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M TECH .DEGREE EXAMINATION, JANUARY 2012 First Semester Branch: Mechanical Engineering. Specialisation: Production and Industrial Engineering. METROLOGY AND COMPUTER AIDED INSPECTION. (Regular 2011 admission) Time : Three Hours Answer all questions. 1. a) i) State Abbe’s principle and explain the methods for the measurement of length using this principle (10Marks) ii) State accuracy and precision (5 Marks) iii) Explain in detail the standards of length measurements (10 Marks) Or b) i) List the problems associated with high precision measurements (5 Marks) ii) Explain any two methods for slip gauge calibration in detail (20 Marks) 2 a) Design a “Go” “No Go” gauge for components having 25H7f8 ,Given i) i(microns) = 0.453√ D +0.001D ii) Upper Deviation for f shaft = -5.5 D 0.41 iii) 25mm falls in the diameter step of 18 and 20 iv) IT 7 = 16i, IT 8= 25i (20Marks) Maximum :100 Marks

ii) State and explain Taylor’s principle

(5 Marks)

Or b) i) Explain in detail the measurement of effective diameter of screw threads by two wire and three wire method (15 Marks) ii) Explain in detail about optical-mechanical comparators (10 Marks) 3 a) i) Explain in detail about laser interferometer (10Marks) ii) List various laser inspection techniques. Explain any two in detail (15 Marks) Or b) i) Explain in detail about the error reduction and compensation in CMM (15 Marks) ii) Explain in detail about the measuring probes used in CMM (10 Marks)

4. a) i) Explain the application of CMM (5 Marks) ii) Explain how moiré fringes are used for linear measurements (10 Marks) iii) Expalin about image processing in Machine vision (10 Marks) Or b) Explain about how the machine vision is used for assembly and inspection tasks (25 Marks) .