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Lincoln 3-4469

Mr. G.W. Lamphere, President

Woodland Park Improvement Assoc.
527 West Drayton
Ferndale 20, Michigan
Dear Sh.J
800 Avenue
At s. lllE!ati:qg Bel\1'4 of Di:l:'eet\'1!'.$ o.r tile
Wil.aon (li.vil:l tn& folloWing
Wlih\l ;munimou.sly
se it t the wuson .Civic IlllPl'r>ftlllent
thorougn Jtudy, .e
p.,;tition g.f Qfl.k .Park tlil the 4iift01!!t
tl)i;,t oZ [lark inelnded Within th<'a
R14g School. be oeded
to the School D1etl'iet #'J.ff.
w., think. sebo.ol. tionnt'tuy. shuulEl 'bEt ..
Will l"oli't. take' aotlotF?
Thank yr 1ntenst in th& mattii!J.',.
Sincerely your