broach d his Opinions..The Modern HISTORY Devil looking back with Anger at himfelf. as we fhall have room to in many Examples. Nor had the De to play than this. mull be confeis d thefe were devilifli Poli ticks 5 and fo fure was the Aim. rejoyc d for having difcover d that Liberty and Dominion was the only to ruin the Church.

nor could he bring the Chriftians to a Breach again among themfelves a great while after. and when the Emperors concern ing themfelves one way or other. as Error ran high. being a glorious Chriftian. Time and a diligent Devil did the Work at lad. vail and with leane. as Courts often do. he drove too hard. and then the Arians and the Orthodox perfecuted one another as furiouily as the Pagans perfecuted them all before. (Arlan) and then the Court came all into the Quarrel. Paganifm expired with him. and as the Devil either got or loll After Conftantine^ the next Emperor Ground was a Child of his own. and went to work with the Clergy fet the Doctors effectually together by the Ears. feveral times. and to much did he pre : over the true Chriftianity of the Primitive Church. that had the Apoftate liv d. as Julian did. he chang d Hands To again. which was generally at that time become Chriftian. F icifti Gali- Jovian^ the next Emperor. the Devil made one Pufh for the reitoring Paganifm^ and bringing on the old Worfhip of the Heathen Idols and Tem ples 5 but like our King James II. the Devil abdicated for a while. he would not have been able to have held the Throne 5 and as he was cut off in his Begin ning. and Julian had fo provok d the whole Ro man Empire. much more Propriety.of the D E VI L. Flufh d with this Succefs. he : 4 threw . 199 niih d and recalled again. even before they had cnjoy d the Li berty of the pure Worfhip twenty Years. did not appear fufficicnt to anfwer his End. and left the Chriftian Armies to re-eftabliili the Orthodox Faith. However. and a very good and great Man. and the Devil himfelf might have cry d out. To fuch a Height the Devil brought his Conquefl in the very In fancy of the Queftion.

the Condi tions abfolutely entitle the Devil to the Honour of making the Contract. firft. and moil fw allow d it eagerly down. Sacred. Boniface mould countenance the Treafon. and declare him Emperor j and in Return. Emperor A blcfr . they took their Mcafures afterwards from in The Modern the for a HISTORY the Priefts new Notion of Primacy among Bone of Contention 5 the Bait took. Phocas fhould acknowledge the Primacy of the Church of Rim?) and declare Boniface univerfal Bifliop. as we may fay. At la ft Satan declared for the Roman Pontiff. viz. of what Profeffion or Party foever they may have been. and the Devil. fell into a Treaty with Phocasj Captain of the &amp. being thus hook d in. and that upon excellent Conditions. and hung them faft upon the Hook. and took as black and devilifh Methods to carry it on. s Guards . his own. the Biihops fell to bandying and Partyas The making for the Superiority. Having them thus in his Clutches. and they being now. above. Matters went on moll glorioufly his own way . Right Reverend among our felves. ftruck them (as the Anglers call it) with a quick Hand. whether the Bargain was from Hell or not. \vith Exception only to the Reverend and &amp. as heartily as ever Temporal Tyrants did for Dominion. let any one judge. I will obediently followed his Directions not fay but he may have had pretty much the Management of the whole Society ever fince. a cunningcr Fifherman than ever St. as the worft of thofe Tyrants ever had done before them. in the Reign of the Emperor Mauritius for Boniface^ who had long contended for the Title of Supreme.2oo threw them. and the DEVIL being at the Head of their Af fairs. That Phocas firft murthering his Mailer (the Emperor) and his Sons. Peter was.

and his Intereft among the Clergy had got Ground for fome Ages j but that was indeed a fecret Management. and with Difficulty 5 as in as well Spiritual as Civil. the DEVIL fo gilded over. though he open d the Door as wide as his Key was able to do. fet them locking up the Gates &amp. that like Gideon s Ephod. by fetting up Hereticks of feveral Kinds. ! Temporal. Hand in dife. by Hand. the DEVIL. or fo blinded the Age to receive it. perplexing the Councils of their Princes.) and of its being loft by Somebody or other. as grofs as it was. eftablifh d their firft Empire upon fuch as Ebion^ Cerintbius^ PelagiuS) and others.of the DEVIL. and giving the Bifhop the Key 5 a Cheat which. (the Devil it feems did not 5 tell The . fet open the Gates of Hell to them all. Alfo he had raifed abundance of little ChurchRebellions. He had indeed profpered in his Affairs tolerably well for fome time before this. 201 A blefled at the Compact which at once fet the Devil Head of Affairs in the Chriflian World. by the way. was carried on privately. and fecretly wheedling in with the dignified Clergy. Story of this Key being given to the Biof Rome by St. all the Catholick World went a whoring after the Idol $ and the Bifhop of Rome fent more Fools to the Devil by it than ever he pretended to let into Heaven. and railing them Favourers among the Clergy. He upon of Heaven. had drawn in the BHhops of Rome to fet and the ridiculous Pageantry of the KEY up while he. the Devil never gain d a more important Point than he gain d at this time. ihop iiever had it himfelf. Peter^ (who. Ecclefiaftick and Conqueft over Eve in Parawhich Death and the DEVIL. Since the lowing Difcord and Faction among the People.

gt. and fuch devililh Principles were mixt with that which we calPd the Chriftian Faith. till the very Popes. who thereupon aflum d the Power of opening and (hutting Heaven s Gates and he afterwards ting a Price or Toll upon the Entrance. from this Time the Bifhop of Rome commenced IVkore of Babylon. and were converted to Chriftianity by it. and both of his own choofing. that in a was miraculoufly forced to direct the Wound to himfelf. to Pope PelagiuS) then Bifhop of Rome. were fuccefsfully managed for fome Years before this I am now (peaking of. &amp. with another made like it. Errors of all forts into the Profeffion. their fpiwith ritual Guides. by way of Diflan&ion $ I fay. Since this time indeed the ing . the Devil may be faid to begin his new Kingdom from this Epocha. and they proceeded from one thing to another. in all the mod exprefs Terms that could be ipnagin d . and to carry on a perfonal and private Correfpondence with him at the fame time. and having fet up a Murupon the temporal Throne. I fay. tak call it the Reftoration. and cut his own Throat j that King Antkarh and his Nobles happened to fee the Fellow do it. the Popes themfelves. as we fet&amp. and therer Devil s Affairs went very merrily on. for fo the Bifhop of Rome was now called.The Modern tell HISTORY them who) and its being found again by a Lombard Soldier in the Army of King Antbaris^ who attempting to cut it with his Knife. and that the King fent the Key. and the Devil got a great deal of Ground by it too 3 but now he triumph d openly. and a Church Emperor upon the Ecclefiaftic Throne. profefs d openly to confederate the Devil. and the Clergy brought fo ma ny Gewgaws into their Worfhip. Tyranny of the word fort crept into the Pontificate. do here at paffing a Turn-pike 5 thefe fine things.

tf. and therefore that which moffc concerns us belongs rather to differs it this part now Hiitory j as alfo becaufe. kind fo much. received the Proflrations^ but the Homage was it al! 5 all Satan s . and I doubt not but in that flourifhState of his Affairs.were Sorcerers. 20$ them the Title of ChrirVs Vicar. for Satan is calTd the God of this World. the Time that we are mofl concerned in. and immediate Converfation with the Devil. as well becaufe I believe it what much now in his modern as he finds Occafion to do now. from Jupiter the Supreme. to the Lares or Houfhold Gods of every Family j thefe. like The Devil had once. who un der his fevcral Difpofitions receiv d the Homage of Mankind in their Names 5 fuch were all the Rabble of the Heathen Deities. Magici ans. and ing upon the infallible Guide of the Confciences of Chriilians. there was not then fo much need of it j he govern ed then with an abfolute Sway&amp. from was in his antient State. into that Part of before. the Devil had the Subftance of Idolatry. I fay. as well vifibly as inviilbly.who. he governed them like ing what he is (viz.of the DEVIL. as I am to the prefent Age. he did not familiarize himfelf to Man &amp. which was the During . This we have fundry Inftatices of in fome merry Popes.) an abfolute Tyrant during this theocracy of his. had familiar Spirits. where he gave Audience to his Votaries like a Deity. and by this means became what we call Devils incarnate : Upon this account it is that I have left the Converfation that palles between Devils and Men to this Place. I choofe to bring writing the moil fignificant Parts of his Hiftory. he had his Ora and he had his Sub-Gods. if Fame lies &amp. as I obferv d univerfal Monarchy or Government of Mankind in himfelf. efpeci- of his ally as they relate to our felves.

and much more trran he his more modern Operations. than he was before $ then he could appear in the World in his own proper Shapes. Satan came along with them 5 but now he has plaid fo many fcurvy Tricks upon Men. Hand as every themoft frightful Body flies him and fhuns Thing in the World. Nay. and hear no thing of his faying. he is content to employ more Agents and take more Pains himfelf too 3 now he runs up and down Hackney in the World. much inorc now than he did then. and they know him fo well. or if you fay deals with the Devil. in thofe firft Ages of the Devil s Kingdom 5 in a Word. . that he has been more difcover d and exposed in thefe Ages. more like a Drudge than a Prince. there was Ie6 Witchcraft. the Devil feems to be put to his Shifts. or the Devil it.204 The Modern HISTORY During this Adminiftration of Hell. that he is oblig d to play quire out of fight and act in difguife $ Mankind will allow nothing of his doing. and the Bows of his Subjects and in more State. lefs true literal Magick than there has been fince $ there was indeed no need of it. the DEVIL did not ftoop to the Mechanifm of rul d as a Deity. Familiar-Spirits and Dealings with the Devil. were not fo much known among the People. of which there is fo great a Va riety in the World at this Time. and it be but faid the Devil is of any has a Man he in to help in the doing it. in his own Namej and if you propofe any Thing to be done. and yet not be known j when the Sons of GOD appeared at the divine Summons. Hence all thofe Things we call Apparitions and Vifions of Ghofls. One Reafon for this may be. but receiv d the Vows did then. and to fly to Art and Stratagem for the carrying on his Affairs. and with more Solemnity 5 whereas fince that.

play out of fight himfelf. we muft only refolve it into this. as formerly. and not open ly and avowedly in his own Name and Perfon. if any Thing ftrange and improbable be done or related to be done. that in fhort it is the DEVIL. the mofl profound fimple Craft. and fo incog.of the D E V I L. : 205 Nay. tho perhaps not with lefs Succefs than he did before 3 and this leads me to enquire more narrowly into the manner of the Devil s Manage ment of his Affairs fince the Chriftian Religion began to fpread in the World. which manifeftly differs from his Conduct in more antient Times 5 in which if wcdifcover fome of the moftconfummate Fool s Policy. CHAP . is call d the Devil s and the like: The poor People of Wiltjhire^ when you ask them how the great Stones at Stonehengc were brought thither ? they ll all tell you theZtev/7 brought them If any Mifchief extraordinary befalls us. he fain to act more in fenebris^ more than he ufed to do. and work by the Sap. and the Devil would have it fo 5 in a Word. the A : Devil has got an is ill Name among us. as the Engineers call it. we prefendy fay the Devil was at the doing it Thus the great Ditch at Newmarket Heatb^ is call d the Devil s Ditch $ fo the Devil built Cropland Abby. the Cave at Caftkton^ only becaufe there s no getting to the farther End of it. and the Whifpering-Place in Gloucefter Cathedral j nay. and the moft fubtle ihallow Management of Things that can by our weak Underftandings be conceiv d. we prefently fay the Devil was in it.

nay even to both Sexes ^ how pleafant in the very Contemplation. there . triumphant Paffion call d REVENGE* how natural to Man. tho This fill horrible Refolutions of &amp. he had the uttnoft Averfion to from its Beginning. as it was a flated Defign in the Creator to fupply his Place in Heaven with a new Species of Beings calPd Man. as I have obfertfdin its Place. and a Fire unquenchable burn ing about his Heart. that Manu^ by his one of the moft conftituting Parts of his In he cannot ac~b upon Mankind brevi own inherent Power. CHAP. as being perthe Devil fonally in Hell. the Devil is his own y IT Hell felicity is. cally that exquifite Quality call d a devilijh Spirit) in which it would naturally occur to give you a whole Chapter upon the glorious Articles of Malice and Envy. makes him a compleat Devil^ with a Hell in his own Breaft. when at the fame Time we find him at Liberty ranging over the World. Of Hellas it is is to reprefented to us. the inimitable Dr. d him with Rage inexpreffible. and how be underftood. which. Brown fays. and efpecially upon that lufcious. as that learn d and pleafant Author. and Revenge. and the Impofof executing thofe Refolutions torments iibility him with Defpair this added to what he was before. I might enlarge here. is true. and very much to the in defcribing fpherically and mathemati Purpofe. as well as Rage $ that he cannot unhinge this Creation.The Modern HISTORY II. and fill the Vacancies occafion d by his Degeneracy and Re bellion.

to fay. namely. his Torment is encreafed to the higheft by the Limitation of his Power. to do all the wicked Things in the World. and that there fore tis not fo much out of the Way. and which he The and Envy. that it empowers us to cut Throats clear of the Gallows. &amp. I fay. wound Honour and rtab Reputation and in a Word. tho every Way meaner and more contemptible. fuch a Man is an incarnate Devil j for as Crime made Satan a Devil^ who was before a bright immortal Seraph. as fome imagine. and how imperceptibly they affimilate and transform us in to Devils. or Angel of Light 5 how much more eafily may the fame Crime make the fame DEVIL. as to Pu- nifhment in this Life. fcribe the fecret Operations ties when they Devil being thus. Scheme. fir d with Rage in coniequence of his Jealoufy upon the Creation of Man. out of the Reach of the Law. and his being forbid to act againft Mankind by Force of Arms this is. is within him. of a Man or a Woman either? But this is too grave a Subject for me at this Time. \vhich ? as above. It would alfo require fome few Words to de- of thofe nice Quali reach the human Soul j how ef fectually they form a Hell within us. to (lan der Virtue. part of his /&//. or any of his Angels . I all leading on to Execution: k poflefles a human Soul in all the moft fenfible 207 Power of Exe How Parts j how it empowers Mankind to fin in I- and magination. fuch as Plot. meer human Devils. carries . reproach Innocence. Purpofes (Damnation) : as effectually to all future Intents as if he had finned actually How fafe a Practice it is Contrivance. &amp. as really Devils as Satan himfelf. and how well it relifties when difh d up with its proper Sauces. and Confederacy.&fthe DEVIL: there be not juft at that Time a cution 3 how palatable it is in it (elf.

. as if we faw him by the Eye. by taking but a com tors mon View of himfelf.m7. by the Mifchief he does. and more by the Mifchief he puts us upon doing. ffay.20S carries The Modern HI S TORY with him wherever he goes j nor is it fo conceive of He!/9 or of the Z&amp. &amp. difficult to &amp. and has been fo ever fince his firit Appear ance in Paradife 3 as to his corporal Viiibility that is not the prefent Queftion neither j tis that we can hunt him by the Foot. in his Lo cality and Perfonality . and making a juft Scrutiny into his own fee a /&// within The Notions we receive of the Devil. as it is by all the ufual Notions that we are taught to enter tain of them. and an immaterial but intenfe Fire flaming about and from within him. as plainly. and to be trac d in his feveral Attacks upon Man kind. fon being in Hell as a Place^ are infinitely abfurd and ridiculous j the firft we are certain is not true in Fact. and to all Intents and Purpofes. as if he had the Angel (Satan) before his Face. tho not perceptible to : We : us. (however limited that is not to the Purpofe) is daily vifible. and himfelf a meer Devil as long as the Inflammation lafts and that as really. as really. all Devil and Monfter in his Perfon. that is to fay. either under this juft and to have free Accefs from thence to the Regions of Life. he and his Angels too may be reafonably fuppofed to inhabit the World of Spirits. as a Per&quot. and to pafs and repafs in the Air. by (the old Women) our Inftrucfor every Man may. that enough we can follow him as Hounds do a Fox upon a hot Scent can fee him as plainly by the Ef fect. It is not to be doubted but the Devil can fee us when and where we cannot fee him and as he has a Perfonality. becaufe he has a certain Liberty. at all the Pores of his Body. on fome of their particular Excurfions. tho it be fpirituous.

or Hell is not fuch a Place as we are taught to underfland it to be. and then another Sort are Porters and Carriers to fetch them in. but that the Devil has Liberty to be there. and to be bufy continually debauching and deluding Mankind bringing them as it were to the Gates of Hell. 209 us. In all thefe Notions of Hell and Devil^ the Torments of the firft. of Cerberus^ and of Charon 3 only that our Tale is not half fo well told. I mean the Abfence of Heaven 3 Expulfion. Hell fhotild be a Place of Fire and Torment to the Souls that are call into it. nor the Parts of the Fable fo well laid together. and Exclusion from the Prefence and Face of the chief Ultimate. in JJjort^ little more or lefs than the old Story of Pluto.&f tke DEVI L. as the Spirits of Men do after their releafe from the Body. then he would certainly never be there. This is. lock : them in they come. which belongs to us to judge of about who we make when but not to the Devils themfelves little more or leis than keepers and &amp. Turnkeys to Hell. and the Agency of the laft Tormenting. Indeed according to forne. the only eternal and fufficient - Neglect of our Concern in that excellent Part. we meet with not one Word of the main and perhaps only Accent of Horror. he could then have no Buiinefs here 3 and if we pretend to defcribe /&//. is) If the Devil was confin d to a Place (Hell) as a Prifon. in ex change for the molt contemptible and juftly con3 Good and this lofs fuftain d by a fordid P demn d . as not a Prifon. pafs to the Place (wherever that which is appointed for them. and then away upon the Scent to fetch more That one Sort of Devils are made to live in the World among Men. or not be there as he pleafed. as a Goal 3 that they are fent about to bring Souls thither.

And Hand. If any thing can inflame this Hell and make it hotter. a bright immortal Seraph.) the State of that Hell to have in view when tpcak we which we ought of the Devil in Hell ment and Devil he is filPd with this he is expePd the Place of unquenchable Fire. which thefe are appointed to enjoy j the Lofs of that his &amp. the Eternity of and that he is without Hope. the Horror of Defperation. a glorious Eftablimment of Redemption form d for him in Heaven. all the little Condiment Parts of his Tor ment. without Recovery. Abfence from the Life of all Beatitude is his is HELL the very Hell. Envy. : Now 4 State . to make his Mifery compleat. banifli d from the Regions of Light. Glory. (viz. and Jealoufy are confolidated in this. and having tafled the eternal Beatitude. Malice. is yet in a State of Recovery. : This is in the &amp. with Condition out Redemption. the Devil is in HELL. and drawn him into fuch as Rage. which is the Tor of the Devil. which the Devil is not $ and that it is not in his (Satan s) Power to prevent it take the Devil as he is in his own Nature Angelic. and this does add an inexHorror to the Devil himfelf j namely^ the prcilible Man (the only Creature he hates) placed feeing in a State of Recovery. and which makes ful. which alone conftitutes Heaven. and the Scheme of it perfected on Earth 3 by which this Man^ tho even the Devil by his Art may have de luded him. in ftiort. all other Places dread to the and even Darknefs this brings it felf. tis this only. Defpair is the reigning Paflion in his Mind. and the Anguifh of a Mind hopelefs of ever feeing the Glory. me directly Point in as (viz.aio demn d verable : The Modern Trifles.) the Duration of it all. Curfe. and all HISTORY this eternal tell Thefe People and irreco us nothing of the eter nal Reproaches of Confciencc.

and a flinging Sight of his Rival s Fe Hell enough^ and more than enough. having a quick Senfe of his own Perdition. and that Fire to be a Commixture of Flame and Sulphur \ it has pleafed God to let the Horror of thofe eternal Agonies about a loft Heaven. 1 mufl fay. fuch and fo im materially intenfe as to is it Torment a Spirit. As to any other Fire than this. which are moft moving to our Senfes and to our Under (land ings . I cannot conceive rightly I will not enter here into the Wifdorn or Reafonablenefs of rcprefcnting the Torments of Hell to be Fire. it which cannot be. cake the Devil as he is. be laid before us by thofe Similitudes or Allegories.of the D E V I L. but of it. to be tormented with the Devil and his felf Fire alfo I will not fay &amp. for all that Treafon and thofe high Crimes and Mifdemeanours which he has been guilty of here. that Liberty he has now may be farther abridged 3 when he may be return d to the fame State he was in between the Time of his Fall and the Creation of the World with perhaps fome additional Vengeance on him. who are condemned with him. the PofTeffion of it granted to his Rival tho wicked like and as himfelf 3 I 3 becaufe to Infinite every Thing is poffible. fo the Infelicity of that Part of Man kind. may receive a confiderable Addition from thofe Words in their Sentence. tis even for an Angel to fupport j nothing we can conceive can be worfe. P z . 21 r State to himfelf. in his Convcrfation with Mankind. licity. As his Infelicity will be then confummated and compleated. fuch as at prefent we cannot defcribe. nor will I difpute the PofTir bility 3 much lefs w ili I doubt but that there is to be a Confummation of Mifery to all the Objects of Mifery when the Devil s Kingdom in this World ending with the World it felf.

but I muit own. hanging them up upon Hooks. to be fure. bec. and {mailer Devils going and coming continually in and out.2ii The A/&amp. however intended for Terror. for as the Abfcnce of the fupreme Good is a com pleat Hell. tu fundament a jecifti I would not treat the very Subject I any Indecency. and he will be always carrying them upon their Backs. as a Scots Gentleman.^/m* HISTORY Angels. who was the -great Caufe of his Ruine. who died of his Exceflcs. mocks at them. gap ing like a Cave on the Sides of a Mountain j fuplike. who came to fee him on his Death-bed. However. Thcfe Things. and the with the feveral Pictures of /&//. that the Devil himfelf. but had been too much his Companion in his Life. pofe that appropriated to Satan in the Peak^ which indeed is not much unlike it. to fetch and carry Souls the Lord knows whither. P .aufe I would not give offence to weaker Heads. with a Stream of Fire coming out of ir. nor do that Hell) think my which believe I fay confifts in it felf with Opinion of the Abfence of him. theirs Heaven. are indeed fo ridiculous. and for the Lord knows what. . one Jot le(s folemn than it all Fire and Brimftone. broiling in whom is who them upon Gridirons. fo the hated Company of the Deceiver. that to me nothing can be more ridi culous than the Notions that we entertain and 11 our Heads with about Hell^ and about the De2/Ts being there tormenting of Souls. muil be a Subject of additional Horror. reprelented by a great Mouth with horrible Teeth. and a Man of Senfe can hardly refrain doing the like. faid to the famous Dr. only I avoid it. as there is of Water.

Should we defcribe them to our Senfes I think. as he faid hirnfelf. and what he faw was inconceivable. 213 However. at the Expence of my own. not attempt it : The blefTed Apoftle St. & and I ought no more to talk prophanely than merrily of them. I muft not Compliment the Brains of other Men. from whence he was expeird for his Treafon and Rebellion. he could neither tell what he heard or defcribe what he was $ all he could lay of it was. the Region of our jftmofphere. where -ever they let his Refidence be where it will. or caught up into the third Heaven. to be as prophane as they are ridiculous. why we had. yet when he came down again. to all the other inhabited Worlds which God has made. has evidently free Leave to come and go. that what he heard was inuticralle. Paul was.of the D E V IL. that &amp. three for us to give an Things fecm to be material P 3 count Ao . and where he now more particularly inhabits my &amp. His Liberty then being thus afcertain d. we have no Reafon to believe he is excluded from any Place. is to fay. and by whatfoever Names they are or may be known or diftinguiflied j for if he is not confined in one Place. much better not defcribe them at all. not into this World only 3 ( I mean. Let us learn to talk of thefe Things then.) but for ought we know. It is the fame thing as to the State of the Devil in thofe Regions which he now Heaven only excepted. as as frave think molt People do that talk of them 5 but the Devil. as we fhould do and as we really cannot deferibc them to our Reafon and Understanding. carried up. or talk Nonfenfe becaufe they can underfland no other j I think all thefe Notions and Reprcfentations of Hell and of the Devil. prefent Bufinefs then is not to enter into thofe Things fo as to make them ridiculous.

it muft not be expected that As thefe Things the Devil s Heads of Chapters or we can always tie our felves down to Order and Regularity. or Perfons . how vulgarly he acts among us. either in this World or out of it. HISTORY form this Part Modern count tory.Order of Difcourfe to be handled apart . Where his Principal and whe ther he has not a particular own. and fre quently be touch d at under other Branches of thro Hiftory. or may be his Bufinefs is What on this which \ve call the influenced z. he carries his Prifoners of War. and Ours is. when he gets any Victory over his Enemies. what Affairs Mankind and he have together. It is true. I fhewM you theDsvu. in the foregoing Chapter. and by what Agents he works. fo I do not propofe them as Particular Sections. an&amp. or Place.enued into the Herd Eeelefiaftick. for (by the way) as Satan s Actings have not been the moft regular Things in the World.3 . entertains his Friends when they come under his particular Adminiilration 3 and where. What may probably be the great Bufinefs 5. either as to Time. may perhaps runpromifcuoufly the Courfe of this whole Work. by him. for the . in order to of his Hit Globe of Earth World. this black Emperor has at prefent upon his Hands. fo in our Difcourfe about him. for Satan being hie &? ubique^ a loofe ungovern d Fellow. i . and how far his Conduct here relates to we muft be content to trace him where we can find him. Refidence is. to which he retreats Empire of his upon proper Occafions where he &amp.

Army blefs the Jefus. not a Government but he in it j not a Fool but he tickles him.Sea Cheats at from the firft Attack upon the Chriftian World. to the Holy Office in Spain and down to the Emlins and Dodwdls of the current Age. a Key to every Cabinet. . From this time forward you are to allow the Devil a myftical Empire in this World 5 not an Ac~bion of Moment done without him. not a Trcafon but he has a Hand in it. and how in all Probability he will manage till his Kingdom fhall come to a Period. How he has managed. and to the South. he has a Finger in every Fraud. and does manage.215 of the and gave you fome Account of the firft fuccefsful Step he took with Mankind fince the Chriftian Epocha j how having fecretly managed both Temporal and Spiritual Power apart. in the Perfon of the RomiJJj Antichriil. not a Tyrant but he prompts and by themfelves. and you jhall know farther. Pe ter and Confucius in China . down to the Bull Unigenitus j and from the Mixture of St. *. has a not a Knave but he guides him . from the Divan at Conftantinople. he now united them in Point of Ma nagement. and how at laft he will probably be managed himfelf. En quire within. and brought the Church Usurpation and the s Ufurpation together \ the Pope to General in depofing and murthering his Mailer the Emperor j and the General to recognife the Pope in dethroning his Mailer Chriit DEVIL. P 4 CHAP. to the Miffiffipi in France^ &amp.

except of thofe Thoughts which he puts us upon for I will not doubt but he has the Art to injecl: Thoughts. Of the ticularly Manner of SatanV atiing and carryon his Affairs in this World. &amp. the chief Ad vantage he has over Mankind. It is alio a great Enquiry here. arid with the Underftanding ? How does he reach which way does he come at the Affections.. How comes the DEVIL to a Parley with us ? how does he converfe with our Senfes. the great Enquiry be Now fore us is. and which way does he move the Pailions ? Tis a little difficult to difcover this treafonable Correfpondence. CHAP. and par ing in the of his ordinary Workings dark. and that Difficulty is indeed the Devil s Advantage. fo they are prefcribed on the other hand. without fpecial Or der and Direction. THE how enquire rects his DEVIL being Mankind by Stratagem &amp. which as they defend it on the one hand under the Command of the reafoning Power of Man s Soul. thus reduc d to ab upon only. whether the Devil knows our Thoughts or no? If I may give my I deny that he Opinion.216 The Modern HISTORY III. us. for ought I fee. it remains to he that . and. by Pofleffion and Agitation. and can t fally out without Leave j for the Governor of a Fort does not permit his Soldiers to hold any Correfpondence with the Enemy. I am with the negative knows any thing of our Thoughts. and which way he di the Faculties of Man are a Attacks kind of a Garrifon in a ilrong Caftle. and to revive dormant Thoughts in us Ic is not fo wild a Scheme as fome take it to be. : 2.

why ? j prompt our waking fleeping can he not with the fame Facility Thoughts. Shape of a Toad. iii. he whifpers to the Imagination. he imagines the DEVIL fay. caufe us to But if the DEVIL can prompt us to dream. Chap. 18. to think. Sit ftill^ my Daughter . have then no more to ask. in the when fhe was fall afleep I &amp. know ho W the Matter will fall. is granted then that he may have We Power this is to make us dream what he pleafes : But all. 217 down. the Perfon fleeping {hall dream diftinctly of what you fay to him* nay. baits the Hook. this is laying himfelf clofe to her Ear. whether fleeping or To dream. fo as to fpeak distinctly to the Perfon. by his invifible Application. Milton brought her to Dream whatever he put into her Thoughts. and that he lays Mr. for if he can fo forcibly. is nothing elfe but to think and we have abundance of deep-headed Gentlemen among us. for the Man will wt be at reft until he have finijhed the thing. what he not pleafes. to reprefent the Devil Defires and wandring Thoughts injecting corrupt into the Head of Eve^ by Dreams. is to fay. like the Angler. Thus when . who give us ample Tefiimony that they dream fliall dream the very Words you fay. f. and yet not awaken him. Naomi faid to Ruth^ until thou. but how the DEVIL can convey himfelf to the Ear of a fleeping Perfon. feeing even if now. how then can he tell whether the Whifper had its EfFec~b ? The anfwer is plain. the DEVIL. you can whifper any thing clole to the Ear of a Perfon in a deep Sleep. and then waits that to fee how it works as &amp.of the that DEVIL. not fo wild a Scheme. as has been frequently tried. yet if he does not know our Thoughts. by whifpering to her vocally when fhe was afleep 5 and to this End. and it. if the Fifh bite he lies ready to take the Advantage.

DEVIL had very Step we j take fubfequent to his Operation. when we think we are only talking to one another. for he knew if it took and then with we ihould undmil him quite. away and have denied him all Prefcience of Futurity too. e~ Sleep. that is to fay. & nor put any Force upon Perfons or Aftions. and fo attack d her afrefh. to all Intents and Purpofes. and . if we ihould take away his Invifibility too. if he can hear as far as we can fee. every Gefture. and has every Word. it would baniflihim the World. and have prov d he cannot know our Thoughts. he prefently con cluded flie had fwallowed the Bait. for ought we a great Miilake. it may therefore. A fmall deal of Craft. according to it&amp. he fhould hear more of her alone the next Day. as to any Mifchief he could do j nay. he only fat {till to fee how the Matter would work.2U when The Modern the HISTORY whifper d to Eve in her Milton^ and fuggefted Mifchief to her Imagination. without her by finding ordinary Guard her Husband. whether the Devil can walk about World invidbly or no? The Truth is. after we have been diflurb d with open to him and lefs by far than we have reafon to believe the Devil is Mailer of. will ferve to difcover whether fuch and fuch Thoughts as he knows he has fuggefted. this no queilion to me} for as I have taken his Vifibility already. indeed. and what moil of us are guilty of7 to tell our Dreams to one another in the Morning. be them in the Night for if the Devil converfes with us fo infenfibly as fome are of the Opinion he does. have taken Place the Adbion of the Perfon prefently difcoor no vers it. we may be telling our Story to him &amp. at leaft to him that lies always upon the Wutch. This brings the is me moil naturally to the impor tant Enquiry.

Thefe Things leave us no room to doubt of what is advanced above. refolve into which I two Kinds . What Shape or Figure he appeared in. as by way of Hiftory. he could neither have Bufinefs or Being in this Sphere. or Liberty of redding in. for if he could neither be vifible or invifible. namely. I only hint his perfonal Appearance to our Saviour in the Wilderneis.of the DEVIL: and he might e en go and feek his Fortune fome where elfe . the laft pofitively aflerts it-. The Devil therefore mofl certainly has a Power and Liberty of moving about in this World. the Devil taketh him up to an exceeding high Mountain . this is verify d as well by way of Allegory. vulgarly or other: That is the general. we do not find men tioned. but I cannot doubt his appearing to him there. not to croud this Work with Quotations from a Book which we have not much to do with in the Devil s Story. and moving about upon the Surface of this Earth. and with the Voices of the feveral Perfons who were under the terrible Af fliction of an a&ual PofTeflion. the Devil departed from him. where it is faid. which I fuppofe to be his inviMotions as a Spirit 3 under which Coniideration . It remains to enquire into the manner. any more than I can his talking to our Sa viour in the Mouths. neither act in publick or in private. as well as in the Compals of the Atcall d the Air^ in fome manner mofphere. af ter fome manner or another . that he. nor could we be any way concerned with him. fible Ordinary . and in another Place. at leaft not much to his Satisfaction. in the Scripture it felf 5 and as the firft ftrongly fuggefts and fuppofes it to be fo. and. (the Devil) has a certain Refidence.

gt. Extraordinary his Appearances in borrowed Shapes and Bo &amp. Figure. or Titles of Honour he y/7. or Hence we muft fuppofe the Devil has it very much in his own Choice. or little limited State of Action. as Deas Prince of Darknefs. either by himfslf or his Agents . to act in his Bufinefs. or Shadows rather of Bodies 5 afluming Speech. either in or in Things.izo jfin The Modern HISTORY and &amp. fideration I fuppofe him to have an uncortd. And fee every thing j that is to dies. Power. of which we can give little or no Ac count 5 in which extraordinary manner of Appearances. is known taking him in this large unlimited. as God of this World. Pofture. unreftrain d Liberty. Deceiver. PofMion&amp. That . as he finds lay. unlimited. Now by. whether to act in one Ca pacity. or in both} that is to of appearing. he is either limited by a fuperior limits himfelf politically. every thing that is vifible for I cannot allow him Share -. or in the other. he is well calPd. and may be faid. Accuier. In this State of Invifibility. the God of this World^ for he has very much of the Attribute of and for his Purpofe under the Operation of thefe Powers and Liberties. and all whatfoever other Names of Office. and not appearing. which is more effectually done in his State of Obfcurity. to be every where. and fcveral Pow ers. as Tempter. by gitation. as to this the manner of a6Hng Perfons. of Qmnifrisncz any a: all. as not the Way moil for his Intcreit or being Purpofe. : lie performs all his Functions and Offices. by A- which I underfbnd to be z.

that he may fee and not be feen. and I among the refi^ that if the Devil was perfonally and vifibly prefent among us. how. little we fhould be fo familiar with him in a us time. that his ugly Figure would not affecl at all. the next Queftion before us is. and by what Methods he does his Bufmefs. that he may prompt raife Tempefts. may play his Game in the dark. ufe Inftruments. purely in Kindnefs to us. be known to have his Hand in any thing.and cloth d inMift and Darknefs. is feen when he is not known. is with us 9 fometimes in us. kindle embroil Nations. &c. and we converfed with him Face to Face. that his. to make our Hiflory of him complete. fees when he is not feen. after fome manner or other j and in fome Figure or other. hears when he is not heard. blow up Coals. and in what man ner he afts with Mankind ? how his Kingdom is carried on. nor is he walk ing about incognito. and goes out without Noife. that he may ab undifcover d. for he certainly has a great deal of Bufinefs to do 5 he is not an idle Spectator. and is known when he is not feen j all thefe things. fright or that we fhould any more trouble our felves about . and not Strife. that we fhould not be frighted at him 3 but tis in Policy. we have Knowledge enough about to convince us of the Truth of them} fo that.of the That he fcnd DEVIL. comes in without Leave. and not be detefted in his Roguery . when at the fame time he really has a Hand in every Mifchief. vifible or Now in order invifiblc. thing.Terrors would not us. as he finds Occanon. 221 ranges about every where. and when he runs after us we can t efcape him. is neither to be fhut in or {hut out. that when he runs from us we can t catch him. as I have faid above. Some are of Opinion. and more. he is certainly walking to and fro thro the Earth.

limited and reflrain d \ in a Word. Horns. cloven Foot. as the Prince of De vils . met. fork d Tongue. than thofe weak fan cied Trifles contrived by our antient Devil-raifers &amp. frighted at him. that at laft we took no more Notice of it than of the other ordinary Stars which had appear d before we or our Anceftors were born. HISTORY the laft great Co which appear d fo long and fo con- ftantly without any particular known Event. and in a Word.The Modern about him. be his frightful Figure what it would. and his Legions as numerous as theHoftof Heaven. to fill up old Stories. and the like. or atleaft none of thofe filly Things and Devil. Nor indeed fhould we have much could be faid Reafon to be of him which we now amufe our felves about. we fhould fee him ftill. always in Cuftody of his Jailors the Angels. in terrorem. or if he has any Deformities entail d upon him by the fupreme Sentence. with Bat s Wings. his Rage cow d and abated. long Tail. they would be of a fuperior Nature. and in Juilice to the Deformity of his Crime. his Spirit broken. make Songs and Ballads. who cheated the ignorant World with a Devil of their own mak ing. as he was from the Original. and fitted more for our Contempt as well as Horror. or at leaft aw d and under Corre&ion. to feed the wayward Fancies of old Witches and Sorcerers. flaming as a Co tall as a Mountain. tho* monftrous as a Dragon. we fhould fee him a vanquifh d Slave. than we did with 222 met in 1678. and by which we fet him up like a Scare-Crow to fright Children and old Women. his . carry on the low priz d Buf foonery of the common People we fhould either fee him in his Angelic Form.makers. yet dragging his Chain after him to the utmoft of his fuppofed equal his Power over-power d. In the next Place. fet forth.

gt. or indeed any hurt at D EVIL. if he did not appear wholly in Covert and under needful Difguifesy how. Nor could he be ferviceable in his Generation. could he caft himfelf pear in many Shapes. Management. if the People did not all ap Mafque. he could . and he not able to work any Thing Force fo that he would be to us but againft us by like the Lions in the Tower.of the his Malice. into fo Had he been oblig d always to aft the meer Devil in his own Clothes. aft on fo many different Scenes. or anfwer the who employ him. as he does in private. and the Manner of our Actings. but for the Convenience of his Habit. cither with our felves or to one another. if he was to do their Bu finefs in public. as a public Perfon as Affairs require a quite different End of his Party now he is. there would be no Entertainment and no Improvement for the Good of the Age. that tis not his Bufinefs to be public. as Men. 22 tho not abated. and that we fear. appearing uppermoft in ail Cafes and Places. as might be made apparent from the Nature of Things. As in our modern Meetings for the Propagation of Impudence and other Virtues. or to walk up and down in the World vifibly. and with his own Shape. From hence tis evident. unable to do the Hurt he wimes to do. would not be able to employ him at ail. as he has done ? as/a meer profeiVd Ztevil he could do nothing. and in his own Shape his &amp. yet Hand-cuff d and overpower d. and conceal d from the com mon Observation j fo neither could Satan (from whofe Management tbofe more happy AfTemblies are taken as Copies of a glorious Original) perform the ufual and neceflary Bu finefs of his ProfefSon. and turn fo many Wheels of State in the World. &amp. and who. encag d and lock d up.

and act ing at the Head of civil Confufionand Diitra6Hon. as well as in other Nations and in more antient Times. and influenced fo many Parties and Factions in Church and State. much Secrefy. or fo much as to fuggeft that Satan had no Hand in it all? Did not the Devil^ by the Agency of Cardinal Richlieu^ fend 400000 Crowns at one TimeJ and 600000 at another. in order to conceal his Intereft. ever fince the firft Ages of Chriftihas been carried on with fo anity in the World. the French Court at the Time of our old Confufions was made the Scene of Satan s Politicks. and conceal the Influence he has had in the Councils of the World. Had it been potllble for him to have raifed the Flames of Rebellion and War fo often in this Nation. and in our Memories too. but the Devil in Mafquerade. a meer naked DEVIL? It is not the Devil as a Devil^ that does the Mifchief. Satan in full Difguife. The Share Satan has had in all the weighty Confufions of the Times. to the Scots. if he had appeared in his own Dreis. by other Agents. and prompted both Parties in England wA in Scotland alfo to quarrel. as he certainly has done ? Could he have on both Sides. voted in fo many prefided in Committees. at the fame time. and how was it done ? Will any Man offer to fcandalize the Devil fo much as to fay. as we have Reafon to believe he has done in our Nation. and inflam d agitated the Parties the Spirits of three Nations. remit 800000 Crowns to the other Party. in order to raife an Army to fall upon . and fo much with an Air of Ca* bal and Intrigue. fat in fo many Courts. to raife an Army and march boldly into England? and did not the fame Devil. that nothing can have been manag d more fubtilly and clofcly. and in the fame Manner has he a&ed in our Times.224- The Modern HISTORY could never have preach d in fo many Pulpits^ fo many Councils. if Hiitory may be credited.

tho tis no more to be doubted they were done by the Agency of Satan. and thac he may have all his Work done in fuch a Manner may make Man Q_ as . as his extraordinary Af fairs require. that But we {hall have Occafion better concealing himfelf in -&amp. in the Perfon of an old the better to cover his Actions. did not the Devil with the tip fame Subtilty fend down the ArchbifhopJs Order to impofe the Service-Book upon the People in Scotland^ and at the fame Time raife a Mob ain the great Church (at St. and by the Agency and Contrivance of fuch Internments. or by the Devil in the Difguife of fuch Servants as he found out fitted to be employ d in his Work. did not he actually. and have the fame Tendency namely. and he has gone on in diverfe Meafures. Giles s)? it. yet they are in all Ages much the fame. when we come to difcourfe of the par ticular Habits and Difguifes which the Devil has made ufe of. which Meafures. 225 an the Scots ? nay. and in a very furprizing Manner too. In the mean Time the Cunning or Artifice the Devil makes ufe of in all thefe Things is in it felf Very considerable 5 tis an old Practice of hisufing. and turn Rebels for God Sake? All thefe happy and fuccefsful Undertakings. all along in the World.tftk DEVIL. and who he took a more effectual Care in con cealing of. and to conceal his being concern d in them. and ani three-leg mate the zealous People to take up Arms for Re gainft Woman ligion. for the it . he may get all his Bufinefs carried -. on by the In- flrumentality of Fools that he kind Agents in their own Deftruftion. to touch all this Part over again. tho he varies fometimes. by what I Call Pofleflion and Injection. yet were all done in fecret. (his favourite Inftrument) throw the d Stool at the Service-Book.

except as above. fee what Ufe is vantage. and the Name Devil is put nay he Scandal of the black Agent lies all upon be lent to and into any fuch Perfon. are ready upon all . and their Actings upon and in the Minds of Men in his Name. and how far made of them to his Ad Mankind is impofed upon in thofe Particulars. CHAP. call d on liis inferior Mini his Intcrefts. enough. at his Command. abfolute Monarchy in they refpect the Manage and the carrying on his many Occafions innumerable for his Angel^ of whom he has an Multitude. to fpare one to attend every Man and Woman now alive in the World $ and of whom. as a Beam of ought their great the Evening Sun is of Infects. where they are ever ready for Bufmefs. Of IV. and to what Purpofe. and Oo for . and coniequently like cations him. may fccm to have no Hand contrives fo well. if we may believe our fecond fight Chrillians.^26 as that The Modern he HISTORY in it . as they are all of the dime fpirituous invifible Quality with himfelf. Satan s Agents or Miffionaries. the Air is always as full. finite IN Advantages attend the Devil in his re as tired Government. Thefe. ment of the World j particular to act by the Agency of ly as it gives him room tiers and Meffengers. In order then to look a little into his Conduit. let us enquire into the common Miftakes about him. that the very upon his oppofite Party. we know. and to go and come as Governor iffucs out Orders for their Directions.

but his People are every one fit for every Thing. that is to fay. twould be hard to prove that there is or has been one Council of State in the World for many hundred Years paft. down to the Year 171 j. as above . fat as How a Member. forne bred up one ther. and consequently fome fit for fome Buiinefs. fit for any thing he fets them about. a vaft deal of Work to do. 227 for fuch Purpofes. that the Devil fhould have fuch a numberlefs Train of Deputy Devils to act under him for it muft be acknowledged he has a great deal of Bufinefs upon his Hands. many Governments in the World are wholly in his Adminiftration ? how many Divans and great Councils under his Direftion ? nay. fome ano one Trade. and the Bufinefs the Meflenger is to do it will. fome good for fortieth ing. who it will. fome for another. that they are not like us humane Devils here in is what Way. be the Perfon they are fent to.of the D E V I L. can find their Way every where. there are no fooliJJ} Devils^ they are the World. in a Word. Example. has not the Chair. and fome good for nothing. abundance of public Affairs under his Direftion. and very feldotn miftake their Errand or fail in the Bu duels they are fent to do. forne of all fully qualified for their Employment. and are a Match for every Body they are fent to . or his Agents in one Shape or another. fuperior Limitations only excepted) as the grand Dire6lor of Devils. (The Devil properly fo call d guides them 5) and be the Sub ject or the Object what it will. i if not talced And . or into. they are diffidently qualified j for this a Particular to Satan s Meflengers or Agents. (we don t pretend to come nearer home) where the Devilry himfelf. Nor is it ftrange at all. and an infinite Va riety of particular Cafes always before him $ for & I believe. fome of another.

whether it was an AfTembly of Saints or a I fay. that in fuch Cafes the Devil has been out-voted 5 but it does not argue but he might have been prefent there. regained his loft Ground. take it one Time with another. and even to his great Mortification. Suppofe we take an Obfervation from the Be ginning of Lutheri or from the Year 1420. that when I come to the Particulars. as I ihall do in the Sequel of this Hi (lory. fo foon and fo eafily recovered himfelf. that Mafs of Enthufiam and Idols call d the Catholick Hierar chy. was a Church of God or a Church of the Devil. that his Empire is far from being leflen d in the World. for the laft thoufand Years of the Chriftian Eftablifhment. take that Time to Synagogue of Satan be the Epocha of Satan s Declenilon and of Lu: 4 cifer s . only that he had not the Succefs he expedtedj for I don t pretend to fay that he has never been difappointed 5 but thole Examples are fo rare. the Devil has met with fuch a Series of Succefs in all his Affairs. and call the Reformation a Blow to the Devil s King dom. and have pufh d his Intereft as far as he could. you will find them hardly worth naming and that.228 The Modern HISTORY tho forne learn d Authors may difpuce Point with me. it amounts to no more than this . and of fo fmall Significa this And tion. which before that was come to fuch a Height in Chriflendom. and where he has met with a little Check in his Politicks. and where Things have been carried againft Satan s Intereft. by giving fome Examples where the Councils of Princes have been afced by a better Hand. and has fo feldom been baulk d . that tis a Queftion not yet thorowly decided. or replaced himfelf in another Country when he has been fupplanted in one. whether that Medley of Superftition and horrible Herefies. ftanding. has notwith&amp.

from the Top Glory. as Auftria^ Carinthia. gafping for Breath. where the Reformation once powerful at the ly planted. thefe Countries thus regain d to Satan s infernal Empire. and expiring in that Coun try. as tis more than probable he will do fo fome. where the Re of s fating his terreftrial formation is almoft eaten out by Perfccution $ the whole Faltoline and (bme adjacent Countries 3 the whole Kingdom of Poland and almoft all Hungary 5 for fince the laft lies War the Reformation. by the growing Zeal as well as Power of ( that. not reckoning what he has regain d fince of the Ground which he had loft even by the Reformation.of the cifer D E V I L. Houfe of Bigots) the Houfe of new Project in A . receiv d its Death s Battle of Prague. 1617. and more likely to of Bohemia. that is. yet whether he did not in the Defection of the Greek Church about gain that Time and fince. which are. died and was buried. (viz. and languifh d but a very little while. as it were. But . let us add his modern Conquefts and the Encroachments he has made upon the Reformation in the prefent Age. as much as he loft in the Reformation of the Roman. alfo feveral large Provinces in Germany.) the Countries of the Duke of Savoy s Dominion. and good Wound King POPERY To reign d in its ftead. both Popifh $ the Dutchy of Deux Fonts fallen juft now to a popilh Branch. time or other. whenever the diligent his Devil can bring Poland to bear. 229 from Heaven.) the Electorate of the Rhine and the Palatinate. the one fallen to the Houfe of Bavaria. is what Authors are not yet agreed about. and the other to that ofNeuburgh. very considerable (viz. fallen under the the Apoftacy of follow the Fate the whole Electorate of Saxony Power of popifh Government by their Princes. and the whole Kingdom of Bohemia. Ann. how ever light we make of them.

and from good Au fo near its upon the Stage. and the Ground he has regain d upon the Reformation. . that Heaven would be. the whole King dom of France^ where we have in one Year feen. Mafiacres. in which his fecret Management has been fo exquifite. as that the Name of Chriltain ieemcd to be extirpated in thofe two Quarters of the World. rais d the Saracen Empire. that could he bring but one Thing to pafs. which by his own former Miflake. which were then not the gre ateft only. he would bring the Proteflant Intereft tles Wound and Slaughters. Antient Hiftorians tell us. I mean dfia.230 The Modern HISTORY War and that Intereft which for zoo Years had fupported it felf in fpight of Perfections. But to fum up the dull Story 5 we mud add in the Roll of the //m / s Conquefts. and fpread the victorious Half-Moon upon the Ruin of the Crofs. whom he entirely poflefs d. Thus far we have a melancholy View of the Devil s new Conquefts. the Cafe is thus. at lafl received its from its own Champion Ruin. by Satan s moftexquifite Management under the Agency of his two prime Minilters Cardinal RiMieu and Lewis the XIV. that his Meafures have prevailed to the total Extirpation of the Proteflant Churches without mortal IV. and Henry funk into utter Oblivion. to the immortal Glory of the Devil s Politicks. five civil Wars and innumerable Bat a &amp. and his Politicks fo good. and then the Turkijh to fuch a Height. and Afri ca . but by far the moft powerful. as It to the Necefftty of working by Mira were^ put cle to prevent it .gt. (for the Devil is not infallible) he has rendred impoffible. having totally laid waft all thofe antient and flourifhing Churches of Afnca^ the Labours of fir ft thority. that the DEVIL finding to bring his favourite Afoto^/ it for his Intereft - St. having with great Succefs.

finiih d thefe Con- to his Satisfaction. over-run Servia. Laodicea. Macedonia. yet finding the Intereft of Mahomet moil fuitable to his devilijh Purpofes. and 670 Chriiiian Biihops and Fathers. Bithynia. 231 St. The Devil having. and fap d the Foundation of the Chriiii an Power. dugufline. alfo all the Churches of Smyrna . flupid. and to make Way for an eafy Conquefl. and unconcern d. and the. and laying waile the World. who governed there at once. Provinces of the letter Aft a. and had quells fo much brought his Power by the Subjection of the Ro man Hierarchy to a great Height. Cyprian. and tho he had a confiderable Intereft in the Whore of Babylon. CL4 firft . Phila delphia. as moil adapted to the Deftruftion of Mankind. dozing. Finding this politic Method fo well anfwer his Ends. the Devil. dnlioch.t lail the Imperial City of Conftantinople it j tent felf. till the Turk con quered Thrace. Sardis. refolv d [from that time to lay a Foundation for the making thofe Divifions and Jealouiies of the Chriftian Princes immortal whereas they were at &amp. like a true Devil he work d under Ground. This devilijh Policy took to his Heart s Con the Chriiiian Princes ilood ftill. I fay. and at lail might (wallow them up all. by (owing Difcord among the reigning Princes of Europe 5 that fo envying one another they might be content to (land ftill and look on while the Turk devoured them one by one. and began to turn his Eyes Northward. bring In order to this.of the DEV I L. Bui* garia. fertullian. and him in upon Europe like a Deluge. Ephefus. who always improves upon the Succefs of his own Experiments. St. he refolv d to efpoufe the growing Power of the Turk.. and innumerable others in Pontus. and all the Remains of the Grecian Empire.

fo great was the Piety of Chrittian Princes inthofe Days. or Revenge of fome little Affront for which notwithstanding. Nations. to their Piques and private Quarrels.232 firft The Modern HISTORY Quar only perfonal. of which the Devil was chief Engineer $ that the Divifions fhould always remain. that they made no -. Envy at the of this or: extraordinary Valour.or SU . and conlike an Annual in the Gar fequently temporary. were only perfonal. was a Scheme truly infernal. a certain Sign whofc Management they were under. not in the Humours and Pafiions of Men only. as ever was of the High Dutch Rebellion. or other Merit that Leader. how ever ufeful to him. the Na ture of their Commerce. Scruple to facrifice whole Armies. To this end it was neceiTary to lay the Foundati on of eternal Feud. Thefe being the Caufes by which the DEVIL firft fow d the Seeds of Mifchief among them. but in the Interefts of Nations : The Way to do this was to form and {late the Do minion of thofe Princes. the Climate. the Temper of their People. that thefe Divifions. and confequently dura ble and immortal. I lay. or fomething which ihould forever render it impoffible for them to unite. and the Succefs fo well anfwering his Defign. which muft be for the future be national. being made a natural Confequence of the Situation of the Country. raised anew every Seafon. which. This. might den. and founded in private as rels between the Princes refpeftively . to illuilrate great Things by fmall. fuch Emulation of one another s Glory. the Man- ner of living. by fuch a Plan drawn in Hell. he could not but wrfn to have the fame Advantage therefore he refolv d always ready at his Hand y and - to order it fo. and laid out from a Scheme truly political. yea. in which the Devil was as certainly the principal Ope rator.

not the Devil with no. and formidable to Europe ever after. Spain. them. and which ferv d his Interefts fo long. but it works to this Day. is now the only Obflruction to his Defigns. and others. which the Devil himfelf with fo much Policy contriv d. Ita ly On and Poland. or fo ftrong as they were in 162. called the John B Nor did this Contrivance of South. to de fend themfelves. as Great Britain and Pruffia is particularly. .Sea Stock. and is another inftance that he knows nothing o f what s is to come* for Foundation of immortal Jealoufy and Difcord between the feveral Nations of Spain. and prevents the entire Ruin of the Reformation . and as ufeful as it would be to the Devil all his Caufe at this time. for tho the reform d Countries are very and made the furk victorious at the fame Time. or the Succefs appear unworthy of the Undertaker 3 for we fee it not only anfwer the End.. to wit. Sir the Foundation of the Divifions remains in all the feveral Nations. This is what I hinted before.3. more powerful than ever $ yet it cannot be faid that the Proteftant Interefts in general are flronger than this very formerly. and fhould join their Powers to attack the Proteftants. and that to fuch a Degree that it is impoffible they fhould unite. could heartily unite their Interefts. were it pofTible that the Popifh Powers. Angels are able to bring it to with all his Craft and Cunning j he divided s pafs&amp. the Devil at all difhonour his Author. under the victorious Arms of the Swede . which are intirely Popilh. the latter would find it very difficult. But as fatal as fuch a Union of the Popifh Powers would be. 235 / of the late Project. the other Hand. France. if not impofTible. of France. and fome of them. in which the Devil was miftaken. Germany. Germany.

in all the Tranfa&ions and Tranfadors on that Stage of Life we call the State. that he does not becaufe there is always a Prefident 3 I lay. but he can unite with Men. as we go along. but never fo as to make Conquefis toge ther 3 they are too much afraid of one another. tis much the fame 3 and here. and which he carries on by Pofleffion 3 tis by this Invifibility that he prefides in all the Councils of foreign Powers. they may do in an Hour what they can t undo in an we find him a Spirit of fome particular evil Quality or other. or France and the Emperor unite 3 jarring Humours may be reconcil d. tbo* that come to We vernments and Nations. as it was in the Story of Jtbab the King of Ifrael. not vote as a Coun3 and if he does he votes in the Counfellor. But this is a Digreffion. if he is not in the Prefident s Chair. fellor. that Addition of fhould unite fo as to make They may Peace. and Poland fhall all unite 3 let this Anfwer fatisfy them. who cry out of the Danger of a religious War in Europe. but jarring Interefts never can them. if not much Thus . yet if he be in the Prefident himfelf. This may comfort thofe faint-hearted Chnitians among us. as he was a lying Spirit in the Mouths of all his y Prophet s.234 as tis The Modern t HISTORY them tis 3 fo that evenjuft with Devils. by verttie of his Invifibility. and Spain. fo : any Strength the other. and Italy. and what terrible Things will happen when France. that we always premife 3) and what tho alledged by the Criticks. I return to Satan s Intereft in the feveral Go can hardly be long. for one to bear. (for we never mean our own. ihall find the Devil miftaken and difapointed too on feveral other Occafions. the Difference is it is prefide. and Ger many. The Devil himfelf can ne ver make France and Spain.

gt. and Men of the higheft Character for Atchievements of Glory. - : &amp. Peter Spirit in &amp. 5 a Phaeton in Lewis DEVIL. whatever the mod confummate Virtues or good Qualities they have been known by. IV. a debauch d Devil mercilefs Devil in a Cortez a conjuring Devil in a Luxemburg j in an Eugene b : In a and a covetous Devil in a word. a &ir- Mary 5 an &amp. and hence it comes to pafs. a cruel. I tell you the Spirit that reign d in M B M Spirit in my Lord z my Lord the D Plaufible^ a bullying Spirit in Bugbear^ a talkative Spirit in his Grace of Rattle-hall^ a fc^ibling Spirit in my Lord . a proud V. and prevent their Efcape out of his Hands j thus we have been a bloody Devil in a D^Alva j a profligate Devil in a Bucking ham a lying. take them a degree lower than the Clafs of Crown d Heads. but have you not had Evidences of it among our felves ? how has he been a lying Spirit in the Mouths of our Prophets. a profufe Devil in a . he has the fame fecret Influence. of Caflik 5 a revengeful Spirit in Ferdinand II. &amp. that the greater! Heroes. IX. dan&palus in C In the Great II. tell me the Man. a bia turbulent Spirit in Char. yet they have always had fome Devil or other in them to preferve Satan s Claim to them uninterrupted. and elevated by human Tongues. artful. Emperors Spirit of Fire and Faggot in our Queen a cruel apoftate Spirit in Hen. either by their Virtue or Valour. however they have been crowned with Victories. Nor does he thus carry on his fecret Manage ment by Pofleffion in Men of the firfl Magnitude only. 235 gotted Thus he was a diflembling Spirit in Char. a fa&ious Spirit in the Heads of our Politicians. a corrupt Devil in &amp. or politick Devil in a Ricblleu y a treacherous Devil in a Mazarin . Men of the World.

their Perfons.Boots. he aflumes any Drefs. a whoring Devil in ano is not a Man ther. to a thoufand. from the Great Mogul^ to the Scaramouch 3 the Devil is in them.236 Lord /if- The . more or lefs. a lying Devil in the fourth. Frightful \vhofe exceeding. and particular Qualifications proclaim loudly what Handle the Devil took them by. I hope you know that. in their Faces or Tongues. even the Ladies have their Share in the Pofleilion 3 and if they have not the Devil in their Heads. like the Plague. and a hundred thoufand. tis From Degrees of any Shape. in its Place. to Profeffions and the fame 3 we find the Devil Employments. ad mfinitum. I doubt is very But that Part I have much more to fay to fmall. there the Small. fure and plays his Game fo well that he makes Work with em all He knows where the Common Foibk lies. is Morbus Plebaei 3 not a Family but he and fo a Spirit of Strife and Contention among them 5 but he has a Part in him 3 he is a drunken Devil in one. From Men of Figure. which is UNIVERSAL PAS : t SION. . 3 a run-away Spirit in my Lord thro a long Roll of Heroes. a thieving Devil in a third. and how raft he held them 3 for thefe were all Men of ancient Fame. there a long Robe 3 here he wears the Jack.Sword 3 is here an Enthujiaft^ there a Buffoon 3 on this Side he acts the Mounteacts appears in lank^ on that Side the Merry-Andrew 3 nothing comes amifs to him. upon every Stage 3 here he wears a Gown. we defcend to the Mob. Nay. counterfeits every Voice. is a true Poflure-mafter. it muft be fome poor defpicable She-devil that Satan did not think it worth his while to meddle with 3 and the Number of thofe that are below his Operation. and fo on. and tis there the fame thing 3 Pofleflion. or in their Tails.

is abundantly his Intereft. nor are they much acquainted with him. had been all loft. Now. had he been ob liged to have appeared in Publick. and which. what Handle to take hold of every Man by. if he How Who m had known him : Satan has fet up for a cunning Fool. than it ihould have done if the naked DEVIL had come and challenged him for a Fool in Nature. and a Slight particular to himfelf. when &amp. would not have been Fool enough to have taken him into his Service. comparatively (peaking. feems to have it fit much better upon him now he pafTes for a Fool of Art. or at leaft of nothing more than the other ordinary Po liticians of Wickednefs could have done without him. and yet he ferves himfelf of them. he makes them do his Work. who neither have the DEVIL in them. whether of their Folly. by the mere Advantage of his preient conceaFd or mi Hake the Means. then can it be deny d but that his acting thus in tenebris^ and keeping out of the fight of the World. they . by any other Method ? What would this publick Appearance have fignified ? would have entertain d him in his own proper Shape and Perfon ? Even B B himfelf. Authors are much divided as to the man ner how the Devil manages his proper Inftruments for Mifchief j for Satan has a great many Agents in the Dark. Infinite Variety illuftrate the Devil s Reign among the Sons of Men all which he manages with admirable Dexterity. and that he could do nothing. tho all the World knows him to have a foolifh Devil him. who And my Lord Simpleton alfo. and he capable of juft nothing at all. as not to fail of his End. tis all one. and how to cultivate his Intereft fo. or of that other Frailty call d Wit.SIGN.

as much as they pretend to be more fancUfied than their Neighbours) full of Devil Worfhipers ? Where do his Devotees gratulate one another. and God s Catholic Church and tis certainly the Devil s Matter-piece to bring Mankind to fuch a Perfection of Devilifm as that of the /for // the Devil bad not been in them^ quijition is could they chriften fuch a Hell-fire Judicature as the Inquifition is. by the Name of the Holy Of &amp. to appeale this God of the Air. fo is he in his guiding the weak Part of the World. and all for God. they are doing nothing lefs or more than ferving the Devil. were to think they do God good Service : Thus the Inquifition. for ought we know.23$ cunning The Modern HISTORY they think they are doing their own j nay. Thus thofe who God. (for Example. Women and Children. if the Devil did not ac~b in them under the Vizor of Devotion ? But we need not go to America ^ or to the In- quifition.) it may be. &amp. to make them be lieve they are ferving not to Paganifm or to Popery Cither. and murther thoufands of Men. while they are offered upon God s Altar j are not our Churches (ay. when they do his Should perfecute ChriuVs Days. at this time. murther. and Mceting-houfes too. fice ? And fo in to Death. how could fo many Nations among the poor Indians offer human Sa crifices to their Idols. ftai. go on for God s fake 5 nay. mangle and macerate. and con gratulate . tis fome of the niceft Part of his Operation. in all the of Chriftian Cruelty the Scripture foretold Church in the latter ah which they are fo famous for (if any of them are ignorant enough not to know that they are De* vils incarnate) they may. that even when they think they are ferving God. when he is angry. to look for People that are facrificing to the Dc^il^ or that give their Peace-offerings to him.

Saint. with a Gen tleman of my Acquaintance. and aflure you he made Harmony was riot fo correfpond bro ken . or at lead to the fair Devils his Reprefentatives. they make all their Vows to Satan. fo that the Ten Command it ments. while they hold up their Hands. minded very little the Bufinefs he ought to come about 5 firft I faw him always bufy ilaring about him and bowing this Way and that Way. happen d to be at an eminent Place of God s moft devout Worihip the other nay. nay. then the Signification than Saint muft have another ever yet underftood it by. and the other adjufting their Drefs ? Arc enus and Mercury. I obferved. more Apparitions always there. than you that know nothing of the matter may be aware 1 of. The Church (as a Place) is the Receptacle of the Dead. that there are more Speftres. the Air. 239 him. I pre tend to fo much Penetration as to tell you. f doubt Satan. more than at Church ? where. the Poitures and the Behavi our let him keep an exact Roll. could give a better Account of than I can j but as to the Superficies. if he woukl be fo kind. and if I do not fhew him two Devil Worfhipers for one true &amp. he made two or three bows and Scrapes when he was repeating the Refponfes to the ftrangely. which I fhall fpeak of in their Place. Do not the Sons of God make AfHgnations with the Daughters of Men in the very Houfe of Worfhip ? Do they not talk to them in the Language of the Eyes ? And what is at the Bot tom of it. as well as the AfTembly of the Living j I Word what relates to thofe below. while one Eye is upon the Prayerbook. who. and turn up their Eyes towards Heaven. they not facrificing to and the very Devil they drefs at ? F Let any Man impartially furvey the ChurchGeftures.of the gratulate D EVIL.

Why. What. Very well. Ay.incline make a juft then my Lord 9 our Hearts. What. to a Throng of Ladies that came into the next then ftop d to Pew altogether. are in his Management. faid he^ I muft not be rude. have Mercy upon us-. This is the Cafe indeed. rude to who ? fays he. he fatd. muft not worfliip the Devil a little be tween whiles. for God a Mighty could hear him well enough. fo he huddled up the reft in Whifpers. three Bows her Seat. we . the Hearts of all the Church were gone off from the Subject. but I muft not be rude to them however. vils I fays 7. he meant by How could I I ask d him what and what he thought of it ? help it. little charming Devils. faid 7. I could not avoid it. I Ladies faid 7. faid he^ but what can we do? there if s we no going to Church as the Cafe (lands now. we were come home. nay. Devils^ faid he. I thought you call d them De O ! ! vils juft now. as well as if he had fpoken as loud as his great Scrape to Neighbours After did. could not you help bowing when you were faying your Prayers ? Sir fays he^ tne Ladies would have thought had flighted them. there came in fo many Ihe De could not help it. and the ly Devils^ that is fair looking World are general to fay. ay. for the Refponfe was over. and. becatife you could not be rude to the Devil ? Why that s true. all this.240 ken in The Modem HISTORY upon as you would expert it fhould j thus* and a Bow to a fine Lady juft come up to Lord. faid 7. and Satan carries his Point on every Hand 5 for if the fair fpeaking World. then you would be rude to God a Mighty .

and next Time he can catch you in the fame in every one of you. and when we how fpeak of them. is neither more or it&quot. &amp. Go ed that every Crime puts the Criminal in forms Meafure into the Devil s Power. you ll bejuft the fame SOT that you fay you were before. the Devil is too cunning for us. and there he is ftill. certainly the Devil was in me^ or elfe I bad never been fuch a Sot : Devil in you. Sir Ay. In fhort. as we vulgarly exprefs it. the Will for the Deed^ and if Heaven was not his common the one. and you have then only the fair-doing Part of the World that are out of his Clafs. yet it mutt be own ! &amp. gives him a Ti ll tic . every Body.)\ic thruih our Vi by which he mixes the Clean and the Unclean.. and manages us his own Way j he governs the Vices of Men by his own Methods tho every Crime will not make a Man aZ)m7. to take. (viz. O But I return to the Devil s managing our wicked Part. I was/o^/}V. lefs than the Devil in What is our Language when we look back with Refleftion and Reproach on pail Follies ? I think I was bewitch V/. for this he does with mod exquifiteSubtilty$ ces into our Virtues. and thus by the Corruption or is and this one Part of A6tions. which fee : good don t to come into that half in half Service. poifons and debauches the other. in fhort.El we few f L. (our vernors excepted) take as you pleafe. it. and is fain to be oblig d to to accept of the Heart without the Hands and Feet . 4I arc fure the foul fpeaking and the foul doing World are all on his Side. fo that the Slave he governs cannot account for his own Maker fo I but the Devil would carry away all his Servants Here indeed I fhould enter into a long Detail of involuntary Wickednefs.who doubts it you may be fure the Devil was in you.

the beft Thing I can I think *tis a one good and the other evil ? and why does the evil tempting Spirit fo often prevail? about it when only Jnltead of answering this difficukQueftion. for fo he is you take. how comes to pafs that thofe two oppodte Spirits do not quar they are preffing us to contrary Actions. caird.242 tie The Modern Man. and only talk by way of natural Confequence.the Devil is in them &amp. the greater Part of Man kind . and leaves Clan&amp. and he after. lay of it is.between good and evil Incli nations j but as to the reil. as to this Story of good and evil tis a indeed to reprefent the Struggle in good Allegory the Mind of Man. that inihort. that as the Generality and greater!: Number of mud not People do follow and obey the evil Spirit and Power is althe good. I {hall tell you. every indivi dual has a Devil attending him. But ta take Things as they are. and a attending us. and that the predominate low d to be the nominating Power j you mull then allow. and reit iu&ant to rel evil j If this true. &quot. is with you in every A6Hon.fees every Step you to do everyThing that is pernicious to your felf 9 they alfo alledge that there is a good Spirit which attends him too. that Angels attending every particular Perfon. for to argue from Nature is certainly the beft Way to find out the Devil s Story if there are good and evil Spirits &amp. to execute the Or ders of the (Grand Signior) Devil of the whole that this attending evil Angel .gt. a good Angel then tis no unjuifc Reproach upon any Dcvil^ Body to fay. I carry it farther ftill. when they follow the Dictates of or they are the latter. Devils*. HISTORY treats to the him magiftenally ever Some tell us every {ingle Man. nay. that is to fay. prompts you to every which latter is always accefTary - to every Thing that we do is that is good. namely.

. to the Court and the City. Sir. and fo I come to a my few s To this Lines of Purpofe give me leave to borrow a Friend on this very Part of the Devil Management. And he tickles Mankind with a Feather : Creeps in at our Ears. The Beauties are meer Apparitions} The homely alone by their Faces are known. And the Good by their ugly Conditions. They re at every Elbow and every Ear. N Jn fome he has Part. and in fome he s the Whole. R 2 He . 243 kind has the Devil in them. And has fomething to do with us all. And wherever he leads em they follow. Who as Pickpockets flock to a Country Affixes. The Pretty and Witty. are Devils in Mafquc. But only are Devils in Shadow. all And drefles up Croud up his Banditti. To Places and Perfons he (bits his Difguifes. Thus all his Affairs he drives on in Difguife.of the Text. TheBeaus walk about like the Shadows of Men. And ready at every cal! 5 Sir$ The vigilant Scout plants his Agents about. and looks out at our Eyes? And jumbles our Senfes together. Buttak em and fhak em. DEVI L. And of fome (like the Vicar of Baddoiv) It can neither be faid they have Body or Soul. there s not one in ten But s as light as a Feather and hollow.

and fuch other Illuminations as to him and his Wifdom {hall .. How in the it fo Satan comes by this governing Influence Minds and upon the Actions of Men. (querade. is a I Queftion it am not yet come to. ev ry Thing doubtful perplexes. Thus he walks up and down in compleat MafAnd with every Company mixes. . in their great CHAP. particularly belong to the feems rather a Polemick. B among fublime Haughtinefs..and. he will fet apart a Moment to confider human Nature Deviliz d. Contemporaries feem meet. Sells in And every Shop. fo it may pafs at School the Metaphyficks. nor indeed does Devil s Hiftory .- ev ry dark Deed holds the Candle j The Paffions enflames and the Appetite fires. And takes ev ry Thing by the Handle. imploring his mofl learned Dr. that when his other more momentons Avocations of Pedantry and Pedagogifm will give him an Interval from Wrath and Contention.244 The Modern Andto HISTORY He raifesthe Vapours. and give us a Ma thematical Anatomical Defcription of it 5 with a Map of Satan s Kingdom in the Microcofm of Mankind. - &c. and prompts the Defires. works at every Trade. and puzzle the Heads of our Mailers j wherefore I think to write to the about it.

of the DE VIL. and like what he was. my Account of the Devil s fecret Management by Pojfcjfflon9 and fhall reaflume it.or fome Body for him. fome greater. andjuch like ^Pageantry of Hell j and how they went off the Stage at laft by the Introduction of true Religion. that they were oblig d - R 3 to . hedeThe liver d outFalfhood and Dclufion by Retale Priefts of Apollo acted this Farce for him to a great Nicety at Delptoos there were divers others at the fame Time. he had very ihall fee prefently. Devil his due. not finiih d. There were alfo little Hand in. was allow d to make at leaft a Pretenfion to the Knowledge of Things to come y fome lefs mijfa Superlorumj for either vindictive or other hidden Ends and Purpofes. as publick Cheats generally do. d. as we fome fmaller. fome famous Places where thofe Oracles were feated. Augurs? Oracles. and gave fuch uncertain and inconfiftent Refponfes. Management in the Hierarchy by Omens^ Entrails. and fome. they a6bed in Mafquerade. and accord ing to what he pra&ifed from the Beginning.2&amp. Here his Trumpet yielded an uncertain Sound for fome Ages. Permore. H A P. which to give the I Have adjourn : -. 245 C Of tie DevilV V. and Audience given to the Enquirers. and the firft of thele is by that Fraud of all Frauds call d Oracle. in its Place j but I mult take leave to mention fome other Parts of his retired Scheme. in all which the . by which he has hitherto manag d Man kind.

the fently Confu! Salluftt which happened juft at the fame -. and fo all their Augurs. them. have been likewife inter preted. the cunning Devil made the Priefts put a different Conflruftion upon them. but fincc. any Signification more than a Man falling dead jof an Apoplectic. and fummon d all the Priefts together to inform him of the Succefs of his Perjian Expedition. who neither wifh d his the Oracle was fuppos d to have meant as it fell out . would have fignified fbmething fatal to Julian^ who made himfelf a Brother Sacrill or Prieft whereas the Priefts turn d it preto fignify the Death of his Colleague. all the ill Omens which difturb d him. they Prophets^ having a lying Spirit in d him and promis d him Succefs. parti&quot. and for predicting from the Entrails 5 all. and proiiiife him Good When he entred into the of the Genij to offer Sacrifice. evidenc d that he Icnew nothing of Julian s Fate 5 for they prefag d good from for Example^ he was at a prodigious Expence when he was at Antloch to buy up white Beads. by at that which the Devil amus d the World. Time. like Ahab from whence the Antiocbians^ in contempt. had it had : &amp. mufements. Omens and Voices. s &amp. even after things were Here the Devil was a lying Spirit^ in a cular and extraordinary manner. and white Fowls. Julian the Apoftate dealt mightily in thefe Abut the Devil.The Modern HISTORY come to pafs. not Time only. one of Temple the Priefts dropt clown dead this. as ho fent almoft to all the Oracles of the Eaft. for Sa crifices. that whatever happen d. encoijrag Nay. to ufe the utmoft Art to reconcile Events to the Prediction. . call d him Vtftlmarim\ but whenever the Entrails fore boded Evil. in the Mouths of all the Prophets 5 and yet he had the Cunning to exprefs himfelf fo. or prefag d it to him.

much more reafonable to believe there was never any Reality in them at all. and happened. not being allow d to vent his Delufions by the Mouths of the Priefts and Augurs. off 5 fo in ano Julian thought it ominous that he. the Stile of the Emperor was Juli- Time. nay Cicero himfelf ridicules them in the openeft manner 5 again. ficers -. more than they were before . and whatever was foever they differ d from one another. the lying Spirit was fure to recon cile the Prediction and the Event ^ and make them at leaft feem to correfpond in Favour of the Perfoil how much are told Oracles are ceafed. which diflurb d Him much.) that tho Julianus and F&Jix fhould die. and could probably pafs a better Judgment upon them . I have a great many antient Authors on sny Side in this as Eufebius^ fertulliani Ariftotk) and others. other Authors defcend to Particular and fhew how the Cheat was R 4 manag d . tho eight hundred Miles Thus whatever foretold. who was AttguftiiS) fhould be nam d with two other Names of Perfons. DEVIL. or that any Ora cle ever gave out any Anfwers but what were the Invention of the Priefts and the Delations of the . Auguftus fhould be immortal. they had much more Reafon to know. and when even fomeof thofe Rites were yet in Ufe. I think tis Now we enquiring.DEVIL . who was the third of the three Names but his flattering Devil told him it all imported Good to him (w z. and two of his principal Of were Juli&nus and Foelix now both Julianut and Foelix died within a few Days of one another. who as they liv d fo near the Pagan Times. and the Devil is farther limited for the Good of Mankind. as formerly : 1 will not take upon me to fay how far they are really ceas d. &amp. both already dead 5 the Cafe was thus. 247 anus Fceltx Auguftus.of the ther Cafe.

who were always hiftorically inforrn d of the Circumftances of the En quirer.. I mufl be allow d flill to think as I do others may believe : w/&amp. namely. in a brafs VefTel. or we have room to think the DEVIL knows lefs . To affirm therefore. I cannot fay but that indeed there are fome Authors of good Credit &amp. and confidently told they did not rightly underftand the Oracle s Meaning However. in a Kettle with a brafs Cover. or Boiler. with a Cover of the fame Metal that is to fay. that they were all Cheats. much Jefs of Demonftration. & and fet his private Judgment up againft an eftablifh d Opinion 5 but tis no matter for that j if I do not fee any thing in that received Opinion capable of E~ vidence. Jy exact in thofe Anfwers $ and they give that of the Delphic Oracle anfwering the Queftion which was given about Crosfus for an Example. they lift j I fee nothing hard or difficult in the Thing j the Priefts. who will have it that there was a real prophetic Spi rit in the Voice or Anfwers given by the Ora and that oftentimes they were miraculoufcles. or at leaft fomething about them.The Modern HISTORY manag d by the Heathen Sacrifts and Priefts. by going into the hollow Images. and put fome double Entendre upon them. and this they certainly did. and in what enthuflaftic manner they fpoke . iuch as the bra zen Bull and the Image of dpollo . they might be impofed upon by the Priefts. might as cidly find fome ambiguous Speech to viz. which upon the Event folv d the Credit of the Oracle3 were it one way or other . and how fubtilly they gave out duhious and ambiguous Anfwers $ that when the People did not find their Expecta tions anfwer d by the Event. a Man muft encounter with Antiquity. that what Croefus was doing at that time ? to he was boiling a Lamb and the Flefli of a Tortoife together.

viz. to Jupiter^ in which was accordingly done The that Place other Pigeon did the like on the Hill in Africa^ ufe the dit &amp. that it could not come from Apollo^ for that Apollo ne tell which. and thefe communicated the divine Myfteries to one another. as I have the Oracle gave to Crcefus^ prov hinted above. Cicero to build another to contemned all this. that is. Cicero reje&ed them alfo mentions the Cheats of all. and Demofthenes the Oracles j when fpeaking of the Oracle of Ahe faid. it was the Egyptian Thebes) from the Temple of Belus^ ere&ed there by the antient Sacrilts.of the kjs D E V I L. or Temple. and this makes it got itill probable that they would labour hard. and afterwards gave myitical Solutions to the devout Enquirers j firil the Dordonian Piperching upon an Oak fpoke audibly to the fson eople there. : : &amp. as of the Ig norance and Stupidity of the People. Wife ridiculed the ver fpoke Latin: In a Word. and infinite utmofl of their Skill to uphold the Cre of their Oracles and tis a full Difcovery. as well of the Subtlety of the Sacrifts. E. that j when . Thebes (N. to Dordona. where Jupiter it commanded them Ammon^ or Hammon. that the Gods commanded them to build an Oracle. of Things Days. as Authors Anfwer. in thole to fee what early Days of Satan s Witchcraft 5 with the World. Ic is now by than thefe he did in former Delations the Priefh true that Sums of Money. Pithin Philippiz d. and. merry Work the Devil made and what grofs Things he put upon Mankind Such was the Story of the Dordonian Oracle in That two Pigeons flew out of and that one of thefe fled Eailward into Lybia^ and the Defarts of Africk^ and the other into Greece^ namely. ing that the Oracle it felf was a Liar.

but that and the Devi^ not the Gods. yet believe they did re el Things. as I (aid before. them. whether they gave Anfwers which came to or prevailed pafs. and bring Grift to their Mill : If I meet with any thing in my Way to open my Eyes to a better Opinion of them. anfwer Queftions. or only made the People believe they predicted. On the other hand. &amp. and charge it upon the Priefts . for I take it I {hall tell it you as I go on. to magnify that at laft.250 The Modern HISTORY \vhen the Priefts were brib d with Money. : this. my Reafon is But. and can tell nothing of of Fu is what thefe Oracles often pretending to predi6r. or I do nothing. whether the Devil really fpake in thofe Oracles. the Heathen who made ufe of them are the People who expofe tians them. Power in the total filcncing them I am with the Heathen the Chriftian Writers. who *. that in this Difpute about the Reality of Oracles. as we are. and who upon their being Cheats ticular thofe mentioned infift moil pofitively and Impoftors. infill that tis all Delufion and Cheat. on ally foret ly with this Difference. that the Heathen Authors who oppofe them. they always gave their Anfwers in favour of Philip of Macedon. I infifl Satan is as blind in Matters turity. and the Chriitian Oppofers infift that it was real. or fet the cunning Priefts to fpeak for him whether they predicted. could be nothing elfe therefore but a Cheat fbrm d by the Money-getting Priefts to amufe 5 to come the World. as in par above while the Chri-. &c. againft all to be a Cheat and Delufion I mud give my Reafon for it. upon the People to believe that what . gave the Anfwers that he was permitted to do it by a fuperiorPow* reje6t &amp. But that which is moft ftrange to me

Won : Bufinefs they difpatch d. and all the Mifchief he could defire was effectually brought to pafs. Dordonian^ in Epirus. that is. or to caufe to be done. was faid did come to pafs. there were not many of them.Tis true. is the fame Part of Speech. I have tioned by Plutarch. play d fo many Tricks in the World. in The Lylia^ as above. That of Jupiter Ammon. for fix or eight Oracles were more than fufficient to amufe all the World The chief Oracles we meet with in Hiftory are among the Greeks and the JR0: ynanS) viz. and fully anfwer d the Devil s End $ namely. Apollo Daphneus^ at Antioch. that s out of the Queftion. and yet confidering what a great deal of fo of the DEVIL. as I have hinted before. and as to do. to amufe and delude the World . he fhould fet up no more of them j but there might be a great ma ny Reafons given for that. Befides many of lefler Note. and had fuch univerfal Succefs. the Devil s Intereft was carried on by it. in the Country of Phocis in Greece. Apollo Delphicus. too long to tire you with at prefent &quot. fince by this Sorcery the Devil performed fuch ders. it was enough. men Voice being heard at . Sybitta Cumaea^ in Italy. Diana^ at Ephefus. of a nothing to do here with the Story. Serapis.251 it was much at one. in Alexandria in Egypt. in feveral other Places. fo that every way they were the Devil s Oracles. Apollo ClavtuS) in Afia Minor. whoever did it. his Government preferv d. tfrophomisi in Bteotia. Indeed I have wonder d iometimes why.

when he came to the Pakde^ other Jflands in the Ionian Seas. great Groanings. it mult be confefs d. as other Cheats and Deceivers do. broke. indeed tells but indifferently. the Sum of the Matter is this 5 the Chriftian Religion fpreading it felf univerfally. tnat tne Oracles did ceafe immediately upon the Death of Chrift^ but. who when one Trick grows ftale. and will ferve no longer. got infinitely by the Cheat. and was oblig d to fet other Engines at work.252 Sea. and being afham d. as veil as difcourag d. tho looks more like a Chriftian Fable ^ than a Pa gan 5 becaufe it feems as if made to honour the Chriftian Worfhip. as well as miraculouily. and that too by the Foolijhnefs of Preaching^ into all Parts of the World. arc fqrc d to try another. their Trade ceas d. who. the Oracles ceas d 5 that is to fay. and Howlings. came no more after them. tell them there that the great God PAN was dead 5 and when Thamuz perform d it. and blaft all the Pagan Ido I reje6t it. The Modern HISTORY fromfome of the Iflands calPd and calling upon one Thamuz^ an Egyytian^ who was on board a Ship. and for that Reafon ftian Profeflion needing no fuch fabulous Stuff to This Tale it confirm it. having no Buflnefs to do. the deluded People being better taught. bidding him. and Lamentation were heard from the Shore. fhut up their Shops. the Chri latry . who were the Shopkeepers. became bankrupt. Nor is it true in fat. as I noted before. Nor . and the Priefts. their Rogueries were daily detected. and went away j the Trade and the Tradefmen were hifs d off the Stage toge ther j fo that theZ)^/. they fneak d out of the World as well as they could j in ihort the Cuftomers fell off.

who plaid a thoufand Tricks to amufe the World. that is to fay. and that this puts a general Discredit upon all the . tho others think it was only fome over-grown Magician. that whence we fayers. in Pomp and State. with the Solemnity of a Temple and a Set of Enthufiafts call d Priefls. who had a Spirit of Divination^ and who got Money by playing the Ora of him made a $ Prieft cle 5 that which Now anfwering doubtful Queftions. from are told of the Wife Men. or Devil. Sorcery. &c. the God of and gave out Anfwers in his Name. Thus thofe merry Fellows in Egypt. Familiars. who counterfeited himfelf to be a Devil. fome improba others impoffible . to whether he fhould live or die ? This fome enquire think was a kind of an Oracle. of Arabia. the King ManaJJes. fome ridicu ble. and we have fome Inftances in Scripture that fupport this. the Apoftles caft out. are faid to mimick Mofes and Aaron. fome weak. Magicians. were call d Chaldeans and South* is. Ekron. and the like. Of this we find the people of the South. fuch as the Witch of Endor. the Woman mentioned dfts xvi. he then had Recourfe to his old Egyptian Method. which indeed was more antient than that of Oracles j and that was by Ma gic. and obtain d upon that Idol-hunting Age to make a Cunning Man felf and for that Purpofe he got him of Baalzebub. World have filPd us with Tales.of the D EVIL: 253 j Nor was the Devil to feek in new Meafures for tho he could not give out his delufive Trail* as he did before. Jannes and Jambres. lous. Witchcraft. tho it is true that the old Women in the is. who dealt with the Devil openly. when they work d the miraculous Plagues upon the Egyptians . and had a Familiar . Hence alfo we find Ahaziah the King of Jfrael fent to Eaalzebub the God of Ekron. Spirit. and Chaldea were the firft.

. and was afraid to ftand yet tis certain. and I muft be allow d to affirm. that they know much more than the Devil can teach &amp. I confefs it is not very incongruous with the Devil s Temper. and contrive fome new Trick to Bite the World. &amp. but that he might be acquainted with them both. to fhift hands poflibly he found he had tried the World with Oracular Cheats that Men began to. Mother Shipton^ were commiffioned by him to give one their pro phetic Oracles. and grew fick of the Frauds which were fo fre quently detefted $ that it was time to take new Meafures. that he might not be expos d to Con tempt or perhaps he fa\v the Approach of new &amp. who entertain us with StcM ries better put together . or with the Nature of his that Bufinefs.154 The Modern M I S fORY the graver Macrons. and oftentimes we find them fuch Proficients. left he fhould be mobb d oft the Stage by his own People. &amp. I will not deny neither. that the Devil does not difdain to take into his Service many Troops of good Old JVomen^ and Old Women. when this their Eyes fhould begin to open : That upon foot he might in withdraw from tbofe old Policy Retreats i with .Men too 5 who he finds tis for his Service to keep in conftant Pay to thefe he is found frequently to com municate his Mind. Light. How far our antient Friend Merlin^ or the Matron his (Satan s) moil trufty and welifrave eloved Coufin and Counfellor. which the Chriilian Do&rine bringing it began to fpread in the Minds of Men j that it would out-fhine the dim burning ignis fatuuS) with which he had fo long cheated Man kind. as well as with feveral of our modern Gentlemen. and what degree of Pofleflion he may have arrived to in them upon their Midnight Excurfions. be forfeited with them. I will not undertake to prove .gt.

Magi for we find the (eem d to be at a mighty Lofs for fome People time. fo that it made them run up and down to Conjurers. for want of them. and the folemn Pageantry. fpeaking Calves. and other Frauds of his Priefts and Vota ries.of the DEVIL: 255 Retreats the Oracles. and reftrain thofe Refponfes before they loft all their Credit . magnificent Appear ances. as if he had been expell d running his more triumphant way of giving Audience in had been allow d Form. which had taken a new Turn in the World. and it is true. ledged . as the learned and merry Dr. only becaufe he found the World began to be too wife to be impofed upon that way 5 fo on the other hand. fuch cians. Agents and Inftruments fufficient for any Bufinefs that he could have to employ them in. he no fooner laid down his Oracles. as the DEVIL is very feldom blind to his own Intereft. Figure-caftcrs. upon the ihining of new Lights from the Chriftian Doctrine. fo it muft be acknow &amp. fo grofs that they are fcarce fit to be named. he begins in Cor ners. lifting a great as Number of new-found Operators. as we call it. fuch inferior Seducers. finding there was 11 ill a Pofto delude the World. and exercifes his minor Trumperies by way of Now his own contriving. as that Doctor this was fays. from a right Judgment of his Affairs. to fktisfy the Itch of having their Fortunes told them. Aflrologers. in their Temples and Shrines 5 but he fet up a new Trade. Brown fays. and innume rable fimple Th ngs. that as it feem d to be the DEVIL S own doing. Witches. tho by other Infibilicy ftruments. as I have faid. which for fo Now many Ages him yet I muft add. and therefore thought fit to quit his old way of impofing upon the World by his Oracles. and having. into Corners. and Man-Gojfips^ to brazen Heads.

and Religion tell ing them that Miracles are ceas d. they never enquire whether Heaven has eftablinYd any other or new Way of Revelation. public or private j whereas now fifty thoufand of his Angels and Inilruments.The Modern HISTORY *edged the Devil made himfelf amends upon Man kind. and he cheated Mankind then in a Way of Magnifience and Splendor 5 but this was not in above eight or ten principal Places. that upon the filencing the Oracles. clofe fay. hardly may be faid to fuffice for one Town or City j but in ihort. nay even where Religion is planted and feems to flouriflij yet he keeps his Ground and pufhes his Intereft according to what has been faid elfewhere] upon the fame Subject. tho not fo univerfally. what s the Reafbn. vifible and invifible. and that fome Times falter than other People. and the Devil is fure of fpreads taries y like a true Mountebank. that the World is at a ftrange Lofs for want of the Devil . but away they ran with their . by the various Methods he fo his vifible Fools iwartn in every Village. he can always by it. as his invi fible Agents fill the Air. as I Vo bring a Croud about his Stage. that wherever Religion plants. in all Pla ces he finds Bufinefs. Nor. if it was not fo. and not fifty Places in all. and are at hand for Mifchief on every Emergence. Delufion like a Plague. What I obferve upon this Subject is this. does he fail of Succefs. and you have fcarce a Hamlet or a Town but his EmifTaries are at Hand for Bufinefs and which is flill worfe. and that God has done fpeaking by Prophets. He had indeed before more Pomp and Figure put upon it. and the Multitude of Inftruments he employ d^ and per haps deluded Mankind in a more fatal and fenfible manner than he did before. the Devil plants &amp.

old Hags. Termagants. we could never fuffer our felves to accept of his Favours by the Hands of fuch contempt!-* &amp. Tellers of Fortunes. tis Nonfenfe to fay that Oracles are filenced. Gypfies and -Strollers. and makes life of meaner Inftruments than he did before j for whereas the Priefts of Apollo. or the Devil is dumb. How S and . for the Devil gives Audience It-ill his Deputies 5 only as Jeroboam made Priefls of the meaner! of the People. thefe could fpeak $ and as if the wicked Spirit could do more than the Good. While this Blindnefs continues among us. 257 their Doubts and Difficulties to thefe Dreamers of Dreams. of grave and venerable by allowing Scolds. the Pictures of Envy and ill Luck. ble Agents as thefe ! do we receive his Oracles from an old Witch of particular Eminence. Beggars and Va by gabonds. and fometimes of no mean Quality 5 now he makes ufe of Scoundrels and Rabble. fo he is grown a little humble.of the DEVIL. and of Jupiter^ were fplendid in their Appearance. and old weak and fuperannuated Wretches to fpeak for him j for thefe are the People we go to now in our Doubts that and Emergencies. had furnifh d him with an Equivalent. fuperannuated miferable Her mits. the Diabolical more than the Divine^ or Heaven having taken away the DEVI L S Voice. and gives but mean Wages. and perfonal Oracles to be refolv d 5 as if when they acknow ledge the Devil is dumb. and carry on the Devifs Inter-eft in the World for were not the Paffions and Temper of Man kind deeply pre-engaged in favour of this dark Prince. that he can get no better Servants 5 or elfe Common Senfe is grown very low prized and contemptible 5 that fuch as thefe are fit Tools to continue the SuccefHon of Fraud. Either the Devil is grown an ill Matter.

and fuch People. Devil-raifers. but feldom above the Degree of the meaneft of the mean Indeed People. Southfayers. with regard to the Black Prince it comes from. we ordinarily receive the Oracle with Reverence . or at leaft very rarely : Where have fecn any thing above a Tinker turn Wizard ? and where have we had a Witch of Quality a- we mong us. infpir d from Hell I (ay. was ufed % . upon us. and inftead of being received as the Voice of an Ora cle. twas thought fhe had never got much Money by her Profeffion. left fhe fhould caft an Evil Eye^ as we call it. and here and there one of thefe Wretches to be feen. we have heard much of. fhould be fent to the Houfe of Corre&ion are 5 for Pick-pockets. I do not fee DEVIL was able to get any better People into his Pay. but infhort. and put a Devil into us when fhe plays the Devil before us? How do we liften to the Cant of thofe worft of Vagabonds the Gypfies^ when at the fame time we watch our Hedges and Hen-roofts for fear of their thieving ? Either the DEVIL ufes us more like Fools than he did our Anceftors. the loweft of the loweft Rank the Word Wife Men^ which the Devil wou d : fain have had his Agents honour d with. with a kind of Horror. and at the fame time turn our Faces away from the Wretch that mumbles out the Anfwcrs. if it has been in other Nations that the as it is with us. that are fitter for a Whipping-poft than an Altar. or we really are worfc Fools than thofe Ages produced.2j 8 The Modern HISTORY more than and who we believe to be &amp. Nor is this accidental. for they were never deluded by fuch low-priz d Devils as we by fuch defpicable Bridewell DEVILS. fhe had not been Mother Je gs excepted ? and if more of fomething elfe than a fo Witch. that is to fay.

anfwer they were (his) Privy-Counfilhrs. tis all one. a Beggar. let it alone. &c. I am apt to think that tho Oracles are ceafed. (for little is to be faid here for any thing on this Side of her time) there were fome Couritellors and Statefmen who merited the Character of &?/?. fo far Northward as our Coun however the Devil has managed it. ever been able to ac of Wife Men. But to this I anfwer. it may be the fame 5 for if I were to ask the Devil the Character of the beft States-man he had employ d among us for many Years paft. But I may be told this relates to wife Men in another Conftitution. I fuppofe in good Queen Befs\ Days. have many of our great Men. make your Calculation or Queen s little to fay -. from that pen Senfej &amp. namely. I have but I ll tell you what honeft An drew Marvel faid of thofe Times. when I ask d if they were Chriftians. who have been moft acquainted with him. South-fayers. To fee a &quot. a Lord. if you pleafe. and never reach d try &amp. or wife Men as they are oppofcd to Fools 5 whereas we are talking of them now under another Clafs. And fcarce a wife white Staff-maker. &quot. according to the old ambiguous Way. as Wifemen or Magicians. or. Funeral to the late Revolution. good^ and ivife^ as they but as to what has hapfland in Conjunction d (ince quire the Title I have heard that in older the DEVI L. fuch as were in former Times call d by that Name. among the Chaldeans^ but it continued but a little while. Man at a long Council-Board. that take them in which Senfe you pleafe. in the beft that is to fay. nor. S z It . as we may call it. and by that you may. he would honeftly. or beyond. 259 tifed a while in Egypt ^ and in Perfia.

the Men of Fame among them j and it was a very diverting Thing to fee the Judgment which was pafs d upon them among a great deal of good Company j it is not for me to tell you how many white Staves. ( Margin) Such an Arch with the Title of Noble added. but the marginal Notes I found upon moft of them were mark d with an Afterifm) as follows. Marquis. as Dukes.*&amp. but as fpcaking of foreign People. I durft not read them backward any where. fo &amp. there were among them. twas certain Cuftom led the Readers to conclude them to be Satyrs. I am talking of. Such added. Marefhals Batoons. Ribbon with a Set of great Letters Conjurer. Bi(hop. Golden Keys. ( being his Titles Such a Duke. But to return to the Subject 5 to fuch mean Things is the DEVIL now reduc d in his ordina ry Way of carrying on hisBufinefs in the World. No No a Archangel. Abbor. Cordons Blue 5 Gordon Rouge and Gordon Blanc. or by what Ti tles. Witch. that his Oracles are delivered now by the Bellmen and . in a neighbouring Country) that It little is but a to fay. or Juflice they were to be diitinguifh d .so The Modern is HISTORY while that I happened (in to meet with a long Lift of the MagiConverfation) ilrates of that Age. Such an eminent Statefman and prime Minifter. yet that am No biguous Anfwers were not at an End whether thofe Negatives were meant and that by the Writers. and we had now no more double Entendre in fuch a Degree as before. for fear of railing the Devil &amp. that they were to be rung backwards like the Bells when the Town s on fire tho in fhort. fuch eminent Offices added to * in the No Saint. It prefently occurred to me that tho Oracles were ceafed. or not.

they are. or in other Cafes to fay. that they might not be fiu priz d at whatever Figure the Devil makes when he firft appears to them. at leaft and therefore why it is that he fingles in their as are fit only to fright the People that come to them with their Enquiries. I look like a Witch. has fomething affimulating in it. this not to me out fuch Creatures theDifcharge of their Offices. and that if they were tolerable before. or that there was fomething particular requir d in their Afpect ta qualify them for their Employment . S j Tremor .gt. lemn. ipfo fatto y turn d into DEVILS by talking with him I will not fey but that a &amp. to fay. I do not take upon me to determine. you may expe6t it accordingly j his Agents fecm to me as if the DEVIL had fingl d them out by their Deformity. that they might ftrike an Awe into the Minds of their Votaries. is which is affirting and which make &amp. Witches they are quifitely ugly.of the DEVIL. Some are of the Opinion that the Communica tion with the Devil. as ugly as a Witch 5 in ano ther Cafe to look as envious as a Witch j now whether there in the any Thing particularly requir d Looks of the DEVIL S modern Agents. or between the Devil and thofe Creatures his Agents. whence it is become proverbial. Perhaps it is necefTary they fhould be thus ex traordinary in their Afpect. as if they were Satan s true and real Reprefentatives j and that the fpeak to the to the Devil faid Votaries may think when they really talking or perhaps tis neceflary to the Witches themfelves. by the meaneft of thofe that fpeak in the and if he operates by them. 261 and the Chimney-Sweepers. that they fhould be fo ex. when our Looks are very difmal and frightful. Anfwers appear more fothe Devil has not yet reveaPd. being certain they can fee no thing uglier than themfelves.

and a furpnzing Stare in the Eyes may feize. I fay. a Horror in the AfpecT:. But be it which of thefe the Enquirer pieafcs. are (if the Ita lian Painters have any Credit given them) may all . and as often as they have any ufe for it. or as may fervc the t urn for which they take it up. It feems the Devil has always pick d out the mofl ugly and frightful old to do his Bufinefs 3 Mother Shift on^ our famous Euglifa chiefly for Women Witch or Prophetels. venge fam d for fome Injury received &amp. like the Pofture-Mafters^ can: themfelvcs into fuch Figures and frightful Diflocations of the Lines and Features in their Faces. was a fright ful Figure. tis all one to the Cafe in Hand this is if we credit another Story. which we io conftantly fee in their Faces becomes natural to them j by which if it does not continue always upon the Countenance. and that the frequent Repetition may make thofe Diitortions. moil of thofe we call Hags and Witches^ are in their Shapes and Afpecfo. they can at lead. it will feem the more rational to be lieve. for Witches are doing Mifchief. upon ibme of them when they really fee the DEVIL. and fo afiiime a Devil s Face fui table to the Occafion. that the Devil has always dealt in fuch fort of Cattle .262 Tremor The Modern HISTORY in the Limbs.) that he was begotten by the Devil himfelf. whether true or no is not to the Queftion. and that they give out their Senten ces and frightful Meflages with an Air of Re & is very much wrong d in her Picture. (viz. if fhc was not of the moil terrible Afpecl: imaginable . and if it be true that Merlin^ the famous Welch For tune. of which I fhall fpeak by it felf But to go back to the De vil s Inftruments being fo uglyj it may be obferved. that fuch deform d Devil-like Creatures. the Sybils^ of whom fo many : ftrange prophetic Things are recorded.

the Painters) but even as the Devil himfelf could make them 5 not that I believe there are any ori linefs but it is not ginal Pictures of them really extant that the Italians might have fome tradi unlikely &amp. as Confequence in Satan s Manage ment of humane Affairs. or particularly that antient Sy bil named jfms. as well as Cha of fome of the moil eminent of thefe Sects among us. and efpecially Civilians or Doc tors of the Law into old Women. they feem to paint them out as ugly and frightful as (not they. why Devil is obliged for want properly fo call d. Knowledge of them. to turn fo many antient the all DEVIL. what is to be understood by a Male old Woman^ of what heterogeneous Kind they are produced. who fold the fatal Book to farquin y tis (aid of her that Taiquin fuppofed fhe doated with Age. to be publifti d. and how the extraordinary Operation a Thing of great is perform d 5 but this. I had Thoughts indeed here to have entred into a learned Difquifition of the Excellency of old Women in all diabolical Operations. and particularly as it may lead us into the neceflary racters Hi f lory. and efpecially thofe of the Head. wherein I fhall in the firft Place define in the moft exact Manner poffible. I have purpofely referv d for a Work by it felf. of old Women. or fome remaining Notions of them. give you the monftrous Anatomy of the Parts. which being fill d with innumerable Globules of a fub- S 4 lime . Women 263 j and as if Ugreprefented as very old were a Beauty to old Age. and parti cularly of the Neceffity of having recourie to them for Satans more exquifite Administration. if Satan hinders not^ in fifteen Volumes in Folio. tional - which it alfo may ferve to folve the great Difficulty in the natural comes to pafs that the Philofophy of Hell $ namely. grave Counfellors both of Law and State.

and makes it very confident with Nature and com mon Senfe. and proceed to the Affair in Hand. in deriving this fo much magnified Prophet in a right Line [from the Devil^ may be faid in favour of his ugly Face. for it for a Child to belike the Father I weighty Things CHAP. namely. (viz. the feveral Branches of the Devil s Management fince his quitting his Temples and Oracles. and it muftbe I affure you^ when tis done^ in deter Labour too. which I prove to be very reafonable for us to I fhall likewife fuppofe. thefe he was very remarkable. who of the many feveral judicious affirm the faid Merlin^ as I hinted before. mining whether this new Species of Wonderfuls are not deriv d from that famous old Woman Mer// . fpend fome Time. becaufe. by that pretended Generation. becaufe Authors. The Modem HISTORY lime Nature. de fines molt philofophically that antient paradoxi cal Saying. I ihall omit that Part. to have been begotten by the Devil. that Satan himfelf has no prophe tic or predicting Powers of his own. j was faid new Thing all but adjourn for the prefent. in it much which is no. as I have all along infifted upon it. nil dat quod not habet. but particularly hollow in the Cavity.264.) being full of Emptinefs. However. As to the deriving his Gift of Prophefy from the Devil. and which being of a fine Contexture without. it is not very clear to me that he could convey it to his Pofterity. .

and in particular to form the neceflary Antithcfis . mull certainly ridicule it. yet it feems to be only on Account a Goat is a Creature of their Similitude to the Sheep. CHAP. or a Thing with reft} for tho a Goat s Foot. and fo to repre fent the juft Fate of Hypocrily and Hypocrites. and make him ap pear as ugly as we can. who knows how much of a Cheat it is. it is not his Bufinefs to undeceive them j on the other Hand. if any Mirth be allow d him. Foot. often laughs at the many frightful Shapes and Figures we drefs him up in. and bubble the weak Part of the World j fo if he fees Men willing to take every Scarecrow for a Devil. Of the extraordinary Appearance of the Devil. of all the made life of by our Saviour in the Allegory of the Day of Judg ment. I cannot but think we fhew the lead of Invention in this of a that Goat.if the DEVI VI. and efpecially to fee how willing we are firfl to paint him as black. in his own Thoughts. SOme : The Truth is. and then flare and flart at the Spectrum of our own making. and is faid there to reprefent the wicked reje&ed Party. and particularly of the Cloven- People would fain have us treat this Tale of the DeviFs appearing with a ClovenFoot with more Solemnity than I believe the Devil himfelf does 5 for Satan. to the laft Degree 5 but as he is glad of any Way to hoodwink the Underftandings. he finds it his Interefl to fofter the Cheat. and ferve himfelf of the Confequence Nor could I doubt but the De vil. that among all the Horribles we drefs up Satan in.

or any other Creature.266 fis The Modern HISTORY j for elfe. being the fame Creatures which he is reprefented by in the Text. but as if it were a Brand upon him. for we do not rank the Goats among the fubtle or cunning Part of the Brutes . and how the in the Story Devil can be brought into that Number is pretty hard to fay. may ferve as well as that of a Goat. tis the Cloven-Hoof only. and given him a Foot (if he is to be known by his Foot) like a Lion. he is counted a fierce Creature indeed of his Kind. fo that he cannot get leave to appear without it. but even that Part does not fully ferve to defcribe the Devil. In the next Place tis understood by us not as a bare Token to know Satan by. that the Cloven Foot of a Ram or a Swine. Befides it is not the Goat himfelf that is made ufe of. and fo his Claws would have had fome Terror in them as well as his Teeth. or like a red Dragon. tis to the Devil s Advantage. But neither is the Goat a true Reprefentative of the Devil at all. and that fo particularly. whofe Operation lies prin cipally another Way. One would have thought if we had intended to have given a juft Figure of the Devil. tho nothing likethofe otherabovemention d 5 and he is emblematically ufed to reprefent a luftful Temper. well as a Goat . and that like the Mark God put upon Cain. it would have been more appofite to have rank d him among the Cat-kind. our whimjical Fancies exa Sheep or a Lamb has a Cloven-Foot as cepted. for the dividing the Hoof was the diftinguifhing Character or Mark of a clean Beaft. was given him fora Punifhment. if the Scripture be of any Value in the Cafe. only that Hiltory gives us fome Caufe to call it the Goat s Foot. nay cannot conceal it whatever other Drefs or Difc .

and have it written in capital Letters. that he might keep his Dif guife the and might go a. or a Lady s Hoop and long Petticoats. whenever they will have it be.r s Gown. by which Mittake the good People mifs the Devil many times where they look for him. and meet him as often where they did not expect him. but the Belief of this is fo univerfal. but he is oblig d to j nay. which is fome Advantage to him.of the Difguife he DEVIL. as Folks do upon a Houfe to be let. they will not allow him any whether it be a Prince s Robes. Upon this very Account I have fometimes thought. and him that as ridiculous as poffible. from the King to the Beggar. be of what Degree foever. not that this has been put upon him by meer Fancy. Cha--. and the Cheat of a heavy Imagination. in fhort. It I am the DEVIL. fee contriv d to conceal a Club-Foot or a ff^ooden- Leg-y but that the Devil may be known where- ever he goes. and that is. be it of a fine Lady or of an oldlVoman^ (the Latter it feems he oftencft arTumes) yet ftill he not only muft have about him. Vifiting among his . muft be confefs d this is very particular. and would be very hard upon the Devil^ if it had not another Article in it. the Devil rais d this Scandal upon himfelf. but that it has been a Contrivance own 3 and that. that all the World runs away with it . that the Fatt is not true. as if it 267 was to make may put on . and when for want of this Cloven-Foot they do not know him. he is bound to ihew his Foot 5 they might as well oblige him to fet a Bill upon his Cap. Satan has Occafion to drefs himit felf in any humane Shape. propagated by Fable and Chymny-Corner Divi of his nity. but the Cloven-Foot mufl be fhew d from under them they will not fo much as allow him an artificial Shoe or a Jack-Boot^ as we often this Cloven-Foot it {hew too &amp. a Lord Drefs.

have thus fuggefted that the Devil himhas politically fpread about this Notion corv* z cerning . when I come to confider him as a Gentleman of Bufinefs in his Locality. not have gone to Fount amble an to the King of France s Wedding. and particularly to encourage his Friends when Numbers are requilite to carry on his Affairs $ but this Part I mall have Occafion to fpeak of again. could not go to the Drawing-R at could . the Company would all cry out the Devil and run out of the Room as if they were frighted nor could all the Help of Invention do him any Ser vice. go no where without this particular Brand of Infamy. could not dine with my Lord Mayor. this unhappy Foot would fpoil it all : Now this would be ib great a Lois to him. for were it really fo. I . no Drefs he could put on would cover him . or which would be as bad. yet the Learned very much agree in this. World keep up his Correfpondences. nor to any of our Balls the Reafon is plain. that his corpothat he could &amp. jal Pretence in the upon many is absolutely neceflary to fupport his Intercft and Occafions. I mean that of his Inviiibility. he could not come into Company. he would be al difcover expos d and forc d to leave the ways good Company. and under the Head of vifible Appa* rition As felf but I return to the Foot. or to the Diet of Poland^ to prevent the Grandees there coming to an Agree ment j nay. nor drink Tea with the Ladies. &amp. not all our Friends at T&viftock Corner could furniih him with a Habit that would difguile or con ceal him. that I queltion whether he could carry on any of his moll important Affairs in the World without it 5 for tho he has accefs to Mankind in his compleat Difguife.The ModernHlS his Friends TORY without being known . which would be ft ill worfe than all^ he could not go to the

nay and to make Affidavit too. for if we had not many WitnefTes. he could not be a Devil without it. not the fpeaking of Fryar Bacon s Brazen-Head. that he had no more a Cloven. that they had feen his Worfhip s FOOT at fuch and fuch a Time-. not the Groaning-Board. 2&amp.ef the DEVIL: .lt. even before Satan himfelf. as impoffible.Foot than a Pope. or at leait have fpoken doubtfully of it. not the Man in the Moon. viva voce^ to teftify it. as if the Devil was not fo black as he was painted. they will tell you. bring you a thoufand old Women no together. that they would make no Scruple to fay. Since then the Certainty of the Thing is fb well eftabliih d. and efpccially of thofe clear lighted Folks who fee the Devil when he is not to be feen. this I advance the rather becaufe tis very much for his Intereft to do this. who would have denied the Fac~b.Foot! I doubt not but I could. fo I doubt not that he has thought it for hisPurpofe to paint this Cloven-Foot fo lively in the Imaginations of many of our People. earning his appearing with a Cloven-Foot . any more than he could come into the Room.s$&amp. or the Miracles of Dr. and the Candles not burn blue. whenever he fat upon the Bench. The Devil not have be more firmly believ d a Cloven. in a ihort Time. that would as foon believe there was Devil at all 5 nay. Faucafi JluS) Things as certain as Death and Taxes. or go out and not leave a fmell of Brimftone behind him. or at leaft as improbable 5 buzzing one ridiculous Notion or other into our Ears. and there are fo many good and : by Kings and Emperors but : now alas this Part is fubftan- . v/hofe Apoilolical Toes have fo often been reverentially kifs d out of the Queftion. and fo have rais d Difputes and Objections againft not the Infpiration of Mother Shipton. we fhould have had fome obftinate Fellows always among us.

by the fame Authority. who knows but that if Satan is empower d to afiume any Shape or Body. yet tacitly owns the Fact. and the Reverend Exorciil of the Devil s of London^ whole Hiftory is extant among us to this Writings are to be found in 3 brary at Pye-Corner Day 3 their all thefe and many more may be quoted. and can appear to Mankind in a vifible Form. in the famous Li the admir d Joan of^mesbury. the Hiftory of the Lancajhire Witches. Satan himfelf. if he did not raife the Re port. and as much a Jeil as fome unbelieving People would have this Story pals for. it may. Writings referred it . as particularly that learned Familiarift alfo Mother Hazel^ whole MS. or two or four Cloven-Feet. I doubt not. as if really fo fhap d 3 I fay. if he pleafed? and why not a Cloven-Foot as well as any other Foot. and to appear to us viiibly. and that they have feen it too 3 we have Antiquity on our Side. be allow d to aiiume the Addition of the Cloven-Foot. at leaft he ap pears willing to have it believ d. tis enough. But beiides all this.270 The Modern HISTORY fubftantial WitnefTes ready to teflify that he has a Cloven-Foot. and divers learn d Au thors have left it upon Record. who knows but he may. for Truth confirm d by the Teftimony of many Ages 3 why fhould we doubt it any lon nay. and to for the Confirmation of the Antiquity of this Truth 3 but there feems to be no Occafion for farther Evidence. if he thinks fit? For if the Devil can ailume a Shape. and be receiv d as a general Truth for the Reafons above. and that \ve have this ger ? we can prove that many of our Anceflors have been of this Opinion. and to choofc what Cafe of Flejh and Blood he ll pleafe to wear^ whether real or imaginary 3 and if this Liberty be allow d him. with as good Authority be advanc d that he is left at Liberty to aflame what Shape he pleafes.

but were real Favourites of Heaven for did not Aaron fet up the Devil of a & xvii.of the it is DEVIL. They Jh all no was Command more offer we are told this was the . 7. that Purpofe. were not fo defpicable for his as come gene when he finds it Occafions to come he may not be iuf- you may imagine. Alfo in the old Writings of the Egyptians. before the Ufe of Letters was known. with you as you go. Dan and up find fome Nations actually facriDevil in the Form of a Ram. and that above others of a Goat at Horeb&amp. ginal is Seghnirim 5 that is. which however I do not yet think fit to grant or deny.Foot upon the Devil. Certain it is. Thou Jhalt no more offer Sacrifices unto Devils : The Ori After this we ficed to the &amp. the fir ft People who beitow d a Cloven. 7. and fet the People a dancing about it for a God ? Upon which Occafion. &amp. gone the two Calves. on fpecial without it. and fome think alfo in this Shape the Devil moft ordinarily appeared to the Egyptians and Arabians-) from whence it was derived. that particular and make a real Appear ance. Levit. one at -. fet ting up the Worfhip of Devils inilead of the Worfhip of and from which. rough and hairy Goats or Calves. Expofitors tell us. as I faid above. that all pecbed 3 but taks tins this is upon a Suppofition that the Devil can affume a vifible Shape. Calf in the Congregation. . xvii. I doubt not the of the Calves Story of the Cloven-Foot firft derived and it is plain that the Worfhip of that Calf at Horeb is meant in the Scripture quoted above. I mean their hieroglyphick Writing. their Sacrifices unto Devils.27I an admirable Difguife for him to rally with his Cloven-Foot. fee Jeroboam the other at Be~ and we find them charg d afterwards with the!. after a Whoring like wife King whom they have.

and the Matter being indifferent. But be this as it will. of which the Antients had fevcral Kinds.The Modern the HISTORY that he was known by \ and the Fi of a Goat was the Hieroglyphick of the De gure vil j fome will affirm that the Devil was particu to be fo reprefented how they came larly pleafed their Information. this took place. he gave this Cloven. and cut certain Marks or magical Figures upon the Stone $ fo. and fuch Things. and to conjure by. and eafily rooted it felf in the bewildred Fancy of the People. none of his Bufinefs to folve Doubts or remove Difficulties out of our Heads. tho this had not been thought of but thinking of the Cloven-Foot firft. as much as he can. Fairies. at leaft in their Ima gination. having ufed a great many monitrous and bar barous Geitures and Distortions of their Bodies. tis -. when Satan drove a greater Trade with Mankind in publick. Ifay^ they will have this Cloven-Foot be a kind of a Conjuring-Stone. Authors have not Mark -&amp. and whether they had it: by from his own Mouth or not. Some People carry this Matter a great deal higher (till. and that Witches. Hobgoblins.Foot as a Token to his particular Favourites to work Wonders with. and . and will have the Cloven-Foot be like the great Stone which the Erafillan Conju rers ufed after to folve all difficult Questions upon. and now tis ri veted too fail for the Devil himfelf to remove it if he was difpofed to try 5 but as I faid above. that in former Times. yet determined. than he has done of late. and tell us. but to perplex us with more. had all a Goat s Leg with a Cloven-Foot to put on upon extraordinary Occafionsj it feems this Method is of late grown out of Pra&ice. I do not fee that Satan could have been at a Lofs for fome extraordinary Figure to have banter d Mankind

tis laid alide among the various ing ufeful Arts which Hiftory tells us are loft to the World j what may be practifed in the Fairy World. and a feparate and magical Power by which he wrought his infernal Miracles j that the Clo ven-Foot had a fuperior Signification. But neither is this all. and was not only emblematic and fignificative of the Con duct of Men.oftteDEVI and fo like L. were equipp d with this Foot in Aid ged feveral of learn d Lectures upon the which the Devil is at pre fovereign Operations fent Mailer of.Foot ) and treat it as a moll fignificant Inftrument of Satan s private Opera that is tion. for other wou d-be-wife People trine tike upon them more confiderable make farther and Improvements upon this Doc to Divine^ to fay. but really guided their Conduct in the moil important Affairs of Life j and that the Agents the Devil employ d to influence Mankind. and to delude them and draw them into all the Snares and Traps that he lays continually for their Definition. we can give no particular Account at prefent. according ly it had a Kind of an hellifh Infpiration in it. Affairs - T no .Foot . in the Government of human 3 and how the Cloven-Foot is an Emblem of the true double Entendre or divided AfpecTr. which the great Men of the World generally act with. and that as Jofeph is faid to of his fecret Operations. 273 the melting of Marble and the paint of Glafs. fo the Devil has mana of the Cloven. if fuch a Place there be. to conjure by his Golden Cup which was put into Benjamin s Sack. rits as well as Bodies of Men. by the Medium or Inftrumentality of the Cloven. and Pofleand other hellifh Mechanifms upon the Spi lions. and by which all their Affairs are di rected } from whence it comes to pafs that there is their other Powers Here they read us for Mifchief.

and devours them by all the . well as open Marchers and Rebel lions. Thus Joab under the Treafon of an fhew d how dexteroufly he could manage brace. Whyne. Crocodile like^ weeping overthofe it will devour. Again. AlTaflinations. they tell us the Cloven-Foot has been -. beheading the Queen of Scots^ and play d the a Rib: Thus David poor Uriah. Plots. no fuch Thing as a fingle hearted the mod fawn and here they ing and fatally deceiving Flattery &amp. devours its own Kind. and. when he had Mind &amp. or Hand. and Heart. and flruck Abner under the fifth made ufe of in as and fecret Em Cloven-Foot upon to lie with his Wife: Thus Brutus play d it upon Cxfar-y and to come nearer home. deftroying thofe it fmiles upon. maflacred innocent Multitudes af ter Surrenders to Mercy. preys upon his own Kind.274 The Modern HISTORY of the moft exquifite Hypocrify. the Cloven. when the very Pre tence is made ufe of to enfnare and deftroy. and that by all the Ways of Fraud and Allurement that Hell can invent 3 holding out a cloven divided Hoof. of the manner which fome of the Devil s infpired Agents have managed themfelves under the efpecial Influence of the Cloven. an Emblem give us very diverting Hiftories. pretending to dive. tho tragical in themfelves. . Thus the divided Hoof is the Representative of a divided double Tongue. in a Word. we have had a great many retrograde Motions in this Country by this magi cal Implement the Foot fuch as that of the Earl of EJJexs Fate. Cheat and Treachery .Foot .Foot how they have made War under the Pretence of Methods of Flattery. which the very Beafts refufe. worfe than the ravenous Brutes. or an upright Meaning to be found in the World 5 that Mankind. murthefd Garrifons under the moll: lacred Capitulations. all Treafons.

ar rived to the molt cxquiiite Skill for Management of it 5 here they failed and pray d. This mutilated Apparition has been fo publick in other Countries too. the Cloven-Foot unemployed on all the main Excellency of this Inftrument of Hell. and depofing both King and kingly Government according to Law. and the Ge neration that role up immediately after them. Charles abundant Ufedid that Prince of DiiTemV. It mult be confefs d. Cloven-Foot had not been dexterouily mathofe Murthers had not been Ib dexterouily d. fome have thought the innocent Branches of the Royal Houfe of Stuart did not fare the better in the Ages which follow d. or the Murtherers have fo well been skrcen d from Jufticej for which and the impre cated Juflice of Heaven unappeafed. blers.*s Time 3 in all which. of 2.of the and diverfe others in 275 That Queen Elizabeth s Time : DEVIL. but that as his Empire extended to all the fublunary World. King James the I. cutting Throats for God s Sake. make of this Foot ? twas by the of this Apparition of the Foot that he baited his Help Hook with the City QtMilan. What T . for tis Nor was denominating Quality^ cali and is for that Reafon d a cloven or divided Hoof. and tickled Francis I. that it a6rs on every Side. that it feems to convince us the Devil is not confin d to England only. of the Earl of Shrewsbury and Sir Thomas Over-bury^ Gondamor and Sir Walter Raleigh^ and many others in if the nag d. there they plundered and murther d $ here they rais d War for the King. it is its Sides. the Cloven-Foot was in its full Exercife in the next Reign. and there they fought againlt manag him. fo he gives them all Room to fee he is qualified to manage them his own Way.

How this cruelly did Philip II. when put into the Hands of Kings and Men of Fame in the World How many Games : have the Kings of France play d with this ClovenFoot. to the Wedding of the King of Navarre . thus far But to return a little to foreign Hiftory. invited him to Par is. has done great Things in the World for the propagating his dark Em pire among us 5 and Hiftory is full of Examples. that we have even difhonour d the Devil) and put this glorious Engine the ClovenFoot to fuch mean Ufes. kifs d him. complimented him. befides what has been mention d above. that the Devil himfelf feems to be afham d of us. I agree with this Opinion j namely. of Spain in the Foot manage Murther of the Nobility of the Spanijb Netherlands ^ the Aflaffination of the Prince of Orange. and fo nicely did he beftir his C70ven-Hoof. befides the little low priz d Things done among us 5 for we are come to fuch a Kind of Degene racy in call d him Father. and never get the Bait off of the Hook neither it ieems the Foot was not on King Francis s Side at that Time. as a Machine. and with the Benedi&ion of the Clergy too. &amp. that this Monarch died confolated (tho* s impenitent) in the Arms of the Church.276 of France Tfo Modern HISTORY fo well with it. that the Devil acting by this Cloven-Foot. and that within a few Years of one another? Firft. Charles IX. that when he pafs d thro France^ and was in that King s Power. play d the Cloven-Foot upon Gafpar Collgni Admiral of France. mu ft acknowledge. and at lad in that of his own Son Don Carlos Infant of Spain ? and yet fuch was the Devil Craft. and when he was wounded . thofe fecond left I Managers of the faid Hoof in the World. he let him go. when he carefs d him. we find flaming Examples of moft glorious Mifchief done by this Weapon.

and with what Succefsj but as in the elaborate Work of which I juft now gave you a Specimen I defign one whole Volume upon this Subject. The compleat Hift ory of the in the fame Country. and at laft thrown out of the dow into the Street to be infulted by the Rabble? own Win Did not Henry III. I fhall fay but very little more to it in this Place. and caus d him to be murther d as he went in at the Door? The Guifes again plaid the fame Game back upon the King. it imports 3 faid T . It remains to tell you. our Saviour fays expreily of him. In a Word. 277 Surgeons to take Care of and yet three Days after order d him to be him. aflliifinated and murther d. that this merry Story very eflential to the Hiftory I am now writing. and by which all his mofl confiderable of the Cloven-Foot is Engagements have been anfwer d and executed for as he is j Fqot ? not to be able to conceal this but that he carries it always with him. and which I {hall call. this Opera of the Cloven-Foot has been acted all over the Chriftian World. and diverfe others. play the Cloven-Foot upon the Duke of Guife^ when he call d him to his Council. ufed with a thouland Indignities. ever fince Judas betrayed the Son of God with a Kifs nay.of the wounded Tent his DEVIL. for that Reafon. It would take up a great deal of Time and Paper too.Foot 3 I fay. when they fent out a Jacobin Friar toafTaffinate him in his Tent as he lay at the Siege of Paris. as it has been all along which the great Emblem of the Devil s Government in the World. to give you a full Account of the Travels of this Cloven-Foot j its Progrefs into all the Courts of Europe^ and with what mod accu rate Hypocrify Satan has made uie of it upon ma ny Occafions. One of you is a Devil 5 and the facred Text fays in another Place. The Devil entered into Judas. &amp.

for as we are to allow that whatever Satan had of heavenly Beau ty before the Fall. from the Original reprefented them afterwards covering the Ark. meaning the Devil.Foot from Satan s primitive State as a Cherubim or a celeftial Being. Head and Body of a Lion. he wears the Foot on their Account. and Legs and Feet of a Calf j but this is not ib much to our prefent Purpofe. and from this Model they at This made our bleffed : them. Tis from this Original all the hypocritic World copy. and de rive this Cloven. and the Prince of Hy pocrites. engage and not perform. which Chcrubims.27 S The Modern HISTORY imports moft plainly. promife one Thing and do another. he loft it all when he commenc d Devil. that the Devil would be no Devil if he was not a DifTembler. and defcribes him only as the Fountain of Mifchief and Treafon. fo to fetch his Original fo far up would be only to fay. become frightful and horri ble as the DEVIL 5 but his Cloven-Foot.. and as the fame Mofes. that he retained nothing but the Cloven-Foot. declare and not intend. but decently . as he had exprefs d it juft tell Lord before. and act like a true Devil as he is. and carried a double Entendre in all he does or fays 3 that he cannot but fay one Thing and mean another. Nor does he deny the Ufe of the Foot to the meaner Clafs of his Difciples in the World. I might indeed go back to Originals. a Deceiver. had the Face of a Man. Wings of an Eagle. with a Countenance that is no Index of his Heart. as Mofes is faid to have (e en them about the Throne of God in Mount Sinai. is rather myftical and emblematick. as we now under ftand it. the Works of your Father ye will do. and that all the reft of him was alter d and deform d. and as fuch we are now to fpeak of him.

the Refuge of Oppreffion. with which he Paw w^s upon the World. which in foreign Countries is generally painted over the Seat of thafc who fit to do Jullicc. and at the fame time marches before them direftly to the Devil.L. the very Bench. Nay. by this Moniler in Mafquerade. the Seat of Bribery and Corruption. as the Catife it ap pears for requires y and there are Agents and En gineers to aft in it by Directions of Satan (the fecret - Thus who lies ftill in his Retirement. every Clafs. every Shop keeper. and that every where (our own Country always excepted) ? They had much better wipe out the Picture ofjudice blinded. every Cheat. only ifTuing Again. that Church Pedlar the Pope. wiihes them all well. the everliving Foun dation of Juflice in the World y how often has it been made the Tool of Violence. out his Orders as he fees convenient. -. that meaneft of Tradcfmen. 279 of the them all upon every Occafion decently equips with a needful Proportion of Hypocrify and De ceit that they may hand on the Power of promifcuous Fraud thro all his temporal Dominions. and place grand Engineer) - T 4 inilead . DEVI every Diflembler. as the Devil bimfelf ufes to aft when he appears in Perfon. and at the lame time cheats them y wifhes them all fed. and wear the Foot always about them as a Badge of their profefs d Share in whatever is done by that Means. and at the fame time itarves them j wiihes them all in Heaven. every Trade. every falfe Friend. every Pedlar. has a ClovenFoot. or would aft if he was juft now upon the Spot 5 for this Foot is a Machine which is to be wound up and wound down. and having the Sword and Scales in her Hand. every Bearskin-Jobber has a Clowen-Foot^ and fo far hands on the Devil s Intereft by the lame powerful Agency of Art. nay. alamode de Cloven-Foot.

and of the Juftice among them human Imagination cannot fuitable. and to all Perfons who have any Concern in the Influence of Bribery and it is this Corruption magnipotent Inflrument in the Hands of the Devil. or Hoof.Hoof. Indeed the Devil has taken but a dark Emblem to be diftinguifh d by. form an Idea more Difguife agitates every Paffion. gives a double Face to Words and Aftions. in Defence of which wemuffc enquire into the -proper Sphere of Action which may be afTigned to this ClovenFoot. and that there is a natural Antipathy in makes us Mankind againft them: Hence the Scape Goat was to bear the Sins of the People. This Pro verb. inilead of giving us fome more favourable Thoughts of the Devil. confirms what I have faid already. but that it muft as hitherto defcribed The Proverb is this. all Devils to one another. the Report that he cannot : conceal or difguife his Devil s Foot. that the Devil rais d this Scandal up on himfelf j I mean. But we have a Saying among us. under whatever Habit he fhews himfelfj and the Reafon I gave holds good flill. namely^ that he may be more effeflually conceal d when he goes abroad without it : For if the People were fully perfuaded that the Devil could not without this Badge of appear 4 his .280 proper ftred The Modern Emblem of HISTORY initead thereof a naked unarm d Cloven. a that Spirit that Influences the we often fee admini3 World. nor the Devil propofe an Engine more or better qualified for an Operation of Juftice. and in a Word. blackens every Virtue. and to go into the Wildernefs with all that Burthen upon him. for this of a Goat wasfaid to be a Creature hated by Mankind from the begin ning. bribes every Af fection. Every Devil has not a Cloven. which under the clofeft &amp.

of the


Honour, or Mark of his Infamy, take it as you y and that he was bound alfo to ihew it up on all Occafions, it would be natural to con

be feen

clude, that whatever frightful Appearances might in the World, if the Cloven-Foot did

not alfo appear, we had no Occafion to look for Devi^ or fo much as to think of him, much lefs to apprehend he was near us and as this might be a Miftake, and that the Devil might be there while we thought our felves fo fecure, it might on many Occalions be a Miftake of very ill Confequence, and in particular, as it would give the Devil room to a6b in the Dark, and not be di cover d, where it might be moft needful to know him. From this fhort Hint, thus repeated, I draw a new Thefis, namely, That Devil is moft dan gerous that has no Cloven- Foot 5 or, if you will have it in Words more to the common Underftanding, the Devil feems to be moft dangerous when he goes without his Cloven- Foot. And here a learned Speculation offers it felf to our Debate, and which indeed I ought to call a Council of Cafuifts, and Men learned in the De




Politicks, to determine : hurtful to the is moft

World, the

Devil walking about without his Cloven-Foot, or the Cloven-Foot walking about without the De*
It is indeed a nice and difficult Queftion, and merits to be well enquir d into 3 for which Reafon, and diverfe others, I have referr d it to be

treated with


fufficient to take

fome Decency, and as a Difptite of up a Chapter by itfelf.



The Modern



World, the Devil walking about without his ClovenFoot , or the Cloven- Foot walking about without the Devil ?
difcuffing this

is moft hurtful to the

moft critical Diflin&ion of Motions , I mull, as the Pul private pit Gentlemen dire6t us, explain the Text, and let you know what I mean by feveral dark Expreflions in it, that I may not be underflood to talk (as the Devil walks) in the dark.





to the Devil s walking about. His walking without his Cloven-Foot. The Cloven-Foot walking about without


the Devil.
as I ftudy Brevity, and yet would be un^ derftood too, you may pleafe to underftand me as I underftand my felf, thus.


That I muft be allow d

to fuppofe


has a full Intercourfe in,


through, and about this Globe, with Egrels and Regrefs, for the carrying on his fpecial Affairs, when, how, and where, to his Majefty, in his great Wifdom, it lhall feem iheet y that fometimes he appears and be comes vifible, and that, like a Maftiff with-? out his Clog, he does not always carry his Cloven-Foot with him. This will neceffobring me to fome Debate upon the moft important Queftion of Apparitions, Hauntin ings, Walkings, &c. whether of Satan


human Shape,


28 j

or of


Creatures in the

Devil s Shape, or

any other manner what-

I mutt alfo be allow d to tell you that Satan has a great deal of Wrong done him by the general embracing vulgar Errors, and that there is a Cloven-Foot oftentimes with out a Devil; or, in fhort, that Satan is not guilty of all the fimple Things, no, or of all the wicked Things we charge him with.

Thefe two Heads well fettled will fully explain the Title of this Chapter, anfwer the Query men tioned in it, and at the fame time ve correspond ry well with, and give us a farther ProfpecT: into the main and original Defign of this Work, are fo namely^ the Hiftory of the Devil. fond of, and pleafed with the general Notion of feeing the Devil^ that I am loth to difoblige my





as calling in queftion

his Vifi-


more than


the Belief is upon the whole tis not one Farthing matter, ei ther on one Side or on the other, whether be fo or no, or whether the Truth of Fact be ever difcovcred or not. Certain it is, whether we fee him or no, here he is, and I make no doubt but he is looking on while I am writing this Part of his Story, whe ther behind me, or at my Elbow, or over my Shoulder, is not material to me, nor have I once turned my Head about to lee whether he is there for if he be not in, the Infide, I have fo or no mean an Opinion of all his extravafated Powers, that it feems of very little Confequence to me what Shape he takes up, or in what Pofture he

my Bufinefs, any to undeceive them, where fo agreeable to them; efpecially fince






nor indeed can

I find in all




The Modern


that ever the Devil appeared (Qua Devil} in any of the mod dangerous or important of his Defigns in the

World the moft of his Projects, of the fignificant Part of them, having efpecially been carried on another way. However, as I am fatisfied no Body will be d if I fhould difpute the Reality of his Ap pleas pearance, and the World runs away with it as a receiv d Point, and that admits no Difpute, I fhall moft readily grant the General, and give you fome Account of the Particulars. Hiftory is fruitful of Particulars, whether In I will not vention has fupply d them or fay, where the Devil is brought upon the Stage in The Story of plain and undeniable Apparition Samuel being rais d by the Witch of Endor^ I fhall leave quite out of my Lift, becaufe there are fo many Scruples and Objections againft that Story 3 and as I fhall not difpute with the Scrip ture, fo on the other hand, I have fo much De ference for the Dignity of the Devil^ as not to determine rafhly how far it may be in the Power of every old (Witch} Woman, to call him up whenever fhe pleafes, and that he mud come, whatever the Pretence is, or whatever Bufinefs of Confequence he may be engaged in, as often




tis needful for her to Pa for half a Crown, or perhaps lefs than half the Money. Nor will I undertake to tell you, till I have talk d farther with him about it, how far the Devil is concerned to difcover Frauds, detect Murthers, reveal Secrets, and efpecially to tell

where any Money


hid, and

fhew Folks where

to find it ; tis an odd thing that Satan fhould think it of Confequence to come and tell us where fuch a Mifcr hid a Strong Box, or where fuch an old Woman buried her Chamber Pot full of Money, the Value of all which is perhaps but a

of the



when at the fame time he lets fo many Veins of Gold, fo many unexhaufled Mines, nay, Mountains of Silver, as, we may depend upon Bowels of the Earth, and which it, are hid in the be fo much to the Good of whole Na it would tions to difcover, lie flill there, and never fay one Word of them to any Body. Befides, how does the Devil s doing Things fo foreign to himfelf, and fo out of his way, agree with the reft of his Character ; namely, {hewing a kind of a friendly Difpofition to Mankind, or doing bene ficent Things ? This is fo beneath Satan s Quali I fcarce know what ty, and looks fo little, that to fay to it j but that which is ftill more pun gent in the Cafe is, thefe Things are fo out of his Road, and fo foreign to his Calling, that it {hocks our Faith in them, and feems to claih with all the juft Notions we have of him, and The like is to of his Bufinefs in the World. be faid of thofe little merry Turns we bring him in acting with us, and upon us, upon trifling and fimple Occafions, fuch as tumbling Chairs and Stools about Houfe, fetting Pots and Veilels Bot tom upward, tofling the Glafs and Crokery Ware about without breaking ^ and fuch like mean foolifli Things, beneath the Dignity of the Dein i/ /V, who, my Opinion, is rather employ d in the World with the Bottom upward, letting tumbling Kings and Crowns about, and dafhing the Nations one againft another j raifing Ternpelts and Storms, whether at Sea, or on Shore 5
and, in a word, doing capital Mifchiefs fuitablc to his Nature, and agreeable to his Name, Devil;

and fuited to that Circumftance of his Condition, which I have fully reprefented in the primitive Part of his exil d State. But to bring in the Devil playing at Pufh-pin with the World, or like Dvmitian catching Flies,


The Modern


is to fay, doing nothing to the purpofe 5 this not only deluding our felves, but putting a Slur upon the Devil himfelf $ and, I fay, I fhall not dishonour Satan fo much as to fuppofe any thing in it However, as I mufl have a care too how I take away the proper Materials of Winter Evening Frippery, and leave the good Wives nothing of the Devil to fright the Children witfy I fhall carry the weighty Point no farther. doubt the Devil and Dr. Fauftus were very inti mate j I fhould rob you of a very fignificant * Proverb, if I fhould fo much as doubt it j no doubt the Devil fhew d himfelf in the Glafs to that fair Lady who look d in it to fee where to place her Patches j but then it ihould follow too that the Devil is an Enemy to the Ladies wear ing Patches, and that has fome Difficulties in it which we cannot fo eafily reconcile but we mull tell the Story, and leave out the Confequenccs. But to come to nifere remarkable Things, and in which the Devil has thought fit to ac~b in a Figure more fuitable to his Dignity j and on Octake the Story cafions confiftent with himfelf of the Appearance of Julius C*/ar, or the Devil afluming that murthered Emperor^ to the great Marcus Brutus^ who notwithflanding all the good Things faid to juftify it, was no lefs than a Kingkiller and an Aflaffinator, which we in our Lan guage call by a very good Name, and peculiar to the Englijh Tongue, a Ruffian. The Spe6fcre had certainly the Appearance of








bleeding freih,



he had

he had red him with his Ingratitude, with a 70 proach What Thou Brutus! Brute! tu quoque, mi fill:
juft received the fatal


* As great as the Devil and Doftsr Fauftus. Vulg- Dr.



of the





Hiftory feems

Thou, my adopted Son


to agree univerfally, not only in the Story itfelf, but in the Circum fiances of it y we have only to

obferve that the Devil had certainly Power to aflame, not a human Shape only, but the Shape of Julius Ctffar in particular.

Had Brutus been a timorous Confcience-harry ^ weak-headed Wretch, had he been under the Horror of the Gailt, and terrify d with the Dan gers that were before him at that time, we might the Vapours, fuggeft that he was over-run with which were upon his Mind difthat the Terrors order d him, that his Head was delirious and prethat his Fancy only plac d Cafar pofTefs d, and ib continually in his Eye, that it realiz d him to his Imagination, and he bcliev d he faw him ; with many other fuggefted Difficulties to inva lidate the Story, and render the Reality of it

But the contrary, to an Extreme, was the Cafe of Brutus ; his known Character plac d him above the Power of all Hypocondriacks, or fan ciful Delufions ; Brutus was of a true Roman of an intrepid Courage ; Spirit, a bold Hero, one that fcorn d to fear even the Devil, as the Story allows Befides, he glory d in the Action he there cou d be no Terror of Mind upon him valued himfelf upon it, as done in the Service of was Liberty, and the Caufe of his Country 5 and fo far from being frighted at the Devil in the worfl Shape, that he ipoke fir ft to him, and ask d him, What art thou ? and when he was cited to fee him again at Philippi^ aniwer d, with a Gal thee there. lantry that knew no Fear, well I willfee Devil s Bufinefs was with Brutus, Whatever |Se




certain, according give us the Account






that Brutus dif-

covcr d no Fear

he did not,


Saul at Endor^


The Modern
in a


to the



xxviii. lo.


Then Saul fell all along upon the Earth, and there no Strength in him, and was fore afraid. In

a word, I fee no room to charge Brutus with be ing over-run with the Hyppo, or with Vapours, or with Fright and Terror of Mind j but he faw the Devil, that s certain, and with Eyes open, his Courage not at all daunted, his Mind refolute, and with the utmoft Compofure fpoke to him, and defy d his Summons reply d to his Anfwer, to Death, which indeed he feafd not, as appeared
afterward. I come next to an Inftance as eminent in Hiftory as the other this was in Char. VI. of France^

firnamed, The Beloved; who riding over the Foreil near Mans, a ghaftly frightful Fellow ( that is to fay, the Devil fo clothed in human Vizor) came up to his Horfe, and taking hold of his Bridle, ftop d him, with the Addition of thefe Words, Stop King) whither go you ? Tou are be-

trafd! and immediately difappear d. It is true, the King had been diftemper d in his Head be fore, and fo he might have been deceived, and we might have charg d it to the Account of a
whimfical Brain, or the Power of his Imagina tion 5 but this was in the Face of his Attendants, feveral of his great Officers, Courtiers, and Prin ces of the Blood being with him, who all law the Man, heard the Words, and immediately, to their Aftonifhment, loft Sight of the Spe&re, who vanifli d from them all. Two Witnefles will convict a Murtherer, why not a Traitor? This muft be the Old Gentleman, emblematically fo called, or who muft it be? nay, who elfe could it be? His Uglinefs is not the Cafe, tho ugly as the Devil, is a Proverb in his Favour j but vanifhing out of fight is an Effential to a in our Times Spirit, and to an evil Spirit


exprefs it. to be one of the kinds of PolTeffion j but if it ferves our turn as well under the Denomina tion of an intimate Devil^ or a Devil vifitant. it muft be allow d tis a very great Piece of Familiarity in the Devil to make Vifits$ and fhew none of his Difagreeables. the Antients underftand the Word. tho it was not fo foreign to his particular Difpofition if -he did. fo they fay he appeared at the fa mous Bartholomew Wedding U at Paris^ where he&quot. and it muft be confefs d they are not the moil agreeable to Mankind. but not always improperly. as we vulgarly. in Compaflion to the Infirmities of his Friends. is not certain. in other Cafes he comes upon private Bufinefs. or not. a Devil of their Acquaintance : It is true. VI. Satan may be obliged to make dif ferent Appearances. and then he appears drefs j d a la Mafque St. he was really DEVILS Whether the malicious frighted out of his Wits. and then he ap fome publick Cafes he may pears in Difguife \ in thing fit to be incog. But where he is more intimate. are told he appears in a manner lefs difagreeable 3 and there he is more properly a familiar Spirit that is. for fometimes he takes upon him to diforder his Friends very much on thefe Occafions^ as in the above Cafe of Cha. we -. or in the Shape of what he is. in fhort. it muft be acknowledg d to be as near in the li teral Senfe and Acceptation of the Word. a familiar Spirit. refpetfully withholding his difmal Part. they fay. not appear formidable. Devil intended it fo. and then he muft {hew himfelf in his Habit of Ceremony . as the others nay. was really de mented ever after 5 that is. . It is true. of France 5 the King.of the Thefe are fome of the Devil s Extraordinaries. as the feveral Circumfiances of Things call for it 5 in fome Cafes he makes his publick Entry.

that fhe let out fome of her Rooms in order to leflen her own of Rent among the &amp. and then went out in his Habit. an honeft poor Widow Woman. danc d founded a Levet. It happened that a Man and to fpeak with this Movement-maker Woman . her Husband leing lately dead. the Work was begun. If the Devil was thus brought to the Neceflhy of a fecret Management. it muil be owned he did it dexteroufly but I have not Authority for the Story. that I never doubt ed the Truth of it. took Lodgers into her Houfe&amp.Parifh of Bennet Fynk.290 he came The Modern in drefs HISTORY d up like a Trumpeter. who. and his Heart fail him. her Garrets to a working Watchwheel-maker. but that then it was too late. fo I leave it au croc. and fo prevent the Execution: Others fay. left the King s Mind ihould al ter. and who reft. and the Rage of Blood having been let loofe among the People. he was not thoroughly fatisfied in King Charles IX. I have much better Vouchers for the Story d by or one fome way concern d in making the Movements of Watches. s Steadinefs in his Caufe 5 for the King. to charge him with the enough Particulars. There liv d. and rung the Alarm-Bell ( which was the Signal to begin the Maflacre) half an Hour before the Time appointed. fhe let work dto as is thofe Shop-keepers who fell Watches j went up. it feems. there was no recalling the Or der. ( for we fhould not flander the Devil) it fhould feem. If the Story be not made upon him. upon fome Bufinefs ufual. which I had fo folemnly confirm one that liv d in the Family. in the . the King did relent im mediately after the ringing the Alarm-Bell. hadrelax d a little once before. near the Royal Exchange. Charge &amp. and Satan might be afraid he would fall off again.

poor Man was hanging. the Garretthey Door where he ufually worked being wide open. and when were near the Top of the Stairs. What ails you ? Why don t you cut the poor Man down? And the Man behind her. : U 2. cried out or Ceiling Suypriz d at the : flop d. this. and getting up as haflily upon it pulls a Knife out of his Pocket. having . fays he^ and help which the Woman Man Go ! the Man upon the Stool fuppofing fomething hindred. the Woman on the Stairs cried out to him. and cried out to the Man who was behind her on the Stairs that he ihould run up. and confequently dying Upon this. or Wheel-maker) had hang d himfelf upon a Beam which was left open in the Room a little lower than the Plaifler. as if in great Hafle. as if cutting the Rope. 291 which related to his Trade. but did not yet cut the Man down at Upon Woman Man who &amp. as if he was jufl going to cue the poor Man down. the the flopp d a while. fhewing them the Knife in his other Hand. Sight. and cut the poor Creature down. bringing a JointStool in his Hand. but flood on the Joint-Stool continued with his Hand and Knife as if fumbling at the Knot. they faw the poor Man ( the Watch-maker. the Woman At that very Moment comes a Man haflily from another Part of the Room which they upon the Stairs could not fee. and not come on. and flill the &amp. beckon d to the Woman and the Man behind her with his Head. I {hall do it immediately made two Strokes with his Knife. as then he if faying. and taking hold of the Rope with one of his Hands. and the behind her call d to her.of the Bufinefs DEVIL. as if to flop and not come up. and fets it down jufl by the Wretch that was hang d. But the Man upon the Stool made Signs to them again to be quiet. and then flopped again .

thrufts her by.The Modern HISTORY having no more Patience. and had much to do to effecl: it. all that was Spectre and Delufion. The Man was have many folid Tales well attefted. viz. with and furpriz d. the poor Man was there hanging . in order. whether the Man was cut down foon enough to be recover d. to let the poor Creature that had hang d himfelf periih and expire. but no Man a Knife. he drop d on with all the Courage the Floor as one dead. as Well in Hiitory as in the Reports of honeft Peo ple. tempt ed before. . or any fuch thing to be fecn. it correfponds fo well with the Devil s Nature. I cannot be pofitive in the remaining Part of this Story. and prevail d with to be his own Ex ecutioner. B. N. and faid to her. fo frighted it&amp. and the Woman at laft was fain to cut the poor Man down with a Pair of Sciflars. and that it was the Devil who plac d himfelf there in order to finiih the Murther of the Man who he had. As I have no room to doubt the Truth of this Story.D^v/Mike. and ftay d till he was forc d to abfcond again. tis plain he did his Devilifh Endeavour. We . Let me come. or whether the Devil carry d his Point. which I had from Perfons on whofe Honefty I could depend. Befides. I ll warrant you I ll do it 5 and with that runs up and forward into the Room to the Man 5 but when he came there. that he had fo I think it needs very little Trouble to convince us who the Man upon the Stool mufl be. and with his Bufinefs. and kept off the Man and Woman till it was too late 5 but be it which it will. or Joint-Stool. that of a Murtherer^ that I never queftion d nor can I think we wrong the Devil at all to charge him with it. behold. viz. no doubt.

fome in one Place* fome in another j as alfo fometimes in one Habit or Drefs. and fuited to making them afraid of him. Devtfs perfonal Appearance. and in which there is leaft of Fancy and you have any Mention of the Cloven Foot. which rather feems to be a mere Invention of Men (and perhaps chiefly of thofe who had a Cloven Underftandingl I mean a {fol low kind of Craft. Nor could this Devil ever upon to hurt him or any of his Company. he knew moft part of the Time that he was the Devil^ and yet conversed with him. more be prevail d know of. which the Country he travell d thro was intole^ weak Fraud. This Account has an innumerable Number of divert to ing Incidents attending it . you are to un-r rably full of. that the Wolves and Bears in thofe Countries knew the Devil. the Effect of an empty and fimple Head. but they are equal all the reft in Bulk. whatever Difguife he to went in y or that the Devil has fome - than we fright Bears and fuch Creatures. who to reprefent the Devil to the old and Children of the Age.of the D E V I L. tho &amp. and therefore top long for fhis Way Book. with fome Addition fuitable to the Wcaknefs of their Intel lects. thinking by fuch a well-meant. intimating the pie. I have another Account of a Peri on who travell d upwards of four Years with the Devil in his Company. and fometimes in another and it is to be obferved. for he perform d many very ufeful Services for him. and that very profitably. by the way. Where. that in none of thofe which are moil like to be real. derftand. and conftantly preferv d him from the Danger of Wolves and wild Reafts. Women -. and conversed moft intimately with him all the while nay. U J I End . if I may believe the Story. 293 could not be deceived.

who ever it is that calls him 5 which would bring the the Devil when this I cannot bring the De Devil s Circumftances to a pitch of Slavery which I fee no Reafon to believe of them.294- The Modern HISTORY Devil^ and fome. where there ter was no Foundation to be found. and made him build Croivland Abbey. only for dif- turbing . ( which we old Women call Imps) fometimes make. Here alfo I muft take Notice again. that tho* I fay the Devil^ when I fpeak of all thefe Appa ritions. who calFd the Devil once to carry her over a Brook where the Water was fwelPd with a hafly Rain. as another Devil in Difguife calls himfelf . whether of a greater or lefler Kind. confidering him as a that he was tell u?. yet not oblig d to fuppofe Satan himfelf in Perconcerned to {hew himfelf. they I find too upon fome mofe ordinary Occaflons the Devil has appear d to feveral People at their Call This indeed {hews abundance of good : Humour in him. fubjected to ever old Wizard s Call 3 or that he is under a NecerTity of appear ing on fuch or fuch particular Occafions. and the mean and forry Employment they are put to: Thus Fame tells us of a certain Witch of Qua lity. and lafh d him foundly with her Whip for letting her Ladyfhip fall into the I am fon is Wa before ihe was quite over. as Fame tells us. unlefs I fhould allow him to be Servus Servorum. Thus alfo. fhe fet the Devil to work. are lent to that Purpofe. and direfted what Difguife of Flefh and Blood to put on. but that fome of his Agent s^ Deputies and Servants. mighty compliafant raife : Nay have a Power to ever they think fit 3 vil to a Level with. as may be fuitable to the Occafion. This feems to be the only Way to reconcile all thofe fimple and ridiculous Appearances which not S atcin^ but his Emiflaries.

gt. Day. I know not y I believe it muft be regiftred among the antient Pieces of Art which are loft in the World. fuch as melting of Stone. So it fcems another laborious Devil was oblig d to dig the great Ditch croft the Coun try from the Fenn Country to the Edge of Suf which who ever he has preferv d folk and Effex the Reputation of. Satan has other Bufinefs. when the Devil was oblig d to bring the Stones out of Wales into Wiltfoire. and where it crofles NewMarket Heath. Francis play d fo many warm Tricks with. the fhief Devil. I have not yet examin d Antiquity enough to be certain of. that it cou d not be our Satan. this I take upon me to fay. thofe lefler Sorts cannot think that the muckle as they call him in the North. Certainly they had the Devil under Correction in thofe Days y that &amp. U 4 ing . is to fay. in the Devil s Behalf. Grand Seignior Devil of all. &V. fome are fo far from hav- tice that we . was ever reduced to What Devil it was that Dunftan Difcipline. when we fay of fuch a Great Lord. Another Piece of Punifhment no doubt it was. he very rarely pofIs feifes F Befides.of the DEVIL. painting of Glafs. tis call d Devil s Ditch to this &amp. Now is it unworthy the Occafion. 295 turbing the Workmen a little who were firft fee about it. took by the Nofe with his red hot Tongs. How this was ordered in thofe Days. and made him run away from him fo often How ever. no. when it Teems they kept Satan to hard Labour. / think the Devil is in your Grace : No. to build Stone-heng . and fpeak of him very much to his Difadvanrage. any more than I can what Devil it was that St. of whom I have been talk* of Devils but I : ing fo to take no really wrong the Devil. the Arch Devil of all Devils. or of fuch a Lady of Quality.

whenever {he pleafes to declare for a Re-afTumption. among even of God too. as fuch. be de nied her Shapes of Honour. or Joan Queen of Naples were. that they are really tranft migrated into the very EfTence of the Devil themfelves 3 and others again not tranfmigrated. at all alter the Cafe forfo tis Evi dent. this need not he thought fo ftrange $ &quot. according to our prefent Hypothefis. Nor does my Lady D fs s wearing fomeher. have a Right to the Title of being a Devil really anc^ fubftantially. ihe ought not. call d Flejb. in whom all thofe Extraordinaries abound. has been always allow d to do. fiven who were both fent home to their native Coun try. as farther. and to all Intents and Purpofes. and to make his Perfonal Appear ance ters the Sons and Daugh well as among the Children of Men 5 and therefore her Grace may have ap peared in the Shape of a fine Lady. in the moft perfect and abfolute Senfe. by me. upon urgent Occafions y ay.. and that Satan acknowledged them in that Quality. And . but Indeed and in Truth {hew us that they are to have mere native Devils in every Part and Parcel of them. to give every Truth its due IIluftration. and that the reft is only Thus if Rage. or affimilated. times a Cafe of Humanity about 5 and Blood.396 The Modern HISTORY ing the Devil in them. Pride and Revenge can conftitute the Parts of a Devi^ why {hould not a Lady of fuch Quality. Satan. as long as {he has been fuppos d to do. according to the moft exquifite Defcriptions of Devils already by me or any Body elfe $ and even juft as oan of Arc. nor indeed {hall not. without any Impeach ment of her juft Claim to the Title of Devil j which being her true and natural Original. as foon as it was difcovered that they were real Devils. Envy% Mafque and Difguife.

of the and it is D EVIL: 297 . fo unworthy her great and illuftrious Original. and how many Hoop. were ny real Devils World in we blefs d with it. as was confident with the needful Referve of her prefent Difguife. as if this was or is meant to be a particular Satyr upon the fs of --. and upon her only. has not afted. as if we had no DEVILS among us in the Pheno mena of fair Ladies. and would be a Difcovery many ways to our Ad vantage. that muft be acknowledg d. Indeed tis a Point worth our further Enquiry. to give us a little of his Illumi nation in this Cafe) we fhould foon be able to D : unmafque a great many notable Figures among us. they arc oblig d to call him to their Aid in fuch Shape $s he pleafcs to make ufe of fro hac vice 3 and of all . and in them to a6b the old Women^ as old are vulgarly underftood. but this one If Satan would be fo honed to us as he might be (and twou d be very ingenuous in him. in Matters of Council and Politicks . fhe : give her the has afted as confonant to the Eflence and Nature of Devil^ which fhe has fuch a Claim to.Petti coats compleat the entire Mafque that dilguifes the Devil in the Shape of that Thing call d Wo man. As for the in letting fuffering Women Men. now ftiled) many Years in Apparition But to due Homage of her Quality. Nature has fatisfied her felf them be their own Difguife. but if at any time they have Occafion for the Devil in Pcrfon. to our real Surprize. to fee how ma we have walking up and down the Mafque. at leaft that I never heard of. her Grace (as {he. that we fhould think ihe has loft any thing by walking about the World fo far from being unjuft is may be. Nor fhall we lead the Reader into any Miftake concerning this part of our Work.

and confequently could know the De vil wherever they met him ? Were I bleft this excellent and ufeful Accomplishment. like the Angel Uriel. the moft agreeable to him feems to be that of a Female of Quality. and as I who ginally a Projector. himfelf in his true original Shape. dnd point them out as they pais by. that fine young Toaft is a Devil j There s a Devil dreft in There s a Devil in a a new Habit for the Ball Coach and Six. what Part foever he is call d in for. the Devil fo often that he was. Mr. we cou d find fome new Method out to make the Devil unmask. with which if he did but touch the Devil. in which he has infinite Opportunity to aft to Perfection. what a Hurricane would -. or at me. in it who they fay fcourg d he durft not come near him in any Shape whatever. in whatever Difguife he had put on. to ftarid in the Mall. or acquir d Habit. with this particular Mark. like-- .29S The ModernUlS TORY all thofe Shapes. and how would larly gratify call carry about d 111. and doubt not in a little Time to fi nal* . and all common with my fellow Creatures particu that which I. who. it would make a merry World among us if we coul d but enter upon fome proper Method of fuch Difcriminations : but. had an enchanted Spear. Milton fays. have fpent fome Time upon this Study. call d the Second Sight 3 one Sort of whom they tell us are able to diftinguifh the Devil. cum aliis.Nature. In fhort. mere Devil as it raife.. if. How with how pleafant would it be. Lawr^d. the Entrance to any of our Affemblies of Beau ties. in whatever Cafe or Outfide of Flefh and Blood he is pleas d to put on. and {hew it oblig d him immediately to ftart up. This would do am ori nicely. That s a Devil. my Spleen. happy are thofe People who they fay have the particular Quality.

as flie was. I queftion not. befides the To me indeed {he difcover d her felf many Ways. would be a vaft Advan tage to us all 3 that we might know among the Crowd of Devils that walk about Streets. I doubt not but it will make good Sport in the World too j where fore.DEVI L. by it y and befides the many extraordinary Advan tages of it to human Society. have fome Degrees Second Sight. you muft know. &c. Now I. you would fay) they took her to be. and when I have foraething of an Eclariof this ciffement with him. 299 my Engine. who are Apparitions. who the World very much admired 5 and as the World judges no farther than they can fee. as other lefs ufeful Projects have been done. at certain Intervals when the Old Gentleman s Illuminations are up on me. In a Devils Word. I had a long Difcourfeupon this Subject one day. and divide it into Shares. or any Body j I when I have brought it to Perfec queftion not but I fhall make moft excellent Difcoveries tion. and where and what Bufinefs they are doing. and who are not. for all the fevere Act lately fhall get Subfcribers pafs d againft Bubbles. when I publifh my Propofals. which I am contriving. to fcrew the Devil out of every Body.of the nifh &quot. and therefore tis no difcriminating to tell a great many of my ftrange thing for me Acquaintance that they are really Devils. with a young beautiful Lady of my Acquiantance. but it is not the lefs fo for that. Advantage I had of my extraordinary Penetra* . a fecret Power of difcovering what we have among us. when they themfelves know nothing of the Matter : Sometimes indeed 1 find it pretty hard to convince them of it. but I enough. or at leaft they are very unwilling to own it. (and how fhould they. a moft charming Crea really ture.

nay. This Wife of mine is full of Wit and good Humour.300 The Modern : HISTORY Penetration by veiled with Satyr. Sir Edward. know that. her Husband. to talk with her You mull note. and turning to me. a fiery the magic Powers which I am 9 fhe appeared a Fury. that as I faid. but one Evening. J took an Oportunity on an extraordinary Occafion. he has only let a Truth fly out that he does not underftand Look ye there now. a little Fiend as could poflibly be drefs d To me. which Turn made all the Company In order to this. when fhe was in the Height of good Humour. WelI 3 adds he3 Dwil tp a Lady in a Man s Arn^s. fhe appear d to me what fhe was. Arms. and this Itch prevailing in me. and with a Paflion of good Humour takes her in his &amp. upon fome very fharp Sir E r fhe gave to another Gentleman. could any thing but fuch a dear fays Devil as this have faid a thing fo pointed ? Well. I was impatient to let this Lady know that I underftood her Compofition perfectly well. a very DEVIL : It is natural to hu really man Creatures to defire to difcover any extraordi up in Flefh nary Powers they are pofTefs d of fupcrior to others. . Is that Wife. are all Jingth the beft Language you can give your Madam. fays I. among the reft. fuch my O : $ ay. happening to be in the Fami ly once for fome Days. fays he. as well as fhe did her felf. but fhe has a Mind to be fmart. fhe is the This was allu keeneft little Devil in the World to the quick Turn fhe had given the other ding when : Gentleman. ay. the Lady was in an extraordinary good Humour. Ifay j in fhort. Jack. and having the Honour to be very intimate with her and her Husband too. I fays Lady? Devils as you. and there had been a great deal of Mirth in the Family for fome Days . fays my Lady. run to her.

oftbeVEVI is L. Upon flic this fhe look d har d and wild. all in Sunfhine and Mirth. explain my A I told . SGI of divers Interpretations. the next happen d &amp. But Madam. no. fays /. if fays I. what would you have more of us ? No. fays Jhe^ you Men make nothing of your Wives after you have them. ihip them. all Devils are An but all Angels are not Devils. for I had the Honour to a rallied for a Word lodge in the Lady s Father I fay. fays {he. very fmartly. and bid felf. Thus they good while. Yes. Why Madam. unlefs you order me to do fo for your gels. we Men. he holding her faft all the while in his Arms. al luding to the Difcourfe with Sir Edward the Night before. and at kit it went off. but when you have been in Heaven. you fhould never take it ill to be calPd Devil . fays fbe^ s Houfe. I know. and that very fmartly. I thought you had known that 1 knew it. you know. or elfe I would not have faid fo. ay. Devils are Angels. Why particular Service. and make Idols of them. before you have them they are Angels. I did not know whether {he was in : jeft or earnefl Ay. fays Jbe. you know. as you are pleas d meet with good Wives worwe it. fays /. adds Jhe and fmil d^ then they are Devils. to term Why Madam. and frequently luffing her. where it all with me upon firft fo that Day my Lady begins the Subject. fays /. and were the higheft Sort of Angels once. But the next Day. what d ye mean by that? Madam. and look d very gravely and ferious. for I would not offend you 5 but you may depend I ihall never difcover it.

me all at once. but ameer Devil. She rallied me upon that. as Satan. fays fhe. which to ordinary were invifible. and how could I flatter her with being handfome and a Devil both at the fame time ? 1 told her. I began. what s me ? I told her it was nothing to her any further than that as fhe knew her felf to be originally not the fame Creature fhe feem d to be. I would make nothing of her but what me was j that I fuppos d ihe knew well enough God Almighty never thought fit to make any human Creature fo per fect and compleatly beautiful as fhe was. Well however. The Modern HISTORY was ready to explain my felf. tho like a true Devil fhe broke her Promife with I told her. I fhe would give me her Word. Very well. but was of a fublime angelic Original $ fo by the Help of my recited Art I knew it too. Very vil fine. by which I could penetrate into many things. fo you would make a De of me indeed. and fo far it might re late to her. and told me that would not bring me off. if fhe would not refent it. Perception by the Help of which I could fee into all viilonary or imaginary Appearances in a different Manner than other People did.302. and would take nothing ill. and had fome years ftudied Magic. by telling her that I had not long fince obtained the fecond light. I took that Occafion to tell her. She gave me her word folemnly flie would not. but that fuch were *alfo referved for Figures to be afTum d by Angels of one Kind or other. fays Jhe^ fuppofe you that to can. being unconcern d whether fhe kept her Word or no. for I had not determined her for any thing Angelic. and had fome GlafTes. whom we d abufivcly call 4 .

I told her the Devil had more Occafion to form Beauties than other Angels had. fo abftraded from any thing wicked. told me the Devil could not be reprefented by any thing handfome. to allure him. that to be handfome. beautiful or de form Here {he difputed the PofTibility of that. and how he effe&ed it.303 Devil. was an immortal Seraph. Francis^ to appeared in the Form whom they appeared in terrible Shapes. She put by the Difcourfe. I told her we wrong d him very much in that. it was at bed only amiable Faces. and . not exquifitej and that therefore it would not hold. And then I gave her fome Examples upon the whole. he was a mofi glorious Being 5 that when he thought fit to encale himfelf with but that when they did was in his Power equally with the other Angels to make the Form he took upon himfelf be as he thought fit. and fhe would not come into that by any i$eans&amp. and what Means he ufed to turn the Ap pearance into a Devil again. and quoted the Devil fre of the moft in quently comparably beautiful naked Woman. and returned to that of Angels. I found by her Difcourfe fhe was willing enough to pafs for an Angel. and of an ori ginal angelic Nature. and infilled that Angels did not always afTume beautiful Appearances 5 that fometimes St. his Bufinefs being principally to deceive and enfnare Man kind. fhe argued that I knew her Father. but twas the hardeft thing in the World to convince her that fhe was a DEVIL. fhould always rpnder them fufpe&ed. and walk about in Difguife. alledging our conftant picturing the Devil in all the frightful Appearances imagi M nable. and after charging me faintly with flattering her Face.

what would you make an Apparition of me ? An Apparition ! Madam. fays /. I told her that was nothing in fuch a Cafe as hersj that when the Old Gentleman had occafiori to transform himfelf into a fine Lady. faid look in none of your conjuring Glafles j I know my felf well enough. No. not only as it was an angelick Picture for the alfo frightful World it. he could eafily difpofe of a Child. you are nothing clfe but an Ap parition. to be furej why you know. and place him felf in the Cradle inftead of it. who However I faid. and what elfe would you be. and I defire to look no otherwife than I am. or when they were broad awake either. Madam. it was the fame thing to him 5 and I quoted Luther to her upon that (for I Occafion. I know that very well j nor do you need any better Shape than that you appear in. would have it that fhe knew it already) if fhe pleas d I would go to my Chamber and fetch her my Magick Looking-glafs. to affirms that it had been convince her that I knew fo. its Appearing Form ! fays fhe. and that had often told her fo. why. faid I. yes. tis moft cxquifitely fine } all the World knows you are a compleat Beauty. when the Nurfe or Mother were afleep $ nay. it. when it isfc infinitely to your Advantage ? With . and was delivered of her in the ordinary Way. to admire. no. where fhe fhould fee her own Picture. and that is a clear Evidence what you would be if your prefent appearing Form was reduced to proper Perfonality. enough JJje^ to any I ll but a Devil but her fclf and Body xne that underftood No. and that there was fuch and fuch Ladies who were prefent in the Room when fhe was born.304 The Modern HISTORY and that her Mother was a very good Woman.

felf. I came down again fo foon that fhe did not think the Time efpecially having fpent it long. (a lirge Peer-glafs being in the furveying her felf from nity not a little.of the DEVIL. to Foot. 505 With rofe up nattily. {he would fee her own Face only $ in the fecond. faid I. do not trouble your felf to look there. come. drefs d again. I faid. bui drefs d up with a Lady s Head -Clothes in a Circle. I Head flip Room) where {he flood. in which low Cafe that in the firfb framed behind a Looking-glafs. but faw nothing but er own Face 5 Well. well enough. {he would fee the DeI /V s Face. I waited to fee what Obfervations {he would make) I ask d her if {he had view d her felf to her Satisfa&ion ? She faid ihe had. in return d. Madam. ugly and frightful enough. {he turn d pale and angry. that. Madam. and {he had feen no thing of Devil about her. Come. &amp. and running I fetch took that Time to up into my fo Apartment. with Va away. X up . that is not a Glafs capable of {hewing you fair felf j furveying her when ] I any thing . take Jt will this Glafs. and then and look d into the Glafs. the Devil s Face in the Center. I fhew d it her where {he faw the Devil indeed. then I {hou d be miftaken very much 5 fo I look d in it my felf. and giving it a Turn imperceptible to {hew me ^ as much of my to fee&amp. fays Jhe^ the GlafTes agree flats. call d I my Magic had a hol GlafS) as J d it. look here j and with that I open d che Lookingand {he look d in it. fays Jfte9 a little fcornfully as I defire fo fhe con tinued looking in the Peer-glafs 5 after fome time more (for feeing her a little out of Humour. I fee no Difference ^ what can you make of it ? With that I took it a little away Don t you ? fays /. and as it were at a little Diftance behind.

gt. and told me. She ftarted. fays Jhe^ I am a real frightful am I ? Devil. I told her it was nothing but her own natural Picture. fays T. Madam. certainly . and Devil like as could be defircd for a Devil to be. or to conceal it.306 Up The Modern HISTORY like a fine Lady. tho Ihe would fain have beat me off of it. Am I? why you know what you are. fhe thought I was more of a Devil than ilie. and that I did not fhew it her to inform her of it. don t fay. and then (he fhew d Firfl: it. (which I thought the wi/eft Courfe) . and that fhe knew well enough. O. told me I came to affront her. don t you ? A Devil! ay. I endeavour d to pacify her. and cry d out moft horribly. fhe cried. and told her I had not treated her with any Indecency. fhe believ d I had rais d the Devil.for that flic knew nothing of all thofc Tricks. but to let her know that I knew it too j that fo fhe might make no Pretences of being offended when I talk d familiarly to her of a Thing of this Na ture. but ugly. till at laft I made her downright angry. and brought fomething elfe on . fhe was very welcome. that if {he thought fit to tell Sir Ed any thing of the Difcourfe. fo. nor I would notj becaufe while ilie thought fit to walk Abroad Bufinefs to difcover her incog. and I did it to fright her. as fure as the reft of the World believes Very well 5 you I a Lady. but I always found Means to revive it. had a great deal of farther Difcourfe with her upon that Subject. it was none of my 5 &amp. and to attack her upon the Reality of her being a Devil. that I would not talk fo if Sir Ed was by and that fhe ought not to be ufed fo. and two or three times fhe put the Talk off.

and with the Ay. your felf j befides. that s a Doubt I can t refolve till the Demi I you order by the Father know and talk farther about it. fays Jhe all why you will make Devils of particularly I that s certain. fays fie ? I can t tell that. but what it may by the Mother s Side. why do you as fure I. Madam. I s as it Side. X z Then . faid will not. juft as fhs pleas d &amp.of the ihe fhould do D E V I L. the Child. really fo $ whether it for at him to know it. s faid 1. faid /. Madam. mud the when on a fudden fhe broke out thus And you will : A ! ! I don t know itj that. fays flie^ to convince SIT Ed he has married a Devil. tis not certain. what elfe can it be. ! You and the Devil talk together looks rufully at Devil then ? me &amp. juft. fays /. you fay I am the DEVIL. was for her Service or no was for her to confider. 307 but I made no I fhould convince Sir E her Hufqudlion that what I faid was and that I was band. Madam. may be. you know. before. that undertake. will it ? A fine indeed isn t it? Story for Sir Ed* This calm d her a little. this by Generation 9 that faid Iy that s as you Kind does not go A Difpute foreign to the prefent Purpofe. Madam. s agree among your - felves. as I faid Why I queflion it. that /.gt. then that mud be a Devil too I think. and fhe Jook d hard me a Minute without fpeaking a Word. it No. and be with Child of a JDevif. talk fays foe. faid Pray I as ever you did ? can you queflion that j who am I think you talking to now: are mad. has always moft of the Mother in it. will ye ? fine Story indeed and what follows? why then it mull: fol low that the Child I go with (for ihe was big with Child) will be a Devil too.

know and immediately difappeared j which you is the particular Mark of a Spirit or Ap parition. for you are fatisfied of that another way. for I fee ends all deed very pretty piece of good Ufage in / thank you for fays /. Nay. opening fuch a well-known Truth With that fhe difcovefd it all at once. Upon that very Foot. faysjhe Madam. that I am : hot. without doubt can t ameer DEVIL as you pleafe. for fhe turn d Fury. rail d at me. do not take it ill of me. and why it always gave me a Sufpicion when I faw a Lady handfomer than ordinary. and We had which not 5 and the Reafon why they were fo. and fet me upon the Search to be fatisfied whether fhe was really a Woman or an Apparition ? a Lady or a Devil ? allowing all along that her being a Devil was quite out of the Queftion. &amp. to fcveral other. take it fays I. a great deal of Difcourfe befides this. and all fo. in the very Letter of it 5 flew out in a Paflion.308 The Modern HISTORY Then I entred into a Difcourfe with her of the Ends and Purpofes for which the Devil takes up fuch beautiful Forms as for I only difcover to you that I knew it 5 I do not tell it you as a Secret. A a thing confeft. Madam. curfl me moft hear tily. Satisfied of what? fays (he. fhe took me up again roundly. young Ladies of her Ac relating quaintance. and . I it ill help And fo I at began to take that {he fhould be diigufted to her. and you take a Devil ! Difcourfe. 1 laid. A Devil that : ! yes. fome of which. that I am a Devil? I think the Devil s in you And fo began to be ! &amp. were mere Appar/Vttwlikefierfelf* and told her which were fo. faysjhe^ it as you are very civil to it me in your through that.

ihe endeavours to kill at a Diftance . I have feen her in Miniature feveral Times fincej but {he proves her felf (till to be the Devil of a Lady. and found her in fuch a Rage at fome of her Servants. the guage. an Apparition^ it is fo natural to fay we have feen the Devil. but the they are willing enough Word Devil does : not go whenever we with them But tis all one. (Rafilisk-like) a ftrange Influence her to be a Devil. and will never forgive me. which with other Apparitions of the fame Sex. to be thought Angels. Thoughts. and fome another 3 and ihe was not bear to hear her pretty well pleafed to hear that. but not fufficient to put her into fuch a Paifion. that it quite diforder d her. fome to delude the World one way. other Day. when ihe did not expecl: him. X 5 My . very flrong. but damn d the Fellow. 309 and for what Ufes and Purpofes. and fhe has but I that know upon ftrive very hard with my felf to drive the Memory of her out of my is me&amp. the Fellow had done fomething that was indeed pro voking. for ihe bears Malice. and indeed the Poifon of her Eyes. had the Misfortune to come a little fliddenly up on her. made her acl: the Devil at laft. that I would not let her be an Angel 5 but me like a very Devil as fhe is. and fo out of her felf j nor was ihe able to reftrain her felf when ihe faw her Lover come in. that there s no pre vailing with Mankind to talk any other Lan Gentleman of my Acquaintance. as cunning as ihe was. but ihe could own true Chara&er. and I find they are all alike. that had courted a Lady a long time. and rag d like a Fury at all fee down A at him. I have had two or three Engagements fince this.of the DEVIL. efpecially a Footman . as you have heard $ and then vaniihed out of my fight.

and taking proper Meafurcs. mere Apparitions 5 but Time and Paper fails. that would fright you to think of 3 and you would prefently con clude. and talking of it in Confidence to me. and came no more at her for three Days. fhe might indeed have cheated any Man. I never could hear him find Fault : with her. : fays he^ I am going to marry a ib told me the Story y I took no - She Devil) and Notice to him. my Friend marry d her. and had it not been for that accidental Diforder of her PafHons. for {he was a lovely Devil as ever was feen 5 fhe talk d like an Angel. Thefe are particular Inftances 5 but alas ! I could run you a Length beyond all thofe Exam ples. with fome of my particular Skill. I return to the Subject. did every thing. for fhe was a mere Devil. We . that all the perfect Beauties arc? Devils. yet either fhe behav d fo well. fo we muft only leave the Men the Caution. the poor Fellow made all the Submiffions that could be expected. but twas the fame thing And fo the Gentleman. but it would not doj nay. with me. in all which time fhe was hardly cool. and faid every thing that was taking and charming But what then ? it was all Apparition. with drew. The next Day my Friend came to me. I am afraid. not caring to engage himfelf farther than became him. and give you fuch a Lift of Devils among the gay Things of the Town. which difcover d her Infide. and tho fhe was a Devil without doubt. I foon found out that it was really fo. and Fellow s Pardon of her.a io The Modern d the HISTORY My begg Friend did his bed to compofe her. or he was fo good. It is true. venture at their Peril. let them. that fhe was a mere Apparition. fung like a Syren. but finding out his Miitrefs.

even from the Beginning : It is true. half Horfe. Again. fo fcoundrel. I do not find Authors agreed about it as But if they had voted him fuch. it had been kind a thing as any they cou d fay of him. that you may ihun the Devil in whatever Shape you meet with him. wicked dan they are in themfelves mere We W D gerous murthering Devils. fo abject. as never made a Figure among Mankind greater than that of a Thier^ a Moroder^ moulded up into Quality. drefs d up a-U-Mafque. is half Devil. iome. ren-like. with their Eyes fome Sy &amp. or to take up with fo difcording a Creature. evils . that Satan would have fcorn d to have entred into a Soul fo narrow that there was not room to hold they fay . &amp. becaufe it would have cleared him from the Scandal : of being a Devil. who. Bafilisk-like. and fo run into beats a Call j but and out of him as his Drum X 4 to . there s my Matter Q indeed have the Devil in him. they fay. to the Credit of Pofleffion in general.was half-headed 5 whether they mean half. and a Raparee and a Coronet. like the Sagittarii^ half Man.of the DEVIL. there are fome half Devils. } he may but it muft be faid. half Lord Bifhop. tis pity thefe pretty Apparitions fhould be Devils. with their Tongues 5 all Murtherers. or ra ther like the Satyr ^ who. and be fo mifchievous as but fince it is fo. pleat Mafquerade. for we don t Is. I they are can do no lefs than to advertife you of it. they or. and. my /3} .witted or no. with a Robe Some little Dog-kennel Devil may indeed take up his Quarters in or near (him. or half a Devil. like r Man & find the Devil makes any Alliance with FThen as to merry Devils. 311 have a great many charming Apparitions of like kind go daily about the orld in comtho we mull not lay fo. that kill various

think him worth being pofleis d by any thing better than a Devil him acts to of a dirty Quality . without an Ounce of their Courage 5 that has been refcued five or iix times from the Scandal of a Coward. and divert you too with the Relation. (peak of at large. becaufe he could not be kick d or cufPd either into good Manners or good Hu mour. a Spirit too mean to wear the Name of Devil^ without fome Badge or Addition of Infamy and Meannefs to diftingufh fin d to it by. that is to fay. the Bully. fince tho Millions of inferior Devils under his Command. becaufe no body could prove he ever had any hot 3 who pofTefs d with a Poltroon il^ was always wickeder in the Dark. who up on laying a Joiner s Mallet in the Window of 3 certain Chamber.. not one cou d be found bafe enough to match him. who inheriting all the Pride and of his Anceftors. if we had room. has been turned out of hu man Society. than he durft be by Day-light 5 and who. Infolence . would be unkind to Satan he (the Devil) has fo many jiimfelf. would come very orderly and knock . after innumer able paffive Sufferings. or even a half Devil . the Bil* lingsgate^ and all the hereditary ill Language of his Family. Some merry good-for-nothing Devils we have indeed.. did it in cold Blood. which we might.312 to The Modern that HISTORY was born a Devil.. without one of their good Qualities . that never no purpofe. fuch as my Lady Haft s Devil in E/ex. and never faiFd to be un grateful 5 that if ever he committed a Murther. To fay this was a Devil^ an Apparition. Satan... and at the Hazard of Friends. nor one Devil... found but what would think himfelf difhonour d to be employ d about him. cou d not. by the Bravery. Thus what Devil of Quality would be cona P .

and to Goods And again. terrifying. and that there is a Reality in the thing call d Apparition. fitter for his Bufinefs than the Men 9 . and yet are invifible at the fame time. as foon as fome of great fo. tho the Devil pafTes for a very great Lyar. many antick Devils have been feen alfeem d to have little or nothing to do. Oundle in Northampton&quot. 313 Night upon the Window. and then go away in the Morning. fuch as appear. I had thought to have beftow d a Chapter upon them by themfelves. fuch as the at Drum- ing Devil in the Well Jlrire^ and fuch like. but only to allure us that they can appear if they pleafe. As to Shadows of Devils. in what they call his Table-talk y but with Matter Luther s leave. and all be as unfufferable all and breaking the Windows. and doing all the Damage the that he in it. or the Wainfcot. the walking Devils that we have manage them.of the knock with it DEVIL. but it may be as much to the Purpofe to let them alone. and the like. as to meddle with them j tis faid our old Friend Lu ther ufed to be exceedingly troubled with fuch invifible Apparitions . particularly the Story of the Devil in a Basket. he would think himfelf affronted. are of the female Sex j whe ther it be that the Devil finds lefs Difficulty to In a word. or or that they arc 2 that he lives quieter with them. generally among us. committing the Diforders. was able to the Houfe. as poffible. the Child flying out of the Cradle. fplitting the Wainfcot. and he tells us much of them. as well fatisfied as may be 3 whereas if the Mallet was not left. A who - thofc I find in a Book that goes by his Name. and difturb the againft Neighbour hood. and imaginary Ap pearances. I could fwallow many things of his own proper making.

Jofepb s Miftrefs. or is pofiefs d of the DEVIL 5 but really is a DEVIL. fuch as \vc can very feldom match for Wickedneis among the Men fuch now as in the Text. tell us that there is a World of and many learned Pieces of Guefs-work Spirits. and at a ftrange rate. Apparition indeed the Scripture furnifhes you and but a little way. Herod s Herodias^ thefe were certainly Devils. that half the People who MZ Apparitions ^ Women efpecially of the and & Modern Men. that -. or is a real is it. and that is Judas . One of you is a Devil . or patch d and painted. as they defcribe it. representing the World to be fo near us. and if they fay true. and the general Part of Mankind cannot come into the fame little Woman among them efpecially this valu No tions . tis our great Felicity that we cannot fee any Eirthcr into it than we do. Let s Daughters. till converfe with us now. for his Matter fays exprefly of him. they make at it. that we ihould have fo How many in Devils continually walking about it humane Shape. HISTORY now enter into a Difpute about he goes better difguis d in the fair perhaps Sex than otherwife $ Antiquity gives us many Hiftories of She-Devils. and we know Philofophers among us not. the fair. of Figure. the beautiful. Sampfon s Dalilah. not has the Devil. muft be full of Dragons and Devils^ enough to fright our Imaginations with the very Thoughts of them . ever told us. that this great Secret comes happy thus to be difcover d to mankind ? Certainly the World has gone on in Ignorance a long time. would appear as Hell itfelf but none of thofe Sages frightful as &amp. the able Part. This unufual Phenomenon has been feen but a while. or play d the Devil fufficiently in their Turn j one Male I fliall not &amp. which if we could. that the Air. DEVIL.

Enquiry is indeed worth our while. think a beautiful Lady could be a Mafque to the Devil? and that a fine Face. they tell us. handfome . a divine Shape. Beauty-hunters and Fortune-hunters. for the World is full of Apparitions.of the tions about it j DEVIL. in former times Satan dealt much in and thofe. and hope all the enamoured Beaus and all the Boys. a heavenly Afpec~r. Ugly as a Witch. tho 1 think it never came to that Height as it has is ftrange ture of the 5 but be ftrange as it will. It is old Women. all 315 think it nay. I allure you. true. ihould bring the Devil in her Company. and upon Broomfticks too. the confirms it. all mighty homely Doings fome fay they us d to go to vifit their Grand Seignior the Devil) in thofe Nocturnal Perambu But be that as it will. very ugly. cover d with the Charms of the Lovely. Black as a Witch ^ / look like a Witch ^ all proverbial Speeches. nay. fliould be herfelf an ^pparition^ a mere DEVIL. tis certain the lations Devil has chang d hands. therefore I will take heed. and the young and the Apparitions 5 the ugly ones Witches. and he fails not to with 5 to ride thro & for I fuppofe if they get the DCfor want of a For vil. this lower as Na full now. they will not complain The tune 3 and there s Danger enough. perhaps they will it Thing Sphere of Devils j and fome of both Sexes have given ftrange Teftimonies of the Reality of their pre-exiflent Devilifm for many Ages part. us d the Air in the Night. non rofa the fine fpinis 5 not a Beauty without a Devil^ Women old Women Spe6bres. and which teftify d what Tools it was Satan generally work d and thefe old Spec~bres. as I have obfcrv d alrea dy. and that now he walks about the World cloth d in Beauty. : for who would difguife himfelf effectually by it.

I Have dwelt long upon the Devil in Mafque as he goes about the World incog. courting. the Cloven. Not but that wherever I fliould meet the Clo namely. I fliould expect that the Devil was not far off. and efpe- without his Cloven-Foot. s certain &amp. whether there is any fuch Thing. every Error its Patron. it may happen otherCoin has its Counter every j yet every Art its Pretender. (viz. that feit. as fecret making Bargains with the Devil. for who can give a full account of all his Tricks and Arts in fo nar row a Compafs as I am prefcrib d to ? But as I laid. to apprehend him wife.Foot walking about the World without the Devil. every Whore her Admirer.J&amp.3 i6 The Modern &amp. and every Day has its DEVIL. that if there . is. and a that goes a handfome ones Devils may be fct on the &amp. and fliould be apt to raife the PofTe againft cially him. that every Cloven-Foot is not the Devil. Of that every Devil has not a Clo ven-Foot. I have had fome thought of making a full and com pleat Difcovery here of that great Doubt which has fo long piizzl d the World. and the firft positive Aflurance I can give you in the of Witches waking Bargains for the Devil. and have touch ed upon ibme of his Difguifes in the Manage ment of his Intereft in the World 5 I muft lay fome of his Difguifes only. fo I muft add now for the prefent Purpofe. and par ticularly of felling the Soul to the Devil. HISTORY Man s Door Lord ha Mercy.

I do not virell underfland this com as can neither write pacting with fach a Fellow nor read j nor do I know who is the Scrivener between them. again. and he bid boldly (give him his due} namely. or I fhould have it for the Difcovery. Articles j he will contract perhaps. namely. plain. and they fay. and they fay if I Now he . de I re clare that he carry d the Devil at his Back. he dy d of a Garigreen in the But take Notice and do Oliver Juftice . or how the Indenture can be exe cuted j but that which is worfe than all the reft the Devil never keeps is. tis tis 317 not for want not.of there is theDE VIL. member a certain Author of a News Paper in Lon don was once taken up. for printing in his News. and tis faid. that the poor carry d the Devil at his Back 5 I think Man fhould have his f o /. I have heard many an (old Woman) Officer of the Troops. I do not vouch the Story. which (luck fo clofe to that into his Furiofo) that the Mortification fpread Soul. that Luxemburg have refolv d the Dif was Humpbacked. that the old famous Duke of Luxemburg [made a Magic compact of this Kind 5 nay. you will for taking fo mean a as that ! ! ! himfelf King. Spleen. Scripture j I fay. that in the firft Place. neither does the Bicall iliop fay one Word of it. he was not hump d. but would not let him of his Endeavour. it coft him Fame us fo/. who never car d to fee his Face. I confefs. tis evident he would fain have made a Contract with our Saviour. all the King doms of the World for one bend of his Knee : Im pudent Seraph To think thy Lord fhould pay thee Homage How many would agree with him here for a lefs Price They fay. d to fay. if pardon me of quoting Step. and that he gave Oliver the Prote&orfhip. Oliver Cromwell ftruck a Bargain with him. only ficulty. tis not his Fault.

|is The Modern HISTORY he is mighty forward to make Conditions 5 but whd {hall bind him to the Performance. for he what he cannot perform j witreally promifes nefs his impudent Propofal to our Lord mention Beiides. fo that he is a Scoundrel in his Treaties. when the Day of Payment came. I never heard that he brought the Money or paid the Purchafe. but flill as he brought a Cow to him. for you ihall trufl for your Bargain. no not one Lords and the kingdoms thereof. perhaps before it is due $ but who fhall make him is fland to his. and was at laft carried to Hereford Goal . it. for fo much They tell you of a poor Fellow in Herefordjhire^ that offer d to fell his Soul to him for a Cow. and though the De~ vii promifed. fome body or other came and challeng d Why : &amp. he the Bargain will wriggle himfelf out of the Performance on his Side if poffible. and as they fay. when you trade with the Devil. he comes for you to an Hour : Of which by it felf. Knave in his Dealing. Cow-itcaler. he a ed above. All thefe Kingdoms will I give thee ! they were none of thine to Lying Spirit ! of them j for the Earth is the either get the Price or quit the Devil is a cunning Shaver. but not be able to get your Money 5 and yet for your Part. and yet even in that Cafe. nor were they in his Power any more than in his Right So ( I have heard that) fome poor difmal Creatures have fold thcmfclves to the Devil for a Sum of Money. and yet expect you fhould be punctual on your Side. fign d the Wri tings. In a Word. yet the poor Countryman could never get the Cow of him. and where is the Penalty if he fails? if we agree with him. proving that it fo that the Man from them but the Name of a got nothing was loft or ftolen &amp. he will be apt enough to claim his Bargain and de mand Payment \ nay. let me caution you all.

told the horrid Bargain he had made. I can t tell. that they that make Bargains with the Devi^ ought to make him give Secu rity for the Performance of Covenants. and is bid go. : 319 Goal.he -. but it always prov d to belong to fome of Whether the Man was hang d his Neighbours or no. but they were found in his PoiTefHon. as the Devil always will really had not ftolen the Cows. what need he have taken a Cow fo near home ? if he had fuch and fuch Powers as we talk of. and who the Devil would get to be bound for him. and he could give no Account how at laft he was driven to confefs he came by them $&amp. that is very remarkable. if he had not had a Mind to cheat or baffle the poor Man. the Story does not relate but this Part is to my Purpofe. except that feveral Times in the Morning early he found a Cow put into his Yard. as well as an old Woman ? Could he not have flole a Cow for him in Lincoln/hire^ and fet it down in Hereford/hire^ and fo have performed his Bargain. they muft look to that who make the Bar gain Befides. could not he have carried a Cow in the Air upon a Broom.vfthe DEVIL. but never gave him one. and condemned to be hang d for dealing two Cows. the Truth. and : -. either it is not the Devil that makes thofe Bargains. : We that . faved his Credit. one after the other The wicked Fellow Was then in the greateft Diftrefs imaginable. but he fail ed him.Hick. as in the Cafe of Job^ the Gadaren Hogs^ and the like. and kept the poor Man out of Trouble ? fo that if the Story is True. except on fpecial Occafions he gets a Per mit. as I really believe it is. and as Fancy and Fable furniih for him. have another Example of a Man s felling himfelf to the Devil. and how the Devil often promised him a he fummon d his Devil to help him out. or the Devil has not fuch Power as we bellow on him.

fo we may let it alone. This buying and us. whether he Performs or no. The Perfon felling was Ahab) of whom the Text fays exprefly. and the ^$. is. Text. there none like him. and who would bought buy him for that but the Devil ? I think there s no room to doubt but Ahab fold himfelf to the Devil 5 the Text is plain that he fold himfelf. if no tranflated in Spight of the Lord^ or was in Defiance of God. and the Work he was fold to do points out the Mafter that bought him 5 what Price he agreed with the Devil for. and even in that.320 The MoJernHIS TORY that is in the Bible too. what the Devil did for him. I think it might have been rendred. in Payment of the Purchafe Price. ? as *we fay^ would and the Anfwer to that is plain alfo. unlefs it be to enquire whether the Devil ftood to his Bargain or not. for certainly that s the Mean lit ing of tle it ^ and now allowing me to preach a {hall fhort. my upon Ahab fold himfelf. he expeclrs his . 20. or cheated him as he did the Farmer at : give any thing for him Hereford. who did fell himfelf to work Wickednefs in the Sight of the LORD. you may judge of the Purchafer by the Work he was to do 5 he that buys a Slave in the Market. i Kings xxi. that indeed the Text is filent in. and to do fuch Bufinefs as he has for him to do Ahab was to work wickednefs. buys him to work for him. an between the Devil and odd kind of Stock-jobbing. and whether he paid the Money according to Agreement. I felling rnufl confefs. and indeed the Devil may be faid to fell the Bear-skin^ whatever he buys $ but the flrangeft Part is when he comes to demand the transfer 5 for as I hint ed before. nor is it much to our Purpofe. who this ? Sermon be very felf to ? I who would buy him did he fell him anfwer that Queftion by a Queftion j who. I do not find.

to give the Devil PofTeffion by Livery Bargain and Seifin on the Day appointed. like our late more eminent Bubbles. taken to be a Cheat and to have little in it. nearer to our Under{landing. taking it away by Violence Cafe andall^ of which we have many hiftorical Relations pretty current among felf. as. that they make no Impreilion their ficulty in refolving how and in Payment is made 5 the Stories we what Manner Na upon any * body above twelve Years old and under ieventy or elfe are fo y them down to hear them and than is tragical that Antiquity has fabled to our Tafte. are of no Signification. by the two eminent Inflances of it above in Ahab^ and in Chrift himand that the Fa6t is evidently afcertain d the Devil has attempted to make fuch a Bargain on one. and upon Default of a fair Delivery. that it may be more intelligible than it and making a is 5 for as for this felling the Soul. and bring it down.of the his DEVIL. that I cannot come into by any Means. Y usj . This Variety has taken off our Relifh of the Thing in general. and to demand the Soul according to Agree ment. of the Devil coming to claim his Bar gain. I cannot fay but that fince. arc general ly fo foolifh and ridiculous. and actually did make it with the other. and which are fo many Ways made Uie of to make the Devil frightful to us and our Heirs for ever. However. and made the Trade of Soulbe felling. that we might be able repeat them with lefs Horror due to them. &amp. or elfe fo impoilible in ture. they have nothing Material in them. no nor into the other Part. The Poffibility of it is not to be difputedj but then I mult explain the Manner of it a little. there is 3Jt Bargain to a Tittle 5 indeed fome Dif meet with in our Chimney-Corner Hifiories. to (peak a little more gravely to it. if true or not true.

and others we had Reafon to fear were falfe. namely. Long Life: This tho* the deluded Chapman has often had folly enough make good to the allure to contract for. and fhould yet be fure not to be hang d. of a Wretch that fold himfelf fhould never want Victu als 5 (i. for ought I know^ we mignt have hop d had been true. agreed to give what he was not able to procure $ that is to fay. and oftentimes like a compleat Shar per.x he. to be free from all Punifhment . i . Satan. Something to be perform Part. buying.32* The Modern HISTORY us j fome of which. 2. would bargain for a Price he could not pay. how $ and we have a true 1 know not. that during that Time. he might be as wicked as he would.) That he ihould let him live one and twenty Years. if we had not been lure they were falfe. all Something to be perform d Covenants. to take him whereever he could find him. upon this Foot tis faid he comxnenc d Rogue. d on the Man s The Devil s Part : This was generally fome poor Trifle. according to the bed Accounts we have of them.) That he fhould Years Life. for the Devil generally bought good Penny-worths. becaufe it was impoffible they fhould be true. nay. him DEVIL on Condition (i.. and committed a great many Rob* c beries . felling.) That he fhould never be a cold * (3.) That he fhould always come to him when hecalFd him \ and (4. I fuppofe. and then Satan was at Liberty to have him 5 that is. The Bargains of this Kind. the Fellow s defire to be aflur d of 2. the Devil never had Power to famous Story. on the Devil s Part. as in the Cafe of the Hereford Man and the Cow 5 for Example. ufed to confift of two main Articles. It fecms. was chiefly. i. according to the ordinary Stipulations in 1.

that they let the Offender get away from done fome Length having Crime. they fay . It . 323 berics and other villanous Things 5 now it feems the Devil was pretty true to his Bargain in feveral of thofe things 5 particularly. but that he did not Co venant to caufe him to live that Time that there was a great deal of Difference between doing &amp. Nor could Satan with all his Skill unlock his Fetters. fliufH d with him. and he was committed to Newgate or fome other : them But at capital a Set of Conflables. is to fay. much lefs the Prifon Doors j But he was try d. feiz d upon him. the Inference is to our Purpofe feveral till he came as it were within Sight of the Gallows 5 that. or Prifon as effectual. within a Day or two of his Execution when the Devil cavuTd upon his Bargain. that two or three times when the Fellow was taken up for petty Crimes. and that he did 5 but he could not make him live when he had brought himfelf to the Gallows. convicted. The Fel low in his Extremity. for you muft not expect we Hiftorians fhould anfwer for the Difcourfe between the Devil and his Chaps. is faid. he agreed to let him live zi Years. he would get him out. whether it was true or not.DEVIL. becaufe we were not privy to the Bargain I fay. told him a good while. and told him. and call d for his old Friend. bid him have Patience and flay a little. expostulated with the Devil for his Bargain. : Y z *. Whether this Story were true or not. and he had not hindred him. he came and fright ed the Constables fo. who were not to be frighted with the Devil. and fufferingj that he was to fuffer him to live. fuch like Officers. the Term of 2. &amp. and thus led him on. in what Shape foever he appear d 5 fo that they carry d him off.1 Years But the Devil^ it it fecms not being expir d.

forms his Bargain. and the like ! rufhing and jofleling If the Devil was that mighty Seraph. The Modern It confirms HISTORY havefaid of the Knavery of the Devil in his Dealings. as to have fav d him from the but it feems. It confirms what I have likewife faid. pefts and Storms. that he is able to do no better. was to (live it to attempt Noifes the poor Wretch. if he is a God of this World. only by fham Appearances. he at laft acknowledged that could not keep it was not in his Power 3 nay. a Spirit able to deftroy Cities and make Havock in the World 5 if he canraifeTemthrow Fire about the World. how unlike any And how I may be allowed. as fome fooliili how weak. that he not only Life of Man. and in the Dark. nay. of the he could him from being taken and carry d to Prifon. but that he cannot preferve it * in foort) he can neither prevent or bring on our Deftrution. for the Sake that the Devil would fent Dilcourfe. little and . the filly nonfenfical Manner. putting out the Candles.324 i. that were not to be fcar d with his Creatures had been before. to fuppofe have been fo juft to this wicked. a Prince of the Air. which. he {hews. and do wonderful Things. fimple. z. that the Devifs Power is limited 5 with this Addi cannot deltroy the tion. I &amp. by the of Emptinefs. and that when he has Stock -jobb d with us on the bed he very ieldom per Conditions he can what I get. as an unchain d Ztavtao Doubt could do j what need all this Frippery ? and \vhat need he try lo many ridiculous Ways. af ter he was gotten into the Hands of a bold Fel low or two.which wehave heard of. Thing of an Angelick Nature. Blufter. tho foolifh Crea Gallows if he ture.

to be good Come we next to his expecting our Perform ance to him tho he is not fo jufl to us. which is his Element. to think that any Man fhould depend upon him for the Performance of an Agreement of any Kind he thought he (the Devil) had forgot it. if the Devil has fuch a the -Devil is ftrangely impudent. and we know it is not in his Nature to do Good to or for any Man ? not his very Power In a Word. for that it was done fo long ago. and who was in a terrible Fright about his coming for his Bargain. for ac~b In a he could. at in great Y 5 length . a Lutheran Divine gave the Devil in the Name of a poor Wretch. Sed How expec~b any Man to Performance from the Devil ? If he has to do Mifchief.and that he would of the his Power DEVI is L. which they tell us. put it off as a Thing of no Force. as he might well be indeed. and on many Accounts. The Man was the Family fear Horror of Mind. if he his Word. yet. and d he would deftroy himfelf&amp. caret pedibus^ he wants Power. is the fum of his Dei ires j How fhould he have very Power to do Good ? how Power to deliver from Danger or from Death ? which Deliverance would be in itielf a Good. was honeft enough. that he as is not as able. ment of us at the very Day appointed He was but a weak Trader in Things of this Nature. who having fold his Soul to the Devil^ fo our old Women s Tales call the Thing. it he never fails to come and demand Pay feems. as really to come and take it by Force. when he knows himlelf. The Story (if you can bear a feriotts one) is this. It was a better Anfwer. ? 325 if extinguiuYd certainly otherwife. : Devil came to demand his Bargain. Nature. and when the &amp. weak a thing is it then. who had fold himfelf to the Devil.

the Story faort. the Devil came. and whom he could by no Means bring to love him again.own the Minifler anfwer d. Another Story. tho it be in it felf a long one. apply d .326 \vith The Modern HISTORY length they fent for a Lutheran Minifler to talk him. He is not thy own^ for Jefus Chrift has redeenfd him. A young Gentleman of &crg 9 in the Elector of Brandenburg]?* (now the King of Pruflta s) Dominions. at which. he. that when the Time was come. what Shape he was in. Une-Afiiicfs) as follows. and he was fore he would not fail coming to the Time to a Minute .gt. the Minifler firfl endeavour d to convince him of the horrid Crime. and who after ibme Labour with him. the Time came. and the Minifler was prefent. but the Man affirming he was in the Room. and particularly* defir d of him. being deeply in Love with a beautiful Lady. he then began to encourage him. fler faid aloud. the Minifler. in the Name of the living God. I iliull abridge (for your reading with the Icfs & and to bring him to a true Penitence for that Part and having as he thought made him a fincere Penitent. fays the Story. when the Devil came . the Mini &amp. out the Truth (viz.) that he had fold himfelf got to the Devil. the Story does not fay 5 the Man fliid he law him. the Devil gave a furious Stamp (with his ClovenFoot I fuppofe) and went away. when he expe&ed the Devil would come and fetch him away. and cry d out \ the Miniller could not fee him. I come for my . Satan^ what comeft thou here for ? The Devil: anfwer d. and was never known to mole fl him afterward. but fomething above his Fortune. that the Devil fhould fetch him away. and in his Name 1 charge thee to avoid. and that the Time was almoft expir d. and touch him not. fhould to make be in the Houfe with him 5 accordingly.

had very honeftly tried what {he could do. why truly. with that fays the old Hag. but all to no Purpofe. do you feek this for a Wife. if he could but obtain the Lady 5 well. of felling bis Soul for //. for {he fuppos d he was not fo very defperately bent as he appear d to be 5 {he told him it was a Thing of very great Difficulty but as he had made fuch a great Offer. Y 4 Reafon . if flie could bring the Lady to love him. and would treat with him By and by {he comes in again with a Queftion in her Mouth pray. he car d not what he pawn d or fold. my &amp. would you J^ady marry her. #0. if {he would anfwer his Defire. he did not expect {he would lie with him. fhe told him. who was better skilFd (than fhe was) in fuch particular Things. and fo appointed him the next Even ing- At the Time appointed he comes. 327 apply d himfelf to an old thing call d a Witch^ for her AHiftance. fays the old Hag. it feems. and {he doubted not but that both together they might anfwcr his End. and the Witch made a long Speech to him upon the Ni cety of the Affair. -. fo as he might have his Will of her 5 nay. The Fellow it feems was ftill of the fame Mind. {he had an Acquaintance in the Houfe. and promifed her great Things. fays {he. at lafl he told her he would give up his Soul to her. having had fome of his Money. or for a Miftrefs. but asks her the Reafon of the Queilion . therefore he would be fatisfied to marry her. or would you only lie with her? The young Man told her 0.Of the DEVIL. and (he withdraws. {he would conGder farther ngainll fuch a Time. and told her. or any how compafs her. fit 1U11 a while. the Lady would not comply j but when he offer d fuch a great Price. I fuppofe to prepare him not to be furpriz d at what was to come . The old Hag.

Being led into another Room. removes to the other End of the . but that if fhe once yielded to be his Whore. for no hurt fhould befall him $ all which he agreed to. I fpeak of. he was defired to fit down Chair next to a Table. and where was the Perfon ilic told him of? At which fhe anfwer d there he /V. he could have fworn there was no body in the Chair when the old man {hut the Door 5 however. faw a grave Kind of a Man fitting in an Elbow-Chair. till fhe gave him leave. fhe told him then. where there was but very little Light. having promis d Wo he not to fpeak to any body but the old Woman. whatever happened. and the old Woman upon going out he follow d this her. feveral Things which he could not under/land. for if you would have her for your Wife. he might have her as often as he pleafed 5 upon this he confents.. asked her why fhe ihut the Door. he ihould follow her. Hark mad for the Lady 5 Behaving confented. pointing to a Chair at a lit in a Woman tle Di (lance: The young Gentleman turning his Head. on a fuddain a Wicker-Chair. will undertake it. tho he faid. but told him. he muft fpeak to no body but only he objected that this was a tranfient or fhort Felicity. The Man was furpriz d at that. and that he fhould not be fur prized. whoever he faw. and that he fhould perhaps have her no more j the old Hag bid him not fear. Service the Perfon. which flood large by the Chimney. I doubt. for he was &amp.. faid not a Word* By and by the Woman making abundance of and mumbling over flrange Geftures and Motions. we can do you no but if you have a Mind to lie with her. and the old he clapping the Door too after her. yet enough to let him fee that there was no body in it but hiinfelf and the Woman.328 Reafon The Modern HISTORY is very Weighty .

and no Body was left but the young Gentleman and the Witch. as is faid. the other Piece to the other leaving I do not remember that the Story fays any Thing of Brimilone. mov d. 329 the Room being. which he did. he ask d the ? the Bufinefs was done I fold She faid yes. deliver one Piece here. and the Chair lie fat in. but the Lady fhould love and receive him. firft now or Apparition*.gt. and inftead of burning like a Stick then foe bid kmrbreak it burnt out like a Torch and light the other End j he it off in the Middle^ did that too. at which and fpoke to him Words. there appear d a Pcrfon fit fat &amp. the firfl Man. The Witch then gave him a Stick dipt in Tar at both Ends. but fays he ? have my Soul to the Devil . but it fays the faid Door in the continued Room the if fail lock d. both Fire-flick Man they which he rofe. as to After fome while. as if they j to the Table alfo and the old Woman and the two -. almoft dark.up he underilood not. told him his Requefl was granted. and bid him hold it to a Candle. could not be fo diftinguiih d by the fee his Countenance. light Flame . Now Witch Ceremony being over. and all the Room feem d to be in a then {he laid. ting in that too. but not for Marriage. he gave the pointing &amp. or the Smell of it. but there was no in about two Minutes after the Chair body in that the Chair remov d. Men feem d to talk together. and immediately the Room full of Smoke : flicks and all. had been one Body. to the firft deliver the other here. of the the Table which he DEVIL. who. and could |pt vanifh d with the Firerepeat. fo he gave fays fhe. but the young Man after could not underiland any Thing they faid the old Witch turn d to the young fome Time Gentleman. to one only of the Perfons.

but ftill no Perform ance i after while he gets an Opportunity to with the Lady her felf in Reality. in the next Room : open fhe prefents him which put him intoDefpairj for now he thought he had given himfelf up to the Devil for nothing. a&quot. his Agreement. with a moft beautiful Lady. as he thought. in his Arms. \vho took great Care of him. And what s next. HISTORY you have. and he prefently knew her to be the dy he denYd upon which he flew to her and clafped her in his Arms. La-& and you gave delivered the fays he. Devil? Yes. (ays two Firewhy. and flew out with ill Language at her. after this. PofTcffion. with Shews and Appearances. it feems. for the Bargain. flicks to him. and even took away all Hopes of his ever obtaining her. when he cams &amp. Impudence to demand had the have . but had charged him not to fpeak a Word to her She was exactly drefs d like. &amp. but fhe fpeak 5vas as pofitivc in her Denial as fays he. faid fhe. and this brought him to himfelf fo that he made a penitent Confeffion of his Crime to fome Friends. At which the You fhall know that prefcntly. when fhall I fee the the Lady for whole fake I have done all this? young but it the Devil? Yes. but that Moment he had her fad. and ing the Door. he upbraids the old Woman with betraying him. when you fo him! Man was in a terrible Fright for a while. and encouraged him. Finding himfelf thus difoppointed. not with llanding he had fail d in the Performance on his Part j what the Anfwer was I do not pretend to For Satan. went off again. fhe vanifh d out of his fight. and at lad furnirh d him with fuch an Anfwer as put the Devil into a Fright.330 him The Modern fays fhe. was that the old in a great Rage 5 the Devil often deluded him thus. as the Story fay S.

while they were praying for the poor Man. he will not come at them. that have given themfelves thus up to him . how many Stones have handed about of the DeviPs really coming with a terrible Appearance at the Time appoint ed. as in the famous Inftance of Sudbury^ Anno 1 66 z. or no is this. The greater! Part of the Terror we are ufually in upon this Occafion. nay. and that he dtirft not touch him. . that when this Hell-Fire Contract is once made. may drive the Devil out of leaft Reach at which is as well. there may be much in them and much Ufe made of them. as we fay^ where he could find them. but it feems it was fomething like what mention d above. and perhaps they their play Religion againft Devilifm. if they know how. God allows the Devil to come and take $e wick ed On . we the other Hand. the Devil was oblig d to come and throw the &amp. as they arc the beft Ufe I can make of them. he comes to claim them his and that before then batter him with own Guns j &amp. is to repent. and powerfully or by violence carrying away thofe. is from a I have heard of another Perfon that had actual and upon ly fign d a Contract with the Devil a Fall kept by fome Proteftant or Chriftian Di vines. and would ftrike a Terror into all that ihould oppofe him. or as if he had leave giv en him to come and take his Goods. if any wicked defperate Wretches have made Bargain and Sale with Satan^ their only Way &amp. (viz} that he was in better Con t raft in at the Window.of the is DEVIL: havfeen. But I vouch none of thele Stories. pretending he only comes to take his own. and fometimes a Piece of the Houfe along with them. It feems he comes with Rage and Fury upon fuch Occafions. even whether exactly fuch in Faft.

our old Mothers and Nurfes have told us other Things. as how any Man a Right to difpofe of his which belongs to his Maker in Property and and that you won t Hand to your Bargain. I confefs. but Robbery. but we have no Vou chers for the Fact other than Oral Tradition. Satan has no Right to Right buy. It is true. that he being a Subject of the Common-wealth. I am miftaken I believe the Devil &amp. goes but a very little Way with me$ nor do I believe it one Jot the . and then tell the Devil^ you have better confider d of it. It is therefore a Miftake to fay. and fo the Tale has been handed down from one Generation of old Women to another . and then broken $ fo your Bufinefs is to repent of the Crime. or at beft he has made a Purchafe without a Title. as an unlawful Oath is to be re pented y ed Creature. in Right of Creation The Man then having no to fell. as tis juftly caWd. robbing the King of his Liege-Man. what you had no Right to fell. and therefore. the Government claims the Ward or Cuftody of him. knows better. and fo twas not Murther only.3 *s The Modern HISTORY and in what manner he thinks being given up to him by his own Act and Deed $ but in my Opinion there s no Divinity at all in that $ for as in our Law we punifh a Felo defe^ or Self-murtherer. the Credit of which. that God gives him leave to take it fequently has no juft Claim to the PofTeffion. &amp. for you had no Power to fell and if he pretends to Violence after that. fit. and conneither has : any of us have been fo mad to make fuch a pretend ed Contract with the Devil. as the Law faggefoi he had no Right to difmifs his own Life . but they only told us what their Mothers and Nurfes told them. and is a Felony againlt the State. that when as his Due 5 V/V no fuch thing $ the Devil IMS bought.

all which I believe my Share of 5 befides. I fay.) &amp. to be a Fool is greater Applaufe the mofl pleafant Life in the the gay Part of Mankind. and this is one of the moft powerful Objec tions I have againfl the Thing. I might. and carried away the Roof of the Houfe with them. no Grievance to them. ferioufly re here upon our Beau mondfoiz. before I quit this Point. is no Fool. that muft be acknowledg d 3 he knows his own Game. Satan muft be a Fool. for the Devil. but they hug themfelves in . if the Fool has but the particular Felicity. took a Piece of the Wall of his Gar Fauftus. have all fold themfelves to the efpecially thofe of the Times we live in.and den along with them Thus at Salisbury the De*uil) as it is faid. and the like. they are all againfl the Devil s true Interefr. tell us the Devil carried away Dr. true. and generally plays it radoes. carried away two Fellows that had given themfelves up to him. (viz. Thing &amp. which few Fools learned to think themfelves wife : The the Dignity and Perfection of fay. for great Variety of that Kind. -. and yet as we all know. it is that they never fail trufting themfelves they Fools. if thefe Stories were really : Thus they who fhould thus put themfelves into his but to make himfelf a Terror to them Hand.of the the more for all DEVIL: it $ 5 i the frightful Addenda which they never wants a generally join to the Tale. for the ly Power of a&ing the fooliftieft Things with the $ it is true. who walk about in a Compofure and Tranquillity flect muft certain inexpreffible. which is indeed what I never took him to be in the Main 5 this would be the Way not to encreafe the Number of Defpe- fure. believe themfelves fufficient and able for every and hence their want or wafte of Brains is want. and publickly printed.

but this of Bargain a fid Sale. in the Sat. as well as avow dly willing to have all Men be as fuperlative ly wicked as poflibly they can. tho as I laid above. no. or a Mift of Hell all . which the Devil promifes them . Man believe. I fay. I know no other Way have to compound they with him. on Con ditions of Safety and Impunity. for one would think. Tis the fame thing with Rakes and Bullies. he promifes boldly. fuperlatively wicked. and to examine what is underftood by it in the World. and irmft either be a Judgment from Heaven. that they make fome Capitula tion for fome Indulgence in Wickednefs. this requires a general Infatuation.3)4 The Modern t HISTORY themfelves. at fuch or fuch a Time. the State of the Cafe in the general Acceptation of it . and this brings me to the Subjcft of buying and felling it felf. unlefs we have a wrong Notion of him. they confent. he is naturally enclin d. and nothing? no. for he can t perform the Con ditions . that he (hall come and fetch them own. the this for any he will be well paid for it. they need not capitulate with the Devil to be fo. that the Devil will do nothing but the Devil can make and can what People mean by fuch and fuch a Man himfelf to the Devil : felling I know the common Ac ceptation of it is. however. and believe him. feeing. as for his is This far . as tis with Fools and Beaus . and for this Privilege in Wickthey cdneis. he is a Bite in that too.iety of their own Wit . and give him fuch a Price for it. but to bring other People to have the fame Notion of them^ which they Have of and to have Conduct make the fame on the Minds of others. and mu ft neceflarily be always ready to ifTue out his Licenfes gratis. I do not fay tis really io. as it does on Impreflion their apifti and ridiculous their own. and fo. Men of Brains applaud a Fool. nay tis even an Inconfiftency in it felf.

fhould the Wretches that deal with him for a Price 5 but fuppofe. now This. and Engineers alfo. then the next Thing is. that under the power Guard and Protection of the Devil. but the Cafe feems quite alter d he was call d the Tempter on that very Account . and they with lefs j for in the former Ages of Satan s Dominion. is Trttft up^ and like Cokman at the he exclaims that there is no frutb in Gallows. that it is fo. to wheedle. in flsort) they tempt the Devil 3 Men pufh into Crimes before he puihes them j they out fhoot him in his own Bow. that Satan feems to act with more Cunning. Men do fometimes go a great Way in Crime. all his Art and Engines. . as we may fay. and that per haps farther in thefe our Days of boafted Morals than was known among our Fathers 5 the on ly Difference that I meet with between the It ful Sons of Belial in former Days. and thofe of our Ages. may be true. out run him on his own Ground. and. feems to be in the Devil s Management. they whip the Poft-Boy in a &amp. for Argument the far as his D E V I L: 35 j Authority will go in the Cafe 5 and therefee Fore I do not why article with him. allure. as we fay of fome hot Spurs who ride Poll. the Tables are turned j then the Devil tempted Men to fin. and they found him. For the Devil cannot protect him. and then the Wretch is forfaken. but to the fit Devil feems to have no Bufineis and look on. he had much Bufinefs upon his Hands. Word. But now. not in theirs 5 the Sum of which amounts to this. fome capital Crime follows the Contract. and draw them into Crimes. however. as he promifedj fo he Devils. a full Employment j I doubt not. were kept fully employed. betray and circumvent People.

as he was before oblig d to do. &amp. and that without giving him the Trouble of daily Solicitation. that they gather Admirers by hun dreds and thoufands y who. their Affections and tUeir molt reur d Fa culties. which otherwife it would be very hard to underitand y as particularly how fome eminent Men are not extraordinary well furnifhtipper ed in other Cafes. I muft cofefs. This alfo appears more agreeable to the Na ture of the Thing . up to fuch a Degree. yet are fo very witty in their Rooms of Quality among us. with fuch a Brightnefs of Fancy.336 fecrct The Modern HISTORY This. and as far from Brains as a Whore is of Modefty . light of Foot. fcems to intimate fome Compact between the Devil and them 5 but then it looks. and artful fcrewing up their Palfions. but that the Devil had contracted with them. not as if they had contracted with the Devil for leave to whofe Wickednefs. as ilrongly as aPhilofopher$ blafpheme \vith fuch a Keennefs of Wit. on a fud den you {hall find them dip into Polemicks^ ftudy Michael Servettts^ Soclnus^ and the moft learned of their Difciples they ihall reafon againft all & he could never bring his Kingdom to fuch a height of abfolute Power as he has done $ this alfo folves feveral Difficulties in the Affair of the World s prefent Way of finning. yet in their Race Devil-wards they are of a fudden grown nimble. that they fhould fin fo and fo. fo tis an undoubted Teftimony of his Succefs$ if it was not fo. and in force of Conftitution in better things. and God fatyrife and Eternity. and outrun all their Neighbours Fellows that are as empty of Senfe as Beggars are of Honefty. priratc Management. as if the Soul of a tranfRocbcfter or a Hobbs was 5 migrated . however heavy. even by Nature. flow and backward. Religion. and as it is a mofh exquifite part of Satan s Cunning. lutn- pifh.

Senfe in Pojft where there is no Senfe in EJfe. as he is God of the World. and fupply the Vacuities in the Underftanding ? and will Satan do all this for no thing ? No. tis all Devil. to have his Tongue tip d with Blafphemy. and which the wrong ? Could uninformed Beau turn Atheift. that the Degene him 5 as the racy of human Nature fupplies of France faid of himfelf. Wit without Brains. and eminent Speeches againft that Fool. as? into them 5 in a little length of Time more they banter Heaven. and were iingl d out by Nature to be Champions for the Devil. call d Soul? Had he not bartered his Infide with that Son of the Morning. and fo terribly witty. no. who Book of Opticks. but only to fwear by him. burlefque the Trinity. ready. and that is. if the Devil had not fold him fome Wit in exchange for that Trifle of his. and ail fo jeft fharp. this know which was the right Side upper- moft. could never have fet up for a Wit.Work : Could G Write Satyrs. he is too wife for that 5 I can never doubt a fecret Compact. and Sight without Eyes. create Brains. But the Devil. if there is fuch a thing in Nature i when I fee a Head where there was no Head. that when he has Work to do he very feldom wants Inflruments j with this Circumftance alfo. like old Sir William Read.of the ftiigfated DEVIL. which when he did not it wrote a was printed. to burlefque his Providence and ridicule his Government of the World. as if they were born Buffoons. he that knew nothing of a God. and fo with every facred thing. when they late make wife Being. Whence can all this come? how is the wrought? who Change but the Devil can injcc~b Wit in Spight of natural Dullnefs. has one particular Advantage. that could neither read Latin orfpell Englijh. which made him a King Z told . fill emp ty Heads.

the Ugly and the Odious. in his Mines. a Calamity was like to befal his by the Famine: Well. Warlocks. and they are not to be taken by Fright and Horror. He pafs And d by the beautiful Faces. Another Reafon why. fays the King. not that Drudgery in the hellifh who did his to be out of Work : I fhall his Work is abated. is. want of Bread (applied his Army with Recruits 5 fo want of Grace fupplies the Devil with Repro bates for his Work. the Tools his Cloven-Foot of his Trade. feem give you a fuller Enumeration of them in the next Chapter.338 told The Modern him what HISTORY &amp. the Devil has made more Bargains of that Kind we fpeak of. for their Delufion : : When the Wanted Devil for weighty Difpatches. not by the Frightful and Terrible. not the fame. the Fair and the Artful. Thefe. and that is it which I mean by the Cloven-Foot y but now Wit. Train or Rabble of human Devils^ former Days. Kingdom then I {hall not want Soldiers and it iva s /0. all Ma and gicians. or perhaps more than ever 5 but the Devil feems to have chang d Hands j the Tem per and Genius of Mankind is alter d. I think. Aflrologers. in this Age. or that his Bufineis with and Deftruction is Mankind. the Engineers which he employed &amp. Meflengers cunning and bold. as they were then The Figures of thofe Creatures was always difmal and horrible. fecm to be laid aiide . becaufe he feems to have laid by all his old Emiflaries. Of .gt. pick d out the Ugly and Old. I fay. are the Sum of his Craft. he manages by the Soft and the the Kind and the Cunning. Beauty and gay Things. Conjurers. fuch as Witches.

wrought Hag. Where all the beft Chriflians refort. Wizards or Warlocks. to fright. he made Warlocks and of his DE 339 Till the over Witches^ Errands by Night. In any one s Name than his own. And Trafficks with Beauty and Wretches. the Tools the Devil works with.OF thefe To run Were of the VIL. as jl THO Hands . -. He the bolder can range up and down* For he better can drive on his Trade. as fit as the But whoever has been his Advifer.) Witches. d up in full Mafquerade. Of VII. Devil. (viz. Conjurers. much chang d foregoing and . have advanc d in the Chapter. Inter earns. his particular mo dern Trivy-Counfel/ors call d Wits and T&amp. Divines.r Fools. the Devil has very in his 2* modern Management of the World. And fometimes he vifits the City&amp. Aftrologers. drefs Thus CHAP. Magicians. He haunts both the Church and the Court. As his Kingdom encreafesin Growth He now takes his Meafures much Tellers of Fortunes $ preters of and above all the reft. Difguis d in the Wanton and Witty.

to give a Particular of their Original j be very brief in it. Nor will it be an unprofitable Digreifion to go back a little to the primitive Inftitution of all thefe Orders. he had for them to do$ but as I have faid above. that our modern People are forwarder than even the Devil himfelf can defire them to be j and that they cd?me before they are call d. whatever Bulinefs. for they are very antient. run before they are fenr^ and crowd themfelves into his Service $ fo it feems it was in thofe early Days. Millions of diliDevils at his Call. from Satan s own Memoirs. you mufl: know that it was not for want of Servants.34 o The Modern HISTORY and that inftead of the Rabble and long Train of Implements reckoned up above. as I have obierv d in its Place. In thofe Days the Wickednefs of the World keeping a juft Pace with their Ignorance. good . Beauties. this in ferior Sort of low priz d Inftruments did the Devil s work mighty well they drudg d on in his Black-Art io laborioufly. In order then to this Enquiry. and with fuch &amp. he now walks about in Beaus. but like Officers in Time of Peace. that Satan took this Sort of People into his Pay 5 he had. it requires great Knowledge of Antiqui I mail ty. and fent owever difficult. their Performance being no inconfiderable Part of his Hiftory. Wits and Fools j yet I mufl not omit to tell you that he has not difmifs d his former Regiments. and I affure you. to be ready or to employ when he is more than when the World was one univerfal Monarchy under his Dominion. of Bufmefsj and therefore it may ordinarily full not be amifs to give fome brief Account of them. or like Extraordinary Men at the Cuflom-Houfe 5 to fill up they are kept at a Call. he keeps them all in half Pay. as I have at large defcnb d in its Place.

difturb the Dead. perhaps. 341 good Succefs. than to lend his invifible Implements about. as Sir Walter Raleigh &amp. wife. and oblige them to take fuch Shapes and Drefles as were neceffary upon every trifling cafion$ which. to talk (Gibbethe univerfal Language.(licks. betray Secrets. to interpret Dreams. to make them be and do ibmething extraordinary. in a Word. ride upon Broom. and carry on the Devil s Empire in the World. it muft be allow d that the Chaldeans. to walk invifible. was more Coft than Worfhip. that he found it was better to em ploy them as Tools to delude and draw in Man kind. and Oo communicate fome needful Powers to them. firfr. did a great Part of.of the DEVIL. only Philofophers and Studiers of Nature. to raife Storms. rifh) fell Winds. more Pains than Pay. or thofc of them fo calPd. an- fwer and we have an extraordinary Account of them and if we may believe fomc of our belt Writers of Fame. with a thoufand other need ful Tricks to amufe the World. keep themfelves in Veneration. and give them a Reputation in their Bufinefs j and thefe. bring up Spirits. and other Wooden Gear. were the Chaldeans j and that I may do Juftice in earneft. Abraham was himfelf famous among {hem for fuch Magick. the true Devil had nothing to do but to keep an exaft Correfpondence with them. To this Purpofe gave he them Power. Having then a Set of thefe Voluntiers in his Ser vice. and torment the Living. if we may learn d believe old Glanvilk^ Baxter^ Hlcks^ and other Confultors of Oracles. were not Conjurers or Practices Magicians. The Nations among whom thefe infernal were found. as well as in jeft. fober and fhidious Men at firfr. to fly in the Air. Z 5 expreffes . nay almoft all the Devil s Bufinefs in the World.

|. z. from which the reft was a Di- grdnon. I may do them no wrong. if I fay. as to thefe. j-. afterwards Mahfici or Fenefici^ Poi(oners. Cbafiedin or Chaldeans 3 properly fo calPd. ly. &c. Con jurers. or y d Augurs. HISTORY exprefles it. he debauch d them all with Dreams. g)ui Contemplations Creaturarum Cog novit Great orem. Me caffhim or Witches. Chatumim or Interpreters of Dreams and hard Speeches. it is all to my Purpofe. The Chafcedmw Chaldean Aflronomers turned Aftrologers. like himfelf. and made Devils of them all. 4 . Calculators of . Now granting this. Apparitions. name Devil drew thefe wife Men in. gives us an Account of five Sores of them 5 you will pardon me for being fo as to go this back. fuch was Zoroafires and Balaam the Son of Beor./lfapbim or Magicians. &c. the Devil got them all into his Service at lad. . call d at firfl Pro phets. till he ruin d the juft Notions they had. Length grave i. . that the fearch after The learned Senenfis y fpeaking of this Chaldean Kind of Learning. to more Knowledge than Nature could and the Knowledge of the true inftrucT: them in God being at that Time funk very low. all - ver in particular others. as divin Gazarim or Aumfpices^ and Diviners. call as Now. however juftifiable they were in the Beginning. and that brings me to iny Text again. being Aflronomers. I fuppofe. Inchanters. the Li mentioned in Ezek. &amp. fuch d by the Entrails of Beads. Fortune-Tellers.342 The Modern .

Raifers of Spirits. till tilty of the Devil^ became Devils themfelves. The Chartumim from being Rcafoners or Difputers upon difficult Points in Philofophy. y. for fo they are own.343 of Nativities. World Men. Z. work ing admirable Effects by the mutual Appli* cation of Natural Caufes. firft or laft the all his Thus. and fet on Foot meerly blinded and propagate Delufion. that is. The Afaphim or Magi. became Enchanters and Conjurers. 4. from Be to ginning to the End. or Magicians j Sixtus Senenfis fays. when indeed it was all his own. of Natural Philofophy. they turn d to be Sorcerers. as Nebuchadnezzar faid of Daniel on that very Account. by the Entrails of Beails. and they were led away by the Subto fay no worfe of it. as wrought by thefe Z 4 for . and by bitter Curfes. but turn d to it from their Wifdom. fuch as wounded by an evil Eye. &c. and were afterwards fam d for having familiar Converfe with the Devil^ and were called Witches. The Mecafphim or Prophets. impofe upon World blinded ignorant Men j the God of this their Minds. and by them he he filPd the if work d Wonders. they were fuch as wrought by Covenants with Devils. of the D E V I L. I fay. as if the Wifdom of the holy God was in them. all the calPd j Wife-Men of made them Devil engrofs d the Eaft. from the bare obferving of the good and bad Omens. The Gazarim. were turn d to Sacrifts or Priefls of the Heathen Idols and Sacrificers. and vile Deluders of the Peo ple. as to Mankind j they with lying Wonders. which was to ittidy the practical Part J. So. flying of Birds.

I have mention d already. but as the Devil has not quite given them over. or could arrive to fince. and Southfayers grew out of Credits Magicians fain to The fo at the ceafing of thofe Oracles. as I hinted before. all the Again. than ever he had before. the Magicians and the Southfayers plaid to delude the People in the mofl early Ages of the World.344- The Modern HISTORY for they carried on the Devil s Work upon all and the Race of them flil) continue Occafions. by eflablifhjng the Devil s lying Oracles. anfwcrable to the four Sorts mentioned in the Story of Nebuchadnezzar. The . which. (viz. the Devil has improved himfelf. Inchantments and Conjurings. and what Ufe he made of them when he did employ them. the Devil was go back to the old Game again. But. AftrokgerS) the Chaldeans and the Southfayers : How thefe began to be out of Requeft. as I fay. and fome of them among our ielves. and take up with the Agency of Witches. and brought more Homage to him. only laid them afide a little for the prefent. as by the fetting up the Oracles. did the Devil more Honour. as a Mafter-Piece of Hell. now. in other Nations. Divinations. and after them the Egyptians j and among the Latter we find that Jannes and Jambres were famous for their leading Pharaoh by their pretend ed magic Performances. as we {hall fee prcfently. Study. to reject the real Miracles of Mofes y and Hiflory tells us of flrange Pranks the Wife-Men. they outdid all the Magicians and Southfayers. fo he did then j for the Grecian and Roman Heathen Rites coming on. Arabians follow d the Chaldeans in this while it was kept within its due Bounds. we may venture to ask what they were.) Magicians.

is fuch. malicious old Women 5 to do Mifchief.345 The Truth Employment Countenance I think. and whether the Ugliaefs. ride through them booted and fpurr d $ and that hence came that very fignificant Saying. fpiteful. (if human Learning can arrive to fo Why much Perfection) in Ages to come. Satan to take up with j below the very De below his Dignity as an Angelic. did not encreafe according to the meritorious Performance in the BlackTrade? Thefe are all Queftions of Moment to be decided. to go to talk to a parcel of ugly. come fhort of tjiefe Ghoftsj ritions . fo I muft human acknowledge. as the Scots exprefs /f. twas a mean low priz d Bufinefs for vil-. as it was a very mean for any thing that wears a to take up.happen not to be true. All the other Sorts of Emiflaries which Satan and Appa employs. The flrange Work which the Devil has made in the World. deform d. and make the Devil. that were not fo before. that except our Hope that mod of thofe Tales . by this Sort of his Agents call d Witches. Some fay the evil Eye and the wicked Look were Parts of the Enchantment. and that the Witches. to look like a Witch. I think. when they were in the height of their Bufinefs. tho condemn d Creature 3 below him even as a Devil. as it was a Beauty in Witchcraft. after they enter d into the State of old Pieman-Hood^ to do the Devil always chofe any thing the uglieil old Women he could find 5 whether tFizardifm made them ugly. had a powerful Influence with both. and fo extravagantly wild. elfe: who to give them Power never had a Will. that by looking upon any Perfon they could be witch them. is. I know not how any -crrie could be eafy to live near a Widow after fhe was five and fifty.

repairing Wrongs.5b : der d. tis &amp. however. nor can he communicate it How who foretold Things to Saul. and notwithftanding this wherein the De particular Cafe. are furnifh d with Pow er fuitable to the Occafion that is before them. the Devil liimfelf cannot know. preventing Mifchief j fometimes in Matters very confiderable. tis evident he does not know himis yet to be determin d} that Witches do felf. that &amp. which accordingly came to pafs. the Witch of Endor. Life. which. namely. which he knew not before. many Inflances vil has not been able to foretel approaching Events. and foretelling Events. which were fummon d . thefe Witches are well never concern d in any thing but Mifchief . nay9 if what they do portends good to one. and fome of thole Particu lars doing Juftice. that he ihould be flain in Battle the next Day. and no thing elfe How far they are furnifli d with Abi fuitable to the horrid Will they are veiled lity with. it ifTues the whole Tenour of their in hurt to many their Defign in as Prediction. Thefe Witches. is certain. There are. and on Things fo neceflary to pubrefpc&amp. remains to be defcrib d.The Modern ritions HISTORY themfelves. particular Accounts. tis faid. which I infift the Author of Witchcraft is not accom- then Witches come to be to any other able to foretel Things to come. and particularly that which deferves to be confilick Benefit. and he has given certain foolifh or falfe Anfwers in fuch Cafes $ the DEVJL S Priefts. and which. foretel. as I have {hewn. is to do Mifchief. from : plifh d with and they are only employ d in Mifchief. and that in Things of the utmoft Confequence. fometimes come and {hew on we are tempted to believe they from fome vigilant Spirit who wifhes us proceed but on the other Hand.

But the Priefts of Baal were. hence infer his Inability. to decide the Difpute between God and Baal.penfli d and rotting in his Grave* for Baal was Bell or Belus anantient King of the Jffyrian Monarchy. I mean withheld for the Occafion only: So in another it was that by the Superior Hand. was withheld from curfBalaam. for it would have been very unkind and ungrateful in him not to have anfwer d them. of what was intended againft them by Elija 3 that is to fay. Power. with Relation to his under - certainly have received d in by the Prophet Elija. ftmmon md tis that of greater it is being Refiraint. one ing Ifrael. left of their Matter to their juft Fate.of the D EVIL. than he could raifc himiclt from the dead. . if he had been able. and he could no more anfwer by Fire to confume the Sacrifice. which Cafe. to from this very PafTage. had the Devil been able to have inform d them of would it. but he was tentially fpeaking. po have anfwer d Waal s Prietfs by Fire 5 Fire being in Vertue of his airy Prin cipality a Part of his Dominion . at beft a dead Man. namely. There is another Argument raifed here moft juftly againft the De vil. had a or was able and drawn Eminence than we imagine certainly withheld gave him that Dominion. thus! not to be doubted but that Satan. as Prince of the Air. plain of thofe Sorts of Chaldeans mentioned who dealt in Divi above. who was Some are of Opinion that Balaam was not a Witch or a Deafer with the becaufe tis Devil. that they would be all cut in pieces y for Satan was not fuch a Fool as not to know that Baal was a Non-Entity. . a Nothing. who has much of the Element put into his Hands. to be a Sa criface to the Fury of a deluded People. 347 Notice from him. nations and Inchantments.

and that he law they were God s own People. 18. and by the Contemplation of created to the Knowledge of the Crea Beings came and that Balaam s Fault was. that being ture j and Honours that the tempted by the Rewards he intended to have curs d IfKing promifed him. where he calls and declares. \6. I his Houfe full of Silver and cannot go beyond the : Word MY GOD Where tho he is of the Lord calPd a falfe Pro owns God. his plain Prophefy of Chrift. and the Fear of that God upon him. xxii. Numb. and knew the Knowledge of the mo ft High. Numb. raeh. Nature. or at leaft that he had the Knowledge of the true God.348 faid The Modern HISTORY fays it of him. him the Star of Chap. that he faw the Vifions of God. but not nigh 5 there Jhall come a Star out of Jacob. which faw the Vifions of the Almighty. I return to my Bufincfsa which is the Therq . Chrift} but I have done preaching. Jacob) I Jhall behold him. xxiv. and that he honeftly declares this. faUinginto TRANCE. and afphet by fome. this is all by the by. but when his Eyes were open d. I jh all fee him. he durfl not do it 5 they will have it therefore. He hath faid) who heard the IVords of GOD. or rather he of himfelf. as above. all which but a Faith in cxprefs not a Knowledge only. and Jhall fmite and dejlroy all the Children of Seth. of Ifrael. 17. xxiv. but having his Eyes open : Hence uiey alledge he was one of thofe Magi. he evidently fumes a Property in him. which St. but not now. and I cannot go beyond his Orders^ but that which gives me a better Opinion of Ba laam than all this is. as other Prophets did . MY GOD. and a Scepter Jhall rife out the Corners of Moab. If Balak would give me Gold. Auguftin de Divinatione^ who by the Study of fpeaks of. Balaam was a good Man. that except.

and if fhe . or at ple ibme of his Camp Volant are always he call is d Witches and felves. & and ridiculous as making a Circle and dancing in fuch Words. and which they mult give us an Anfwer to. which none of underftand ? always with thofe Peo lead: Conjurers. which lies between Satan and his particular Agents. faying it. fuch as the old Witches and he agree about ? or is there fomeus or themfelves thing elfe in it. mock Pageantry in d witches or Conju to know if a Wo man be a Witch. when they can. to fetch him from home. indeed.of the DEVI t: 349 There is another Piece of dark Pra&ice here. to whenever an old Woman has her Hand crofs d with a white Six-pence. it is but and Showing them putting off the mifty Cloak Perhaps. is this agreeable to the Dignity of the Prince of the Air or Atmofphere. as they Call it : One would think that inilead of thefe vile Things in hafte j fubmitting call vil d Witches. and oblige him to come at their Call. that he fhould be command ed forth with no more Pomp or Ceremony than that of muttering a few Words. which I think will not be and that is about the obfequious Devil be call d up into Vifibility. it feems. and fo upon the leaft call of the Wizard. throw her into a Pond. only that fo ftrange in its felf. I can give indeed fo it is as the little Account of is j Thing Methods to do it are mean. and the like $ now nor the this. De far foever Satan s Refidence off of this State of Life. pronouncing fuch and the Lord s Prayer backward. foolifh. being was really fold for a Slave to is fold to the Devily the them for how &amp. Then we have a Piece of call firft bringing thofe Things rers to Juftice. that is. they have Power.

I think there are variety of Methods to be ufed to know who are not j W. a H ! ! ! ! . and they take up many of the Intervals of his merry Di fcourfesj he has juft as many witty Stories to pleafe 5 when ofFirgilbj - Honefty. {he will fwim. and it is not in her own Power to prevent it 5 if fhe does all fhe can to fink her fell-. rote. or go like a Cork. and with out Impeachment to his Underflanding.G .3 50 The Modern HISTORY fhe be a Witch. and no Conjurer . as to the Word Simplicity y fome take it to mean &amp. he begins again. it will not do. blefs us ! what Charms in that Face ! How bright thole Eyes How flowing white her Breads How fweet her Voice ? add to all. how heavenly. that there is no refilling them without being thought atheiftical. who are is a his of Fame. Then that a Truth. there is the Lady covery .gt. 5 Witches i What Methods to take \ really know not Man to know.. but you muft get a With. once over. fhe will fwim out.. and fo he lives in a round of Wit and he is Learning a Man of great Simplicity and Sincerity 5 you mufl be careful not to miftake my Meaning. but on the other are yet ib vouch d. too fim ple to be believ d. only that is it has a Nega in attending an honeft Man. and fo do tive I. becaufe Eftateis fo$ he has threefcore and Lines eight Efq&amp. in his G particular Cafe&amp. divinely good her Temper How inimitable her Behaviour How fpotlefs her Vir tue! Word. and fo univerfally received for Rope will not hang a Witch. fhe cannot come into the Houfe. W it. his Parts are great. a green Ofyer . if fhe be in 5 thefe and a thoufand more. that if you nail a Horfe-Shoe on the Sill of the Door. Society they are well told. fo ta ken for he may be a Man of Worth for all that 5 take the other is another DifSex. I think. a good Ghara&er.

the bright. as is neceflary to the prefent Undertaking. however.ers. my Lord Homily. Harry Go Deeper. Efq&amp. it might be expected that I fhould clear up their Fame. B--. j 5I up is perfect her Innocence ! and to her Character. in juftice my Friends. and the Height of their Elevations might be fufpefted. at leaft. not by the Way Witchcraft and Divination. and afliire the World concerning them. H calPd Critics. even by Name. and to cavil on the cleared: Expreffions ? It might be expected of me. and might give^ us Room to charge them with Subterra nean Intelligence j I fay. who. fuch as Sir 5T k. Jeoffry Capt. as if I meant that my good G Friend Efqj or my ador d An no Witch 5 be fo unkind W gel. but Efq&amp. whofe great Heads and Weighty Understandings have given the World fuch Occaflon to challenge them with being at leaft defcended from the Magi. am thereby well able to clear up their Charaders and I doubt not. the Lady fure How H fum . Henry Cadaver. Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London. to E Swagger. Efqj the of Caerfilly. Well by the Depth of their Politics. Wellcome Woollen. that have fuch good Intelligence among Satan s Minifters of State. the Marquefs of Sillyhoo. do. that they are no Conjurers. we may add. Sir Edward Thro and Thro* Bart. and perhaps engaged with old Satan in his Politics and Experiments j but I.if the tue ! D EVIL. that they do not deal with the Devil. $ were Fools the charming Lady but what will not thofe Savages. Mn D : 2 they . whole barbarous Nature endines them to trample on the brightefl Chara6r. none of our Beau Critics will now as to cenfure me in thofe ho ned Defcriptions . and to the bright Characters of abundance of Gentlemen of this Age. and a World of fine Gen tlemen more.

and be taken for nothing but what they arc. (viz. or which ties in his Affairs Policy s oblige him to fet to himfelf. tis evi dent he is not permitted to fall upon them with Force and Arms. to mufter up his infernal Troops. and of fuch as the Devil thinks fit to employ in his Affairs in the World. it comes next of courfc to fay fomething of the Manner how he communicates his Mind to them. and attack them with Fire and Sword j if he was not loofe to aft in this Manner as he was able. and by them to the reft of his Acquaintance in the World. efpecially occafion d by the Bounds which are fet him. but that for the future they pafs tinmolefted. or fo much as fufpefted of having an unlawful Quantity of Wk. I exped they be no longer charg d with. CHAP. HAving particularly fpoken fomething of Perfons. that are contraband or prohibited. and acknow ledge their Obligation to me. or to have enroll d them in the Lift of his Operators $ in a Wor^ that none of them are Conjurers : Upon which Teftimony of mine.) very honeft worthy Gentlemen. the various Methods the Devil takes with Mankind.52 The Modern HI S TORY they will value themfelves upon it. I take the Devil to be under great Difficul on his Part. for letting the World know the Devil does not pretend to have had any Bufinefs with them. that is to fay. in his Accefs to the converfing with Mankind . or having any Sorts of it about them. by his 9wn feraphic Power to j have . Of to converfe X.

than he would more to be to be match d in his Power. either to inform and inftriict. a Thing. his Place. or rather non (which eft fraus. fully underftood As to the Perfons whom he employs. and the like he finds it for his Purpofe not to appear in Perfon. fo he would certainly. feeding the Appetite. that let the Devil a aft A . un Difguife der the Vizor of Art and Craft. thefeare very particular. and long ago have effectually done it . which for all that. But in the next from Violence. is very honeft nor juft. i-ender. which I cannot fay. Memoirs. and give Orders to them. as he is thus reftrain d fo Prudentials reftrain him in all other Actings with Mankind 5 and being con* fin d to Stratagem. upon the whole I deny. particularly as they may ferve to remove fome of our Mi flakes. and to take off fome of the frightful Ideas we are apt to entertain in Pre was no judice of this great Manager j as if he be match d in his Politics. and fdft ftill Methods. notwithFalkre fallentem ftanding the old Latin Proverb. Mert conftrtie. or to converfe with other People by them.of the DEVIL. prompting. I have taken fome Pains you fee to difcover fome of them . except very rarely. and then in but to ab all the reft in the Dark. we read of feveral People that abufed and cheated the Allurement. or at leaft not or difcover d. that on the have contrary. and even the Earth they dwelt but the Methods he ufes with them. &amp. 353 have deftroy d the whole Race. making Ufe of Perfons and Methods conceal d. by way of Banter upon Satan) tis no Sin to cheat the Devil. and alledge. and deferve fome Place in our &amp. his parti*cular Interefts and Inclinations are well enough known. fuch as Perfuafion. and then gratifying corrupt Defires. if it was let loofe 5 which is fo much a Miftake.

that the Plan of his Encampment might not be hur s di ried round its own Axis. which. As he takes thus a daily View of all the Cir of the he has an Hour to view every thou thing more than fand Miles. but that his piercing ftrift View of it tnfaffant} Opticks can take a for the Circumference of it being but twenty one thoufand Miles. gives his Inftruftions and fully delivers his Mind to his Emiflaries. is not worth naming. without Cir I am to enquire how Satan iflues cumlocutions out his Orders. and above it. and conbrought View once in twenty four Hours: fequently to his The laft time I was there. he has every Part and Parcel to a diredk Opposition to him. are not the &amp. IX. the Earth performing its he had call this Quarter of the World. if I remember right. of whom I &amp. you Witch* . to his fupernatural Penetration. and an hourly View Mafter of all Tranfaftions. Emiflaries. By this fix d Situation. and its circular Motion being fomefull twenty four Hours performing. at leaft fuch as are done above Board by all Mankind j and then he du Camps to every difpatches his Emiffaries or Aid Part with his Orders and Inftruftions : Nowthefe are to underftand. which we and as Chriftendom. with all his Legions about him. in open Campaign. In order to this. of it Rotation. you muft form an Idea of the Devil fitting in great State.354 The M^mzHISTORY by us. have mention d fome in the Title to Chap. ad how he will we ought to deal fairly by in the height of the Atmofpherej or if you will. with the Earth be fome Difturbance urnal Motion. which might to him. juft under his Eye the Motion is not fo fwift. he is fully cle. But to come to the Bufmefs. at a certain Diftancc from the Atmofphere.

it diligent: they Non Thefe indiget calcarlbus. upon the Head of every individual Devil. but with the utmoft Alacrity . human know them to be Devils. plain Voices. Wizards. and what particular Works they perform. and are therefore call d their FamiliarS y and as they tell us. and that yet the faid Witches. or at lean: not fufficiently for a Defcription of the Perfons or Habits of &fr. perhaps. what Language they fpeak. for I call them allb Emiflaries but they are all 5 Devils or (as you know they are call cl) Devil s Angels 5 and theie may. Devih imaginable 5 like the Turkijh Chaiux. are thofe. the famous Mother Lakland^ who was burnt for a Witch at A a & . Hiftory has not yet enlighten d us in this Part of ufeful Knowledge. as if Men. every ugly Thefe run about into every Nook and Corner. 555 Witches and Diviners. fo we mutt re fer k to farther Enquiry. but if we may cre dit we are told many famous Stones of Hiftory. Sorcerers. it may be truly written as a Motto. who they tell us our Witches. and as to their Speed. and fuch Sorts of Folks converfe freely with. come and converfe perfonally with the Sub-em ifTaries I mention d. thefe Sorts of Appearances 5 as what Shapes they take up. thefe Appearances 5 for Example. at the Summons of old Woman. come to them in talk to theift with articulate Shapes.of the DEVIL. wherever Satan s Bufinefs calls them. and are never wanting to him but are the moil vils be ready for their Support and Affiftance on all Occafions of Bufinefs: Thefe are thofc De which the Witches are faid to raifej for we can hardly fuppofe the Matter Devil comes himfelf. they no fooner receive their execute Errand. who I fpoke of above.

or a little before it. knew her Temper. and tho it did not hurt her. among Then he furniih d her with three Z)w. the Bargain between them being ask d what was in them. ufed to wiih fhe had it in her Power to do ftich and fuch mifchievous Things to fome that fhe hated j and that the Devil wait Upon her (I fuppofe) for ihe confefs d they were to be employ d in her Service they attended in the Shapes of two little Dogs and a Mole: The Royal we may &amp. ihe ihould have her Will of all her Enemies. and as ihe fays. it feems. it might be found a- mong affa the Archives of Hell. that is to fay. told her j if ihe would ferve him in fome Things he would employ her to do. them. and with the Blood wrote the Covenants. who.35* The Modern HISTORY at Ipfwicb) Anno 164(5. cruel and revengeful Difpofition be fore. and fpeaking in a deep hollow Voice. B. confefTed at the Time of her Execution. nor whether ihe fign d it or no. and whether he required her : to curfe or deny God or Chrift ? She faid no. if Satan s Regifter were examin d. N. made it bleed. I fuppofe. and withal of a devilifhpaflionate. that ihe had frequent Converfation with the Devil himfelf j that ihe being very poor. and fhould want for nothing: That ihe was much afraid at firftj but that he folliciting her very often. I do not find ihe told them whether the Devil wrote it with a Pen. or whether on Paper or Parchment. came to her one Night as ihe lay in her Bed$ and was between fleeping and waking. ftruck his Claw into her Hand. the Rolls of his his Hiffcoriographer PuUlca . and when publiflies look for it them. but it feems he carry d it away with him.7r. bad her not be afraid of him. and ftill urg d her to yield. 3 firft .

he finds it much more to his Purpofe to work under Ground as I have obferv d. and fo of others. and finally. and fhe was burnt as fhe deferv d. fometimes the Devil himfelf. took him by the Nofe . thofe Apparitions which we call Dunflan frequently convcrft with him. that I mufl difmifs the Queftion in favour of the Devil} as he never willingly did any afTuring them. that in his Life. whether all Apparitions are not Devils or from the Devil j but there being fo many of &amp. upon fuch Accounts as we know Satan himfelf (corns to be employed in. which had never been at Sea 5 thefe and many other horrid Things fhe did and confefs d. and having been twenty Years a Witch. as well as our Enquiry. but what are very antient or very remote from our Faith. It feems to be a Queflion that would bear fome debating.of the firft flie DEVIL: $$? bewitched was her own Husband. which and make Appearances in really aflame Shapes the World. But in thefe modern Ages of the World. at lafl the Devil left her. and for that Reafon we maybe aflur d thofe certain Apparitions. to afTume human Shapes. nay. That fome extraordinary Occafions may bring thefe Agents of the Devil. by which he lay a while in great Mifery and died j then fhe fent to one Captain Beal and burnt a new Ship of his juft and ap pear to other People we cannot doubt he did thus in the Cafe of our Saviour as a fempter^ and fome think he did fo to Manaffes as a Familiar. on fuch an Errand. and having a Familiar or Devil Fame tells us that St. who the Scripture charges with Sorcery. &amp. which A a 3 we . fo he would be far from giving imfelf the Trouble of fettihg one Foot into the food World. and to keep upon the Rcfervej fo that we have no authentick Ac counts of his perfonal Appearance.

to have his Tntereft In the World propagated another Way namely. you may e en take him up upon upon of a 5 every one to his Su(picion ? . and does not relate at all to the DeviFs Hiftory. more for his Purpofe. as I have menApparition All I {hall fay t ion d before. quence. 1 do not wholly exclude Satan from all Concern in fuch Things j and (i.are not the Devil s. neither will it follow that Satan never appears in human Shape 5 for tho no* be the Devil. or Spirits afiiimthemfelves to ing human Shapes. and. the Devil finds it. that ining an Orphan for want was certainly fome other Power equal was not loft. this is out pf my Way at this Time. and {hewing whether they are Occafions? on People particular evil Spirits or and tho . by the Errand they come good ? own Bufmefs. getting It remains to enquire. what then thofe Things are which we make fo much ftir about. where his Honour is conccViVd. conclude him innocent.358 The Modern told HIST DRY Murther in Gkucejter- we are came to detect a and others who appear d to prevent the ru Jbire. in private. that we may determine which. you may certainly acquit good and that he of it. and his peribnal Appearances are referv d for Things only of extraordinary Confeof evident Neceffity. of finding a Deed. that generally and which are call d Apparitions. if it comes the Errand. and riot the Devil* ly concerned. (i. yet I thought it not amifs to mention it .) Becaqfe^ as I have (aid. indeed. as I may fay.) Becaufe-4-{hall difmifs the Quellion with fo very fhort an Anfwerj which are and namely. to take Notice that this is very feldom. On the other Hand. yet it every Apparition may does not follow that the Devil never makes an to it is. and where his Inte l-eft could be carried on no other Way 5 not for : &amp. ijDtatf/ has no hand in it 5 if it comes of a wicked and deviliih Errand.

gt. and the like. as much as if the Pcrfon had been awake with his Eyes open. - Aa .gt. I have nothing to fay in Satan s I make no Queftion but Prejudice at all there he deals very much in that Kind of Intelligence. fuch as Drearns Thefe are to be diftinguifh d too. pretty much by the Goodnefs or Badnefs of the Subject y how often have Men committed Murther. and exprefs d by extraordinary Noifes in the Sleep. Voices 8cc. by violent Sweating and other fuch Ways. Robbery and Adultery in a Dream. but that it is fo. &amp. as well as the Actions of his Maker whether Heaven has not quite left off that Way of working. of whatever Kind fo foever. the Soul with all the Paffions and Affections being agitated. and at the fame time except an extraordinary Agitation of the Soul. tis it. I uncj not at all relating to the Devil s Hiftory 5 &amp. yet as it is foreign to the prefent Affair. we are not certain but we pretty well know the Devil has not left it. we find Mankind difturb d abundance of little odd referv d Ways which by the Devil is fhrewdly fufpefted of having a Hand in. .of the Sufpicion. by the fame Method. the Head has never been remov d from the Pillow. fmells of Brimftone. and I believe fome Inftances may be given where his Worfhip has been really feen and talk d to in fleep. Nozfes. or the Body fo much as turn d in the Bed ? Whether in fuch Cafes. Candles burning blue. known to mimick the Methods. and giving their full affent to the Facts. the Man is not as guilty as if the Sins dream d of his committing. and why fhould he not ? we know Heaven it felf formerly converft very often with the greater! of Aden. and the Devil is Next &amp. had been actually committed ? tho it be no Doubt to me. D E VI L: find 359 him at the ten to one but you Bottom of to Apparitions. As to Dreams. &amp.

$. I confirmed nothing fairn in it. that he really gave the Confent of his Will to the Faci. offering their Favours to him. fo forcibly. namely. who was the chief Whether he did not think the Devil had Hand in fuch a Dream? he an- fwer d. {he not at all refitting 3 but that he wak d in the very Moment^ a&amp. elfr? Z. by asking him thefe Queftions. was with a very beautiful Lady of his Acquain tance. it was the greateft Surprize to him imaginable 3 for you cannot doubt but that the cunning Devil made every to the Life with him.5bed p his particular Satisfaction. and wanted to know if he was not as guilty of Adultery. to them to decide. a6tu~ ally went about to debauch her. mud it could certainly be no body be thejpwi/.I . and in a thing be manner the moft wicked 3 he own d with Grief to me. ij.166 leave as it The Modern to the HISTORY Reverend Doftors of the Church. and wrought up his Inclination fo high in his Sleep. that I. and all in hi$ Sleep 3 fo that he feldom flept without fome fuch Entertainment 3 the Particulars are too grofs for my Story. and Ladies of his Acquaintance too. properly belonging I knew a Perfon who the Devil fo haunted with naked Women. but he gave me feveral long Accounts of his Night s Amours^ and being a Man of a virtuous Life and good Morals. who he had been really fomething freer than ordinary with in their common Converfation * This Lady he brought to him in a Pofture for Wickednefs. of the fame Opinion before. that he. as if he had lain with her 3 indeed he decided the Queftion againft himfelf. had to fay againft it 3 however. that the very firft Attack the Devil made upon He was greatly concerned at this Part. as he thought. fine beautiful Ladies in Bed with him.

of the 2. as to prevent powerful Incentives to other Crimes. and this Advice he reliftfd very well. / am anfwer d : But then he ask d another Queflion. giving you an Opportunity to fteal it. with Succefs. fometimes ano ther. is not fo eafy to anfwer. fometimes with fuch Additions as I am not mer ry enough. and no body prefcnt. fometimes one. perhaps. and that would be ed Motion. provokes Avarice. I be lieve. bringing naked Women to him. y this fame Method. namely. and fo the Devil was more Faulty than he j but as I hinted to him. and pra&ifed. and a fine Necklace of Diamonds . that he injur d his Health. Nor could all my Divinity or his own keep the Devil from attacking him again 5 on the other Hand. and fometimes fuch as I am not wick ed enough to put into your Heads 3 the Man. as I have faid. fometimes into his very Arms. he worried him to that De gree. and Money in his Bufinefs. knowing your Circumflances to be fuch as that you are want of the Money. if his Confent to the Fa6b in Sleep had not been criminal ? That s true indeed^ fays he. the Way to put an End to the Attempt. which. by laying a great Quantity of Gold in your View. or fome of it. indeed. drcam d that he was walking all alone in a great Wood ? and that he met a little Child with a Bag of Gold in its Hand. the fame Devil injects Virtue. he might bring his Mind to fuch a ftated Habit of its aflenting to any wick even in Sleep. fometimes in one Poflure of Lewdnefs. fome times in another. at the fame time. Diftrefs in for who being a Tradefman. I then ask d DEVIL: him what Reafon the Devil could have for it. could not help it. How he fhould prevent being ferv d fo again. I at that Time in a great knew great another. I confefs.

36i The Modern its HISTORY Diamonds on Wants prefently dictated to Neck. and he entertain d a Horror of it. and that he need do no more but twift the Neck of it a little. or fome fuch Thing. (juft fo he dream d) not being able to refift j or to tell who it was. his him to rob the Child 5 the little innocent Creature. that it was like a Palpitation of the Heart to him. hinted to him. efpecially if he was fufpe&ed and ihew d to it. that perhaps the Child might fome time or other know him. that he was not fully compo led in fome Hours $ tho the Satisfaction and Joy that attended when he found it was but a &amp. what they . and that the Agitation of his Spirits was fuch. refus d to do it. upon the Sight. as I told him. He told me. and did fo. that when he wak d. and immediately waked. by crying or pointing. or crufli it with his Knee 5 He told me he flood debating with himfelf. prompting him to kill it for his own Safety. and {Ingle him out. he found himfelf in fo violent a Sweat as he never had known the like 5 that his Pulfe beat with that Heat and Rage. their affifted much to return his Spirits to due Temperament. ac cordingly he confented to take the Money from the Child. and therefore it would be better for him to kill the Child. if I was difpofed to preach. Dream. that it was the Devil. nor the Age I write to Effici ently Grave to relifti a Sermon. though they muft allow the Subject would very well bear it j but I {hall only ask if they think this is not the Devil. not contented with that. whe ther he ftiould do fo or not but that in that Inilant his Heart {truck him with the Word Murther. and then to take the Diamond Neck lace from it too. But the Devil) (a full Teflimony. It is neither my Bufinefs or Inclination to turn is Divine here.

Thus he manages his Intereft. and dozed with Sleep has lock from A6tion$ that it is fo is clear. and like an Enemy laying fiege to a fortified City. whatever Speculation may do. I fuppofe. as Satan and they can agree about it. the Governor of the City. (viz. and whether it is not much his Intereft to preferve it $ and if I prove the Affirmative. by Dreams he may be faid to get into the Infide of us with out Oppofition 5 here he opens and locks with out a Key. I flirring up them to Difloyalty and Rebellion.) to enquire whether the Devil has not a vail Advantage upon Mankind this Way. . Reafon and Nature. you all know (viz. keep him out by Day. That. and keep the Garrifon true to their Duty 5 but in the Dark he gets in and parlees with the Garrifon (the Affe&ions and Paffions) Debauches their Loyalty. nay. without our for Confent. they think it is ? If they believe it is the Devil9 they will ab accordingly I hope. I fhould not oblige the Devil over much. what ever I might do to thofe that read it j if I fhould enter here upon a Debate of Interefts.tftbe DEVIL. tis evident Demonflration does not affift us to difcover which Way he gets Accefs to the Soul. fo they betray their Truft. and infinuates himfelf into the Infide of us. while the Or d it gan tied up.) the Treachery of the Garrifon within . Revolt. I take Dreams to be the fecond Beft of the Advantages the Devil has over Mankind 5 the fir ft. and go over to the Befieger. but how up he does it is a Secret which I do not find the Antients or Moderns have yet made a Difcovery of. I leave it to you to enquire whofe Intereft it is to difappoint and him. Mutiny. In fhort. or let it alone. without our Knowledge iiipplant &amp.

and to my Purpofe. I do not fay. have confulted and covenanted with a or Devil.5b rationally. Name. who they always torment. and often murther them. the Defcription of a Witch. {he was between fleeping and waking 5 that is. and the Difference between Witches. and the manner in which they died. who As vils feem . They Thefe they employ as they pleafe.The Modern HISTORY That Devil of a Creature. call them by Name. fons they defign to 4. are fo formi dable and extravagant. namely. fo taking the Advantage of her Inca pacity to a&amp. Hie did not know whether flie was awake or afleep. or awake. and thofe other of Satan s Acquaintance who aft The one in his 1. but this is recorded in particular. {he faid. and teftified by Abundance of Witnefles . as who Mother Lakland did feveral. and even when {he confented. acknowledged that the firft Time the Devil attempted to draw her in to be a Witch was in a Dream. tho pubd by Authority. They have a Deputy Devil^ fometimes feve ral to (erve and afliit them. it relates to the Office of the Perfons who employ thqm j as Conjurers. and the cun ning Devil it feems was fatisfied with her Aflent when {he was afleep. to the Difference between the feveral De that appear. whether from her own Mouth or not. Spirit 2. and command their Appearance in whatever Shape they think fit. They fend them abroad to or into the Per3. Stories of her bewitching feveral People. that I care not to put any lilh s Faith to the ftretch about them. or neither afleep given fo. Mother whofe Story I mentioned above.

in my Opinion. by different Methods from others 5 Luther is of the Opinion that the Devil gets a Familiarity with fome Souls embodied 5 he gets in. why may not he. whifpers with the Devil. Partics When . and the like . that at Satan s Requeft to enter into the Herd of Swine. toanfwer the Devil s End. for not half the World if Meafures would comply. in particular Cafe?. in a more manner. and open the Door too ? but as for that. talk with the Devil in their Sleep. fometimes in her Pocket. and that in the Souls of fome People. and make other People talk with him in their Sleep too . and like Mr. then I fee Nations. and as I may fay. and may be fpoken of by it felf j befides. Faux fhews Tricks with him. does not feem fufficient. the Devil may well take this Opportunity with Man kind. and to carry on his Bufinefs j and therefore we muft be forced to allow him a Kind of actual PofTeflion. and tis on this Occafion I mention it here . and the like.fcern to df the t) E V I L: command the particular Devil that waits upon them with more Authority. or indeed Herds of Nations fet on Fire of Hell. enflam d by the Devil \ when I fee Towns. that is another Qucftion. but the Witch. but of that hereafter. came into his were awake j they that And yet his thus insinuating himfelf by Dream. in fhort. and raife them and lay them at Pleafure. give the fame Commiflion to poilefs a fort of Creatures fo many Degrees below the Dignity of the Gaderenian Swine. the Devil never enquired which Way juft at. when our Lord faid he ihould g0. or rather before their being as to the Manner and Method how get in. cafting Figures. drawing Circles. keeps the Devil in a Bag or a Sack. familiar But all thefe Kinds deal much in Dreams. faid 0.

the Learned are not arriv d to any Cer tainty about it.) how he fhould come to Dream fuch wicked Things? J told him. ii. ties.3 66 The Modern &amp. and that is all the Help I find from Antiquity^ and it goes a great Way to folve the Phenomena of Satan s appearing $ what I mean by the Scripture ral Places. according to Milton. applying this to my Friend when he wanted to be facisfied about the How. whether they make any vifible Appearances or no ? For flion of it. Appearances before his Fancy. and fpread debaucrTd & fefs Fa&ions and Rabbles of People vifibly poftis d enough to me that the great Matter of the Devils has faid to him. Part I make no Que how elie could he come at the Know of what we do j for as I can allow him no ledge Prcfcience at all. in a Dream-. xxxi. there s no need to which Way he finds open. relating to his Dream (viz. God came to Dream. as for many Reafons I have obj f j my fervd . in fhort. In the Scripture we have fome Light into it. the Cafe was plain.R Y GO&amp. and therefore the Queftion about his appearing ftill remains a Doubt. them in a tis faid in fevegiving fome Light to it. plain he often gets in without appearing. HIST O. fhort Comments are fufficient to plain Texts. or at what enquire poitern Gate he gets in tis j as to his appearing. by real Whifpers and Voice. j. the Devil came to him in a Dream manner he form d try Night : How and in what the wicked Reprefentations. or by what other Methods. xx. and is not very eafy to be refolv d. 14. God came to Abimejcch in a Dream by Night ^ Gen. is this and of feveral Perfons. The Angel of the Lord appeared to Jofeph 13. This leads me neceflarily to enquire whether the Devil or fome of his Agents are not always in our Company. And God came to Laban the Syrian in a Dream^ Matt.

belides two or three Servants (for we had been eating) the fol lowing Interlude happen d for our Entertainment : When the Cloth was taken away. it feems. and to bring our Paffions to clafh with our Reafon. tho not the Rain. of which I have fpoken already j hence that moil wife and folid Suggestion. take it Word for Word as in the Letter j becaufe I do not make my felf accountable for the Fads. as they often do. or elfe he could know nothing of us and our Affairs . to judge of our Inclinations. All this he obtains by his being able to walk about invisible. and fee when he is not feen. had one Day. and for the moil Part great deal of Rain with a high Wind . two large Can dles were brought upon the Table and plac d there with fome Bottles and GlafTes for the Gen WE tlemen. he mufl be able to fee and know and what we are about when we know nothing of him. and get the better of it too. when being at a Friend s Houfe in Lane London^ and feveral Ladies and fome Gentlemen in the Room. tt&amp. SIR. who. were intending to drink and be very merry j two large Wax-Candles were a alfo . In the Evening the cloudy thick Weather con tinued. and the Clouds very thick and dark all Day. but take them be convinc d of its ad referendum. very early in the Morn of the Day a ing. which that great Secret in I muft tell you the following Story which I faw in a Letter directed to a particular Friend. you may more fully imaginary Reality.e DEVIL: d already. that when the Candles burn blue the Devil is in the Room.*f ferv us. which yet we find otherwife $ and this gives him infinite Advantage to Influ ence our Actions.

he would be fure to fnuff the Candle well. all on Side. and the other being out. Mercy upon us. fays flie. ay Betty ! fo they do j upon this one of the Ladies flans up. The Fellow going to fnurF one of the Candles. and the Looking-Glafs broke all to pieces. as he thought. without Orders. an old Lady that fat by fays. and one more in a Window. the Gentlemen (huffs M going to fnurF the other Candle fnuffed that out too. Law Madam! the Candles burn blue. to play as above. and a Wench that flood by the Ladies Table. The firft in fuch Cafes) while. and as it is ufual on fuch Cafes. he offers to take it down. With all fat Looking-Glafs Sconce. on a Peer by the this Apparatus^ the Company feparat- at their ing Table. and the Ladies at theirs. with a horrible Noifej how Sconce ever. but very unhap down falls the pily. but lay one dully. went to the great Peer Sconce. what is the Matter! In this unlucky Candle that was relighted (as is ufual burn d dim and dull for a good Moment another Servant. at which his being in a Paffion the Fellow lights it again immediately at the other Candle. . and bids him fnitff the Candles^ for they burnt as if the Devil was in the Room. the Ladies being going to Cards. when after fome time the Gentleman of the Houfe faid haa P ails the Candles ? flily to a Servant. and then being in a little hurrfr. and becaufe. bawls out to her Miftrefs. the Room was much darker than before. I fay. the Candle falling out of the on the Floor burning did not go out. the Hook came out and Sconce Candle and all.5 68 The MotternHIS TORY alfo fet on another Table. alfo there were two large Candles in Sconces over or near the Chimney. after it out. down. what and turning to the Servant raps out an Oath or two.

they faid. the Can dles burnt dim and very oddly. only concerned to fee all the in fuch a frights it was true. upon the Maid Betty s Notion of the Candles burning blue. but heard nothing elfe of what he faid 5 upon this fhe rifes up in a terrible Fright. Candle burns blue too j the very Moment fhe the Footman that had thrown down faid -this. and that on the Table. heard the Footman fay the Word Devil. but that hav ing a long Snuff. and cries out that the Footman faid the Devil was in the Room 5 as fhe was$ indeed.of the Betty cries DEVIL: 369 out again. The old Lady. except one of thofe over the Chimney. as I faid before. fays to his fellow Servant. but they could hot perceive they burnt blue. that they and the Maids too run out of the Parlour fcreaming like mad Folks.Candles out. kept their Seats compofed and Houfe cafy enough. had her full of that old jiift Chimney-Corner Story . Betty^ that had frighted them all. Law Madam^ that Side. The Matter in a Rage kick d his firft Man out of the Room. frighted out of her Wits. and the fecond Man was run out to avoid. the like. fhe frighted the Ladies moft terribly. and away he run out of the Room. and they all Head up together. and fhe durft not touch it y in fhort. Mrs. and put the Wax. I think the Devil is in the Candles to Night. the Candles burn blue when the Spirits are in the Room. yet the Ladies were all fo frighted. which The two firft B b was . runs to the Sconce next the Chimney. that came to his Affiftance. fhe cried out it burnt blue too. down goes the Card Table. but all ftarting - was the in Confufion. who were fitting at Table. who. other Gentlemen. for fear of his Mailer. fo that no Servant was to be had. tho there were three Candles left Hill burning in the Room. the Sconce.

The Modern relighted after HISTORY had frmfFt it the Fellow However. if the thisj that Quantity be great. to deiire my Opinion of it. burn blue upon that Occafion 5 but that the Devil was A&quot. It is true. or any fuch little Blaze of Fire will feem to be. and tis as true that they will do fo upon Occafion of very damp. then when SATAN is at Hand it may be fo. or than Mrs. that I am able to make. unlefs I have fome better TefHmony than the old Lady that heard the Foot man s out-cry but by halves. and was the it j and they now came to me with the Story. the old Lady and the Footman that pull d down the Sconce. or to burn blue j and if then they can prove that any fuch Effluvia attends or is emitted from a Spirit.* abroad upon any extraordinary Bufinfes that Night. amounts to no more than Occafion of upon any extraordinary Emiffion of fulphureous or of nitrous Particles. and damp Places . becaufe no Man can aflure us that the Devil has any fulphureous Particles about him. This . when an extraordinary 3 ilormy and moift of Vapours are fuppofed to be difpers d Quantity abroad. either in a clofe Room. which upon all the Search into Things. the Candles might. or in any not very open Place. perhaps. a Candle or Lamp. all infill that the Candles burnt blue^ and all pretend that the Devil was certainly in the Room. But then tis begging the Queftion grofsly. the Maid. Betty^ who firft fancied the Candles burnt blue j fo I muft fufpend my Judgment till I hear farther. This put me upon Enquiry into the Notion of Candles burning blue when Spirits are in a Room. that I cannot grant.370 was out. as was the Cafe when this happen d j and if there was any Thing of that in it on that Monday Night. the Candles burn thus in Mines and Vaults.

as he can counter act all our fecret concerted Defigns. he informs himfelf of all our Mcafures. it is certain. and we know nothing of the Matter. as we make Ufe of fuch as Witches and Wizards. &amp. By his Invifibility he is certainly vefted with infinite Advantages while he can be againft us prefent with us. and which are laid to the Devil s Charge. . in the World about him. Demonaifts. Firft. and the like Here. if it be poffible. I might fay fomething to his Advantage this Way j however. and has great Injuftice that therefore I ought to clear this Matter up a to do Juftice to Satan. fo the Doc trine of his Vifibility is a great Prejudice to him. Injury. and arms himfelf in the beft and moft fuitable manner to injure and aflault us. tho he really may know nothing of the Matter $ and this would bring me to defend Satan in many Things. can defeat all our Enterprises. and do us Mifchief in almoft every Part of our Life.of the DEVIL. ly concerns it felf to over-rule him. or giving the Devil his due. fuffers manifeft : $ and. and except when Heaven apparent -. and particularly among his Difciples and Emiflaries. that as thislnviiibility of the Devil is very much to our Prejudice. as he is to ours. Til venture a Word or two for an injur d Devil^ take it as you will. wherein he may truly be faid to fuffer and if I thought it would oblige wrongfully him. But now for his Vifibility and his real Appear ance in the World. I think Satan has a great deal of Lofs. and little. upon B b i Pirft. 37l This Story however may folve a great many of thofe Things which pafs for Apparitions in the World. accord fet Matters right done him of fetting the Saddle ing to that ufeful old Maxim the right Horfe. break all our Meafures. difappoint all our Schemes. becaufe we are not privy to all his Mo tions. and all this.

they are laid to do it by the Agency of theZ&amp. fo Satan bears the vi!) and the Devil helps them and they have all the Guilts this is. and fend him that. and been acquainted with him.^ prciently&quot. to have fuch wouldbe-Devils as thefe turn d infide out. as HI S fO RY every idle Head. and when not . fire a 5- namely. as they pleafe. what Mifchiefs were of his doing. they really have nothing of Truth in them. are manifeft j they entitle the Devil to all the are pleated to do in the World commit a Murther or a Robbery. however. Now the Injuries and Injufticedone to theZV* vil) in thefe Cafes. by continually laying the Blame of their Wickednefs upon the Devil. Not that the Devil is not very willing to have his Hand in any Mifchkf. they have thus feen him.The Modem Firft. and which tis really a Scandal to the Devil to charge upon him* &amp. whatever Boafls they make of this Kind. - . and which were not 5 and that thefe Fel lows might not flip their Necks out of the Hal ter. (i. or do any A6b of Violence in the World. they would have the Honour of a private Interest in him. that we might know when the Devil was really at work among us.) a notorious Slander upon the Devil and it would be a public Benefit to Mankind. him when and how. that Mifchief they and if they Houfe. or in all the Mifchief that rs done in the World 9 but there are fomelow priz d Rogueries that are too little for can call him this Way. and as often raife him and lay as they find for their Purpofe 5 I &amp. and (2.) a grand Cheat upon the World.every Day Many of thefe Pretenders I have faid) we who : are imnifeft Cheats 5 and. are not to believe pretends even to converfc Face to Face with the Devil) and who tells us. be neath the Dignity of his and boaft how they have him at their Beck. Reproach.

and they know- nothing of the Matter. and that in open Day too. fo bringing the Jeft of Trade into Earnefr. do deal till at laft they may really believe they indeed tis with the Devil. and pufh on abufe the World about him. he feing cures B b 5 their . or at leaft he endeavoured to pafs for fuch a one? but twas all a Cheat. but the Devi!. and perhaps not fo much neither: This was one of thofe they call d CUNNING-MEN.of the turn. into a Snare.. and in know nothing of. Befides. other People. to make ufe of his Name to bring them afterwards. the Fellow had no more to do with the Devil than Evil. dilcover ftollen Goods. nay. till at length prompt them to commit fome great Villany. may encourage them a manner that they themfclves privately. are part of the Craft of his Agency. I pie won t fay. and to his farther Defigns. Trick and Cheat. tell where were who Hole them. what had the Demi to do to deteel: Thieves. and to caufe him to tell Fortunes. to make ufe of his Name. to draw thefe Peo* we call Cunning-Men. where a Perfon pretended to converfe with the Devil Face to Face. DEVIL: 37$ I remember the Devil had fuch a Cheat put upon him in Eaft-Smithfield once. In other Cafes he may encourage them in thefe little Frauds and Cheats. and reflore ftollen Goods? Thieving and Robbing. and of the Employments which it ie hi$ Buiinefs to encourage. who think he will arlift any Body in fuppreffing and detecting iiich laudable Arts and fuch diligent Servants. and by Degrees to have a real Acquaintance with him .. foretel Good and &c. they greatly miftake him. and even to find out the Thieves j but Satan was really flandered in the Cafe. when only he deals with them. and how to find they them again. as above. and give them leave.

he told the old Counterfeit. well and good 3 and he mould have a Leafe to carry on his Trade for fo many Years more. confider d of it. and take a CommifHon. when he was no Conjurer. and of nearer Concern to him a great deal. and carry away all his Cuftomers. would expofe his Knavery to the World. for fear the People mould know he did not Till now he had ambo dexter^ cheated the Devil on one Hand. s the old Man the Devil -. and that now.374 cures The Modern them to be his HISTORY his leaving own. for five and twenty Years. was then forc d really to deal with the DEVIL. and the People on the other 5 but the De vil gain d his Point at lafl. : tells. and fo he was a real Upon this. that in fhort. he as Fame &amp. to his Heart s content 5 but if not. he had been his ilalking Horfe long enough. without his leave j but at length the Devil s Patience being tir d quite : jur d neither. found People pretend upon him in other Cafes. took and lifted in his Pay fo Counfel. if he thought fit to enter himfelf. that had plaid his Pranks twenty five Years as a Conjurer. But this is not the only way the Devil is in- . he. and in Articles more we have often z Wcightyj . was twenty five Years a Cunning-man^ and twenty two Years a Witch that is to lay. for that he mould take away his Peoples Trade no lon ger ^ but that he (Satan) would fet up another in his Room. for Wizard ever after. and makes them be the very Wretches they only pre tended to be before So old Parfons of Clithroe. by their very Fear of them to be expofed to the World j thus he puts a Jonathan Wild upon them. that mould make a meer Fool of him. he was only pretending to deal with the Devil^ when Satan and he had no manner of Acquaintance^ and he only put his Legcr-de-wain upon the People in the Devil s Name.

in the great Bufinefs of PofTeilion 5 it is true this Point is not thoro ly underflood thought it. fome wherein the Devil poflefTes us. I am obHg^i to omit. Weighty. there arc namely j whether Kinds of PoflefTion. to the Point in Hand. with all its is not qualified to explain. and to have the Devil in them. for ought among Men.) neither has the Devil to give us thofc Illuminations about as I believe he might particularly that and important Article. lunafome of which.of the DEVIL. not two feveral fome in which we really poflefs the Devil 5 the Nicety of which I doubt this Age. is not. to have all their 5 tick Tricks charg d upon him demented.) pretend ing to Pofleflion. or B b 4 be poflefs d without . It is or that the World Ihould think he was concern d in them. efpecially fo near its Conclufion. muft be aiham d to are fo grofs. in the various Turns and Tricks which Men put up on him very often in this one Article (viz. and angry that to any Body fhould pretend poflefs. he exquifite has the more Reafon to be affronted when he finds himfelf invaded in this Part. true. and in which. moft of empty. fit do&amp. and a Difit being too long for this Work. all which But to come back I muft leave to hereafter. whether confider d one Way or other to Penetration. when really it is not fo$ certainly the Devil mufl take it very ill. that Pofleffion of the principal Pieces being one of the Devil s Artifice in his managing Mankind. and fee. rightly explained. nay. that the Devil fee fuch which Things pafs in his Name. fo and fo little to thePurpofe. and to confider the Injuftice done to the Devil. feat can (viz. with the moflr skill he plays the Devil among us. as I am alfo all the practical Difcourfes up on the Ufefulnefs and Advantages of real fo fimple. as in particular. fertation upon Mankind.

Satan not appearing to vouch &amp. and he lias thought fit not to own them in it 3 of which we have many Ex amples in Hiftory. H1STQRY this fo without for and ought we know. and that they had Correfpondence with the Devil. that when they con fefs d themfelves to be Witches^ and poflefs d.57&amp. whatever Pains they took to bring it to pafs. whofe Hiftory it is not worth while to enlarge upon. but their man ner has been cafily diiiinguifh d. fee the Devil may be wrong d. and feyeral others. when People have pretended to it without him. to go and torment whoever the faid Wizard commanded. why may be the Reafon many Blunders have been made. as I have faid. as in Simon Magus^ the Devil of London. as it may be in fome other defigning Men have attempted it often. their own no Jury would condemn them upon .lt. and often falfely has been fo . till the Devil himfclf was fo weary of the foolifh Part. whom they refoly d to bring to the Gal lows This black Man they would have be the Devil) employed by the Perfon who they acciis d for a Witch Thus making the Devil a Page or a Footman to the Wizard. that he left them to go on their own Way. even without the Devil s Afliftance. as it is not fo eafy to mimick the Devil in that Part. arid they could not get themfelves ha-ng d. there are likewife fome other forts of counterfeit Devils in the World. Pofieffions. the fair Maid of Kent. and that a black Man tormented them by the Inftigation of fuch and fuch.England pretended to be bewitch d. In ihort.5 The Modern his leave . fuch as Gyp- for them. and at laft they over-acted the murthering Part fo far. are nice Things. Thus the People of Salem in New. and ^Thus you accus d in many Particulars. : :

&amp. and fuch like ^Pretenders to and how far the Devil is or is not concerned in them. the I cannot but fay.DEVIL. and let the World know ly them.es9 377 bad and many more. fome pra&is d among us. tho they be real really are not. that is to Trade which otherfay. I : to . XL Of Divination. fome in foreign Parts. or that Satan fhould do hitnfelf Juftice upon them. or with the Guinea Merchants nay I almofl doubt whether the Devil himielf knows all the Sorts of them 5 for tis evident he has little or nothing to do with them. This would be fet up for Devils in the World and fit only for him a Task for the Devil indeed. who all the Kinds of People.. CHAP. Jf. Tawawing. Raifers of Storms. too many almoft to reckon up . and who act under the Skreen and Protection of Sa tan s Power. Sorcery. it is but juft they ihould Luck. but without his Licenfe or Autho rity 5 no doubt thefe carry away a great deal of his Trade. feparate Traders. the wife trie Devil might have carried on by Agents of his own&amp. I vil.vilifm. Fortune-Tellers^ Foretellers of good and Sellers of that while thefe People would fain be thought Devils. I mean not in the Way of their Craft. THO am writing the Hiftory of the De have not undertaken to do the like of Male or Female. made as much Devils as they pretended to be. Thefe I take to be Interlopers. as he threaten d to do upon old Parfons of Clithroe abovemention d.

Devil daily feeking whom of us he may devour. with his other Legi prodigious great. and that too often with Succefs.Houfe. for their What a World do we not ! where there is only with us a great Roaring-Ly on. counterfeit Hocus are vifible like Poms Devils. nay. but he af firming they were Manufcripts. they were fatisfied for a while. to refolve every ftrange Thing. but ftrange to Thing count is us. befides all thefe. Thus the famous Doftors of the Faculty at Pari^ when John Fauftus brought the firft print ed Books that had then been fcen in the World. that they can give no Ac of. or whether really flrange or no. other Millions always invifibly moving about us. boaftof it.converiing among fet up their Stages in every chat with us at every Tea-Table. or at leaft feen there. into the City. if it be Mountebanks Town. one with a great . and for ought we know. and fold them for Manufcripts They were furpriz d at the Perform ance. and queftion d Fauftus about it . and perhaps in us. ons be rank d among the Innumerable. and ufe a thoufand Tricks and Arts to make us believe it too. they obferv d the exacb Agreement of every Book. and impudently tell us to our Faces that they are Devils. into Devilifm. converfe with us in every Coffee. a vaft many us&amp. human Devils. and in numerable Millions of letter Devils hovering in the whole Atmofphere over us. It muffc be confefs d there is a ftrong Propenfity in Man s Nature.378 The Modern HISTORY inhabit Number is and has been and may. and to fay every the Devil. efpecially the more igno rant part of Mankind. or atleaftin many of but that have. of our own Species and Frawith us upon all Occafions 5 who ternity. to undertake. and that he kept : many Clarks employed to write them. But looking farther into the who us.

to difcover the whole Secret to them. poor Fauftus (who was indeed nothing but a meer Printer) dealt with the Devil. every Line a like Number of Words $ if a Word was mif-fpelt in one. to comprehend the Thing it fufficient) concluded N. But the learned Dofbors not being able to unhow the Work was perform d. and in a Word. that is to fay. the learned Divines not being able (af^d that was always muft be the Devil. till he was oblig d. it was alike in allj be ? in a they began again to mufe. the firlt inven tor of Printing $ and having printed the Pfalter. of whom we have believ d fuch flrange Things. to Kofter of Harlem. how this fhould Word. or Compofitor. that it was done by Magick and Witchcraft. which made fuch aNoife in the World as rais d the Fame at laft of poor John Fauftus to a frightful Height. it was mif-fpek alfo in all. 379 with another. and that the Man was a Witch $ accordingly they took him up for a derfland Magician and a Conjurer. and that in fhort. John Fauftus was Servant. for fear of the Gallows. . every Page a like Number of Lines. commenc d a Procefs againft him in their criminal Courts. B. B. that every Line flood in the fame Place. by the help of the Devil. Fauftus or Fofter. concluded as above. it was all the Devil. and one that work d by the Black Art.of the DEVIL. or what you pleafe to call it. or Journey man. N. as mat as the Devil and Dr. that if there was a Blot in one. and in order to it. fold them at Paris as Manufcriptsj becaufe as fuch they yielded a better Price. nay. This famous is the true original of the Dr. they threatened to hang him for a Witch. as that it is become a Proverb.

and down there. Ipeak. as if they vanifh d. upon hearing the People gave how they made them of their wonderful Puppets. in the Chaldean Monar chy. and Abundance more Feats of Art. and cenfur d. and knew no more of the Devil than another Body. appear and disappear in a Moment. & yet they were generally fo unbut in our Lan derftood among thofe People we underiland them to be People that have guage an Art to reveal Secrets. ijp. that it is not poflible to put the People out of the Road of it. and that ufe Enchantments and Sorceries. Dealing The with the DEVIL. eis not over-burthen 4 fpecially where the Head with Brains and Cuflom has made it fo natural to give the Devil either the Honour or Scandal of every Thing. ii. The Magicians were. as if they rife out of the Earth. Wonderful Operations aftonifh the Mind. p. Fofter Whereas poor Fauftus was no Do& call d the Wife-men j and tho they are join ed with the Sorcerers and Aftrologers in the lame Place. Thus the Magiftrates of Bern and Switzerland. and difappeared ai &amp. Dan. the furpraing Accounts which med dextroufly as their Puppets. pop up here. if not other wife puas niflied their Mailers. &amp. by all which we underftand the fame Thing . finding a Gang of French Acbors of Puppet-fhew open d their Stage in the Town. 4. interpret \vhich now in a more vulgar Way weexprcfs by one general conrfe Expreffion. they had condemned the poor Puppets to the Flames certainly for Devils. &amp. . cenfur d them as Demons and if they had not pack d up their Trinkets. that we cannot otherwife Ac count for. foretcl Events. anfwer Questions. See the Count de Rochfart s Memoirs. and dilcourfe.3SO The Modem : HIS TORY Dr.

and. fouthfaying Devil is there d Python. this Was a good turn of the Devil.Ei: The Scripture xvi. But the Devil. &c. and the evil did ftoop to fimdry lit Spirits who pofiefs d her. as this Wench poffibly did 5 and hence all thofe Spirits which were call d Spirits of Divination. that is to fay. fo to give a Kind of Credit and Rcfpecl: to her for fpeaking. he makes her give Teftimony to Paul and Timotheus. prepar &amp. Here now was a real Pofleflion. meaning and perhaps (tho very ignorantly) even with Paul and Tirnotheus thernfelves. tle Acts of Servitude. that we could give little or no Reafon for. when the Apoflle St. relblving dif were the ficult Queftions. and at the who Now TimoServants of the moft high God. but fome finifler End. theus. that Apollo. that this is. fpeaks Truth. this Spirit takes that thofe Men. tvere in another Senfe call d Pythons. this Creature. interpreting Dreams. according to the Learned. Paul came to fee often calPd Python. and he himfelf unkenneled as he deferv d there the Devil was over-fhot in his own Bow again. Wench that was pofTefs d by this Spirit Brought her Mafter much Gain by Southfaying^ that is to fay. Among thefe Doubts. 381 fpeaks of a Spirit of Dtoination. to \vheedle in with the new Chriflians. you will fee in the call Margin. which Jhew d unto them the Way of Salvation-. to preferve his Authority in the poflefs d Girl j fhe brought them Gain by Southfaying. who is Oracle of Del$hos gave out fuch Anfwers and double Entendre s. only that the Girl s Mafter might this was a par get Money by herj but perhaps d to honour the Auticular who never l thority . 16. was difcover d here and dewith te&ed y his flattering Recognition not accepted. whence by Oracling or anfwering Queftions and a &amp. upon it to Paul and declare anfwering Doubts.

as well to the poor Creature among the Tombs. when many the Devil never believed it of them. Legions of Devils in the Plu ral. and particularly we have had that have believed themfelves poffefs caught . which poflef- We fed the Man among the Tombs. The Modern find thefe HISTORY is thority and But we farther in vil Power the Apoftles hud over evil SpiritsThings Cafes. the Dread of his Government. the Mifchief he did. The Devil or Devils rather. the makes Agents of the poffefs d Parties to do many Things for the propagating his Intereft and Kingdom. as to the Herd of Swine and to the Country in the Lofs of them. and perhaps knew them better j fome of thefe are really poor Devils to be pitied. which was not yet come drt thou came to torment us before our Utme? It is evident the De vil apprehended that Chrift would chain them up before the Day of Judgment $ and therefore : fome think the Devil here.3*2. and how he acknowledg d that there was a Time for his Tor ment. as it were. is pofitively affirm d to be the Devil in the Scripture all the &amp. being. and are what I call Diabks Imaginaire 5 thefe have not with {landing done the Devil good wfcere the Way De many Parties are thus really poffefs d &amp. and particularly for the carrying on his Dominion in the World But I am for : the prefent not fo much upon the real Poffeffion as the pretended. and brought their Mailers good Gain by Southfaying. I might preach you a I^e&ure here of the Devil s Terror upon the Approach of our Saviour. namely. find Pofleflions acknowledged in Scripture to be really and perfonally the Devil^ or accord ing to the Text. and his very Works fliew it 5 namely. that he was the Terror of all the Country. that carried a great to fay. \vho was made fa fierce. Evangclifts agree in calling him fo.

that might afford us fome Allegory j but I am not difpofed to jefl with the Scripture. tell how many Children they fhould have 5 and a hundred fuch Things as fill d the People with Admiration. they begg d he would not caft his caught out of them into Torment d before the Time. tshat they do not believe the Devil fears drowning j but with already fix Submiffion. art thou come to torment us before the Time? the Meaning is. farther than needs muft.385 due Bounds. &c. poflefling the Man in fuch a furious manner. They befought him to fuffer them to go away. how true I know not. when People were lick. would tell them whether they fhould live or die $ if People were married. that is to fay. no nor with the Devil neither. that they would not be confin d to the vaft Ocean. I remember a Story. which would be a Hell to them . as to their going into the Swine. they would be ef fectually imprifon d and tied down from doing MiP chief. The Evangelift St. &c. fuch as the Damfel pofTefs d with a Spirit of Divination. Luke fays. and would tell People ftrange Things that fhould be. It is evident the Devil makes Ufe of very mean Inftruments fometimes. when they fay. and feveral others. poor and petition d Chrift not to chain him up for it. long before they came to pafs . he would let them go away. the Devil befought him that he would not command them to go out into the Deep : Our learned Annotators think that part is not rightly rendered j adding. I believe the meaning is. which was 5 but that if he would caft them out of the Man. who was eftablilli d in the Country for an Oracle. of a weak Creature next Door to an Ideot. was afraid. where no Inhabitants being to be feen. and as the Text fays. and they were the eafier brought to believe that the Girl was poflefs dj but then they were divided about her .

&amp. But as tar as this kind of Divination is in Uie in our Days. 8. for he carried a great Point in it 5 fome faid fhe had a good The Magic as Square is when Numbers in Arith metical Proportion are difpos d into fuch Parallels or I fhould certainly have given it for the latter 5 if it were only upon this Account.5. are not arrived to a certainty yet. namely. f. that the Devil has often found Fools very neceflary Agents for the propagating his Intereft and King dom. 2. Place thefe Nine in a Square of three. 10. yet I do not find room to charge the DevilVith making any great Ufe of Fools. indeed. and an Oracle to declare his Decrees by 5 this does not feem to be rational. whether a diabolical Art or a Branch of the Mathcrnaticks? Our moft learned Lexicon Technicum is of the latter Opinion. they will direftThus^ ly and diagonally make 1 8. and that was the fineft fpun Thread th fi Devil could work. 3. We what Magick is ? tling this great Point. and gives the Magic Square and the Magic Lantern^ two Terms of Art. and fome a bad. in the fet & Now had I been there to decide the QuefKon. we have fome Reafon to think he often works with. Row This .The her too. namely. and then make her an Inftrument of Initru&ion to others. 4. unlefs it be fuch as he has particularly qualified for his Work. &amp. p. fome faid fhe was a Prophetefs. and as it were take her Soul from her. it does not feem likely that Heaven fhould deprive a poor Creature of its Senfes. for as to Ideots and Naturals^ they but a fort of Fools are perfectly ufelefs to him call d the Magi. 7. as that the Sums of each equal well Diagonally as Laterally ihall be all equal j for Example. but we never knew the good Spirits do fo on the other Hand. and fome that fhe was the Devil.

Ufe made of it. that this very Piece of optic Delufion feems too much akin to the mock PofTeffions and infernal which mod: of the PofTeflionifts to. many Phantafms and terrible Appear ances. the Magic. and no more 5 Nor is the Spirit of at lead. by thofe that are not acquainted with the Secret. and fuch as are moil capable of terrifying the Spectators y and by this all the Figures may be reprefented upon the op- in the Inrgeit Size. I cannot but take Notice. found to be of any Ufe in modern Practice. only ib and fo fituated. by the Means of which are reprefented. but gives no Reafon for the Term. The Magic Lantern is an optic Machine. plac d in certain Oppositions to one another. only that they are taken for the Effects of Magic. nor any Account of what infernal Operations are wrought by this Con currence of the Numbers neither do I fee that there can be any fuch &amp. / 335 jPLjJ_ This he calls the Magic Square. poilte Wall. ard other Arts which were call d Diabolical. but no Devil in all this.of the r 1 DEVIL. the Necromancing. fo that they are mod Accomplishments. with a Dextec C . and by fliorter Me thods 5 for he has fo compleat an Influence among thofe that he now Lifts in his Service. in thefe Parts of the World 5 but the Devil feems to do moft of his Work himfelf. that he Affairs of Mankind into a brings all the common narrower Compafs in his Management. and painted with different Figures. the moil formida ble being plac d foremoft. All this is done by the help of feveral little painted Pieces of Glafs. on a Wall in the Dark. of this Age pretend of them meer Phantafms and Appearances.

fadors j he is his own at. upon But be thai as it will. Burnings. fuch as Hele&ore 9 Wormwood. Plenipotentiary. and confequently much more to his Satisfaction. or at Icail not fo much as he ufed to do. he is eas d of all that Trouble here he can Patvaw here himfelf. tho un known to us. Upon Man fo eafy to come at. are not to be had j namely. or the Product of noxious Plants y alfo melting fuch and fuch Minerals.America j This is call d Pawawing} and they have their Divines. that and fo eafy when he is come he flands in no need of fecret Emiflaries. among the Indians of North. with out their aid. is yet. by burning fuch and fuch Herbs and Roots. and by feveral hellifh Mutterings and Markings over them. appears often to them for their Affiflance thofe Occaiions. or as they pretended. (or is permitted) to fall in with thefe Things. and Abundance more fuch. and by which he carries on his Interefl filently and furely. it feems.3*6 The Modern HISTORY Dexterity particular to himfelf. and poifonous Things. and in determining. Storax. which are call d noxious Plants. which. he negotiates much of his Bufinefs without Ambaf&amp. which he finds here. who ufe ftrange Gefhires. directing the Fate of Perfons . flill very much en- courag d by the Devil} but this is a great Way off. in Philtres. JDevilworty Mandrake^ than ever he did before. horrid Smokes. and as fome People think. the like do thefe Pawaws-y and the - Devil is pleafcd. it feems. Gums. much more to the Detriment of Virtue and good Go vernment. and feveral fuch Things which the Sorcerers and Witches in antient Times are faid to ufc in cafting Nativities. and Scents. which they call Pawaws or Witches. There is a Kind of Magic or Sorcery^ or what elfe you may pleafe to call it. and having laid them all afide. Diflortions. and in Countries where the politer Inftruments. for he finds .

and made no ufeful Difcoveries in his Way? That he alone fhould ihnd at a Stay. in order to an encreafe of Knowledge and Difcoand that he finds every Day a nearer Way very. and that they move in a higher & 337 the whole. has taken no Steps to his farther Accomplifhment. and innumerable ufeful Parts of Knowledge. we come into Crime with eafe. the Devil is forc d to bait his Hook with new : Competitions . no doubt. other and more refin d Politics xnufi be made Ufe of. the very Thing calPd Temptation is alter d in its Nature. and every Age is grown wifer and wiferthan their Fa thers fo. and which a ftupid Age would come eafily into^ won t go down with us now As the tafte of Vice and Virtue alters. and every ufeful Branch of what they knew before improv d. Befides. within the ^ Upon of a few pafs d Years is advanced in all Compafs Kinds of Knowledge and Arts. and the Devil rws been put C c z upon &amp. which were coriceal d before are difcover d j why fhould we think the Devil alone fhould fhnd at a flay. and more exalted Sphere. whofe grofs Concep Things caufed them to be manageable with lefs Art. no. . to go to work wirh Mankind than he had before. thofe Things which would take in former Times. efpecially as to Vice and Virtue 5 fo the Devil may have been oblig ed to change his Meafures. and may be led by a Finger but when we come to a more refin d Way of as I hinted above. as Men in general feem to have aher d their manner. as the World is improv d every Day. and alter his Way of working j particularly. as the World. perhaps. will not do now 5 the Cafe is quite alter d j in fome Things. and that which ferv d to delude tions of our Anceftors. which our Anceftors ne ver underftood. and be juft the fame unimprov d Devil that he was before ? No.of the DEVIL. he has beftirr d fiimfelf too.

and carry on hisBuiinefs in the World currently. Fathers were tickled with Satan has been oblig Puppet-fhews and his Tum blers. to and Experiments upon many make many new he is Difcoveries $ to carry on his Affairs and to (peak impartially. nor the ChurchYard full of Hobgoblins Ghofls don t walk about in Winding-Sheets. in the Senfe that I have calPd them fo ? to be frighted with fuch little low priz d Ap pearances as thefe 5 they are better acquainted with the .gt. as they may be fuppofed to be very troublefome to him. within thefe few Years j he has found out a great many new Inventions to fhorten his own Labour. and the Stools and Chairs walking about out of one Room into that Children don t vomit another. (and but that he has Servants enough would be chargeable too) are now of no great Ufe in the new Ma nagement of his Affairs.3SS The Modern HI ufeful Projects STORY and Inventions. &amp. No after they are dead. Parts of the World $ that we don t find our Houfes difturb d as they tifed to be. or at lead we never knew he was. as of old. In a Word. wonder then that he has chang d Hands and that he has left of pawawing in thefe too. Men are too much Devils th emfelves. the Air is not full of Noifes. as formerly crooked Pins and nifty flub Nails. as they did alive. when they were The Age ed to lay by is grown too thefe dull fcare-crow his wife to be agitated by Things which their Fore&amp. and the good old fcolding Wives vifit and plague their Husbands which he never was matter of before. ftrangely improved either in Knowledge or Experiment. his mountebanking and quacking won t do no w$ thofe Things. thofe things are grown dale 5 his morricedancing Devils.

not But now the Cafe fo univerfally as he does now : is altered. Hurry ing and Driving. he may deal with them upon better Terms. iuch as Satan himfelf could hardly expect to find in the World. all which the Devil was put to the Trouble of before. and were capable of the moft refin d Wickednefs. and Men being generally more expert in Wickednefs than they were formerly . in fhort. as they are good-natur d and traceable. began to practife it towards the Clofe of to act the Roman Empire. and Devils to one another too. is really very mo dern} and tho the Devil himfelf may have been long acquainted with the Method. and they Teem to tell him they muit be treated after another man ner. 389 the old Arch. who likewife were a kind of Church Devils. This of embarking Mankind in the DeviTs particular Engagement. he acts the GRAND MANNER as the Architects call it (I don t know whether our Free-Mafons mayunderfcand the Word) and there fore I may hereafter explain it. yet I do not find that he was ever able to bring it into Praftice. for inftead of the Art of Wheedling and Whining.Angel than fo. in C c J being . with prefent my meaning is.of the DEVIL. making them meer Devils to themfelves. at leaft. they fuffer the fmaller Alteration of the Species. and afterwards with ibme Popes. a Hence the Devil goes to work with Mankind much ihorter Way . and as I have Way heard. as it is to be Diabo lically as At well as mathematically underftood. Frighting and Terrifying. when Men began up on very polite Principles. has Need of their Service. upon all needful Occafions. and that then. whenever he ( together with the la borious Part of Tricking and Sharping. he a&amp.5ts them immediately and perfonally by a magnificent Tranfformation.

gt. or from my Lord I h wartlebore Wormwood cver^ Baron of Scoundrel Hall in the Kingdom of Ireland^ write the trueHiilory of their own Conduct^ and how early. and above all. Witches appear among us $ not that the Devil might not be as well able to employ fuch People as formerly. This Particular would want much the left Ex could I obtain a Licenfe from Sir Hel planation. at leaft in thefe Parts of the World. juft when they have fo much of the Man left as to be known by their Names. they turn into Devi Is ) with no trouble at all hardly.M\.3&amp.o The Modern -. and whatever elfe we pleafc to call thofe People who were formerly fo great with him . and qualify them for the Em ployment too. Magi cians. to do it all themfelvcs j upon this Account we do not find any of the old Sorcerers and Diviners. Sorcerers. HISTORY being tranfmigrated in a Word. and Mankind being much more eafily poflefs dj not the old Herd of Swine were fooner agitated. but that really there is no need of them hereabout. Magici J*&amp. for what Occafion has he to employ Devils and Wizards to confound is a Proof to me that he has no more Occafion of Diviners. and the great Convenience it is to him in his general Buiinefs. Impeachment and without any Diminution of that Part of their Denomination which eftablifh d them for Fools. when be is arriv d to fuch a Perfection of Art as to bring the Devil having a fhorter how cawithout the leaft fily they commenc d Devils^ of their Characters. How many mad Fellows appear among us every Day in the critical Juncture of their Tranfmigration.. tho there was full 2000 of them together Na ans or &amp. as wife Men. and enough of the Devil taken up to fettle their Cha racters ? This Eaiinefs of the Devil s accefs to thefe People. ture . cither to the Devil or to themfelvcs.

of tfo



much Ground, may in time, by Encroachment, come to a general PofTeffion of the whole Race,

ture has open d the Door, and the Devil has egrefs End regrefs atPleafure, fo that Witches and Divi ners are quite out of the Queftion. Nor let any Man be alarm d at this Alteration, in the Cafe as it ftands between Mankind and the Devil, and think the Devil having gain d fo

we fhould


all come to be Devils incarnate j us not be alarm d, for Satan does not

thefe Advantages

by Encroachment, and by

Set infernal Power or Art, no not at all 5 but tis is the Man himfelfdoes it by his Indolence and Neg ligence on one Hand, and his Complaifance to the Devil on the other 5 and both Ways he, as it were, opens the Door to him, beckons him with his very Hand to come in, and the Devil has no thing to do but enter and take PofTeflion if it be fo,and Man isfo frank to him 3 you know the Devil is no Fool not to take the Advantage when tis offer d him, and therefore tis no won der if the Confequences which I have been juft


now naming


be difcourag d by this, from and religious Powers, and reafluming to fruit the Devil out 5 for the Cafe is venturing plain he may be fhut out 5 the Soul is a ftrong Caftle, and has a good Garrifon plac d within to defend it 5 if the Garrifon behave well, and do their Duty, it is impregnable, and the cowardly Devil muft raife his Siege and be gone ; nay, he
his natural



rnufl fly, or, as


call it,

make his



he be laid by the Heels, that is, left his Weaknefs be expofed, and all his Lurking, lying in Wait, ambufcade- Tricks j this Part would bear a great Enlargement, but I have not room to be witty upon him, fo you muft take it in the Grofsj the DEVIL lies at Blye Bujh y asourCoun-






The Modern


try People call

out of it, to watch .your coming Hold j and if you happen to go abroad unyour arm d he feizes upon and mafters you with eafe. Unarm d, you ll fay, what Arms fhoulcl I take? what Fence again ft a Flail ? What Weapons

can a


take to fight the Devil ?




fight him with, and what you might you what fright him with, for the Devil is to be frighted with feveral Things befides Holy Water , but tis

too ferious for you, and you ll tell me I am a preaching and a canting, and the like ; fo I muft let the Devil manage you rather than difpleafe you with talking Scripture and Religion. Well, but may not the Devil be fought with* fome of his own Weapons ? Is there no dealing with him in a Way of human Nature ? This? would require a long anfwer, and fome Philofo-; phy might be aclcd ? or at leaft imitated, and fome Magic, perhaps 5 for they tells us there are Spells to draw away even the Devil himfelf j as in fome Places they nail Horfe-Shoes upon the Threfhold of the Door, to keep him out 5 in other Places old pieces of Flint, with fo many Holes and fo many Corners, and the like But I mull anfwer in the Negative, I don t know what Satan might be fcar d at in thofe Days, but he is either grown cunninger iince or bolder, for he values none of


thofe Things now j I queftion much whether he would value St. Dunflan and his red hot Tongs, if he was to meet him now, or St. Francis or any of the Saints, no not the Hoft itfelf in full Proceffion j and therefore, tho you don t care I

ihould preach, yet in fhort, if you are afraid he fhould charge upon you and attack you, if you won t make Ufe of thofe Scripture Weapons I fhould have mention d, and which you may hear
of, if

for better

you enquire at Efb. vi. you muft looJk where you think you can find them, i But


395 on with my Work, the Devil, I go fay, not to be fcar d with Maukins, nor docs he

of the


his old Inflruments, but does much of his himfelf without Internments. And yet I muft enter a Caveat here too, againft being mifunderftood in my faying the Devil itands in no need of Agents ; for when I fpeak fo, I am to be taken in a limited Senfe y I don t fay he needs them no where, but only that he does not need them in thofe polite Parts of the World





have been fpeaking of, and perhaps not in many remote Countries tis 5 but otherwife ftillj the Indians of America are par ticularly (aid to have Witches among them, as well in thofe Countries where the Spaniards and the Engtiflj) and other Nations have planted themfelves, as am ong-fl thofe where the European Nati ons feldom come for Example^ the People of Ca nada, that is, of the Countries under the French Government of Qjiebeck, the Equimeaux, and other Northern Climates, have Magicians, Wizards and Witches, who they call Pilioatas or Pillotoasy thefe pretend they fpeak intimately and fa miliarly with the Devil, and receive from him the Knowledge of Things to comej all which, by the Way, I take to be little more than this that thefe Fellows being a little more cunning than the reft, think, that by pretending to fomething more than human, they fhall make the





ilronger Impreffions on the ignorant People ; as Mahomet amus d the World with his Pigeon, ufand perfuaded ing it to pick Peas out of his Ear, the People it brought him fuperior Revelations

and Infpirations from Paradife.


the People, of Hell, pretending to underftand dark Things, cure Difeafes, praclife Surgery, Phyfick and

thefe Pillotoas gaining an Opinion among behave like fo many Mountebanks



The Modern


Necromancy altogether; I will not fay, but Sa may pick out fuch Tools to work with, and
I believe does in thole Parts, but I think he has

found a nearer


to the


fufficient to


prefent Purpofe.

Some would perfuadc me the Devil had a great Hand in the late religious Breaches in France, among the Clergy, (viz.) about the Pope s Conflitution UnigenituS) and that he made a fair Attempt to fet the Pope and the Galilean Church together by the Ears, for they were all juffc upon the Point of breaking out into a Church War, that for ought

we knew might
himfelf car d

have gone farther than the Devil ; now I am of the quite contrary Opinion, I believe the Devil really did not make the Breach, but rather heal d ir, for fear it fhould have gone fo far among them as to have fet them all in a Flame, and have open d the Door to the Return of the Hugonots again, which it was in a fair Way to have done. But be it one Way or t other, the hiftorical Part feems to be a little again!! me; for tis cer tain, the Devil both wanted and made Ufe of Leof Agents, as well human as infernal, vifile and inviiible in that great and important Af fions fair, and we cannot doubt but he has innumera ble Inftrurnents ftill at work about it. Like as in Poland^ J make no Queflion but the Devil has thouiands of his Banditti at work at this Time, and in another Country not far from for the next Gene ir, perhaps, preparing Matters

laxation to the Proreftants, and to juflity the mo derate Executions at ^born, to excite a Nation to quarrel with every Body who are able to fight with no body ; to erect the Apoftate Race of Sy upon a Throne which they have no Title
to, and turn an eleftivc Throne into an heredita I might ry, in favour of Popery.

Diet, taking care to prevent giving any


of the



granting the bufy Devil at this Time employing all his Agents and Inftruments (for I never told you they were idle and ufelefs) in (hiving to enflame the Chriftian World, and bring a new War to cverfpread Europe \ I might, perhaps, point out to you fome of the Meafures he takes, the Provocatives which his State Phyficians adminifter to the Courts and Counfellors of Princes, to foment and ferment the Spirits, and Members of Nations, Kingdoms, Empires and States in the World, in order to bring thefe glorious Ends of Blood and War to pafs j for you cannot think but he that knows fo much of the Devil s Af
fairs, as





to write his Hiilory, muft know fomethofe that thing of all thefe Matters more than

do not know fo much as he. But all this is remote to the prefent Cafe, for this is no Impeachment of Satan s new Methods with Mankind, in this Part of the World, and
in his private and feparate Capacity j all this only in his more general and national Af fignifies that the Devil acts ftill by his old Methods 3 and

when he


to feduce or embroil Nations, he, like

other Conquerors, fubdues them by Armies, em of Devils, and fends out ploys mighty Squadrons with Generals and Generaflrong Detachments, fome to one Part of the liflimos to lead


World, fome

to another 3 fome to influence one fome to manage and direft another, ac Nation, and his Occaflons cording as Bufinefs prefents,

that his Affairs

may be


on cur

his Satisfaction. rently, and to If it were not thus, but that the Devil



new and exquifite Management, of which I have in general faid fo much, had brought Mankind of their own Mifchiefs, and to be the Agents
that the

World were


at his

Beck, that he

need but

The Modern
command them


go and

fight, declare

Armies, deftroy Cities, Kingdoms, War, Countries and People 5 the World would be a

Blood indeed, and all Things would run into Confufion prefcntly. But this is not the Cafe at all. Heaven has not


go the Government of the Creation to his that would overturn fubdu d Enemy, the Devil the whole Syitem of God, and give Satan more Power, than ever he was or will be vefted with when, therefore, I fpeak of a few forward Wretches in our Day, who are fo warm in their Wicked>

they anticipate the Devil, lave him the Trouble to tempt, turn Devils to themfelves, and he drives 3 I fpeak of gallop Hellward fafter than
nefs, that

as iingle Perfons, and a&ing in their own perfonal and private Capacity, but when I fpeak of Nations and Kingdoms, there the Devil is old Road, and ac~b by Stra oblig d to go on in the his proper Machinery, and to make tagem, by





his Arts,

has done in

and all his Agents, juft as he Ages, from the beginning of his

Government to this Day. if it was not thus too, what would become of all his nurabcrlefs Legions, of which all Ages have heard fo much, and all Parts of the World have had fo much fatal Experience? They would


feem to be quite out of Employment, and be rendered ufelefs in the World of Spirits, where it is to be fuppofed they refide; not the Devil himfelf could find

any Bufinefs for them, which by the to bufy and mifchievous Spirits, as they Way, are, would be a Hell to them, even before their

Timej they would
State of Inactivity,

be, as



doom d

to a

which we may fuppofe was

one Part of their Expullion from Bleflednefs and the Creation of Man j or as they were for the the Deftruction of iurprifing Interval between




Mankind by the Deluge and Noah s coming out of the Ark, when indeed they might be laid to have nothing at all to do.

not Satan
too, that


Cafe, and therefore let


you may not think I treat you the Cafe with more Levity than I really do, and than I am fure I intend to do y tho it is too true that our modern and modiih Sinners have arriv ed to more exquifite Ways of being wicked, than their Fathers, and really feem, as I have them nay, that laid, to need no Devil to tempt

as to others alfo, they do Satan s Work for him and make themfelves Devils to their Neighbours,

even falter than the tempting others to crime Devil defires them, running before they are fenr, and going of the Devil s Emndsgratis 5 by which Means Satan s Work is, as to them, done to his him a great Hand, and they may be faid to fave after all, the Devil has deal of Trouble , yet a great deal of Bufinefs upon his Hands, {till and as well himfelf as all his Legions, find them
felves a full

the World, Employment in dilturbing the Glory and Kingdom of their and oppofmg whofe Kingdom it is their whole great Superior,

however vain in and deftroy, if they were


End, to overthrow

to en able, or at leaft



This being the Cafe,
the general

follows of courfe that Mifchiefs of Mankind, as well national

and public, as family Mifchiefs, and even perfonal,
(except as before excepted)
lie all (till at



off of to the



it if

manner of the Devil s Management, and or the Way of his working by human Agents, if you will, the Way of human Devils, working in Affairs of low Life, fuch as we call and th tion, Sorcery, Black- Art, Necromancy,


as ever, let his Advocates bring him can , and this brings us back again



The Modern



I take to confifl of

Parts, and

both very neceflary for us to be right*

d of. ly inform

Satan by himfelf or his infe empowers fuch People to do, as he is in Confederacy with here on Earth $ to whom he may be laid, like the Mailer of an Opera or Comedy, to give their Parts to whether act, and to qualify them, to ac~b it he obliges them toaRehearfal in his Prefence, to try their Talents, and fee that they are ca pable of performing, that indeed I have not
rior Devils

The Part which


enquired into. That Part which thefe empowered People do voluntier or beyond their Commiffion,to ihew
their Diligence in the Service of their new Mailer, and either (i.) to bring Grifl to their

Market of their manner they can $ or Employment (z.) to gain Applaufe, be admir d, wonder d at, and applauded, as if they were ten Times more Devils than really they are.
Mill, and




in the beil

In a Word, the Matter confifts of what the Devil does by the Help of thefe People, and what they do in his Name without him j the Devil is fometimes cheated in his own Bufinefs j there are Pretenders to Witchcraft and Black- Art, who Satan never made any Bargain with, but who he connives at, becaule at leall they do his Caufe no harm, tho their Bufinefs is rather to get Money, than to render him any Service, of which I gave

you a remarkable Inftance But to go back to his
I reckon two.


Agents, of which


of the I . whole Arts are truly black. all the hereby oblig d to believe the Witches and Wizards. there are fuch People. them&amp.5t whom I. he acts in and even at the they have confefs d of themfelves. a&amp. DEVIL. and even to fome more mo dern than his Eminence. who ftrange Things have been allow d to be fuch. becaufe really infernal ) it will be very hard to decide the Diipute between thofe who really a6b thus in Con federacy with the Devi^ and thofe who only pretend to it) fo I fhall leave that Difpute where I find but that there are. as I have or at leaft have of whom I can fay no more till farther Occafion offers. perhaps of all Sorts ) and that the Devil keeps up his Correfpondence with I mutt not venture to deny that Part. chang of the con bring upon me the whole PofTe and bewitching Crew. Male and Female. a Set of People in the World. of which Sort Hiftory haps) gives us plenty of Examples. and in Confederacy with him) thefeare fuch as I mention d in the beginning of this Chap ter. many do. as I have faid already z. nay. and if I come to have an Occafion Not that I am {peak . and they (per know it not. to Gallows. who have been that hang d for it. from Machiavers firft Difciplc to the famous Car dinal Alberoni. and very intimate with him and tho . Thofe who by immediate Direction of the Devil. 399 Thofe who Thofe aft by Dire&ion and Confede racy. he has much alter d his d Hands of late ) yet that Schemes and it&amp. who really are of his Acquaintance. juring and they fhould mob me for pretending to deny them the Honour of dealing with the Devil^ which they are fo exceeding willing to have the left I Fame of. &amp. have faid of themfelves) nay.

not know who Agent a Word. be one of the greater!: Pieces Wifdom in the World. I may perhaps con* vince you that the Devil s pofleffing Power is much leflen d of late. and which is more. And let none of my Readers be angry or think themfelves ill tifed. fo near the Clofe defcribe and mark out the in- Voluntary Devils which there are in the World . : of whom it may be truly faid. and when he is not 5 in Houfe. would take up Time and much Room. of human perhaps. of this Work. that he ufes all manner of Methods and Craft to refide in fuch People as he finds for his Purpofe. that really the Devil is in them. perhaps. tho the Devil is cunning and managing. and therefore takes other Meafures. when he is under his Direction. and may act them. and by them. it may. and they know it not Now.400 The Modern HISTORY fpeak freely of the Matter. and they not know it . doing the Devil and when not. wlien I tell them the Devil may be in them. or that he does not find the old Way (as I faid before) fo fit for his Purpofe as he did for merly. for a Man to know when the Devil is in him. and that he either is limit ed. and can be very filent where he finds it for his Intereit not to be known j yet it is very hard for him to conceal himfelf. and It . whether they know it or no. and his Fetter fliorten d more than it has been. for I muft add. whom It many of them too. and a great deal of they know too not. s Work. to for this Place. and to give fo little Diitiirbance in the as that the Family fhould d in it 5 yet. whe ther they will or no. in and by it whom the Devil really acts. I fay. but I mult adjourn that to a Time and Place by itfelf But we are told that there are another Sort of Peo : a great ple^ and. and when not j when he is a Tool and of Hell. the De lodg vil is fo fubtle and fo mifchicvous an Agent.

and the Mind feels no Tcmpefts regular and are rifing j if the Affections Obexalted to vertuous and fublimc D d . but a grave and well weigh d Mind may make a fe rious and folid Application of it. tho it is and the Affections which are the Spirit. and withall. and bring a ftronger Power to take PofTeffion j but this. and in what Temper the &amp. bid him go about his Bufinefs. &amp. in fhort. tis a great Part of human Wifdom to know when the Devil is in us and by us. as to the bare knowing when he is at work with us. and fee there how the Paflions which are the Blood. how they circulate. in deed. that they fhould do fo \ and as I am now fo near the End of my Book. and might deferve to be handled in a more ferious true. and you may eafily fee who turns the Wheel if a perfect Calm pofTeflcs the Soul} if Peace and Temper prevail. and too great to be gin with here. put a Stop to hisProgrefs. and let him know he fhould carry on his Defigns no farther in that manner 5 that we will be his Tools no longer. to turn him out of Doors. and lead you it as far as I can. you have no more to do but look a little into the Microcofm of the Soul. move in their particular Veffcls. and afting when not 5 the next and ftillgreateft Part would I fay. I fay this. in which a clear Sight and a good Senfe may not fee that the Author s Defign is. nor is itfo very difficult for Example. Pulfe beats there. that there is no Part of this Work fo fcemingly ludicrous. if they pleafe* nor is there any Part of this Work. this is a very to Way than I feem to be talking in all this Book* but give me leave to talk of Things my own way. may be be to prevent him. is too folid a Subject. I thought it was meet to tell you fo.DEVIL: It is 40I weighty Point. But now. to tell you.

all calm and bright. of thefe hover over you. much more if you feel them within you $ if the Affections are poflefs d. which are the Life and enlivening Powers of the Soul. Nor can he be eafily difpofiefs d when he has got fuch hold as this j and tis no wonder. and running the Man head long into Crime. fee by it in a full View. Wrath. duces the Man at laft to a Surrender. and the Soul hurried down the Stream to em brace low and bafe Objects j if thofe Spirits. that being lodg d thus upon the Out-Works of the Soul he continues to fap the Foundation of the reft. happy and fweet like it felf. or any venge. however. the Cafe is eauly refolv d. re is Mind ruffled. out of the Reach of the evil Spirit j for the divine Spirit is an Influence of Peace. is making his Lodgment to cover and fecure himfelf in his Hold. the is in a general Re6Htude of Mind . are drawn off to Parties. Hatred. the State of the Man. Envy. if if Anger. he be truly faid to be his own Man-.Works. and the Mind fedate. the Man is poffefs d. if at any Time the Paffions fwell the Breaft.402 ^e6ts. Heaven Man may {bines and he his Soul with its benign Influences. But on the other Hand. If the Allegory be not as juft and appofite as you would have it be. that he may not be difpoflefs d. The the Spirits cool. Clouds gather. and by his inceflant and furious AiTaults. if Vapours rife. you may. and to be engag d in a vicious and corrupt manner. and how is more common. Re Strife j if thefe. and the Devil carries on his Defigns y nothing I believe there are few - thh&ing . and upon is tending to every Thing that is good both prefent and future. fhooting out wild and wicked Defires. the Devil is in him j and having taken the Fort. or at lead the Counterfcarp and Out.

tis all the Devily tho the and at laft into Ruin Man does not know it. and that Amof Rule is the Devil bidon d 2 * that the Circulation &amp. and that the Man too is precipitated into Mifcnief. who is a Slave to his Paffions. to lay Plots and Snares for the Life of his Enemies. has pretend to take it illj when I fay he the Devil in him. and how comes that Paffion and Man Revenge it to pals fo often difpoflels the of himfelf. Let not any Man then. and to commit fometimes the word of Violences to obtain the wick How many have had their Throats ed Reward. or who is chain d down to his CovetPaffions Pride m oufnefs.if the ven we can t pretend it comes j if we muft not vi&quot. have been murther d on the Defire of Highway. or in their Beds. or that he is a Devil : elfe What can it be. than for our Paffions and Affeftions to flow out of the ordinary Channel 5 the and Blood of the Soul to be ex tray afa Spirits ted. corrupt and violently cious: Whence does all this proceed ? from &quot. for the what they had ? It is the fame Thing in other in a Man j Luft Articles. and what is Ava Affedions} the Infidc of the Man Pay. 4o 3 thinking Minds but may reflecT: upon it in their own Compafs. rice. into a Fever? is precipitated to that Degree. fay tis the Devil. whofe fwells the Door muft it lie at? Avarice moves the j and what is Pride. D . cut for their Money. the Affections impetuous. and fo to third for Blood ? How comes this but by the Devil s putting thofe Spirits of the Soul into fo violent a Ferment. plun* der and deftroy for Money. as to lead him to commit Murther. In like manner Avarice leads him to rob. every Vice is the Devil of great Men. the Paffions grow violent and outragious. but the Devil as and really as ever he was in the Herd perfbnally of Swine.

fhould do this Thing^ and yet he was that Dog. to make him wickeder than ever he thought it was poffible for him to be. laft Of the Dcvil j Scene of Liberty. and did all thofe cruel Things for all that . one has a Devil of one Clafs acting him. and acts us. thcr the Devil has his involuntary Inftruments. and indeed tho we may not fufpeft it of our felves j like Hazael the jiffyrian^ who when the Prophet told him how he would act the Devil upon the poor Ifraelites^ anfwer d with Deteftation. one another. unknown to our felves tho* we know nothing of it. is thy Servant a Dog that he as Thus &amp. mortal. and in us. in him. with what we are to underfland of his being tormentedfor ever and ever. and Reverence which Mankind ought of right to pay to their his have an End AS the Devil is a Prince of the is Power of the Kingdom as and he is call too . fo his Umrpation alfo. The CONCLUSION. well as thofe who act in Confederacy with him he has a very great Share in many of us. and muffc d the God of this 5 that is. mud have an End Satan is call d the God of the World. and what may be fnppofed to be his End. or a&ing.404bition is The Modern their *s HISTORY Devil as much as whoring is FaDevil. : like the World it felf. and every Man s reigning Vice is a Devil to him. the Devil afting him. the great Ufurper of the Homage World. as Men Air.

not being affe&ed with Fire. fo muft ning expire and be remov d be fore the End of Time. which are all Flame. neither do I fugged. Commentators. Spi rits that are not embodied and cannot die. &amp. as they had a begin in Time. perhaps. I do not underftand as they feem to do. all the Ter rors of an eternal State are reprefented to us in and in the Writings of the learned Scripture. And thus I claim to be underftood. all fuch Fire as this) defpife. I muft be allow d to fpeak there of that mate rial Fire. yet he is not the Governor of this World and therefore the Homage and Worfhip he has from the World is an Ufurpation j and this will have an End. becaufe the World it felf will have an Endj and all Mankind. and by which \he Pain of Senfe is defcrib d this. by which. or fo much as think that infinite Power cannot form a fomething (tho* inconceivable to us here) which ih. It does not follow from hence.of too the DEVIL: proftitute themfelves to much ^ proftrate and him. and therefore have as if I fuppofed there was no Place of Punifhment for the Devil^ nor any Kind of Punifhment that could affecl: them $ and fo of our Spirits alfo when transformed into Flame. what is to become of him ? what is his State to be? whether is he to wander. and as in- When we we fupportablc . as by an Allegory. Since then the Devil s Empire is to expire and come to an End. and in what Condition is he to remain to that Eternity to which he is ftillto exift ? I hope no Man will miftake me fo much in what I havefaid as to Spirits. and that the Devil himfelf and all his Hoft of Devils are immortal Seraphs.aU be as tormenting. but are to remain in being j the Queftion before us next will be. re all Flame (that is all Spirit) lhall all Fire (that is.

unembodied and rarified into Flame . or could not pre pare a juft Penalty for him 3 and that it fhould not all end in God s entire Victory over Hell. and his calling out to our blefled Lord when he caft him out of the furious Man among the Tombs. 28. and therefore I have referv d it to this Place. if he fhould not avenge himfelf upon this Rebel. does not belong to Satan s Hiflory. and if you won t believe the Word of God. and in all poffible endeavour to de throne and depofe the Majefly of Heaven j that yet Heaven had not What have we to do with or to plead for thinking prophanely himprofane It me with Enemy muft be Atheiftical to the laft Degree to fug- whereas the Devil has been heaping and amaffing Guilt ever fince the Creation of up Man. and in Satan s open Condemnation: Heaven could not be juft to its own Glory. and to a Spirit. charge felf. the Devil himfelf has own d. I confefs. it would appear undoubted to me 5 but this. That his Condition is to be a State of Punifhjnent. ledges four Things. ly to my prefent Purpofe. and three of them are tient Station for the dire&amp. and fhall alfo be the {hotter in it. tho where the Devil acknow-. Speaking. for all his fupergeft. and art thou come to torment us before the 3*ime? Luke viii. I hope you will believe the . in thofe Words. and do dies not give the leaft Occafion to an to &amp. as Fire would be to other Bo in which I think I am orthodox. that lative Wickednefs in his modern as well as an- Blood of fo many millions 5 of his faithful Subjects and Saints whom he has deftroy dj and if nothing elfe ofFer d it felf to prove this Part. is a Proof of it. an apoftate Seraph. cncreafing in hatred of God and Rebellion againfl him.406 The Modern HISTORY fupportable to a Devil.3&amp. and that by Torment.

in order to de prive him of the Honour and Felicity which he was created for. pointed when he as tis impoffible to know. to purfue Mankind with all poffible Rancour. that Devils fhall at lad receive a Punifhmcnt fuitable to their fpirituous Nature. and being not at prefent inclined to fill your Heads and with weak and find It it. that 1 take to be as ncedlefs to us 4. s acknowledges Chrift was able to tor- nient him. namely .of the Devil i efpccialiy . has improv d his Time to the uthe has not fail d on all Occasions to exert his Hatred. I leave Thoughts it where I enough to us that this Torment of the De reprefented to us by Fire. in what Manner . and Malice at his Conqueror and Enemy. as I think will let you fee tis rightly founded. the Matter ftands thus. . to fucceed the Devil and his Angels in the State of Glory from which This they fell. and by what Means^ this tormenting the Deviiis to be perform ed or executed. He He He Evidence. and as exquifitely Tormenting as a burning Fire would be to our Bodies. As to bow. his Maker $ he has nor fail d. Rage. acknowledges he may be tormented. 1 confer* Chrift to be trie Son of God (that the Way) and no Wanks to him for that does by y He not want the Devil 2. DEVIL: tis - 407 when an open Confeffion againft himfelf. Having thus fettFd my own Belief of this Matter. from Principles of meer Envy and Pride. and flated it fo. namely. it being impoffible for our confin d Thoughts to conceive of Tor ment by any Thing in the World more cxquifite $ vil is whence I conclude. Satan having been let loofe to play his Game in this mofl -y World. acknowledges that there is a Time ap fhall be tormented. is imperfect Guefles. 3.

I have brought the Hiftory of the Devil down to your own Times \ I have. let them go to work with him their own know Things Wayj you future do not belong to an Hifto- him among you. wifhing you may be able to give no worfe an Account of him for the Time to come. FINIS. either here or hereafter. a$ were. and do more Mifchief than ever yet he has been permitted to do $ whether he {hall break his Chain.*& Thus. . rats d him for you. and fufficient to his Nature. thai you fhall be troubled no more with him. that there is yet a Time to come. that even this Part too does not belong to his Hi ftory . Some have fuggefted. if ever it (hall be given an Account of by Mankind. good People. fo I leave Time pa ft. muft necefTarily have greatly encreafed his Guilt 5 and as Hea ven is righteous to judge him. it muft be after it is come to pafs. adequate to his Crime. muft terminate in an encreafe of Piiniihment. that you may know him and have a Care of him. for my Part is not Prophefy of foretelling what the Devil {hall do. they cannot tell.4os The Modern HIS TORY This Hatred of God and Envy at Man.: If any cunninger Men among you think they are able now to lay him again. O it&quot. r -. and fet him in your View. but Hiftory of what he has done. than I have done for the rian. having broken out in fo many feveral Ways in the whole Series of Time from the Work. and fo difpofe of him out of your Sight. or be unchain d for a Time. when the Devil {hall exert more Rage. and tis happy for . nor I neither .

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