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Role of flexible nail in treatment of humeral shaft fracture

:Background Method:32
humeral shaft fractures between march 2009 –march 2011 ,age 2-70 years ,30 male ,2 female ,under general anaesthesia fixation performed by close method pathological , metaphysical and intraarticular fractures are excluded,Postoperative limb kept in cuff and collar day after surgery all movements of elbow and shoulder encourreged except rotation

Results ; 32 of 32 cases are united ,2 of 32 were with Malunion ,10 of 32 were

with shoulder stiffness(antegrade),non was with secondary radial nerve injury ,non was with post operative osteomyelitis,14 of 32 were superficial infection at the site of nail .(insertion (port

Conclusion ; this technique is

minimally invasive , relatively cheap does not interfere MRI signals, good outcomes, but it has less rigidity than plating and locked humeral nailing