                                                                     

PRODUCE Apples Asparagus Avocado Bananas Bean sprouts Broccoli Cantaloupe Carrots Celery Cilantro Garlic Grapefruit Grapes Green onions Green pepper Jalapenos Kale Lettuce Mushrooms Nectarines Onions Oranges Parsley Peaches Pears Potatoes Snow Peas Spinach Strawberries Sweet potato Tofu Tomato Watermelon Zucchini BREAD Bagels French Bread Hamburger buns Hoagie buns Honey Hotdog buns Jam Nutella Peanut butter Pita Wheat bread White bread DRINKS Soda_________________ Distilled water Water Sobe Vitamin Water FROZEN Burritos Chocolate syrup Eggos Frozen Corn Frozen juice__________ Frozen peaches Frozen peas Frozen strawberries Frozen Yogurt Grape Juice Ice Cream Orange Juice Pizza Popsicles MEATS Chicken Ham Hamburger Stew meat

LUNCH MEATS/CHEESE Bacon Bologna Cheese slices Cheese_____________ Chip dip Cream cheese Hot dogs Lunch ham Lunch turkey String Cheese SNACKS Chips_______________ Cookies_____________ Crackers____________ Popcorn Velveeta CEREAL Cheerios Chex ____________ Frosted flakes Frosted Cheerios Honey Bunches Honeycomb MG Cheerios Oatmeal Ovaltine Rice Krispies BAKING Baking Powder Baking Soda Brown Sugar Cake mix____________ Cinnamon Cocoa Cornmeal Cornstarch Cupcake papers Evaporated milk Flour Jello Karo syrup Marshmallows Muffin mix___________ Oil Pepper Powdered sugar Salt Shortening Spice ______________ Sugar Sweetened cond. Milk Syrup – fruit Syrup – maple Vanilla Yeast CONDIMENTS Catsup Lemon juice Miracle whip Mustard Olives, chopped Olives, sliced Olives, whole Pickles_______________ Relish Salad dressing Soy sauce Vinegar Wine/Sherry______________ Worcestershire

CANNED Applesauce Canned juice _________ Canned pears Canned pinto/red beans Cans_______________ Dry mix______________ Egg noodles Green beans Green chile salsa Macaroni Pizza Sauce Pumpkin, canned Refried beans Rice Rotelle Shell macaroni Soup - Bean with Bacon Soup – chicken noodle Soup – cream of chicken Soup - Cream of Mush. Soup – lipton noodle Soup – lipton onion Soup – tomato Soup_______________ Spaghetti Spanish rice Stuffing Taco sauce Tomato Sauce Tomatoes, Can TORTILLAS Corn tortillas Flour tortillas CLEANING Bar keeper’s friend Cleaning_____________ Dishwasher soap Downey Floor cleaner Plastic silverware Plastic wrap Scrubbing Bubbles Soft scrub Sponges Straws Tide Tin foil Toothpicks Ziplocs DAIRY Butter Can Whip Cream Canned rolls Cottage cheese Eggs Margarine Milk Sour cream Whipping Cream Yogurt BATHROOM Bathroom____________ Deodorant Feminine Pads Imodium Plax Razor blades Tampons Toothpaste

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