5th Grade Science Research Project

Objectives: The student will research a topic or question based off of a Missouri Science GLE that falls under a major category. The student will develop a final product using their choice of a technology source. The student will have a choice in the route/direction of project as long as it is related to our 5th grade unit of studies in science. Research Project Steps: 1. Select a Category -Weather & Earth Systems -Structure of the Universe -Scientific Inquiry -Living Organisms -Principles of Force & Motion 2. Select a path – What question do you want to answer? What topic will you study? 3. Evaluate rubrics -What will be your final product? -Will you be collaborating with others? -What sources did you use for your research? 4. Research! 5. Create! How will you present your information to your audience? -Word? -Powerpoint? -Smart Notebook?

Topics/Question Stems
Select a category in which you would like to study. Within that category pick a specific topic to research. You may even want to ask a question. For example: Billy’s question for research is, “Why does the Earth revolve around the Sun?” Tonya wants to complete a research paper on Reptiles found in Missouri. Ashley wants to study the work of Isaac Newton

The Moon Galileo Solar System Planet Earth The Sun

Animals (can pick entire group OR
specific animal within group) Mammals Birds Fish Amphibians Reptiles Invertebrate Vertebrates

Meteorology Weather Tools Water Cycle Precipitation (rain! Snow! Sleet! Hail!) Bodies of Water

Scientific Inquiry
Scientific Method Metric System Scientists & technology

Force and Motion
Gravity & Newton Isaac Newton Forms of Energy

Name: ____________________________________


Research Project Checklist
Keeping this checklist is VERY IMPORTANT!!

I selected a topic and/or question stem. I selected how I want to publish my project. ____ Word ____ Powerpoint _____ Smart Notebook _____

I used three sources to gather my information. 1. ________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________ I wrote a rough draft of my project in my Writer’s Notebook. I have edited and proofread my paper with a peer and a teacher. I included at least 2 nonfiction features in my project. ____ photo/caption ____ bold print ____ glossary ____ headings ____ index ____ maps, charts, or graphs

I sited my sources on a bibliography page. (www.citationmachine.net) I have included a title page with my name, research title, date, grade, and teacher. I have written an About the Author Page I have published a final copy of my project. I have printed 2 copies of my project. I have completed the online survey about the project.

This project is due: ___________________________

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