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PRESS RELEASE On April 4th, 2012 the applicants in Supreme Court Claim No. 195 of 2012 were granted leave by the Supreme Court to file an Election Petition in respect of the Freetown Division. It is now expected that this Election Petition will be filed and heard before the Supreme Court of Belize within the next two months. While I do not agree with or understand the Courts reasoning for granting leave, I am of course duty-bound and obliged to respect and abide by that decision. As this matter is now before the Supreme Court, I am restrained in my ability to fully comment on the facts. I however wish to assure the people of Freetown and indeed all Belizeans that it is my intention to vigorously defend the integrity of our election victory in Freetown and the integrity of those individuals in Freetown who have been targeted by the UDP for personal destruction because of their loyalty and commitment to the PUP. I categorically and unequivocally deny any suggestion or allegation of bribery on the part of anyone associated with the PUP Freetown Election Victory. Our election victory in Freetown was won thru hard work, sweat, and yes sometimes tears contributed by hundreds of good, honest, faithful members and supporters of myself and our great Party. We will not allow a failed candidate and a few paid UDP activists, seemingly willing to perjure themselves before the Supreme Court, to thwart or undermine the will and destiny of the people of Freetown. I thank all those across the country for their expressions of support and offerings of prayer. The fight continues!! The work continues!! God Bless Belize! END

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