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Major Infrastructure - 2012

Major Infrastructure - 2012

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Major Infrastructure Projects in Unincorporated Islands Project Name Project Description Loan/grant to repair water system serving

Crows Landing. Installation of sewer system in order to connect to City of Modesto infrastructure. Project Cost (Rounded) Source Year(s) Completed

Crows Landing CSD Water System Rehab Bret Harte Sewer and Lateral Connections

$ $

106,000 RDA 3,050,000 RDA

1994 & 2005 1996

Salida Downtown

Construction of curb, gutter, storm drain in downtown Salida. Reconstruction of Broadway Avenue. Installation of storm drain lines on Salida and Kiernan Avenues. Project included installation of curb, gutter, new street section and storm drain. Installation of sidewalk throughout Shackelford neighborhood (Shackelford School). Construction of community center and neighborhood park for Grayson. Includes road improvements along project site. Infrastructure Master Plan Loan/grant to repair downtown water line service Denair. Construction of a neighborhood park in Empire. Loan to repair water system serving Knights Ferry. Installation of sidewalk around Bret Harte Elementary/Hanshaw Middle School. Installation of sidewalk around Denair Elementary, Middle and High School. Installation of sidewalk around Keyes Elementary School. Project included installation of curb, gutter, new street section and storm drain. Sanitary sewer infrastructure also included (mains and laterals). Construction of a potable water line to serve portions of the Airport neighborhood. Installation of sewer system in order to connect to City of Modesto infrastructure. Construction of a community swimming pool and water play ground in Empire. Amenities include picnic shelter, benches, restrooms, offices, etc.


RDA/Mello Roos/USDA/Salida 8,000,000 Storm Drain


Empire Abbie Street/South Avenue Shackelford Sidewalk

$ $

1,604,365 RDA/Tobacco/Road 606,125 Safe Routes

2004 2004

United Community Center and Park Westley I-5 Master Plan Infrastructure Denair Water Improvements Empire Community Park Knights Ferry Water Improvements Bret Harte Sidewalk Denair Sidewalk Keyes Sidewalk

$ $ $ $ $ $

1,500,000 Tobacco Tax 25,000 RDA 175,000 ED Bank State/RDA/General 1,400,000 Fund 83,000 ED Bank 2,005,276 CMQA/RDA/Road
for all three communities Safe Route to School Project

2004 2000-2005 2005 2005 2005 2006 2006 2006

1998 School Sidewalk


Shackelford Neighborhood Airport Neighborhood Robertson Road Sanitary Sewer

$ $ $

8,891,314 RDA/Tobacco/Road 150,000 RDA 2,500,000 CDBG/Tobacco/Road State/Tobacco Tax/PFF/Private 2,800,000 Donations

2004-2006 2007 2006-2007

Regional Water Safety Training Center



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Major Infrastructure - 2012

Monterey Park Tract Water Study South Ceres Sewer Program

Matching funds for a $200,000 Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund project grant to conduct a planning study to evaluate the feasibility of alternative water sources in the Monterey Park Tract. Assist low income households to connect to sewer

$ $

40,000 RDA 410,211 CDBG

2005-2009 2005-2009

Keyes Storm Drain

Design and construction of a two phase construction project to provide the community of Keyes with a positive storm drain collection system. Project included installation of curb, gutter, handicap returns, new street section, and positive storm drain collection system. $ Improvements consisted of sidewalks, street lighting, a new traffic signal at the intersection of Salida Boulevard and Broadway Avenue, drainage improvements, overlaying of the existing pavement, abandonment of Cloutier Road, access driveways for the properties adjoining Cloutier Road, and striping. Engineering and design of a positive storm drain system for Empire. Project included installation of curb, gutter, handicap returns, new street section and positive storm drain collection system. Phase 1A constructed with a self-contained French drain system designed to connect to the positive storm drain collection system when the infrastructure needed to connect is installed during later phases of project.

18,000,000 RDA

2007 & 2010

Salida Boulevard Corridor


RDA/Road/Salida Plan 2,800,000 EIR/Salida Storm Drain


Empire Storm Drain Phase 1A Other Public Works/Community Projects Airport Neighborhood Alley Lighting Improvements Airport Neighborhood Sewer Study Denair Lighting District Improvements Empire Bike Lane


3,000,000 RDA/CDBG


$ $ $ $ Project is located in Westley. The project will extend from the intersection of Highway 33 and Howard Rd to the existing Grayson School, located approximately 800 feet west of Highway 33. Going to the Board on 4/17/12 $ $

7,460 CDF/Lighting District State Water Resource 447,729 Board 26,690 14

2010-2011 In Progress 2011 N/A

Grayson/Westley Bike Lane (Howard Rd Bike Trail) Marshall Lighting Improvements (West Modesto)

145,000 11,643

N/A 2010

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Major Infrastructure - 2012

Martin Luther King Sidewalk (West Modesto) North Ceres Neighborhood Sewer Study Parklawn Neighborhood Sewer Study Salida Bike Lane

Install six (6) handicap ramps on Martin Luther King Way. Split cost with City of Modesto.

$ $ $ $

16,149 CDF/City of Modesto State Water Resource 296,830 Board -


In Progress N/A

Salida Non-Potable Water Wells (Parks)

Design of a project to construct non-potable water wells at Wincanton, Segesta and Murphy parks within County Service Area 10. Each park will have one, non-potable water well installed, for irrigation use only. Going to the Board on 4/17/12

Salida Planned Development Fees 447,260 (Parks)


Slurry Seal Projects (Various County Roads, 2009-2011) South Modesto Lighting Districts (Various) West Modesto Lighting District $ $

1,253,590 Prop 1B, Roads -

2009-2011 N/A N/A

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Major Infrastructure - 2012

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