Please Look For: 1. Involvement Strategies: a. Think, pair, share b. Thumbs up/ down 2. Wait Time 3. Cooperative Learning: a.

Stand up, Hand up, Pair up 4. Explicit Instructions

Bethany Kuyper

Reading Core 2 and 4 April 11, 2012 Objective: “I can write down 2 books I may want to read this trimester” After teacher modeling and partner collaboration, the student will use a 3 by 5 note card to write down 2 books he/she may want to read this final trimester. While students read independently, the teacher will conduct reading conferences, using conference form, with at least 2 students. Essential Questions: What are two books you may want to read this Trimester? What kind of information can help you decide if you are interested in the book? Where can you find reviews for books?
Materials: • Computer • Projector • login • Prezi presentation “Date with a Good Book” • 3 by 5 note cards • Whiteboard • Whiteboard Markers • Writing • Reading Conference Sheet • Students individual reading books

Anticipatory Set: Have students turn to elbow partner and say the name of one good book that they have read BESIDES “Hunger Games”. Once students have partner shared, the teacher will ask for 5 students to share the book titles. These book titles will be written on the whiteboard.

Lesson Sequence: 1. Go over mini-lesson/ essential questions and “I can” statement. 2. Introduce example #1 from Miss Kuyper’s “Want to Read List”: Boy in the Striped Pajamas (I Quick Look Box: have so many books I Bloom: Application (share 2 books want want to read, and I can’t to read) Evaluation (decide which books read them all so I wanted are of interest. Why?) you guys to help me read Gardner: Visual (Prezi), Verbal them and tell me if they (discuss), Kinesthetic (stand up, hand up, pair up) are worth me reading.) Vygotsky (ZDP): I do, We do, You do (What Genre is this? What (model my choices, talk with class/ Genre do you need one of partner, write own) your written reviews to be?)

3. Introduce example #2 from Miss Kuyper’s “Want to Read List”: BANG! (Talk about the review- found on Amazon“Sometimes, I like to read reviews on a book before I read it, see what others think. I also read the back of the book and look at other books the author has wrote.” 4. Introduce example #3 from Miss Kuyper’s “Want to Read List”: Shiver (Has anyone read this book? Do you give it a thumbs up or down?) 5. Stand up, Hand up, Pair up (Cooperative Learning Strategy) a. Get with partner b. Share which book looks the best and why? Or if none of them, what book did it make you think of that you may want to read? (Maybe you are thinking that none of these look interesting, but me mentioning a story about the Holocaust made you think of another book you wanted to read or the genre fantasy.) 6. Students go back to seats 7. Teacher hands out note cards 8. Teacher explains that on their own, student: a. Name on back b. Name of two books they may want to read this trimester on front 9. Review Essential Questions 10. Students fill out cards 11. Students hand card to teacher 12. Students get book for Independent/ Partner reading 13. Teacher Conferences with students as they read (see conference sheet) Evaluation: 1. Did I review the Essential Questions and “I Can” statement? Yes / No 2. Did every student turn in a card with two books they may want to read this trimester? Yes / No 3. Did I follow the lesson sequence? Yes / No 4. Did I conference with at least 2 students? Yes / No 5. Did I include all of my “Please Look For” components? Yes / No 6. Did students seem engaged? What was the evidence?

7. Are most students reading independently/ in pairs? What is the evidence?