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March 17 2012

Jasmine Goh Ching Ming 18 , jalan wawasan 4/2 , Pusat Bandar Puchong , 47160, Selangor.

Installment Payment Dear Quik Liew Yi Ling, This is to confirm the arrangement under which I will accept payment of your outstanding balance of RM2500 in installments. You must sign and return the enclosed copy of this letter including admission of the full amount and acceptance of the term of our agreement.

I will accept payment of the account without interest per month in consecutive , monthly installments of RM450 , commencing March 17, 2012 and continuing on the April 17, 2012 of each successive month until paid off in full.


Jasmine Goh Ching Ming 017-2923142

Admission and Acceptance The undersigned hereby admits the full amount of the above

Date: By: (Quik Lieu Yi Ling) .outstanding account and having no rights of sell-off or counterclaim and accept the above terms of payment.