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MIDTERM RESPONSE PAPER In studying the history of Puritan America, including its outbreaks of witchcraft, sociologist Kai Erikson

spelled out a broad theory that connected deviant behavior with normal behavior found in a community. Surprisingly, Erikson argued, by closely examining behaviors considered deviant, it is often possible to see the most deeply held values of a community. In fact, he believed that the most feared and the most respected types of behavior found in a particular culture often seem to mirror one another. Erikson used this theory to explain changes in patterns of crime. Many authors, however, have also used the same theory to explain changing descriptions of, explanations for, or reactions to mental illnesses in different historical eras. In a clearly-written, well-organized, and well-documented essay, use the readings from this course to examine this theory by testing it in each of the following four cases: a. How seventeenth-century Puritans described and dealt with witchcraft; b. How early nineteenth-century institutional superintendants described and dealt with their patients; c. How experts explained the behavior of presidential assassin Charles Guiteau; d. How late 19th century neurologists explained and dealt with neurasthenic men and hysterical women. In analyzing each of these episodes, your essay should explore what we can learn about the most respected types of behavior in a given era by analyzing the least respected types of behaviorthat is, types of behavior labeled either criminal or mentally ill. Your essay must include well-chosen examples from the readings dealing with each of these eras in your essay. You should also analyze the major ideas about crime or mental illness evident in the period you are discussing. You do not need footnotes or a bibliography for this paper. However, if you want to use direct quotations to illustrate your points, you should cite the author you are quoting and the page number in parenthesesfor example: (Rosenberg, p. 20).

Your paper should be 6-8 double-spaced typed pages long. It must be submitted via Turnitin by Friday, April 6th, at midnight. Also, be sure to keep a copy of your paper, in case our website goes down or has any problems.