writ 1733 the arts and / as activism tiedemann spring 2012

• the prompt

Lynn Hunt argues that literature and the arts not only represent the human condition but teach us what “the human” is, what our rights and obligations to one another are, and how humans ought to live together. In this project, you’ll use Hunt’s concepts to interpret what and how an art object of your choice teaches us about the nature of humanity, human rights, and the human community.


Your essay should be approximately 1,500 words long. It should begin by clearly stating a strong thesis; it should then develop and support that thesis through careful analysis of specific pieces of evidence. The strongest theses will be those those that focus on something odd, curious, or otherwise unexpected about the art object under discussion, in an effort not merely to affirm Hunt’s arguments but to revise them, challenge them, or extend them in new directions. So aim to craft a thesis that surprises us and adds something new to our conversation about art and activism.

due dates and peer review

Your first draft is due on Google Docs by the start of class on Tuesday, April 10. You’ll make revisions to that first draft by Thursday, April 12. Your final revisions are due by noon on June 7. Please be sure to format and share your document correctly by following these instructions: http://scr.bi/I1D5bG In class on Tuesday the 10th, you’ll give and receive suggestions for revision with a small group of your peers. The sheet you’ll fill out for each of your peers is here: http://scr.bi/H9JfYD

project 1: interpreting activist art

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