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Beauty's Duality

Beauty's Duality

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Published by Tony Powell
The duality of beauty in nature is explored through a descriptive essay... with an unsuspecting ending.
The duality of beauty in nature is explored through a descriptive essay... with an unsuspecting ending.

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Published by: Tony Powell on Apr 04, 2012
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Tony Powell Professor Matlock English 1301 4 April 2012 Beauty’s Duality Hovering high above the dew soaked trees, thoughtfully gazing below to the lush, green foliage that provides umbrage to a host of life, a sense of unbridled wonderment flourishes the senses- sporadically assaulted by an intrusive, rhythmic thump of air. Descending upon the surreal environment engages the senses in more profound detail- the air becomes heavier, pungent with tellurian scents, evoking thoughts of a rich environment. Topography slowly reveals itself giving semblance of a growing 3D shift in perspective. Clouds gradually rise upwards, now abandoning the once manageable scenery. The immersive, aerial sensory input subsides momentarily, as attention must be paid to its brutish facilitator while closing in on the windswept, grassy pasture. The cacophony of sound gradually comes to a pleasing halt, followed swiftly by a familiar ringing in the ears. Standing, unencumbered by distractions, the expansive discourse of vegetation boasts an impressive resume for nature: The monkey grass sways haphazardly, under submission to a warm, humid breeze; mushrooms and dirt intersperse the grass providing a template for open regions; trees of all sizes line the horizon entangled with droopy, half broken vines; saplings litter the tree trunks with bright, green leaves that endow an abstract décor to an already mesmerizing landscape. A primordial sense of curiosity overhangs the luscious scenery,

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promoting a feeling of wanderlust inhibited only by a foreboding presence of the unknown. The edge of the rain forest exudes an ambient sway of shimmering leaves that subdues light and wind with an eerie consistency, positively overshadowed by the hum of abundant life. Committing to the forest is easily done, without trepidation. Entering the green darkness was not a decision but compulsory, an obligatory response that welled from within. Inside, now peering out past the tall, thick trees to the pasture, the sensuous domain is new and exciting, ripe with experiences and beauty. Right away, a brown flying squirrel soars intently through the air, instinctively altering his body to catch mosquitoes in the most impressive aerobatic maneuvers. The ground is uneven, wet, and a collage of sparse, multi colored dead foliage accompanies fallen trees that have developed into mossy structures. Black beetles, adroit spiders, and the ever classical grub worms diligently working on the mossy structure pays homage to the cycle of life as the insects create shelter and take food from the fallen, decrepit tree. The trickle of a small, fresh water stream- no more than two inches wideelegantly pierces the quiet picture, framed by hairy vines and protruding tree roots. The water is observably clean and fresh, as the white rocks over which it passes easily provides a contrast for visible impurities. Disturbingly, a few feet down the stream, a small, striped, red and blue fish lies on its side, barely alive, gasping for air as water passes through one set of gills. Just then, the forceful, busy sound of water descends the stream and dogmatically ushers the fish to a larger, more accommodating stream below. With a tenebrous beauty, a three foot, dark green, archaic-looking alligator gar slithers out from behind an agglomeration of rocks. At the exact moment the fish is acclimated, the gar lunges forwards and consumes the fish whole, diving back into the water without so much as disturbing the peaceful, sacerdotal green lily’s and white flowers floating nearby. So quick, resolute, and unsuspecting nature can be to the average

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animal; vigilance must be instinctual to survive. This life and death drama, with its personal and global implication, escapes scrutiny as a black, wild boar sprints across the unsuspecting foliage, crushing all objects in its path. A myriad of wildlife, previously at peace, are instinctively alert to danger and impulsively dart in all directions to avoid calamity, adding yet another verse to this visceral drama. While the earth is still enthralled by this captivating display of nature, a light sprinkle of rain dances on the leaves high above, creating an audience to nature’s play below. The stream of water vibrates and shimmers, providing concealment to the underwater world. The hue of the forest shifts as streams of light punctuating the ceiling fade in intensity. The leaves, dirt, and bark turn caliginous, while simultaneously displaying a wet sheen. Small animals and insects scurry to take shelter as they have once before, no doubt aware of the austere, damning possibilities of nature. Eudemonia sweeps over the intellect as sultry air invades the nostrils, accented by the predictable, flowing drips of cool water droplets on the back of the neck. So engaging is the beautiful environmental permutation, neglecting the immediate surroundings is easy, overshadowing the senses to dangerous signs. The inconspicuous, brown sand sneakily captures idle feet, pulling in direct opposition of attempts to flee. Just outside of reach are short, green saplings rooted in sturdy ground, exciting escape and panicked movement, further stimulating the hungry, menacing quicksand. The rain suddenly tumbles down with authority, pulsating the surrounding trees and soil. The ravenous sand advances halfway up the body; movement is futile; the once beautiful forest is now a living nightmare. Reflecting on the fish in the narrow stream reveals glaring similarities between two species differing vastly in intellect, yet susceptible to the same folly. The relentless rain lowers the viscosity of the sand further, expediting impending death. Sinking deep in the beige, black speckled pit delivers an even,

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submissive pressure across the body. The slushy mixture closes in; water droplets mixed with sand splash in the eyes, nose and mouth. With the end nigh, a thought of life and harmony passes sharply-with quietude-through the brain. Death by the very system that has supported the bodily existence evokes a sense of finality, a full circle, the alpha and the omega.

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Purpose of sensory details The purpose of my sensory details was to show the extreme, alluring beauty of nature, while conveying the duality of nature in regards to beauty and death. I used the accounts of a man and his death to demonstrate this message clearly. The fish demonstrated how an animal can be at the complete mercy of nature; and even when it appears that everything is going to be alright, things might truly be at its worst. The wild boar could have just as easily been sprinting down a path in the man’s direction, and he would have been the one that would have been in peril. He should have listened to his instincts on several occasions and given second thought to nature’s demonstrations of power, but he was too captivated by the indulgent scenery and action around him. So engulfed by natures beauty, he selfishly ignored all the signs of foreboding danger, guiding him to his own demise.

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