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Forum: On behalf of someone i know i am asking if there are any A320 Pilots out there that know what the range of the Cost Index is for the A320 family? ---This is the formula for the Airbus CI C = CF x �F + CT x �T + Cc with CF = cost of fuel per kg CT = time-related cost per minute of flight Cc = fixed costs independent of time �F = trip fuel �T = trip time Time related costs are variable from airline to airline and that's the trade-off with the CI. You can minimize the fuel burn or the time it's a trade off. So, it's more than just the price of fuel.

It depends on the MCDU/FMGC manufacturer, and the selection of that depends on what the airline orders. Airbus has a simple graph that converts the airline calculated cost index to the equivalent FMGC cost index.

Still won't change those values...... they will always be proportional to the computed values, what we pay for gas, and the FOM. Plus where did you hear about the switch? I should better "explain" what MAX means for my vaules. Its not the MAX value able to be line selected, rather its the MAX value that should be used in flight in accordance to the FOM speed policy. The values I listed are the computed allowable limits for said week. Interesting thing is, a new Cost Index procedure was just put into effect this week at our airline letting us know what the maximum time critical value allowed is (after approval) and that is 140 for the A319 and A320 so that might help out your question since I think the current model we have is something with Sexton in its name. Also if you care, the maximum value that can be LSed for the nonpip, pip, AFMC, and Pegasus is 9999. I'm not sure if the Airbus Pegasus is the same, since I don't know that much about the Airbus, but I don't see why it wouldn't.

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