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Maplehurst Ferndale 20, Michigan December 6, 1957


Mr. Earl A. Morrison PresidentWoodland Park Improvement Assn. 392 cv. Woodland Ferndale 20, Hichigan

Re: Installation of Lights A president of any association with or without renumeration, is a thankless job. I admire you for taking and assuming the responsibilities of the office. I have lived at this address for twenty-three years and appreciate the yeoman's service the association has done in our community. neighbor on the West and I were very much disappointed with the type of installation proposed by the Edison Company. If we were to have some rather attractive light poles, as does Woodward Avenue, it would add to the appearance of the streeti but to have some old wooden poles sticking -;ray up in the air with a wooden arm and several guy wires to hold it up, is an eye sore. If and when Edison wants to do a decent job on lighting the street, we vrould go for it. We have all the parking on our side of the street and nm,r they want us to have all the wooden poles. Sincerely,


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Harold B. itiilcox Rl3N:db