Tentative Chapter Scheme (Summer Training Project / Study Project / Project) A student is required to submit 2 copies of the Study

Project duly approved by his/her Guide. ORGANIZATION OF THE PROJECT This project has to be presented in a number of chapters, starting with Introduction and ending with Summary and Conclusions. Each of the other chapters will have precise title reflecting the contents of the chapter. A chapter can be subdivided into sections, sub-sections and sub-sub-section so as to present the content discretely and with due emphasis. CHAPTER SCHEME Before proceeding to introduction following should get mentioned in the report Student Declaration Internal Guide Certificate Director Certificate Preface Acknowledgement CHAPTER I Introduction The purpose of introduction is to introduce the research project to the readers. It should contain a clear statement of the objectives of research i.e., enough background should be given to make clear to the reader why the problem was considered worth investigating. A brief summary of other relevant research may also be stated so that the present study can be seen in that context. The hypotheses of study, if any, and the definitions of the major concepts employed in the study should be explicitly stated in the introduction of the report. (Almost equivalent to Executive Summary) In this chapter followings should get the mentioning
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Overview of industry as a whole Profile of the organization Problems of the organization Competition information SWOT analysis of the organization

CHAPTER II Research Methodology The Methodology adopted in conducting the study must be fully explained. The scientific reader would like to know in detail about such thing. How was the study carried out? What was its basic design? If the study was an experimental one, then what was the experimental one, then what were the experimental manipulations? If the data

the scope of study should be stated and the boundary lines be demarcated.were collected by means of questionnaires or interviews. The various limitations. If measurements were based on observation. journals etc… Please note that latest authentic data adds to the quality of the project and gives good impression to viva. then exactly what questions were asked (The questionnaires or interview schedule is usually given in an appendix). The result section of the report should contain statistical summaries and reductions of the data rather than the raw data. then what instructions were given to the observers? Regarding the sample used in the study the reader should be told: Who were the subjects? How many were there? How were they selected? All these questions are crucial for estimating the probable limits of generalizability of the findings. All relevant results must find a place in the report. This generally comprises the main body of the report. extending over several chapters. Magazines. Statistical tools are to be used for analyzing the data.voce committee and organization as well. & news papers etc… Attempts should be made to collect latest information by scanning articles published in periodicals. must also be narrated. Based on data analysis presented in earlier . The extent and emphasis of the chapter depends on the nature of the investigation. A Brief theoretical backdrop and literature review about the project is required to be given referring to some standard textbooks. wherein CHAPTER IV Data Analysis A detailed presentation of the findings of the study. All the results should be presented in logical sequence and splitted into readily identifiable sections. In this section you are required to furnish :      OBJECTIVE SCOPE OF THE STUDY MANAGERIAL USEFULLNESS OF STUDY METHODOLOGY LIMITATIONS CHAPTER III Conceptual discussions (Theoretical backdrop and literature Review) This shall normally present a critical appraisal of the previous work published in the literature pertaining to the topic of the investigation. CHAPTER V Conclusions & Suggestions A statement of Conclusions & Suggestions in non-technical language is required so that all concerned can easily understand it. Journals. with supporting data in the form of tables and charts together with a validation of results. which is mandatory. The statistical analysis adopted must also be clearly stated. In addition to all this. under which the research project was completed. is the next step in writing the main text of the report. But one is to decide about what is relevant in the basic question.

if the findings happen to be extensive. Newspapers. are given below: Books Kotler Philips. New Delhi.chapters. etc are to be listed. Web Sites. relevant observations inference to be made/drawn. Business Today: 15-22 May 2000 Name of the articles. Then. at this point. . Analytical Master Charts and any other relevant documents may be included. Examples: As to how to write. Practical suggestions/recommendations are to be given to the organization. Name of the articles. And in second part of this chapter. Reports. Marketing Management Analysis. Planning Implementations & Control Edition. Appendices Here sample Questionnaires. Prentice Hall of India Ltd. Magazines Journals & Newspaper. Journals. Bibliography Reference Books. out here. 1998. Mumbai: 21st May 2000. The Times of India. they should be put in the summarized form.