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Question Bank

1) What is GIS? What are the four M’s of GIS? Enlist the contributory disciplines to GIS? 2) What are maps? What is map scale? Explain spatial referencing system? 3) What is map projection? Describe different types of map projections? 4) What is vector data representations? Explain it with suitable example 5) What are the different ways to built GIS real world model? 6) What is spatio temporal data? Explain different types of representation used for spatio temporal data? 7) What is raster data representations? Explain it with suitable example? 8) What are the common errors in GIS database? Explain the process of data cleaning? 9) What is overlay analysis? Describe the process of digital terrain modeling? 10) What are various guidelines for digitization in GIS? 11) Describe the data types & their sources used for GIS in India? 12) How is GIS used in land use or land cover classification system? 13) Explain the issues in integration of remote sensing with GIS applications? 14) What are the challenges which have occurred due to usage of GIS In urbanization? 15) Write a note on application areas of remote sensing & GIS