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Greek Confederation of Editors' Unions[POESY]

POESY condemns the attack on chairman of Photojournalist Union by MAT(1) The council of POESY expresses its deep repulsion for the new barbarian and unprovoked attack last night by cops of MAT to journalists covering the gathering in memory of the 77 years old suicide at Syntagma(2), these time the victim was the chairman of Photojournalists Union of Greece sent to hospital with traumatic brain injury by truncheon, which needs surgical intervention, according to medical opinion. Note that during the night before yesterday gathering at Syntagma square he got brutally beaten by cops the journalist Rena Maniou, analogous previous attacks on the Press people: Manolis Kipreos( who got permanent disability), Dimitris Trimis chairman of Daily Press Editors Union of Attika[ESIEA], Giorgos Augeropoulos and photojournalist Tatiana Bolari. Once more ELAS(3) announced EDE(4), but they persuaded nobody since there is absolutely no progress in brutal attacks cases in the past. Dozens of named complaints of colleagues for unprovoked and violent behavior of police. Obviously the systematic and recurrent attacks against people of Press, during their work, trespassing fundamental human rights, are by kind of cores consciously trying to terrorize and manipulate the Press. After economic extermination of Press sector from memorandum bills, now they are heading to physical extermination... POESY proclaims that will lead, as always on the fight for preservation of Freedom of Press and stand, by any mean, against action undermining the foundation of Democracy. Council of POESY, 06/04/2012

notes by translator, not the Union: 1. MAT is the riot police in Greece 2. Syntagma is the THE square of Athens, in front of Greek Parliament 3. ELAS is acronym of Greek Police, do not confuse it with HELLAS=Greece 4. EDE is interior investigating. Cops judging cops!