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Occupy Wall Street 5

Occupy Wall Street 5

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Published by: Jeff Prager on Apr 06, 2012
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Occupy Wall Street

Jeff Prager


Handbook 5

Occupy New York • Book 5
the last in the series • for a while anyway
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Many Occupy Wall Street Protesters get it Right… several don’t. But, this guy does & is dead nuts on! Occupy Wall Street protester with a spot-on & passionate speech re: Ending the Federal Reserve, Ending the Fractional Reserve Banking System, Ending the Monetary Fiasco that is the government-controlled FIAT money system & Ending the Wars that were engineered to make the richest 1% even richer. We also need to have an independent audit and inventory of all the gold reserves in the USA. We need to hold the Bankers and Elite responsible for their crimes against humanity… Props to the young man in the video & small story visuals… if you know his name and he would like credit, please message me. Otherwise He is You… He is Me… He is US… We are DONE. We are coming. We are anonymous (except in my case) and we are legion.

Expect Us.
Link to video: http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/10/03/best-end-the-fed-speech-from-an-occupy-wall-street-protestor-yet.-spread-this-far-and-wide-75511/ Second link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZmPWcLQ1Mk&feature=player_embedded#!

Expect Us To End Central Banking


An open letter and warning from a former tea party movement adherent to the Occupy Wall Street movement
by vaslittlecrow I don’t expect you to believe me. I want you to read this, take it with a grain of salt, and do the research yourself. You may not believe me, but I want your movement to succeed. From a former tea partier to you, young new rebels, there’s some advice to prevent what happened to our now broken movement from happening to you. I don’t agree with everything your movement does, but I sympathize with your cause and agree on our common enemy. You guys are very intelligent and I trust that you will take this in the spirit it is intended. I wish I could believe this Occupy Wall Street was still about (r)Evolution, but so far, all I am seeing is a painful rehash of how the corporate-funded government turned the pre-Presidential election tea party movement into the joke it is now. We were anarchists and ultra-libertarians, but above all we were peaceful. So, the media tried painting us as racists. But when that didn’t work they tried to goad us into violence. When that failed, they killed our movement with money and false kindness from the theocratic arm of the Republican party. That killed our popular support. I am sharing these observations, so you guys know what’s going on and can prevent the media from succeeding in painting you as violent slacker hippies rebelling without a cause, or from having the movement be hijacked by a bunch of corporatists seeking to twist the movement’s original intentions. If you think this can’t happen, it happened to the Independence Party and the tea party movement. Don’t let it happen to your movement as well.

Here’s how they turned our movement into a bunch of pro-corporate Republican party rebranding astroturf, and this is how I predict they are turning your movement into a bunch of procorporate Democratic party rebranding astroturf. I believe many of these things are already happening, so take note. 1- The media will initially and purposely avoid covering your dissenting movement to cause confusion about what your movement is about within mainstream audiences. This is to enrage you and make you appear unreasonable, and perhaps even invisible. 2 - While the obsfuscation is happening, stooges will infiltrate and give superficial support, focus and financial backing to the targetted movement. In the tea party movement’s case, it was the religious Republicans and Koch Brothers. In this case, it’s the Public Sector Unions (the organizations as quasi-human entities, not the members themselves) and Ultra Rich liberals who pretend to care, but frankly do not serve liberators and freedom seekers but rather the interests of those who run the Public Sector Unions and the Democratic Party. Democrat, Republican, these parties are all part of the same corporate ruling system. Case in point: http://www.debates.org/ 3 - The media will cover the movement only after this infiltration succeeds. Once the infiltration is completed the MSM will manufacture public media antipathy towards the movement by using selective focus on the movement’s most repulsive elements or infiltrators on the corporate Conservative media side, while the corporate Liberal media will create a more sympathetic tragic hero image -- this is the flip side of the tea party, but same media manipulation tactics. I go into greater detail on this tactic: http://vaslittlecrow. com/blog/2011/09/08/how-themedia-and-ideological-groupsmanipulate-your-beliefs/ 4 - Someone in the Democratic Party will feign sympathy for the movement and falsely “nonpartisan” entities provide tons of funding and unwanted organization, just as was done with the tea party movement by Republicans. Once people assume that the pro-corporate government operatives are their friends, they will hijack the movement and the threat of your movement will be neutralized.

If this new Occupy Wall Street movement is to survive, here’s what needs to be done. 1- Loudly denounce violence and disavow the violent rabblerousers of the movement. They do not help the cause. 2 - Be image conscious. Present your best face and call out those who act like fools within the movement. People are more likely to pay attention to you in your Sunday dress and bringing homemade food, than when you are drinking a bottle of Snapple and chomping on Big Macs while you are looking like a slacker rich hipster/unwashed hippie stereotype. 3 - Accept that you’ve already been infiltrated by the corporate-funded government, and work hard to say, and state what your movement is and is not about. “No, this isn’t about unions or Liberals, conservatives or bored spoiled brats. This is about 99% of our population being exploited and manipulated for the sake of profit.” “No we will not resort to violence.” “Yes, all we want is for for the end of government collusion with corporate entities that are illegitimately recognized as people.” And, so forth... 4 - Don’t forget who you are as the illusions are thrown at you. Corporatists are masters of illusions. That’s the most powerful weapon they have. That’s how they sell products you don’t need and convince you to justify accepting atrocities for the sake of products Don’t fall for it. Otherwise, your cause will be lost. Be wary of large donations from special interest groups or non-profit corporations that were not involved this movement from the inception. Special interests groups are not your allies. Non-profit corporations are still corporations, and unfortunately, too many of them care more about donations than doing the right thing. Killing a movement with kindness is easy. 5 - Remain independent and focused. If you can, pick a face to represent your movement. Rosa Parks wasn’t just a random lady in a bus. http://l3d.cs.colorado.edu/systems/agentsheets/New-Vista/bus-boycott/ -- She was chosen. You too can use the power of illusion against those who oppose you. I wish your movement better luck than we had with the tea party movement before it got hijacked by the theocrats and corporatists. We used to be non-partisan too. We were the older version of you. But, I believe that as the media apparatchik and infiltrators start to twist

your cause, you will understand the frustration us early adopter tea partiers felt and that we were not your enemy after all. A fascist oligarchy on the verge of winning is our common enemy. This should be your focus. Don’t be dazzled by the illusion as we were. For the sake of our future, know who you are. Thank you for reading. I would love to read your ideas on the subject. Correct me where I am wrong. Explain what is going right. This is ultimately your fight. EDIT: To understand how movements get hijacked, check out this fantastic video that JamesCarlin shared: http:// vimeo.com/20355767 If my essay seems too conspiratorial or tl;dr for your tastes, try Hibernator’s excellent and much less paranoid sounding summary below: “Someone starts a movement. It starts small, and there’s a lot going on in the world, so the mainstream media gives it minimal coverage. Today’s mainstream media is also understaffed, so they don’t investigate and they wait for someone else to slap a label on it. Eventually a sound byte X pops up above the noise and the mainstream media uses this to engage viewers and define the movement. This defining characteristic X spreads like a meme. People in power now notice what’s going on, and think to themselves “Hmm, this new movement is defined by X, and that’s almost in line with my goals, so maybe I can use them to further my ends.” But people in power are all labelled as Democrats or Republicans, so now the media applies the polarizing filter of American politics to associate movement X with one of the parties. The original movement has now been labelled X, and associated with a political party, and none of this happened because of any ‘government conspiracy.’ It just happened because that’s what you get as output when you plug something new into the American political system.” EDIT: Thanks to Whiskey With My Coffee and all the other redditors who have been sharing my message around the Web. I am so grateful to you.

Occupy Wall Street Has Occupied A Tiny Fraction Of United States American Soil
What Happens Next? What Are The Demands? WHY Would Anyone Listen To Them?
What is occurring on Wall Street right now is truly remarkable. For over 10 days, in the sanctum of the great cathedral of global capitalism, the dispossessed have liberated territory from the financial overlords and their police army. They have created a unique opportunity to shift the tides of history in the tradition of other great peaceful occupations from the sit-down strikes of the 1930s to the lunch-counter sit-ins of the 1960s to the democratic uprisings across the Arab world and Europe today. While the Wall Street occupation is growing, it needs an all-out commitment from everyone who cheered the Egyptians in Tahrir Square, said “We are all Wisconsin,” and stood in solidarity with the Greeks and Spaniards. This is a movement for anyone who lacks a job, housing or healthcare, or thinks they have no future. Our system is broken at every level. More than 25 million Americans are un© Giles Clarke 2011

employed. More than 50 million live without health insurance. And perhaps 100 million Americans are mired in poverty, using realistic measures. Yet the fat cats continue to get tax breaks and reap billions while politicians compete to turn the austerity screws on all of us. At some point the number of people occupying Wall Street – whether that’s five thousand, ten thousand or fifty thousand – will force the powers that be to offer concessions. No one can say how many people it will take or even how things will change exactly, but there is a real potential for bypassing a corrupt political process and to begin realizing a society based on human needs not hedge fund profits. After all, who would have imagined a year ago that Tunisians and Egyptians would oust their dictators? At Liberty Park, the nerve center of the occupation, more than a thousand people gather every day to debate, discuss and organize what to do about our failed system that has allowed the 400 richest Americans at the top to amass more wealth than the 180 million Americans at the bottom. It’s astonishing that this self-organized festival of democracy has sprouted on the turf of the masters of the universe, the men who play the tune that both political parties and the media dance to. The New York Police Department, which has deployed hundreds of officers at a time to surround and intimidate protesters, is capable of arresting everyone and clearing Liberty Plaza in minutes. But they haven’t, which is also astonishing. That’s because assaulting peaceful crowds in a public square demanding real democracy – economic and not just political – would remind the world of the brittle autocrats who brutalized their people demanding justice before they were swept away by the Arab Spring. And the state violence has already backfired. After police attacked a Saturday afternoon march that started from Liberty Park the crowds only got bigger and media interest grew. The Wall Street occupation has already succeeded in revealing the bankruptcy of the dominant powers – the economic, the political, media and security forces. They have nothing positive to offer humanity, not that they ever did for the Global South, but now their quest for endless profits means deepening the misery with a thousand austerity cuts. Even their solutions are cruel jokes. They

tell us that the “Buffett Rule” would spread the pain by asking the penthouse set to sacrifice a tin of caviar, which is what the proposed tax increase would amount to. Meanwhile, the rest of us will have to sacrifice healthcare, food, education, housing, jobs and perhaps our lives to sate the ferocious appetite of capital. That’s why more and more people are joining the Wall Street occupation. They can tell you about their homes being foreclosed upon, months of grinding unemployment or minimum-wage dead-end jobs, staggering student debt loads, or trying to live without decent healthcare. It’s a whole generation of Americans with no prospects, but who are told to believe in a system that can only offer them Dancing With The Stars and pepper spray to the face. Yet against every description of a generation derided as narcissistic, apathetic and hopeless they are staking a claim to a better future for all of us. That’s why we all need to join in. Not just by liking it on Facebook, signing a petition at change.org or retweeting protest photos, but by going down to the occupation itself. There is great potential here. Sure, it’s a far cry from Tahrir Square or even Wisconsin. But there is the nucleus of a revolt that could shake America’s power structure as much as the Arab world has been upended. Instead of one to two thousand people a day joining in the occupation there needs to be tens of thousands of people protesting the fat cats driving Bentleys and drinking thousand-dollar bottles of champagne with money they looted from the financial crisis and then from the bailouts while Americans literally die on the streets. To be fair, the scene in Liberty Plaza seems messy and chaotic. But it’s also a laboratory of possibility, and that’s the beauty of democracy. As opposed to our monoculture world, where political life is flipping a lever every four years, social life is being a consumer and economic life is being a timid cog, the Wall Street occupation is creating a polyculture of ideas, expression and art. Yet while many people support the occupation, they hesitate to fully join in and are quick to offer criticism. It’s clear that the biggest obstacles to building a powerful movement are not the police or capital – it’s our own cynicism and despair.

Perhaps their views were colored by the New York Times article deriding protestors for wishing to “pantomime progressivism” and “Gunning for Wall Street with faulty aim.” Many of the criticisms boil down to “a lack of clear messaging.” But what’s wrong with that? A fully formed movement is not going to spring from the ground. It has to be created. And who can say what exactly needs to be done? We are not talking about ousting a dictator; though some say we want to oust the dictatorship of capital. There are plenty of sophisticated ideas out there: end corporate personhood; institute a “Tobin Tax” on stock purchases and currency trading; nationalize banks; socialize medicine; fully fund government jobs and genuine Keynesian stimulus; lift restrictions on labor organizing; allow cities to turn foreclosed homes into public housing; build a green energy infrastructure. But how can we get broad agreement on any of these? If the protesters came into the square with a pre-determined set of demands it would have only limited their potential. They would have either been dismissed as pie in the sky – such as socialized medicine or nationalize banks – or if they went for weak demands such as the Buffett Rule their efforts would immediately be absorbed by a failed political system, thus undermining the movement. That’s why the building of the movement has to go hand in hand with common struggle, debate and radical democracy. It’s how we will create genuine solutions that have legitimacy. And that is what is occurring down at Wall Street. Now, there are endless objections one can make. But if we focus on the possibilities, and shed our despair, our hesitancy and our cynicism, and collectively come to Wall Street with critical thinking, ideas and solidarity we can change the world. How many times in your life do you get a chance to watch history unfold, to actively participate in building a better society, to come together with thousands of people where genuine democracy is the reality and not a fantasy? For too long our minds have been chained by fear, by division, by impotence. The one thing the elite fear most is a great awakening. That day is here. Together we can seize it. Maybe. Perhaps. Possibly ...

Has There Really Been A Great Awakening?
There has not. I’m sorry to say and ashamed to admit that there has not been a great awakening and there won’t be one. At least not anytime soon. Not in my lifetime anyway and I still have another 20 years or so. Fingers crossed. Knock on wood. Eat more tomato’s. Those glorious and courageous people that somehow started the “Occupy Wall Street” program did so without an agenda, without a series of components to a plan, without strategy. They did occupy; indeed they did. And they’re doing a fine job of occupying, too! There are, if you ask anyone to the left or right of you, 100s of issues that we as a people, as a society of hopefully cooperating and mature adults, differ on as nights and days differ. We all agree on very little. So expecting to hash out and then draft coherent and sensible demands that will then also be examined equally thoroughly by the Senate, the House, the Congress, the President and for those of you who believe the truth, the Trilateral Commission, the Council On Foreign Relations, and maybe even the Black Pope and the Jesuits, if we go for the stretch. Maybe the CIA, NSA, TSA and Mossad too? Oh, and the Wall Street Barons; yes, they’ll be interested in this series of demands also. After a quick stop in the men’s room for a whiff of cocaine and a brief layover in the apartment management rents for use by the boys and their Wall Street hookers. You don’t get it yet do you? These folks are common, everyday CRIMINALS in positions of ultimate power. Listen, these Wall Streeters, these Politicians, these Oligarchs, these Plutocrats, these Democrats, these Republicans, these liberals, these conservatives, the centrists and the progressives could all care less what Occupy Wall Street demands. Everyone has their own demands and only a very few at the very top can achieve their demands on call. These Corporatists and Globalists could care less what goes on at “Occupy Wall Street” as long as earnings keep apace with expectations. And when you’re making 100 deals a second using a sophisticated algorithm, earnings always keep apace with expectations. Otherwise, they simply cook the computer. They used to cook the books. That was difficult. Computers are easy. So what do we do now? Play nice like Mommy and Daddy taught us? Well, it doesn’t matter whether we discuss financial fraud, too-big-to-fail and too-big-to-jail, wars, terrorism, the Patriot Act, the TSA, our ‘additive poisoned’ food, radiation from Japan or the drift of depleted uranium from Fallujah, does it? I mean these are the same people that brought us 911, 7/7, the Attack on Iraq, Shock & Awe, Liberate Libya (while the Saudi’s and Bahranians murder their citizens in the street), Elevate Egypt (to a military government trained by the USA) and an Intelligence Agency that’s so severely corrupt that they’ve been caught not just with tons of pot, or tons of hashish, or tons of opium, or tons of crack, or tons of cocaine but they’ve even been caught with tons of heroin. Heck man, they had to close several international banks and kill a few dudes to keep it all under wraps, sort of. I’ve written about these corrupt, inbred psychopaths often enough. The evidence is overwhelming! Get yourself a PACER account which will allow you to view federal court documents, ALL of them, and spend a few days reading the GATA law suits. They got caught. But then again, owning the entire US federal legal system has its benefits, right? I mean Gary Webb committed suicide over these issues and shot himself in the face. Twice. Right? Now, I’m a cynical pessimist so my perspective may not be as welcomed as I might hope but the truth has always been a bit shocking, no? There’s no left or right at the pinnacle of American power. There’s no liberals or conservatives at the top of the political human food chain. There are no Democrats or Republicans at the apex of Americans Propaganda Politics. None. They all go to the same country clubs, live in the same communities, play golf on the same courses, attend the same cocktail parties, have children in the same schools and share the hired help. That means the butlers and maids get lot’s of overtime. It’s all a show. A carefully choreographed theater of the absurd. That is American politics. Nothing happens finally by accident and whatever does eventually happen was designed to happen just that way. Look at Iraq. Look at Afghanistan. Look at Libya. Look at Japan. Look at Germany. There were no intentions to win. Wars are not fought to win and lose. Wars are fought to profit; to grab the wealth, steal the goods, plunder the jewels and scrape the gold leaf from the walls of the city. We don’t leave, ever. We colonize. We manipulate. We make demands. We don’t leave war zones. So my personal opinion is that “Occupy Wall Street” better get it together real quick because time is running out on this show. Even worse, there’s only one valid issue that when properly addressed answers almost all other issues directly or indirectly. There’s only one issue that makes any sense at all in terms of ‘making demands’ of people that are more apt to give orders then listen to demands, from anyone at all. They don’t want to hear what you have to say and if you have a lot to say they’ll want to hear it even less and earnings are JUST FINE. So you folks better think hard about making this a one-issue occupation. The ONLY issue that matters at all at the end of the day.

End The Fed.

Is My Country A Police State?
By Steven Greenhut Across the nation there has been a recent string of high profile police brutality cases. In almost every instance the police claim the victims who are beaten, tasered, pepper sprayed, or shot to death were resisting arrest and threatening the lives of the law enforcement officials involved. This is repeatedly the case even though most of the victims are subjected to the brutality even after being completely restrained by the police. The police often respond to the incident by confiscating and smashing cameras that record their acts of slaughter and brutality even after one of the highest courts in the land ruled that filing police is a right. The police also file criminal charges against those who make recordings that expose their corruption. The officer’s involved are protected by their associates who provide the media with disinformation and cover up the incident. The media in turn acts as a stenographer for the government publishing their version of events without questioning the actions of the police . This is the case even when video evidence contradicts their claims. Even when dozens of eyewitnesses join in protest claiming the police are lying about the events. Just because the recent cases are only making headlines now by no means indicates the systematic corruption is some new phenomenon. Take for instance the unsuspecting women who was beaten by TSA police only in turn to have the corrupt courts rule that she had to pay the TSA thousands of dollars for their gift of giving her brain damage. That is not even the tip of the iceberg. As previously reported on average police kill one person a week by tasering them to death. I can’t remember a time in the last 40 years when even one person died from smoking marijuana but tangling with a police officer produces 50+ deaths each and every year. Months go by with no arrests of police officers who brutally murder innocent citizens. Furthermore, among large police departments nearly 1 in 10 officers have had formal complaints filed against them for using excessive force. The officer that pepper sprayed the young women at Occupy New York is already currently involved in this type of litigation. Making matters worse is that the U.S. courts are a part of the corruption. In fact, U.S. judges have been implicated in a scheme to lock up children for huge amounts of money. Courts have also participated in the scheme of criminalizing poverty even though 99.9% of the population is being robbed by the elite in broad daylight.

Six Fullerton Cops?
Six Fullerton cops, responding to a phone call alleging that someone in the downtown area might be breaking into cars, approached a 130-pound homeless man named Kelly Thomas, grabbed his backpack and, according to eyewitnesses, began Tasering him and beating him into a pulp. He died a few days later at a local hospital. According to eyewitnesses, Thomas, although schizophrenic, did nothing to warrant arrest, let alone a savage beating. He was a local fixture around the bar scene, a gentle figure who bummed cigarettes and slept in the park. Videos made by bystanders showed pure aggression on the part of the cops, while locals expressed horror and Thomas cried out for his dad as he was being beaten. Plunder: How Public Employee Unions are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation In my column about this apparent act of police thuggery, I quoted Jim Ewert, general counsel of the California Newspaper Publishers Association, who calls California a “secret police state.” Some readers no doubt find this description to be too much for their tender sensibilities. So I want to recount some of the ways the authorities have behaved during and after the incident, and then ask this question: Does this typical behavior better reflect the policies of a free society or a police state? 1. Officers responded to a nonviolent call with overwhelming violent force. 2. Police confiscated the video camera of a bystander who was standing nearby taping the ongoing incident, thereby limiting the ability of the public to see what actually took place and obliterating the freedom of the person doing the taping. 3. The offending officers were allowed to review the official videotape recorded on a bus-depot camera before filing their police reports. This allowed them to get their stories straight before going on the record. Here we see a horrendous double standard – the rules for the authorities are different than the rules for the subjects. 4. The district attorney’s office has refused to release the official video, arguing that it would taint a jury. 5. The DA has been busy downplaying the incident in the local media, arguing, for instance, that the police had no intent to kill, as if anyone really thought they had premeditated a murder. DA’s rarely if ever file charges against police officers for police brutality. I’ve dealt with this particular DA in the past during other use of force issues and he always is quick to exonerate any police misbehavior in such cases. The DA doesn’t seem concerned that his statements would taint a jury.

Image One Fractured Ribs - The reconstructed

images show that Kelly Thomas suffered from a severely broken nose, a broken cheek, three broken ribs, taser wounds, a collapsed lung and a brain injury from lack of oxygen.

Image Two Anoxic Brain Injury - Anoxic brain

injury is caused by a lack of oxygen going to the brain. The brain begins losing brain cells after only four minutes without oxygen. There are very few things in life that you can do in that short amount of time. Please understand that when a brain loses brain cells, it’s not like you losing your car keys. Lost, in this context, means dead! Anoxia results from a lack of oxygen; hypoxia results from the lack of an adequate supply of oxygen. In fact, the two are so closely related that the medical community uses HAI which stands for hypoxicanoxic brain injury.

Image Three Ethmoid Plate Fracture - The eth6. The law is written in such a way that even if the DA were serious about cracking down on police brutality, he would be hard-pressed to do so. An officer is allowed to use deadly force if he believes that his life were in danger, and of course such officers always claim that their lives were in danger, no matter the facts involved in the case. 7. The police department has released disinformation to suggest that Thomas got what was coming to him. The Fullerton PD spokesman released a report claiming that the officers had suffered broken bones in the scuffle, which was not true. The department released a menacing photograph of Thomas that does not actually appear to be Thomas, according to those who know him. 8. It took the department 30 days to put these thugs on administrative leave – i.e., paid vacation. The department refuses to release the name of the killers. State law makes it illegal for the city to release any information about the accused killers and their previous misbehavior. 9. The six Fullerton PD officers refuse to be interviewed by the DA. Unwilling to deal with the tough questions, the police chief went out on medical leave – the precursor to a tax-funded disability retirement. Try going on paid medical leave if you were too stressed after the police were questioning you!

moid bone (from Greek ethmos, “sieve”) is a bone in the skull that separates the nasal cavity from the brain. As such, it is located at the roof of the nose, between the two orbits. The cubical bone is lightweight due to a spongy construction.

Image Four Zygomatic Arch Fracture - The

zygomatic arch or cheek bone is formed by the zygomatic process of temporal bone (a bone extending forward from the side of the skull, over the opening of the ear) and the temporal process of the zygomatic bone (the side of the cheekbone), the two being united by an oblique suture; the tendon of the Temporalis passes medial to the arch to gain insertion into the coronoid process of the mandible.

Brain Scan Demonstrating Anoxia
Cerebral hypoxia refers to a reduced supply of oxygen to the brain (at left). Cerebral anoxia refers to a complete lack of oxygen to the brain. There are four separate categories of cerebral hypoxia; in order of severity they are; diffuse cerebral hypoxia (DCH), focal cerebral ischemia, cerebral infarction, and global cerebral ischemia. Prolonged hypoxia induces neuronal cell death via apoptosis resulting in a hypoxic brain injury. Cases of total oxygen deprivation are termed anoxia, which can be hypoxic in origin i.e. reduced oxygen availability, or ischemic in origin i.e., oxygen deprivation due to a disruption in blood flow. Brain injury as a result of oxygen deprivation either due to hypoxic or anoxic mechanisms are generally termed hypoxic/anoxic injuries (HAI). Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) is a condition that occurs when the entire brain is deprived of an adequate oxygen supply, but the deprivation isn’t total. While HIE is associated in most cases with oxygen deprivation in the neonate due to birth asphyxia, it can occur in all age groups, and is often a complication of cardiac arrest.

10. After dozens and then hundreds of local residents showed up downtown to calmly and peacefully protest the killing and the cover up, city officials described them as a lynch mob and as terrorists. So officials act like a true mob and like true terrorists and are coddled by officials, but when the public gets upset and acts in a calm and appropriate and All American manner, they are depicted that way. 11. One councilman, a former police chief who hired the Fullerton cops in question, said on national television that the police did not necessarily kill Thomas. He said that the facial injuries – i.e., his face was beaten so severely it was not recognizable as Thomas – do not mean that the police caused serious harm to Thomas. He said the public shouldn’t jump to conclusions about what killed Thomas. Thomas was walking around and healthy, six cops beat and Tasered him and then he dies. But according to officials, that doesn’t mean that the cops had anything to do with the death. What would the police have said had a gang beaten up a cop who later died? 12. The local civil rights activists, who are paid by local cities and police departments to fight hate crimes and stand up for the downtrodden, are calling for more training of the police, more taxpayer-funded Kumbaya sessions and for more “outside” investigations handled by people with a history of whitewashing police abuse. 13. Some in the local mainstream media have been making excuses for the cops and making fun of the local blog that has done all the legwork on this story.

Taser wounds - Taser dart wounds (above) to the throat, face, groin or an implant, especially

in the female breast area, require consultation with a physician with emergency medicine or cosmetic surgical experience. Most other Taser entry wounds can be cared for in a manner similar to simple injuries. Even the longest barb is only about one-fourth of an inch long, and the probe can penetrate only up to the hilt, a maximum of about one inch even in larger devices. Usually, the skin at the dart entry site is stunned, leaving it significantly anesthetized. Thus, the dart can be simply removed with a hemostat, and the wound cleansed and dressed in the usual manner. This is generally considered the least painful method of removing the dart. That’s of course if you aren’t dead from the Tasering in the first place. For darts not easily removed by this method, the wound can be prepared with antiseptic solution and then infiltrated with local anesthesia. Remember that the infiltration process can itself be more painful than simple removal of the dart, so this method is usually done only secondarily. The dart then can be grasped with hemostats and removed. Patients with Taser-related eye injuries require rapid physician evaluation with visual acuity and fluoroscein examination.

© Giles Clarke 2011

© Giles Clarke 2011

14. The state attorney general, who could be called in to investigate the killing, is being advised by one of the most thuggish police union officials I’ve ever encountered. She is trying to earn more police support as she potentially seeks higher office. 15. Police officials and unions are of course circling the wagons and claiming that we cannot judge the split-second decisions made by officers in the heat of the moment, even though six large armed police were up against one tiny unarmed man and it was the police who started the altercation – one that lasted much longer than a few split seconds. 16. The police union hired an attorney to send a threatening letter to a blogger who had been covering the incident, knowing full well that most bloggers don’t have the wherewithal to fight these threatened SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) suits. 17. FYI, Fullerton police have been subject to various scandals involving officers – ranging from theft to drug use to sexual misbehavior in a squad car and official sources have offered a variety of excuses, mostly related to the stresses of the job. There’s a clear pattern of special treatment for officers compared to the treatment received by the public. The only difference in Fullerton from the many other instances of police thuggery covered in California and across the nation is that the public doesn’t seem to be buying the excuses and seems genuinely mad at what has happened. But a recent story in Sacramento reports on how Elk Grove police fired an assault rifle at point-blank range at a handcuffed man in the back of a patrol car. The district attorney, of course, found that the officer feared for his life and did nothing wrong.

This is the same BART where an officer, Johannes Mehserle, shot to death an unarmed and prostrate man named Oscar Grant in the back. Mehserle received a two-year slap-on-the-wrist sentence for involuntary manslaughter and has been treated as a martyr by police unions angered that a DA would dare prosecute a killer cop. This was the first time in California history that a cop was prosecuted for murder for an on-duty killing, in case any readers think that this prosecution undermines my point. Meanwhile, police are increasingly arresting onlookers who videotape police doing such things. Without the videotape Mehserle would be on the job and there would be no angry Fullerton residents protesting. No wonder the cops are grabbing our cameras. Since 9/11, the public generally sides with the cops, especially in Republican areas such as Orange County. Police can use deadly force at will. They can confiscate cameras and keep their own official videos away from public view. They can intimidate and harass writers. They can count on their departments to cover up for them. They know the “outside” investigators, mostly their colleagues and allies in the law enforcement community, will do the same for them. They can count on the media and the public to excuse them. Yet some people blush at the term Police State.

Steven Greenhut is editor-in-chief of CalWatchdog.com, author of Plunder! How Public Employee Unions Are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives And Bankrupting The Nation!, and a columnist for The Orange County Register.

We, The People, Are Under Attack
1. Overriding the US Constitution 2. RFID technology to track everything 3. Suppressing advanced technology 4. Creating a North American Union 5. Outsourcing 10.6 million jobs, minimum 6. Spying on every communication, web site and purchase 7. Reducing education funding 8. Using indoctrination, propaganda and lies 9. Controlling ALL media 10. Banning weapons in the US while selling to foreign countries 11. Promoting ignorance and apathy 12. Creating electronic voting machines 13. Administrating False Flag Attacks 14. Spraying the upper atmosphere with chemicals 15. Covering up the radiation danger from Japan 16. Attempting to block the use of herbs and natural remedies 17. Adulterating our food and water with poisonous additives 18. New wars every year 19. 10 million dead humans from war in the last 10 years 20. This list is endless, right? 21. Occupying Wall Street just might not be enough 22. A very short list of criminals appears below 23. Don’t be fooled, there are 1000s of them

So You Want To Negotiate With Mass Murderers?
The reported killing of 23 Honduran farmers in a dispute with the owners of UN-accredited palm oil plantations in Honduras is forcing the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) executive board to reconsider its stakeholder consultation processes. In Brussels, the reported killings have triggered European policy-makers into action, with Green MEP Bas Eickhout calling the alleged human rights abuses “a disgrace”. —EurActiv, 3 October 2011 Armed troops acting on behalf of a British carbon trading company backed by the World Bank burned houses to the ground and killed children to evict Ugandans from their homes in the name of seizing land to protect against “global warming.” The evictions were ordered by New Forests Company, an outfit that seizes land in Africa to grow trees then sells the “carbon credits” on to transnational corporations. —Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet, 23 September 2011 Harold Hamm calculates that if Washington would allow more drilling permits for oil and natural gas on federal lands and federal waters, the government could over time raise $18 trillion in royalties. That’s more than the U.S. national debt. —Stephen Moore, The Wall Street Journal, 1 October 2011 The Barnett Shale natural gas field has generated $65.4 billion in economic activity and created more than 100,200 jobs over the 24-county area since 2001, according to a new study commissioned by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. —Dalles Business Journal, 27 September 2011 Robert Laughlin, who won a Nobel Prize for his work in quantum physics, takes a rather different view. He thinks that “one can’t find much actual global warming in present-day weather observations” and that “the final demise of carbon burning is so far away, perhaps ten generations, that it’s quite irrelevant to energy problems of today.” —Matt Ridley, The Wall Street Journal, 3 September 2011 With immaculate timing, our Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne, has again demonstrated why it is hard to think of any minister in history less fitted for his job. Last month, it was announced that 200 trillion cubic feet of natural gas had been discovered, embedded in the shales under Lancashire, which could herald an energy resource even larger than North Sea oil and gas. Yet that same day, it was reported that Huhne had been telling an audience of Lib Dems that we must halt the “dash for gas”, because this would prevent us from meeting our commitment under the Climate Change Act to cut our CO2 emissions by 80 per cent within 40 years. So lost is Huhne in his green dreamworld that he somehow imagines that we can centre our future energy policy on building thousands of wind turbines. —Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph, 2 October 2011 Between 1980 and 1990 the American government working on behalf of American corporations and Wall Street placed an embargo on Iraq that killed 500,000 children. In 2003 we attacked Iraq and killed another 1 million humans leaving another 1 million children without a father, a mother, or without both. In Afghanistan we’ve killed 2-3 million people in the last 20 years and

Armed troops acting on behalf of a

British carbon trading company backed by the World Bank burned houses to the ground and killed children to evict Ugandans from their homes in the name of seizing land to protect against global warming.

in Africa we’ve killed more then 5 million in the same time period. These figures are so high that we can’t even begin to know the true numbers but the child in Baghdad that has no mother, no father and no brothers or sisters knows all too well that one can’t negotiate with Mass Murderers. Wall Streeters, those at the very top, the 1%’ers, are Mass Murderers. They make profits on death in whatever form it takes and they know it. The re-insurance industry and the insurance industries as well as the health care industry all deal in the profits of death. No different then the company that makes tanks, drones, bombs and bullets. It’s all for profit. Nothing else matters. Here’s a stinger for ya’. When you’re sick and insured the GDP of the USA goes up faster and more furiously then had you been a healthy employee. It’s all a con. They tell you various illnesses cost this and that and detract from the US GDP. Nonsense. When your insurance company pays out for those multiple thousand dollar surgeries and procedures the GDP rockets to the moon. Let’s face facts folks – every dollar spent in the US adds to the GDP and sick people spend FAR MORE into the economy through their insurance companies, their physicians and their pharmacies. So those of us Occupying Wall Street want to negotiate with Mass Murderers, Thieves, Fraudsters, Financial Scam Artists and people whose entire livelihood is predicated upon death, dying and poverty. In one of my eMagazines, “After 911: Connecting The SubPrime Crisis To The Same People,” I discussed this issue. In the final analysis power does not relinquish power except from very cold and very dead hands. —Jeff Prager, Occupy Wall Street • Book 5 * Beware False Prophets

So I’ll Ask Again, “Do We Live In A Police State?”

If This Is The Fascist Totalitarian Two-Party Dictatorship - Police State That I Think It Is Then Negotiating With Wall Street Is Just A Deep, Dark Fantasy

by Jeff Prager THIS is how I see my country today. I’ve lived here 56 years. I was born here, when police were mandated to Protect And Serve me and you and they did just that. Got a flat on the highway? If another motorist didn’t stop to help you within the hour a Police Officer would drive by and offer to change the tire for you. If you had a can of fresh oil he would have checked that too! We had some pretty desolate highways back in the late 60s and early 70s; the major thoroughfares weren’t built yet. I still remember driving through Georgia, North and South Carolina and Virginia as a 17 year-old who had had his drivers license for 3 days on his way to New York from Florida. Hey, I was mobile man, international! Anyway, cops were the good guys and they were portrayed that way by my parents, the schools, the media and, well, my parents. I always listened to them. That was the cool thing to do in the late 50s and early 60s. My parents were brilliant intellects and I was very lucky. So let’s call this Fascist Totalitarian Two-Party Dictatorship the FTTPD, Ok? It’s easier to type. Thank you! Now, we’ll prove that this is, in fact, an FTTPD and we ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie here.


Fascist Totalitarian


A Two-Party Dictatorship? Well friends, this is the easy one. The two parties have controlled the American political theater of the absurd for almost 200 years. Pretty close to it anyway. At least the entire 56 years I’ve been alive, and then some. These folks, who all live in the same communities, all have vacation homes in Dubai, the Bahamas or Monte Carlo (along with off-shore accounts - just ask George Bush, either one), all attend the same diplomatic functions, went to the same dozen or so Ivy League schools, have their children in those same schools, rub elbows at the same cocktail parties, share the same maids, gardeners and butlers (you didn’t think these folks pump gas, did you?), belong to the same country clubs, and are, almost always, members of the Rockefeller Dynasty of clubs, like the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rockefeller Foundations (all 762 of them), the UN, NATO, the World Bank and the IMF, well friends, THAT’S illegal collusion by any definition. Again, I’ve never once been asked to vote on a major proposition or a major piece of legislation. We elect them and go home. They have Totalitarian Power. They then do whatever the fuck they please and they always have. Yeah, every once in a great while someone comes along who was late for his visit at Oz and has, well, half a heart, maybe just a quarter of one. Perhaps just a momentary epiphany of empathy or some such thing? They get human for a moment. That’s when we get Social Security, unemployment extended to 99 weeks and Food Stamps. Mind you, they’re trying to privatize Social Security to extract the wealth (capitalists do that) and they’re probably not going to extend unemployment any more then it already is and Food Stamps? Try living on the maximum $200 in Food Stamps each month if you’re more then one person. While I eat an organic diet I couldn’t do it on beans, rice and hot dogs. So they give a little here and a little there and then after a decade or so they slowly take it all back. Slowly. Criminally. These are the wealth hounds and no matter how much they have, it’s never enough. That’s why Jamie Dimon and his ilk have no problem taking home 20-40 billion dollar bonuses. These people, and they aren’t really people at all by my definition or yours, are wealth hounds, financial manipulators, fraudsters and racketeers. The RICO statutes were written specifically for them but like everything else they’re only applied to you and me. I would suggest it’s rather easy to strip Grandma of her pension money when she’s not your Grandma, you’ll never look her in the eyes and Hilda does your laundry and Willard pumps the gas for your 24 cars. Yes, we live in a Fascist Totalitarian Two-Party Dictatorship and it’s swiftly becoming a Police State to boot. In fact, I’m already afraid of getting a flat tire. Now, when you’re on the side of the road with a flat tire, a 56 year-old retired publisher and currently long-haired guy with back problems that has serious trouble lifting a gallon of milk and couldn’t change a flat if there were 6 kids in the car and we were 8 miles from Disney World, the cops still stop. They search your car, trunk included, open your wifes purse, look at you like you’re a criminal, speak to you like you’re a child, demand obedience and drive away without even lifting a lug nut, well, yes, we live in a Fascist Totalitarian Two-Party Dictatorship rapidly advancing to Police State status while the world looks on in amazement. They are amazed you know. I talk to them all the time. Just like me, they thought this was a great country of leaders of men. It’s really just a bunch of genocidal psychopaths in poser position sharpening their skills daily to steal everything that isn’t glued down.

This All Seems So Obvious
Fascism is often described as the molding together economically, socially and politically, of the cores of politics and business. The government and the corporations collude. They work together for mutual benefit. When the military industrial complex which consists of both military planners and the private corporate industries that build their military stuff (bombs, bullets, jets, helicopters and depleted uranium missiles) work together to sell 47% of the worlds arms, that would be called collusion. Nothing wrong with collusion unless it’s illegal. I recently colluded with Dave to buy some pot. That was criminal collusion. This is not. However, when they start putting Burger Kings and Popeye’s Chicken at over 1,000 military bases across the USA, pass the Patriot Act and Bail Outs, expand the wire-tapping laws to record my own personal internet and phone activity, eliminate Habeas Corpus, go to war undeclared, reduce taxes on the filthy rich and the mega-corporations such that we’re failing as a nation, lie us into Iraq, lie us into Afghanistan, lie us into Libya and start the ball rolling to lie us into Pakistan, well then, that’s all illegal collusion to me. Especially since my opinion wasn’t asked on any of it at all. This is called Fascism.

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© Giles Clarke 2011

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