In partial fulfillment for the requirement of the project study course in two year fulltime masters of business administration programme of Gujarat University Submitted To:

N.R.Institute of business management Submitted By: Tejas Thakker [08111] Harshal Parikh [08071] Project Guide: PROF. Dr. Sneha Shukla

Batch: 2008-2010

N.R Institute of Business Management

Money laundering .Cheque truncation .4) (4.Pest Analysis 3 4 About State Bank of India Contemporary issues in banking sector ( 4.O.3) (4. .T Analysis .W.5) 5 Analysis .1) (4.Equator principle 47 59 78 90 107 119 21 27 30 35 1 2 3 PARTICULARS PAGE No.Five Force Analysis .S.Table of content CHAPTER No.2) (4. Preface Acknowledgement Executive Summary Research Methodology Objective 1 2 Introduction to the banking industry Industry analysis .Bank@home .Retail business development .

6 7 Suggestions Bibliography 131 140 N.R INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (GLS-MBA) .

Certificate This is to certify that Mr. Dr Hitesh Ruparel Director in charge Prof Dr Sneha Shukla core faculty.Harshal Parikh roll no.8071 students of N. Tejas Thakker Roll no 8111 and Mr.nribm& Project guide .R INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (GLS-MBA) has successfully completed their project study on contemporary issues in banking sector in partial fulfillment of MBA Programme of Gujarat university. This is their original work and work has not been submitted elsewhere.

It is time when banks need to redefine their role. Bank at home is an issue where banks will try to reach to our home and will provide personalized service.our study will be helpful to other students . We hope our analysis suggestion will be very useful to above mention entities. Under retail business development government banks will try to cross sell products with traditional banking products to generate more revenues. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT . Today with the fear of terrorism money of underworld and money obtained through unauthorized sources can be converted in legal money which is a danger to economy. In cheque truncation RBI Is aiming at fast clearance of cheques with the use of technology.SBI . Today with the growth of private sector banks public sector banks are also facing intense competition. We have taken five most recent happening issues in banking sector.other banks and to every person who is associated with banks. We have taken this project to study contemporary issues in banking sector. we have studied bank at home model of SBI and proposed RBD plan for SBI and analyzed remaining topics .equator principle is a new concept and essential when global warming and such other environmental issues occur.PREFACE Today banking industry plays a crucial role in development of Indian economy.

Finally would like to express my gratitude to. I would also like thank him for providing us guidance for understanding the operations of the Bank. I wish to extend my deep and sincere gratitude to Mr. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY .dinesh thakker of state bank of India who take out time from their busy schedules to provide us with their valuable guidance at the time of need and who also helped us whole heartedly to achieve the ultimate goal of the study.On the successful completion of this project I would like to express gratitude to all the people who have helped us in completion of this project. Prof Dr Sneha Shukla of N. Institute of business management who gave us constant guidance through out our grand project. R.

Retail business development. In order to understand and analyze the feasibility and response of BANK@HOME service. Money laundering. we have made the attempt that how rbd can become revenue generation model for the bank. Rbd helps banks in achieving their goals. Pamphlet to educate customers Regarding the service. . Observation also indicated that the foot falls at the branch actually come from various parts of the city irrespective of the relationship the customers have with the branches through out the city. places where the drop boxes should be placed. The Bank will have to promote the service in order to reach out to the customers and make its presence felt. which will make the task even more difficult to put up drop boxes throughout the city strategically For awareness of the service we gave awareness strategies. Cheque truncation and equator principle. and some suggestions to overcome the problem which may arise. in order to grow in the present scenario banks have to make sure that they attract new clients not only by providing them new service but also by making them aware and wining their trust. .The main object of the project was to learn about the contemporary issues in banking sector such as Bank@Home. we focus on the walk inns at the branch that already are customers of the bank and meet them while they were in queue waiting for their turn through informal communication. Promotional strategies. Obtained information revealed that many of the existing customers who live even far off from the branch have high frequency of visits to the branch. Retail business development Model that is basically a new dimension of selling product to customers for nationalized banks.

The physical instrument will be truncated at some point en-route to the drawee branch and an electronic image of the cheque would be sent to the drawee branch along with the relevant information like the MICR fields. Here we have studied how this concept will be helpful to banks as well as customers. Here we have studied the role of banks in money laundering concept. . Truncation is the process of stopping the flow of the physical cheque issued by drawers the drawee branch. presenting banks etc.Money Laundering refers to the conversion or "Laundering" of money which is illegally obtained. Banks adopting the Equator Principles undertake to provide loans only to projects whose sponsors can demonstrate their ability and willingness to comply with comprehensive processes aimed at ensuring that projects are developed in a socially responsible manner and according to sound environmental management practices. Here the purpose of study is to understand the role of banks in equator principles. Equator Principles are voluntary set of guidelines developed for managing social and environmental issues related to the financing development projects. date of presentation. so as to make it appear to originate from a legitimate source.

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