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March 16, -1959

.ATTN: Woodland Association

w .
Re: Sproy Program
In answer to your request for a bid on Dutch Elm Disease
Control in the Woodland .Association, v1e, the undersigned
the following bid;
One tree -a $ '
2.30 ee.
Six trees 2,16 ea.
Seven trees 2,00 ea.
Eight trees 1.87 ea.
Nine trees 1.77 es.
Ten trees 1.70 ea.
All trees over
ten -
and Insect
These prices sre based on the Dormant only, This work shall be
done . with a 1000 Jf pressure hydraulic spray unit using Michlin Chemical
Co, "CX" 34,2} D:JJr oil emulsion spray,

Insect control shell be based on $4,00 per lot per spray, ':Chis spray
should last under conditions from 4 to 6 weeks, It due to
abnormal weather oondi tiona this spr"Y bl'e8,ks down within 3
{ 21 days), an eddi tionel sprsy shall be e.pplied at one half_ nor!llel
rete, This sprty is also a lllfichlin Formula containing 25'' JJJ)l, 21 Lethane,
55/o Petroleum Xylol, 187 White oil and 2/o emulsifier in a water sol-
ution. Thank you.
Yours very truly, .