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Published by: RaShawnThurman on Apr 04, 2012
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March 23, 2012 Detailed description of my scenes, chapters, levels Basic synopsis: A mentally disabled female who suffers with

a rare disease called Stockholm disease, who spends her life trying to find the man who abducted her. Stockholm disease is a psychological response when someone is taken hostage and shows signs of sympathy, loyalty. The story spends its time following this girl who is killing everyone that she comes across that looks like her abductor.

Chapter one: I want my first chapter to start off with an innocent little girl swinging on a swing in her backyard on a nice summers day with tons of kids running around outside. Since it’s a beautiful day, everyone is outside, whether they are mowing grass, watering the lilies, or just watching their kids enjoy this nice summers day. Suddenly¸ a mysterious man approaches the little girl asking her if she wanted to go play with him.

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