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Dear Mr.

If and when the opportunity arises in your organization that you may wish to avail yourselves of a guest speaker, I am happy to announce that the Honorable Judge James Renfrew of Huntington Woods is presently available to speak before your group free of charge. Judge Renfrew has become a well informed speaker on. the subject of The Judiciary and Its Problems in the State o.f Michigan, through a great deai of knowledge and experience gained in this field. At the present time he is a Judge in the City of Huntington Woods and in addition to numerous other activities and accomplishments he is also the author of "A Criminal Law Handbook for the Michigan Justice of the
For further information and arrangements for speaking engagements

please contact Judge Renfrew at Lincoln 7-0320,

Thank you.


William B. Meanwell 2117 N. Connecticut Royal Oak, Michigan