Hooray for the World!

April 5, 2012 Newsletter

Hooray for PK!

In April, as we learn about something even bigger than the USA, and continue our “Hooray for the World’” theme, we observed the world’s land and water and we learned to locate the 7 continents and 4 oceans on a map! It was great to all wear green and blue and to paint a GIANT world. Here are some great books to check out at the library that you could read at home to reinforce the lessons we are teaching at school. • Felix Explores Planet Earth, Annette Langen • People, Peter Spier • Children Around the World, Donata Montanari • Is There Really A Human Race?, Jamie lee Curtis • What Is Your Language?, Debra Leventhal • This Is My House, Arthur Dorros During our “What a Wonderful World” unit we will talk about taking care of our earth and making it smile. Each week in our newsletter we will share a “save the earth” tip with you! This week’s tip is to share with your child the importance of every tiny step that we take to help our earth. The environmental problems that we have are not too big or too hopeless to deal with. We must try to do something every day to help! Our children need to experience the satisfaction of doing something right and good for the planet we call home. Important To Know:
• • • • • • • April 6-9: Easter Holiday April 12: Growing Up! Series 8:00 April 14: WPO Rock & Roll party April 23: Field Trip to the Woodland Discovery Park at Shelby Farms April 27: Spirit Day May 2: “Come around the World with Me” Program! 9:00 Woodland Library

Happy Easter!

Newsletter Challenge: Have your child sing the “Continents” song for you this weekend. It begins with “North America.” ☺

Mrs. Smythe and Mrs. Lucchesi

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