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To Executive Staff and avect reports From Sul Gates : Date May 26, 1995 ‘The Internet Tidal Wave (er vision forthe last 20 years can be summared ina sucanct way We saw tbat exponeoual imiprovenens m compues capabilies would make great software quit valuable Our response was wo build an organasuon to deliver the best software produce Inthe next 20 years the umprovement in ‘somuter power willbe ouipaced by tke exponenual ungrovenents m comcunieauons networks The ‘combiauon ofthese elements wall ave afuedamental mnpac on work, learning and play Great software produce wil be ervsal © delivering the benefit ofthese advances. Both the vanity and vowm of foliware will mevease ‘i ‘Mex ser of coemunicwons have not yet sen the pce of ecmmumeatons come down siguficanty (Caule ana phone nezworks an sull deprenaung nezvorks bul wi old technology. Universe sevice ‘moncpobes, and otba goverumzery svolvemen: around (= world have kepxCOmmamcotons costs bigs ‘Prvase nerworks and dhe internet which are burt wing mate of te art eoupment have beco the przary ‘ecefieares of nproved communication echeolory The PC is just now sarung to crews addseonal

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