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Mongelli M, Riemke C ,Casikar I, Alhamdan D, Benzie R, Fauchon D, Condous G

Early Pregnancy Unit Nepean Hospital Sydney, NSW, Australia

Published online on on 31/03/2012

Contact: Dr Max Mongelli Fax: 02 80886071 Email:

73 By re-arranging terms this is equivalent to an average CRL growth formula: CRL = {(GA . but rather a power function of gestational age with an exponent of P: CRL = {(GA – k)/8. The following source code in Turbo Pascal is one computerized method to estimate the “p” and “k” values from two consecutive CRL measurements. individually fitted growth curve based on two consecutive crown-rump length (CRL) measurements in the first trimester of pregnancy.DERIVATION OF THE KP ALGORITHM We have developed and validated a new. In their original paper.052}P Where CRL is in mm. Robinson and Fleming (1975) derived the following pregnancy dating formula using multiple linear regression: GA = 8. “k” is a dating adjustment variable and “P” is the individual growth coefficient.052} 2 Our model postulates that early CRL growth in an individual need not be an exact quadratic function.73)/8. GA is the menstrual age in days.23. Other numerical methods may also be used to find the same solution. .052 SQRT(CRL) + 23.

end. writeln(' writeln. writeln( 'K coefficient ='. writeln( 'P coefficient ='. end. end. end. estimate_x. k_coefficient:real. writeln(' Enter first CRL in mm > ').x) . var counter:longint.KP FORMULA SOLUTION --------. uses crt. counter:=40000. writeln(' Enter first gestational age in days > '). . writeln(' Enter second CRL in mm > '). var x. ---------.x). y:= power(c2. repeat counter:= counter +1.052.Program KP_Solve. until y>j.d2:integer. y:=0.c2. readln(c2).').power(c1. if y>j then begin p_coefficient:=1/x.p_coefficient. begin j:= (d2 -d1)/8. clrscr.c1.p:real):real. k_coefficient:7:4). k_coefficient:= d2 -8. writeln(' Enter second gestational age in days > '). begin writeln. p_coefficient:7:4). procedure doentry.x).y. doentry. d1. begin power:=exp(p*(ln(x))). x:=counter/100000. end.052*power(c2. procedure estimate_x. { main program } begin textbackground(blue). readln(d2). function power(x. readln(c1). readln(d1).j.