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Market Segmentation & Target Marketing

Company Size. Social Class Psychographic: Image. Status Behavioral: Benefits. Location . Income.Market Segmentation and Target Marketing Customer Needs National/International Short and Long Distance Calls Market Segments Segmentation Pattern Approach to Segment Bases for Segmentation Individual and Corporate Clustered Preferences Multi-Stage Segmentation (several bases) For Individuals: Geographic: Divided the country into 3 divisions Demographic: Age. Usage rate For Corporate: Demographic: Industry.

Sylhet Demographic: Age (18 +).Market Segmentation and Target Marketing Target Market For Individual: Geographic: Dhaka.BANGLALINK) For Corporate (Demographic) Industry: MNC. Social Class (Middle and above) Psychographic: Image (Possessiveness) Behavioral: Benefit (T&T facility.Government Company Size: Employees more than 50 Location: Dhaka and Chittagong . cheaper RIM). Chittagong. UN Mission. Large Manufacturers. Income (10. Usage rate (lower than AIRTEL.000+).

Government support Company Objectives and Resources: Profitability and Creating Brand equity as well reach every household in course of time . increasing middle class population. purchasing power of buyers.Market Segmentation and Target Marketing Evaluation of Target Market Segment Size: Millions Growth: Introducing stage of PLC with ample scope Structural Attractiveness: Moderate Competition.