it is a real loss of a good friend and dogs have been very good friends to humans since times immemorial. Yours Ayu . I also suggest you to bring another puppy at the earliest possible so that it can help you in forgetting the tiger. I advise you to divert your mind from the incident and concentrate on your forthcoming end semester examinations.Sel Indonesia 30 may.2 Makassar.2011 Dear Harsh. How your studies are going on? I am sorry to hear about the sudden death of tiger. 90222 Sul.1. INVITATION LETTER Btn Ayu Lestari. as the career is important. I know very well how you have developed your attachment with your pet. the Alsatian dog of yours. No. Hope this letter will find you in good mood. Though it is a great loss. I remember him helping your father getting relief from the hypertension and serious heart ailment along with a bit of exercise when he used to take it out in the mornings. Indeed.

I hope in future the quality of your food is able to match up to the quality of your service.2011 Dear Mr. Ayu . 90222 Sul. Though we had ordered an assortment of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The starters we ordered were dripping with oil. they all seemed Best Wishes. NEGATIVE EMOTION Btn Ayu Lestari. Endhy.2. Unfortunately.2 Makassar. the sub-standard food served in your restaurant really dampened our spirits. though we had specifically requested for fat-free food. The only redeeming feature that evening was the courteous Service and the friendly manner in which your waiters patiently heard our numerous complaints. to taste the same.Sel Indonesia 30 may. The Main Course tasted equally pathetic. The dinner started off in a very disappointing way when we were served some tasteless lukewarm fluid which was passed off as Chicken Sweet-corn soup. I and my family had visited your restaurant on 16th May to celebrate my sister’s promotion. No.

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