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Name: Ngo Duy Son


Travelling in public transport with comfort? That’s out of question concerning the bus’s system in Ha Noi. Supposed to be the most formidable vehicle, it acts as it is called. The bus driver, being the “king” of the street, controls the giant “monster” through the chaotic but tiny multitude, passing every traffic light without hesitation, sounding the horn without annoyance. When the king with his monster moves around, the residents just have to step outside. Yet, with a huge appearance, it moves so slowly that everyone can have enough time to appreciate the magnificent figure of the “monster”, including the passengers. On the bus, silence is always prerequisite for everyone except for “the speaker”. It is always filled with massive noise containing “all-around-the-world” information. “It serves to relax the king”. Unfortunately, the bus’s company, or the “king’s father”, aims at nothing but money. With the high demand of perambulating, the “king’s father” makes use of his philosophy: “Quality is better than quantity” (which is not in either way), supplies only a small number of buses, resulting in the overcrowded situation which happens everyday in the “heart of the monster”. Thanks to them, many people have lost lots of weight. Thanks to them, many people have discovered what a “civilized” society is like. Thanks to them. Thanks to the kings.