The objectives of the Mindful Consumption campaign are as follows: 1.

To ensure that the basic food and nutritional needs of people are met without prejudice to their socio-economic status. 2. To ensure that global food production and distribution is properly aligned to guarantee global food security for the world’s increasing population without damaging the natural eco balance or depleting the earth’s resources. Essentially grow more and distribute better in a collaborative manner that deemphasizes profit making. 3. Put in place a global collaborative system among companies, governments, multilateral agencies, NGOs etc that will ensure that food aid is not delivered only in times of crisis and emergencies (e.g. the drought and famine in East Africa of 2011). The system should be able to pre-empt future and potential food crisis, and therefore seek to have subsidized agricultural produce sold to the needy countries at significantly low prices prior to the onset of food related crisis and emergencies. It makes more economic sense to sell cheaper to needy people when they can still afford to pay (at least the cost of purchase will offset the logistical cost required to move the food aid to those location, also providing some level of financial compensation to producers) than to ship off food to them when they are already dying and unable to pay.

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