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Tikka Masala Speech

Social Market Foundation in London).


(Extract from a speech by the foreign secretary to the

secretary udenrigsm in isn:r Social Market Foundation er en tzenketank dannet i19R9



Nations embargo,


general election he was

April 1


Tonight I want to celebrate Britishness. As Foreign Secretary I see every day the importance of our relations with foreign countries to the strength of our economy, to the security of our nation, to the safety of our people against organised crime, even to the health of our environment. A globalised world demands more foreign contacts than even Britain has experienced in the past. I also know that \}Ieare likely to make our way more successfully in the world if we are secure in our British identity, and confident about its future. That security and confidence is important for the in-


fladesupremacy herred0lIl1I1C. da re to state this case is the unmistakable subliminal message. but the religion practised in them was secured by the succession of. tremtore lrtvetyclig. our continued is said to be the devolution of power to which is seen as a to the of the UK. but a gathering of countless different races and the vast of wh ir.h were not to these islands. This evening. London was first established as the capital of a Celtic Britain Romans from Italy. ovcrrnagt imperial expansion "imperial isme" plural ism mangtolcligheci ancestry Iorfaxtr« succession trontolge 39 . under udforclse state ttlstanr: terminal. underforstact devolution ovordragelse.a Dutch Prince. In the pre-industrial era. J want to set out the reasons for being optimistic about future of Britain and Britishness. Indeed.Chicken Tikka Masala Speech ner strength it us in our conduct of business with others. the arrival of do not share our cultural values and who cricket team. It is not their purity that makes the British unique. Twant to go further and argue that in each of the areas where the a threat. Outside our Parliament. They were in turn driven out by Saxons and Angles from Germany. lfled rene mel tunis subliminal underbe- vidst . but the sheer pluralism of their ancestry. Britain was unusually open to external influence: first through foreign invasion. after Britai n achieved naval supremacy. The great cathedrals of this land were built Norman Bishops. uopretlciig decline forfald arlgi'veligt! ha-vdcs absorb state dot absorbere t ilkendegive. The threat is said to come in th ree forms. The British are not a race. conduct under belejring varetagelse. we should instead sec that will British identity. through commerce and imperial expansion. want to argue the case we can be confident about the strength and the future of British it has become fashionable for some that British ideneven in a state of terminal decline. Richard the den industriclle revolution external udefrakommendc naval mariti m. sarnrnenreud indfod pre-industrial Ior Mu n The first element in the debate about the future of British ness is the changing ethnic composition of the British people themselves.. when transport and cornmun ications were often easier sea than by land. deccntraIiscri ng samling.

troth ransom Iosesurn breadth (her) omfang huh midtpunkt. who are more open to new influences and more likely to have been educated in a multi-ethnic environment.. over 300 languages will be spoken by families over their evening meal at home.t {". nedbryde cohesion sarnrnenha~ng furtive skjult. lyssky exploitation udnyttelse rummelig. It is home to over 30 ethnic communities of at least 10. This point is perhaps more readily understood by young Britons. ~ 40 . The global era has produced population movements of a breadth and rich ness without parallel in history._--_---- astride overskra-vs steed ganger defiance udtordrtng. which generates a demand for labour faster than can be met by the birth-rate of a modern developed country. And it isn't just our economy that has been enriched by the arrival of new communities.Chicken Tikka Masala Speech --------- .. Legitimate immigration is the necessary and unavoidable result of economic success. it is false to our future too. . rovende asset aktiv vitality vita litet. aben prosperity frcmgang. velstand mangfolinclusive dighed linguistic sproglig Lionheart proudly sits astride his steed. lovlig generate skabe labour (her) arbejdskraft trafficking smugling corrode trere. It is an immense asset that contributes to the cultural and economic vitality of our nation. navle reluctant rnodvill ig. But it reaches into every aspect ot our national life.000 residents each. In th is City tonight. The national airline of a major European country has recently relocated its booking operation to London precisely because of the Iinguistic variety of the staff whom it can recruit here. BLItwe must also create an open and inclusive society that welcomes incomers for their contribution to our growth and prosperity. The idea that Britain was a "pure" Anglo-Saxon society before the arrival of communities from the Asia and Africa is But if this view of British is false to our past. A symbol of British courage and defiance. There is no more evil business than trafficking in human beings and nothing corrodes social cohesion worse than a furtive underground of illegal migrants beyond legal protection against exploitation. OUTmeasures to attract specialists in information technology is a good example. Our lifestyles and cultural horizons have also been broadened in the process. sundhed legitimate legitim. Our cultural diversity is one of the reasons why Britain continues to be the preferred location for multinational companies setting up in Europe. Every country needs firm but fair immigration laws. Yet he spoke French much of his life and depended on the Jewish community of England to put up the ransom that freed him from prison. This pluralism is not a burden we must reluctantly accept. Today's London is a perfect hub of the globe.

not only nD. The modern notion of national cannot be based on race and but must be based on shared ideals and Some of such the most successful countries in the modern the United States and societies. strteben icthed til aftermath efrersoil. Proud that the strength of the British character reflects the influences of the many different communities who have made their home here over the centuries. reflect mutual gCTl. mutual respect and generosity of spirit are essential British val ues. We should be proud to be British.sieiig genCIosity genervlsiret.. 1 multiculturalism is more consistent of our islands. The Massala sauce was the desi re of to have their meat served in gravy. it makes the need for a shared framework of values and institutions all the more relevant. J. with the historical Far from making Britishness redundant.We should welcome that pluralism as framework ramme struktur.. forstaelse at ettinicitv elnisk tilllorsforilold aspiration forh. storsind 41 . It is natural for every nation to be proud of its identity. But we should be proud of the real Britain of the modern age. the homogeneity of British identithat some people assume to be the norm was confined to a relatively brief period..] h-- ning. tilpasse gravy S(YVS coming terms with accept af notion ide.Chicken Tikka Masala Speech Chicken Tikka Massala is now a true British national dish. Their how cultural allied to a shared of can be a source of enormous We should draw inspiration from their experience r . that framework must be one that reflects the realities of contemporary Britain. It lasted from the Victorian era of imperial to the aftermath of the Second World War and depended on the unifying force of those two extraordinary The diversity of modern Britain expressed th rough r . We should be proud that those British values have made Britain a successful multi-ethnic SOCiety.. force for our to terms with multiculturalism economy and will have for our understandi ng of Britlshness."hwr ill ustrati on of because it is the most Chicken Tikka the way Britain absorbs and is an Indian dish. To act as a unifying force. "arene etter" unify foren« consistent withi ovcrcnsstcmrnelse med redundant In our thousand years of history. Proud that openness.

class work Pre-reading Activity 1. the Normans. the Angles. prejudice. ism. And we should recognise that its diversity is part of the reason why Britain is a great place to live. (2001) Questions and Activities . Tolerance is important. the Romans. bigotry. hospitality. to supporting our public and to enriching our culture and cuisine. Use the T nternet or the library to find out who the peoples below were.~ 42 . too. waves of immigration tolerate. immigrants.Chicken Tikka Masala Speech cuisine (fransk) kokken a asset for Britain in a modern world where our prosperity. Society of inclusion. homogeneity.\I . the Saxons. fear of the. but it is not enough. inhospitality. multiculturalism ... Then draw a timeline of when they arrived in Britain: The Celts.foreign. xenophobia • Foreigners. who King William of Orange (lithe Dutch Prince") and Richard the Lionhart were. refugees. Find out. heterogeneity. embrace nn. . foreign influence. We should celebrate the enormous contribution of the many communities in Britain to strengthening our economy. our security and our influence depend on the health of our relations with other peoples around the globe.. Society of exclusion.. " . racism. purity. intol(2rance. the Jews.

6.c2L What does it mean that the homogeneity of British identity depended on the unifying force of imperial expansion and the Second World War'! In Cook's view. accordi ng to Cook? In what ways is cultural pluralism and diversity an economic asset! In what ways does immigration affect British culture Are there any indications that Robin Cook is more open towards a certain kind of immigrants? If so. 4-8)? 5. who and why? What connotations do the words "purity" and "ethnicity" have in Cook's speech'? Explain how these connotations are different from the traditional con notations of the words. J1. 7. 41. what must replace race and ethnlciry as markers of British identity? What should be the unifying force of Britain if the country does not have one race and one culture? According to Cook. 42. 43 . 10.11. When was the Victorian nationalism in the Victorian Age'! What characterised British world demand more contacts ever? 2. ideas of What does it mean that Britain is said to be under and in astute II. does Cook want to change their usual connotations'? In what ways is Chicken Tikka Masala a illustration of how British national identity becomesmulticultural? How is it a of impurity'! Look at p.Chicken Tikka Masala Speech 2. What does it mean to be "secure in our British 1. 8. 9. external 4. why is tolerance not enough as a response to new ethnic groups in Britain? What more is required and why (p. 11. 12. How may this increase the chances of British success in the world'? 3. What ideas of British national is Robin Cook speaking against'? In what ways is immigration a for a modern country. 13. 17.

repetitions). Who is Cook addressing h is speech to'? Define his target group and explain how it shows in the text. manipulating and informative. short sentences. 2. In what ways do you sense in the text that Victorian nationalism is still present in Britain today? 44 . Examine the tone of the text Is the tone optimistic or pessimistic? Illustrate with examples. mrnarislnq the Text 1. omissions and by being granted less space). Sum up all his arguments against fear and negativity.Chicken Tikka Masala Speech 2. List all the th i ngs that are downplayed (with negative metaphors and comparisons. S. List the words and phrases that Cook attaches to multiculturalism. From your analysis above. What does that do to the tone or mood the speech creates? Examine the speech for simple categories of good and bad. Examine whether Robin Cook speaks in a formal or informal style through his choice of words. You might want to look up The Social Market Foundation on the Internet. :3. In what ways should the British be proud of being British today? Compare this with.Victorian national pride (pre-reading question 2). 6. Sum up all the fears and negative attitudes Cook identifies. Go through the text. 4. to what extent does Cook invitediscussion and reject discussion respectively? How does Cook's tone serve to reinforce his own views and make the views of his opponents sound unappealing or invalid? To what extent does the speech appeal to emotions and the intellect respectively? Discuss to what extent you find the speech persuasive. catchy phrases. of political speeches. List all the things that are intensified (with positive metaphors and comparisons. List the words and phrases he attaches to views against multiculturalism. Examine the speech for divisions of reality and truth versus nonsense and [antasy.

Read the best speeches aloud in class. Do you think Cook's that Brit ish national multicultural is convinci If 5.Chicken Tikka Masala Speech 3. 6.Give your reasons. To what extent are immigrants and multiculturalism a of the international image of your country? Consider whether the international image of your country is a strong or a weak image in the competition for global success. Do you th ink that the rni xing of foods is cultural mixing? or not? Are the views of Cook's opponents just a matter of pessimism and threats"? Is it fair only to the and opponents of rnulticulturalisrn in this think of any less optimistic about and multiculturalism which you are also concerned about? 2. 4. Do you agree with Cook that multiculturalism can provide the inner strength of national Why. Do you agree thai mutual and of "essential British values"? . Work 1. Does Robin Cook for a world of no borders and Discuss whether there is contradiction in Robin the world in one national as an of 7. Discuss how foreign foods have changed your national culture and identity. Write a speech about the assets of immigration in your culture and national identity. 'To what extent is the history of your country a history of foreign influences? To what extent is your national history and identity one of influence? 3. 45 . why not? How may alternatives to multicultural ism be better suited to inner and national 4. You may copy Cook's rhetoric and food imagery.

men ogsa er alta og omega i den nationale identitet. at Storbritannicn er under belejring.Chicken Tikka Masala Speech 2. der indtil nu har undgaet at blive forurenet af udleendinge. som forts. at overbevise briterne om. Saledes er opskriften pa den nye nationale identitet i Storbritannien: hzeld en tyk engelsk sovs over en krydret indisk kylling og server den va rrn t Velbekornrne! I sin berornte multiculturalism " 46 . Tvrertimod er briterne et folk som op igennem historien er blevet skabt af mange indvandrtngsbelger . at briterrie aldrig har vzeret en homogen race. Write a first person story about his/ her reactions to Cook's speech as it progresses. angelsaksere. i en tilstand af endeligt forfald og lkke Lengere et hvidt land. at multikulturalisme ikke alene er vigtig for landets okonomt og internation ale konkurrenceevne. Flow important is food in your definition of your culture and national identity? Write an article or a poem. Imagme a xenophobic or racist listener among Cook's audience. Indvandri ngen i dag er blot endnu en beige af udenlandsk indflydelse. Med en henrykt begejstring for rnultikulturalismens frugtbathed og kreativitet gar Cook til angreb pa angsten for. "Chicken Tikka Masala" tale forsoger Labour-regermgens davzerende udenrtgsmlnister. 3. Hans vigtigste argument er velsagtens.etter den historiske udvikling af menneskene pa de britiske oer. Robin Cook. vikinger til norrnannerne.fra kelremere.