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INTRODUCTION An interactive free space display developed by IO2 technologies. 2D not 3D Works as a free space touch screen. It is a planar display… ie.. Eco-friendly . low power consuming and various image and video formats… .

.HISTORY  Developed by Chad Dyner … In 2005 US patent office granted Dyner patent for his product (HELIODISPLAY)… Dyner found IO2 technologies to commercialize heliodisplay….


suspended in mid air to create nearly invisible screen in to which any image can be projected… This vapour curtain(screen) is sandwiched between layers of clean air to create an acceptable screen… . Heliodisplay transforms water in to a unique screen of fine vapour.

AIR AIR HEAT PUMP Cools it to a level below its dew point STORES THE CONDENSED PARTICLE CLOUD PROJECTION SCREEN For creating artificial screens Screen created by an invisible layer of fine water vapour AIR .

The vapour screen is a particle cloud created by passing the surrounding air through a heat pump which in turn cools the air to a level below its dew point…. . These particle cloud consists of individual micro-droplets .held together by surface tension….


.though both has similarities… . Similar to other display darker the ambience brighter the image… It do not use holographic technique .KEY FEATURES No other additives or chemicals are needed only plain tap water is necessary.

Images can be seen up to 75 degrees off aspect similar to lcd screen… Viewing requires no special glasses or any other background or foreground screening. ..

museum etc… Collaborative Decision Making e.APPLICATIONS Advertising and promotion. .g : trade shows. e. in-store displays .. board meeting & presentations. teleconferencing.g.

g. home theatre Heads-up display in new fields ….Consumer e.g: video games . Simulation & training e. virtual targets preoperative planning etc ..

. Expensive….  Images becomes less visible under bright light Wind and bright light interferes with image visibility...NEGATIVE ASPECTS Needs controlled lighting for best working conditions.

Model with touch screen capabilities included ..Basic prototype of heliodisplay as introduced by IO2 technologies…….

.quicktime etc.creates one of the most convincing open-air holographic like images in existence…..flash. developed by a former architect .CONCLUSION Heliodisplay is a good projection unit which does not require any special hardware and support videos and jpg images . .This unique technology.

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