Teacher: Kristan Morales Unit Title: Systems of Equations + Inequalities Unit Objectives: Students solve a system of 2 Linear equations

in 2 variables algebraically + are able to interpret the answer graphically students are able to solve a system of 2 linear inequalities + sketch the solution set. Standards Addressed: Standard Alg 1 9.0 Knowledge
List out the 3 types of solutions to linear equations. Graph out system of equation group problem.

Explain why 2 intersecting lines have only 1 solution.

Write equations for linear word problem.

Solve word problem + show how solution satisfies both word problem situations. Investigate different ways to graph lines.

Make up your own problem.

Evaluate if another group word problem matches equation. Evaluate other group posters present.

Verbal/ Linguistic Interpersonal

Discuss with group if all members found same solution.

Interview group members on which method used to graph. Act out- Make cheer with the 3 types of solution using arm movements. X one none // infinitely many.


Recite types of solution to system of equations.

Locate similarities and differences of equations by moving 2 rulers around on graph paper.

Create cheer for system of inequalities using concepts of crowd wave.


Memorize how to graph linear systems equations + inequalities.

Relate graphical solution to algebra solution + decide which of 3 methods you like best.

Solve system

Work with group to make poster of system + present ideas to class Create large outdoor coordinate grid and have students act out the points on a 2 line to see which student is on both lines and the solution to the system Devise a set of step by step instructions for yourself when solving systems

Decide if your rule book of how to solve could be improved upon.


Relate linear equation to growth of a plant over how many weeks.

Given initial plant height monitor growth each week + create data base.

Develop linear equation line of best fit to match plant growth data.

Compare 2 different species of plants + growth rates.


Know that a system solution is a set of shared points on a graph.

Demonstrate all 3 different ways when you can share points on graph.

Create equations that show all 3 types of solutions on graph

Choose many points on each equations graph + illustrate algebra that proves points on both graphs. Collect data and chart record sales of 2 performers and develop equation to model their sales growth. Apply both algebraic methods to variety of problems to find

Compare heights of 2 plants over time + speculate when heights are equal + when 1 plant will surpass height of others. Add on a 3rd equation of graph + find points that satisfy all 3 equations in system.

Evaluate if your plant growth model is effective in large populations of plant species

Musical Rhythmic

Observe 3 different methods of solving system equations.

Express a song that starts small + corresponds + relate to a linear equation with a positive slope.

Then 8 of 2 musical performers + how they are similar yet different + show crossover as 2 linear equalities. Analyze when elimination method will be

Compare how a system of equations might look like for other higher level equations such as parabolas. Evaluate the effectiveness of comparing musical performers using linear models Judge when each method is most effective and


Identify algebra method of solving systems.

Relate substitution method to eliminate method of solving

Compare algebraic methods to


system algebraically.

easier to use than substitution


graphical method + explain why all 3 methods still arrive at same solution.

how it could be applied to higher level system including