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One-Way Joist Floor System

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l:12 Slope, type Wiclthveries100mm o. rarger

. Thetypeof slabis alsocalled ribbed a slab. of 50-100 mm thick,supported by r lt consists a floorslab,usually reinforced concrete ribs. and uniformly c Theribsare usually lapered spaced distances at 750 mm. thatdo notexceed ribs J ln somefibbedslabs, spacebetween maybe filledwith the fillers orovide horizontal soffit. to a slab Dermanent

One-Way Joist FloorSystem

Advantages: . loads Longer spans withheavy r Reduced deadloaddueto voids . etc. between voids Electrical, mechanical canbe placed . vibration resistance Good

. ACI Reouirements JoistConstruction for (Sec. 8.11, ACI318-02) o Slabs andribsmustbe castmonolithicallv. o Ribsmustbe spacedconsistently o Ribsmaynotbe lessthan100mm in width o Depth ribsmaynotbe morethan3.5times minimum of the rib width ribs o Clear spacing between shallnotexceed 750mm. .. Ribbed theserequirements designed slabsnot meeting are as slabsand beams. '*

r SlabThickness o (ACl Sec.

distance between ribs) t >50 mm or > (1/12

give fire o Building codes minimum resistance rating:

. 1-hourfire rating: 20mm cover,75-90 slabthickness mm . 2-hour rating: fire 25mm cover, 15 mm slabthickness 1

PanJoist FloorSystems

thickness o Slab . Governed strength, rating,available by fire space o Overall depthand fib thickness and I Governed deflections shear by

PanJoist FloorSystems r Lavinq Out PanJoistFloors(conf.)

are Typically stirrups usedin joists no Forming Costs: Reducing joistdepthfor entirefloor r Useconstant r Usesamedepthforjoistsand beams(notalways possible)

PanJoist FloorSystems
r Distribution Ribs
perpendicular joists. Placed to S p a n s<6 .0 m:None 6.0 a Spans -9.0m : Provided mi at o Soans> 9.0 m : Provided third-ooints 12-mm o At least onecontinuous diameter is bar orovided too and bottomof distribution at rib. .Note: not required ACI Code,buttypically by usedin construction

. ACIprovides minimum member depth slab and requirements canbe used that without thickness (Sec. ACI318) 9.5 a deflection calculation preliminary o Useful selecting for member sizes

Depth Member
Table ACI 318-02: 9.5a

9.5-2 on-w.y co.skucrlon (nonpr6l.$.d) in Minihlm thicklessstipolar.d Tads s 5la) shall apply lor on way @nslruction nol supponing or atlachod lo parlitims or other bnelruclion liklyto b dE@gd by be dllcfions,unless@mpulalion ol deileclion ind leB a lesse. lhidoe6s @n b !s6d wirhouradve60 6fi&ls. OF IAAL 9.5(EFlllNlMUMTHICKNESS NONPRE. SIFESSEO BEAMSOF ONE-WAY SLAAS UNIESS ARE CONPUIEO OSFLECT|oNS


ffiruc16n r*.ry 6 b 4tuld

bl ralo.


;t 3*


l) Flat Slab reinforcementis calculatedfor bendingor for minimumreinforcement shrinkage and temperature. (A C lS ec7.12.2 ) G R4 0 o r G R5 00 0 0 2 0 A q
GR 60 0.0018 a.

Jolst Doslgn(continued)
2) ShearDesignof Joist Ribs a) AffowableV"= 1.10'V" trl -1 1A*1!!h o )

b) Shearstrength may be increasedusing shear reinforcementor by widening the ends of the ribs (not typical) .\ ..{..'., '.: L -j

Jolst Deslgn

3) ACI shear and moment coefficientsmay bs usod if reouirementsin ACI Sec 8.3.3are met. 4) Ribs are designedas T- Sections. Main positive reinforcamentincludes at lsast 2 bars.


Designthe simply-supporte.t stabshown betow. The slab is Dartof a floor in a typical residentialbuilding. Use f'c = 28 MPa,fv= 420MPa

0.20 n' 1. The effectivespan length= Lcr.,,+d Lcre.!+s or =4.5+0,2=1.7m 2. Liveload: Fromminimumdesign loadsfor structuresLL=2.0kN/m, 3. Required depth of the ribbedstab by ACt Table9.Sa = hnh=L/16= 4700/'16 294 mm

Ribbed Slab Design Exam ple

5- SuggestedDimensions

6. DeadLoad tor r.o-m strip Flatslabweight= 0.06'1.0t24.0= kN/m 1.44 Ribs weight = (0.12+0.16)/2.0.24-24.0/0.52 kN/m = t.S5 = Own weight of blocks = 5.0-0.18/0.52 1.73kN/m

Ribbed Slab Design Example

6. DeadLoad for 1.0-mstJip{continue} = 1.29kN/m'z Own weight ofthe fill = 0,1.'1.0.'12.9 = 0-025'1.0'22.0 0.55kN/m' = Own weight of the mortar = 0.025'1.0"24.0 0.60kN/m'? = Own weight ot the tilss = Own weight ot plastering= 0.025'1,0*22,0 0.55kN/m'? partitions= 1.0 kN/m'z Own weight of Total DeadLoad = 8.71kN/m2

RibbedSlab DesignExample
LL 7. Total ultimateload = 1.2DL+{.6 = = L2(8.7,11 .6(2.01 | 3.65kN/m, + ,t = 8. Total ultimateloadon one rib = 7.1 kN/m t. ,t,,a"," roagnt = w,L2l8 = = 7.1'4.778 19.6kN.m R " M" dbd' 19600') =0.511MPa 0.9(520)t270')

o= os :I;r:

RibbedSlab DesignExample
. 19,1 (520X270) nnz/ rib A, = 0,001385 A.'i' = 0-co3:t(t20x270) 107nt|l'/ rib A,r,aaa = 2tDl2mn I db Ch.ckN.AIn thof,ftg. .-225'420r(0.85'28'520).nn ok 7.7 9. ShoarDe3ign Ultimaierho on one db V. = t.'1'11,7124.r".27Ft,1.06kN

= 23.s7 or.=,.r*o.ryJ4 rt20'210 w -+orr

Ribbed SlabDesign Example

10.Upper Plate Do8ign
w, = t3.65kN/m ConEatattvely,dslgn tha uppetplatats a slmpty auppo.ted b st . nu = wJ-.n = 0.273 kr|m
M i i1!l n 6 \ =0.19..t/Pa R" - -::+ = "- 1 " ' : dbd. 0.90000)(40.)

(| o _o.lsf:_,f L& l=o.ooo1 4 | li 0.85r./

= A. r 0.00023 {1000X.0}9.2mm, A.'r,,. o.oo18(1000x60) mm? t08 A@,rdd. to8 mrn/ blockor uro wld.d wlr! noah It avall.bL

RibbedSlab DesignExample
SlmpllfledBar Cutott Polnt8
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