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Project report Forces and Strategies that Shaped the Wireless revolution Course no.

: 14:332:301 Rutgers University

Name: Phan Van Phu Role: Director of R&D

Team 7: Nirvi Shah Phu Phan Todd Katz Michael Varga Mina Girgis Daniel Cox

The bandwith is 1Ghz So the download capacity in a cell of infestation is : 2. we use 802. i suggest that the required separation between infestation is about 20 feet. we use the frequencies from 2 Ghz – 3Ghz.5 Gigabits/second For to have long range of the signal. About the cache size: Average number of people per cell is: The average cache size for one people is 1GB. Typical outdoor range is about 800 feet. typical indoor range is about 200 feet. And these wave length of those frequencies is short but acceptable for an infestation system. to avoid the interference of the signal between infestation.- For this infestation system.html With this type of wi-fi.11n wi-fi http://www. We choose this bandwidth because frequencies is in the range of w-ifi friquencies. so the cache size of each cell should be 1GB/users*1000 users/cell = 1000 GB/cell = 1 TB/cell The cost for 1TB cache size is 5000USD .5bits/second/Hz x 109Hz= 25x108bits/second = 2.