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Between-Subjects Design refers to a research design in which different groups of participants are randomly assigned to an experimental condition (exposed to one or more experimental treatments) or to a control condition (not exposed to an experimental treatment). .

A research paradigm in which different experimental subjects participate in different experimental conditions. an experimental design in which each subject is tested under only one level of each independent variable http://www.html .com/cms/glossary/glossary-b/between-subjects-design.refers to an experimental research strategy in which each research participant provides data for only one level of the independent variable or variables.psychology-lexicon.

a completely new group is required for each.experiment-resources. If more than one treatment is basic idea behind this type of study is that participants can be part of the treatment group or the control group.html#ixzz1heJVLysJ . Read more: http://www. but cannot be part of both.