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c. c. Lynn
354 Lewiston Avenu,e
Ferndale, Mic:h-1(]lan
Mr. Lynn;
February 4
We are about to aomplete che end o:t the term !'or which
;:ere $l<>cted 1'e oft'icere and directorra of ow:' Aeeociation
the annual llle! will be held next month. J:.etls look over the
past year.
It ee&lltl! to me Chat the year ru).e beeu relatively unevent:f'uJ: ..
few instance$ which involved apparent Viola.tions of' :t'eeti"l.atlona
have been handled with little dif':f'hmlty, and no proble..'lle ere now
pending in this connection.
However, He were t<:> e.ccomplish one thing--a project
initiated by our secretary, George Weber, Hllo has now moved to
thle has not been completect. I refer to the plan to
obtain the names of' e,ll residents in the I!Ubdiv:l.sion, with
directo:r to obtain names in h.ts r)lock in order t!J.,,.t a ourro;>nt
directory can be compUed. At the s!i.!ne time, the director should
attempt to obtlllin payment of association dues to evldence active
membership and keep treasury good condition.
Aceordingly, it i.s resp0ot:t' requested that you promptly
completlil the canvass of your block 8Ud furnl sh me wl th a complete
list of residents for use in prepa.ration fol' the enmcr.l meeting
to be held in Narch. Your cooperation in this regard will be
Sincerely yours,
Gordon \f. Lamphere