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Using your Grade 6 blog (the one you are using with Mr. Van der Bergh), please upload/write the following as a summary of your music class. 1. In the beginning of the class, we talked about BEAT, TEMPO and RHYTHM. We played some games and did some activities (ie playing with tennis balls). We also wrote a short reflection. Please attach the PDF of your reflection and/or write a few sentences about the introduction to grade 6 music. 2. We also did a short exercise on the rhythm of your name. If we did this activity in your class, attach the PDF and write a sentence or two about it. 3. Any other documents that you have PDFs for? Feel free to include these too. 4. Rhythm worksheet. Attach both sides and your reflection about learning rhythms. 5. Reflection on rhythm worksheet. Some classes have done this already. Upload the PDF if you have it. If not, please write: What I knew before I studied BEAT, RHYTHM, TEMPO...What I learned about BEAT, RHYTHM, TEMPO. 6. Upload your rhythm performance video (from your folder). Each group has one copy of the video so you must share the upload. 7. The recycled instruments performance/composition project: 1. Classification of instruments sheet 2. Design of your 3 instruments/materials list/sketches 3. Any pictures of your instruments (you can add these later) 4. Copy of your composition (PDF) 5. Performance video 6. **Reflection on your composition and performance (This is a new task). 8. Upload the PDF of the Grade 6 Project Assessment. This is also a PDF in your dropbox folder. This is how you will be graded. I will also make a hard copy and write any necessary comments for you. Thanks for a great trimester! See you next year in class or band or both! Sincerely, Mr. Jones