RAFT Writing Assignment
You will select a combination of the items below to produce a one-page written piece from a particular Role, to your chosen Audience, in the Format and Topic of your choice. It is your responsibility to select a combination that will yield an effective, interesting piece of writing. You may write from your chosen character’s perspective at any point in the story (provide some context to make it clear what’s going on). Refer to the opposite side of this page for a grading rubric. Write your selections below: _________________writing to ___________________ in a ____________________about ________________ R A F T Role Amir Hassan Ali Baba Sanaubar Assef Sohrab Farid


Amir Hassan

Ali Baba

Rahim Khan Sohrab


Format Letter Poem Eulogy (funeral speech)


Topic Apologize… Confess… Defend… Explain… Confide… Warn… Justify… Convince…

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