PBIO 187 Survey of Biochemistry Laboratory focuses on basic biochemical techniques with broad applications such as titration, spectrophotometry

, gel filtration chromatography, protein purification, and gel electrophoresis. Emphasis will also be placed on developing good laboratory techniques and understanding experimental design. Laboratory exercise will explore many questions including how do buffers resist changes in pH, how much vitamin C is in common foods and beverages, how can the protein concentration of an unknown sample be determined, why can amino acids act as both acids and bases, and how can the activity of an enzyme be measured.

Contact Information Instructor: Laura Almstead, PhD Office: 307 Jeffords Hall Phone: 802-656-2919 E-mail: Laura.Almstead@uvm.edu

Lab Topics Measurements & Buffers Titration Spectrophotometry & Determination of Protein Concentration Ionic Properties of Amino Acids Gel Filtration Chromatography Purification & Analysis of Lactate Dehydrogenase Enzyme

Course Materials - Laboratory Manual - Safety glasses or goggles - Laboratory coat (recommended) - Bound laboratory notebook - Scientific calculator

Grading Grades will be based on in-class quizzes, participation and proper laboratory practices, laboratory notebook, homework assignments, and laboratory reports.