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June 9th,
l 9 51
1840 National Bank Building
Detroit 26, Michigan
Dear Yr. Lamphere:
I have investigated the condition of the Catch
Basin referred to in the letter received from Miss Marta Jardon,
495 W. Lewiston Avenue.
This Catch Basin is the same as all of our
standard Catch Basins in the City of Ferndale. Our experience
indicates that generally this type of Catch Basin is preferable
to the open top Gatch Basin for the reason that it does catch
a lot of debris and keeps it from fllling up our Catch Basins
quite so fast.
We are endeavoring to get property owners to
quit piling their debris from lawns, graas cuttings, etc. on
the pavement, which is the cause of the plagging of these Catch
Basins. We find that we get less trouble, when we receive the
cooperation of the householder, from that type of a Catch Basin,
than we do from the other type which allows all of this debris to
get into the Catch Basin, filling ap same, much faster, causing
us a problem of cleaning it mere often, and quite often plugging
the Catch Basin d01m at the bottom, which gives us considerably
more trouble to open up.
The changing of this Catch Basin is not a simple
operation because it would require breaking out a section of the
curb and replacing it completely with a new curb as well as chang-
ing the Catch Basin Frame.
I hope this satisfactorily answers Miss Jardon
Veey truly yours,
.. ' . '.
t ' Hazel Park Public Schools
Lee 0. Clark, Principal
2500 Marlin Road
Ferndale 20, Mich.
School District No. 8
Hazel Park, Mich.
P. J. Jenema, Superintendent

j-). 7 1r)
Cooperative Training Dept.
H. Marta )ardon, Director