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Mark J.


To Victoria Jacob and Jonah Wagner

All Rights Reserved 2012

Copyright © Mark J. Wagner 2012 ISBN-13: 97 -1!7"1" 2!3 ISBN-10: 1!7"1" 2!# $o or%er a%%itiona& 'opie( o) thi( *ook+ p&ea(e 'onta't: ,-a.on Create Spa'e or ///..hi*it.org0-1/23 e--ai&: 2727-ark3g-ai&.'o4raphi' 5e(ign+ Co6er 5e(ign+ 7ayo8t+ 9hotography+ 9oetry: :one(t 5ragon 98*&i(hing+ Mark J. Wagner.

Phenomenon ;ain+ Magi' t8ni'+ 4i&%e% /ater)a&&(+ Sp&a(hing parti'&e( In pea'e+ &i28i)ie% 6i(ion( (noi(i6 %ei)i82i&+ e'aep nI (e&'itrap gnih(a&pS (&&a)reta/+ %e%&i4 +'in8t 'igaM nia; nonemonehP Vine Sen(a& /hee&+ White+ re%+ pink+ Mi< /ith (8n&ight+ 4rape(+ %en(ity Red Wine Bring (-i&e+ :8-or+ ,%% /ater+ &o6e+ $en%+ With patien'e+ :ar6e(t p&ea(8re+ Mat8rity+ 5i(pat'h %e(ire+ /etne(( Word $en%er 6oi'e+ Chanting =arth+ Ne/ -an+ arri6e%...

nI .'r8n'h 'ookie(+ S8--er p8%%ing+ $o )rien%(hip+ Sno/ 'ap(+ 9ie+ &i)e Taste :ea6en+ pray+ ?nee&+ (ing+ /hi(per+ We (ha&& -eet (o-e%ay+ In (phere+ an% 'hant %i6ine 6er(e+ 9&ea(ing -an+ 'reation+ 8ni6er(e Mirror Poem :8-an(+ 6i*rant peta&(+ (&atep+ tnar*i6+ (na-8: B&oo-ing *8%(+ =arth+ htra=+ (%8* gni-oo&B 9o&&inate% *y &o6e+ e6o& y* %etani&&o9 Inti-ate %e(ire+ eri(e%+ eta-itnI Co&or(+ (hape( (epah(+ (ro&oC Wi&& repro%8'e e'8%orper &&iW In -yria% /ay( (ya/ %airy.Wings Sprea% /i%e+ >&y a*o6e =arth+ Wear (to'king(+ (i&k+ 7ingerie+ re% &ip(ti'k+ Chant+ /i&% pa((ion+ S/e&& ki(( Life 7i)e i( pre'io8(+ 7earn a*o8t &o6e Sen(8a& p&ea(8re+ Dessert >ro.

Water Music Water -8(i'+ )re(h+ 5rink+ in%8&ge+ $a(te *ea8ty+ Wet &ip( Mirror Poem >&o8ri(h in art+ &o6e +e6o&+ tra ni h(ir8o&> I--orta& te<t8re+ +er8t<et &atro--I Mo6e-ent+ (o8n%+ +%n8o(+ tne-e6oM @n(ett&e% /etne((+ +((ente/ %e&tte(n@ S/eetne(( in gra'e e'arg ni ((entee/S Mirror Poem 7o6er(+ at the )o8ntain o) tri8-ph+ >ir-a-ent+ heart*eat+ p8&(e+ :ar6e(t &o6e+ pa((ion+ @n'en(ore% &ight(+ 5ay(+ night( (thgin+ (ya5 +(thgi& %ero(ne'n@ +poi((ap+ e6o& t(er6a: +e(&8p +tae* traeh+ tne-a-ri> +hp-8irt )o niatn8o) eht ni ehta*+ (re6o7 meoP rorriM Zen My (o8& %/e&& in Aen+ :ea6en&y te<t8re+ 5/e&&ing in &o6e+ 9ea'e .

eappear )ro.enai((an'e (ti&& %/e&& In tho8ght+ &i)e+ e<i(ten'e+ 7i*erate% %rea-( .1o8rney+ %i-en(ion(+ Won%er)8& /hir&/in%+ i--orta& (e28en'e Light 7ightho8(e+ -on8-ent+ =n'hanting g8i%e+ In 1o8rney+ ti-e+ >ro.)ar a/ay+ :ope+ &ight Vision 5/e&& in -i(t+ $ho8ght(+ %rea-(+ @ni)y+ 1oin 'hoir o) heart( Renaissance $he (pirit o) .Sensual :ear pa((ion+ :ope(+ 9ea'e+ In hi-+ In her Breath C&o(e yo8r eye(+ 7i(ten+ *reath o) -an 7i6ing on =arth $he (e28en'e o) &i)e In 8ni6er(e+ Matter+ In%e(tr8'ti*&e+ 5en(ity+ parti'&e(+ tran()or-e%+ .

Passion 9ara%o< o) ti-e(+ 5/e&& in the /or&%+ Spinning /hee&+ >8t8re+ pa(t+ =28a& (8*(tan'e re)&e'te% in pa((ion( Light 7ight parti'&e( $ra6e&ing ) ./are parti'&e(+ 1"0 *i&&ion &ight year( )ro.(phere(+ Wor&%(+ &ong gone+ $ran()or-e%+ =<i(tent Water Drop :o/ -any %rop( o) /ater+ In nat8re+ entire /or&%+ :o&% earth+ (pa'e+ Bn&y one+ Ma%e In :ea6en Spirits Soaking %rea-(+ 4eneration( &e)t *ehin%+ So8&(+ tra%ition 6i(iting (pirit( Future Ne/+ %i6ine (pa'e+ .

Beginning Ne/ -a(ter In :ea6en(+ Man i( )or-e%+ )ro.rt i( an i&&8(ion+ .tree(+ 7i)e+ hope+ 9ea'e+ >ee& In yo8r 6ein( Gift Whi&e tra6e&ing in (pa'e+ Carry /i&% )&o/er( >ro./or% Throne >ir(t Wor%+ $ri8-phant &ight+ (/eet pre&8%e in (e28en'e+ Sai&ing thro8gh (ea(+ ra'e(+ re&igion(+ Ba(i(+ the (/eete(t o) a&& /or%(+ >or thir(ty+ tire% (o8&(+ In the -i%(t o) (ea(+ Water+ pa&.''epta*&e+ tran(parent (hape(+ :o/ *ea8ti)8&&y 'ra)te% *y rea&ity+ ta&ent( !iss $o(( -e that ki((+ :ot+ /et+ Can yo8 )ee& -y (o8& on yo8r &ip(C .=arth+ I-pre(( 4a&a'ti' $a(te rt .

a*o6e+ 28en'hing thir(t Scientists .&/ay( go %o/n+ With -8(i' an% (-i&e+ When &i28e8r an% 're-e o) &i)e %enie% Lo"e 7o6e i( &ike rain+ 9o8ring rhy-e(+ rhyth-(+ >ro./i(%o-+ 4reat -in%(+ :o/ to %e)en% Inno'en'e )ro. Din'ent+ :e&per+ goo% g8i%e In %i(r8pte% (e28en'e Fortune .Saint St.har-+ -i((pe&&e% tr8th( . /hee& o) rea(on+ 9ioneer( o) kno/&e%ge+ Se&) a/arene((+ %i6ine re)&e'tion+ S'ienti(t(+ 8&ti-ate %rea-er(+ tra6e&er( Thought :ar6e(t tho8ght(+ 7ook+ /ater/ay(+ g&orio8( (hape(+ 4&i%ing pe&i'an+ /e&&(pring(+ /hi(pering 6er(e+ Magi' &a6en%er+ g&orio8( (ong in yo8r heart(+ a&&8ring 6oyage #o$ IE6e rea% 'o8nt&e(( *ook(+ IE6e &earne% )ro.

Dragon Soaring %ragon+ $rai&ing ('ien'e+ .n% )in% So&8tion( In (e&)+ (pa'e+ S'ienti(t(+ 'heer(F Se% $ri8-ph o) -an In ga&&eria+ >o8ntain o) (e< Se&uence In)inite /ithin So8&+ heart+ Shape $ho8ght @ni6er(a& (e28en'e ' Want I /ant to pray+ $o ho&% yo8r han%+ 9rai(e 4o% >or the gi)t+ 7i)e+ a/arene(( Whisper I /ant to /hi(per Senten'e o) &o6e+ By the ta*&e+ (8pper .n'ient )rien% Science 5e)ine path(+ .

/arene((+ M8&tip&ie% e((en'e+ No8ri(h e<i(ten'e 'nspiration Wing( o) 6i(ion+ renai((an'e+ .ation+ >8&)i&& %e(ire+ =<perien'e+ =-*ra'e ea'h other on =arth Feelings 7a*orio8( )ee&ing(+ >&o8ri(h in to8'h+ S'ent o) &o6e Patterns 9attern %e)ine pattern(+ 4eo-etri'a& )or-(+ ang&e(+ .t night+ a&& &i)e )nit* Ci6i&i.('en%F Bn /ing( o) ange&(+ >ree /i&&+ %e(ire( .Psalm ( I /ant to -eet yo8 By the 'reek+ .*o6e -o8ntain(+ I /ant to (ee yo8+ In the -orning+ %8ring (8n(et+ I /ant to to8'h yo8+ .

e (ign( +arth =-*ra'e &an%+ 9&enti)8& =arth+ =6ery (ee%+ In the -orning+ night+ .&& (ea(on( -ight .Language 9oetry+ tran(&ate e-otion( Into )&e(h+ -8('&e( o) &ang8age+ 7i)e+ =-*e%%e% in )ee&ing(+ $e-pera-ent Famil* Dariety in heart(+ (en(ation(+ :8-an *reath+ Join 6i*rating )a-i&y on =arth+ Persistence 7ight /i&& (hine+ (ti&&+ With %e(ire+ hope+ In yo8r -in%+ thir(ty heart Wealth What -an o/n( In the /or&%+ 6a(t (pa'e+ Wea&th+ ta&ent(+ We ha6e ea'h other+ In ('ien'e o) )8t8re+ pa(t Disguise 9rophet(+ tea'h Inno'ent hope+ /i(%o-+ 'o8rage+ Sing+ 5e-on( /i&& 'o-e in %i(g8i(e+ Be a/are+ re'ogni.

osmos 7atent i-age e-erge+ .&i6e+ pre'io8(+ @ni6er(e World 5re(( )or yo8r(e&)+ .n% re-e-*er+ Wor&% i( /at'hing a( /e&& Photons 4a&a'ti' '&8(ter(+ (tar(+ 9hoton( in -otion+ Wi&& -eet yo8r eye( .Pulse >ee& p8&(e o) the /or&%+ S'ien'e+ ho&&y gar&an%(+ Doi'e(+ ho&% in yo8r -in%+ (o8&+ 7earn 8nity o) *reath( + :ar-onio8( phra(e Se% $ra'e eternity Bn nipp&e(+ ro8n% (hape(+ >ragrant *rea(t+ $o8'h+ (pin in 'ir'&e(+ Sprea% pa&-+ &i'k Pollination Bpen yo8r -in%+ Moi(t+ o*ey inte&&e't+ 9o&&inate &i)e .

/arene((+ %onEt )a%e >ro.$he S'ro&&( B) $r8th+ 9aint ne/ -a(terpie'e in $he Book o) 7i)e ..i"ili-ation I 'a&& a&& peop&e on =arth+ My *rother(.in18(ti'e on =arth cceptance It %oe(nEt -atter /hat /e kno/+ B)ten+ /hat -atter the -o(t+ I( /hat yo8 /ant to hear+ a''ept Blessings 7ight+ 28en'h thir(t+ Man+ (8rro8n%e% *y *&e((ing(+ Nat8re+ 8ni6er(e (ing Dialog 7et peop&e (peak+ In the &ang8age o) heart+ )ee&ing(+ Meet hi-+ her+ )a'e to )a'e+ :ear tr8e (8*(tan'e+ heart*eat+ . J8%ge on&y tho(e /ho (prea% hate+ $here are )e/+ /ho pro(per )ro.&& 28e(tion( /i&& %i(appear #armon* $o&eran'e+ 7o6e+ 9ea'e+ $ran(parent tr8th( Vision .

ening Choir+ %r8-(+ :era&% i( 'a&&ing+ &o8%+ Step )or/ar% ar-ie( o) progre((+ Create tho8ght(+ 6i(ion(+ ./aken hope( Destin* I /i&& (tan% *y yo8+ eterna& -an+ 5i6ine re)&e<ion+ B&en% /ith oppo(ite+ *e'o-e an ange& .ppea&ing i( (en(e o) to8'h+ S'ent+ (ight+ hearing+ ta(te+ $he para-o8nt rea&ity+ 9er'eption Se&uence S'8&pt yo8r heart+ $ho8ght(+ (hape -in%(+ 9aint /or%(+ a/arene((+ 5e('ri*e &i28e)ie% parti'&e(+ Se28en'e $a.Saint St. Din'ent+ :e&per+ goo% g8i%e In %i(r8pte% (e28en'e Den* #arm Go8 are not a&&o/e%+ $o ri(e han% again(t -an+ inno'ent+ $o 'a8(e pain+ in18(ti'e+ '&o8% o) a(h Senses .

on Defenders '' 5e)en%er( o) $o&eran'e F Step >or/ar%..... In('ri*e 6i(ion on /in%+ '&o8%( a*o6e hori. @n(toppa*&e )or'e Defenders ''' 5e)en%er( o) Chi&%ren F Step )or/ar%. 4athering 6oi'e .......hild 5e)en% 'hi&%+ Who 'an not (peak+ Der*a&i. =-*ra'e ho8r(+ )8&)i&& (e28en'e+ &i)e Defenders 'V 5e)en%er( o) >a-i&y F Step )or/ar%.. >8t8re+ a/arene((+ Write )re(h phra(e+ 4&ory+ 'hara'ter Defenders ' 5e)en%er( o) >ree%o-+ >ree Wi&&+ Step >or/ar%.e &i)e Defenders 5e)en%er( o) 9ea'e F Step >or/ar%.. 5rea-( %e('en%ing )ro.hea6en Defenders V 5e)en%er( o) :appine(( F Step >or/ar%..

Wheat )ie&%( *athing in 4o&% Defenders V'' 5e)en%er(F Step )or/ar%..+ S8n+ Moon+ =arth+ Mi&ky Way per)e't a&ign-ent Defenders V''' 5e)en%er( o) 4o% F Step )or/ar%.....Defenders V' 5e)en%er( o) 5ignityF Step )or/ar%. Choir+ 5r8-(+ te(ti)y+ e6ery%ay Defenders '/ 5e)en%er( o) Nation F Step )or/ar%.... /ater)a&&(+ rain+ ti-e&e(( geo-etry+ @ni)ie% Doi'e Postcard :o/ (ho8&% I thank 5i6ine+ a&& -an on earth+ >or /i(%o-+ e<i(ten'e Genuine :o/ -any /or%(+ ge(t8re(+ 4en8ine e-otion(+ :o/ -any+ are &o(t in preten(e .

one+ =-*e%%e% in *eing+ a/arene((+ (o8& . Sculpt S'8&pt earth+ o'ean(+ Win%+ ro'k(+ earth+ With &ight o) yo8r heart+ per'eption +rotica S28ee...-a.e 6irgin *rea(t+ Wait+ &ook+ to8'h+ &i'k+ $a(te+ (&o/+ (-e&& )&a6or+ gi)t War War(C 5ri6en *y pro)it+ St8pi%ity or *oth+ Stop ki&&ing(+ p&ea(e Speed Spee% o) &ight+ $oo (&o/ )or h8-an tho8ght+ Min% rt 0 Science .rt i( ('ien'e+ S'ien'e i( art+ Corri%or+ 8ni)ie% path !no$ledge We %onEt kno/+ What /e kno/+ in 'o-p&etene((+ ('ien'e .ing+ e<28i(ite ta(te+ Wi&% )&o/er(+ Can yo8 -ake another+ )ro.Realit* .nothing.

ea'h tho8ght(+ thir(ty (o8&(+ =n1oy %ay(+ night( )i&&e% /ith (tar &ight(+ =-*ra'e 8ni6er(e Ritual Shepher%(+ ten%er /or%( In %e-an%+ ne/ rit8a&+ har6e(t+ Ce&e*rate (/eetne((+ inti-ate tho8ght( Blending 1pposites I-agine -an+ /o-an+ 4&o/ing ange&( in (pa'e+ 9o/er)8& Feelings 4ent&e ri6er+ tran(parent+ =-otion(+ intri'ate 1e/e&+ In 'ro/n o) e<i(ten'e Forgi"eness Man i( e28a& In 6irt8e an% )a8&t+ 5i6ine 6e((e&+ &i)e .' Min%+ e-inent Se28en'e in (pa'e+ 48i%e thro8gh )ee&ing(+ e-otion( Message 7et *e 'arrie%+ e-*ra'e '8rrent+ 7ight+ (tronger than i-agination+ %o8*t+ Wrappe% in hope+ -o&%e% in ten%erne((+ :8-i&ity+ rea'hing nation(+ (e&) a/arene(( Time Zone .

Se&uence What i( the (hape o) rea(on+ 8ni6er(eC SphereE( 'o--on ('ent+ (hape+ ItE( (e28en'e+ -o%e+ $ran()or-ing+ >&e<i*&e Free Will Brna-enta& rit8a&+ ea'h %ay+ 9rayer+ hone(ty+ %i&igen'e+ Be&ie6e+ in )ree /i&& .(tar(+ @ni)ie% )or'e+ 5i('o6er (e&)+ 4reat 1o8rney+ $o8'h+ Sa're% kno/&e%ge+ 8nity o) heart( . of Secrets 5onEt tra%e %rea-( >or pri6i&ege(+ 4&ori)y 6irt8e( Meditation In e6ery *reath+ Mira'&e+ hea6en+ 7ight )ro.alendar I *e&ie6e in eight %ay( /eek+ ItE( &ogi'+ )aith+ )8t8re+ Ne/ 'a&en%ar C No+ one -ore %ay B) &ei(8re The Boo.

S8n to =arth+ 9arti'&e( o) )aith+ .'lluminance >ro.ea'hing (en(e(+ In eight -in8te(+ $he (pee% o) p8rpo(e Perfect Balance In6ite &o6e+ h8-i&ity+ >or the )ea(t+ :ar-ony Purpose =6ery (pirit %/e&& In %i6ine per)e'tion+ 4ra'e+ In6ite heart(+ 8nite *reath(+ =-*ra'e pea'e+ /ithin Parade 9ara%e+ In -y to/n+ -ar'hing *an%(+ 7o6e )or the 'o8ntry %/e&& in heart(+ C8rio8( 'hi&%ren+ (pirit( high+ Song(+ rhyth-i' )oot(tep(+ Ce&e*ration+ In -y to/n Reference Point In e6ery parti'&e o) &i)e+ I( preparation+ ne<t (tage+ 9erpet8a& (e28en'e+ 8ni6er(e .

ing hip(+ thigh(+ In the ang&e o) &o6e+ pa((ion+ Wre(t&ing %e(ire(+ p&ea(8re( o) go%( Sensualit* .nge&( ri**on(+ >ire/ork( F Joy)8& (o8n%(+ 9eop&e (tare+ gather heart(+ >ire/ork(F Desire :an%(+ ar-( ( o) &o6e+ :ip(+ *rea(t+ 5i6ine geo-etry Lo"ers $/o *o%ie( in (/eat+ Wet ki((+ hea6y *reath Bn yo8r (to-a'h+ *rea(t Future "s Past Synony-o8( (phere + 9a(t+ non e<i(tent in 'ir'&e o) (e28en'e+ >8t8re+ rhyth.*o6e ri6er(+ &ake(+ to/n(+ Magi' 'o&or(+ 6i6i%+ *right+ .Fourth of 2ul* >ire/ork( F 4&oo-ing (tar(+ .o) 8ni6er(e llegor* Bn&y (/an 'an 'o-pete /ith )e-inine 'har-+ Shape+ re)&e'tion o) p&ea(8re+ Di(ion .e%+ *&8e+ /hite+ .

.oa-ing (pirit+ >ear&e((+ /i(e+ e&8(i6e Man S&eep&e(( /a6e(+ air+ 48ar%ing &ight+ >erti&e =arth+ 5i6ine 28e(t+ :8-an Than.i"ili-ation I /ant to /rite a*o8t =arth+ =6ery 'o8ntry+ &ang8age+ ra'e+ .sgi"ing $hank yo8+ 5i6ine+ >or the /or&%+ Star &ight(+ Sen(e(+ art+ @ni6er(e .*o8t /in% 8n%er yo8r /ing(+ %e(ire(+ progre(( 3ature I /ant to /rite+ a*o8t =arth+ =6ery 1oy+ tear %rop+ or (/eat+ :ar6e(t(+ rain)a&&(+ (no/)&ake( on yo8r path Form St8%y )or-+ :ierar'hy+ ('a&e+ Der*a& e<pre((ion+ proportion( Wolf Wo&)+ .

Space Star( -ing&e+ @n(ett&e% )ir-a-ent+ >&o8ri(hing or'har%+ p&anet( Water 9ri(-ati' /ater+ =&o28ent )or-+ Sen(8a& &ogi' Rain .ain i( to8'hing yo8r &ip(+ (ho8&%er(+ 4ent&y ki((ing *rea(t+ 7i'king hip( .6er(e( B) -in%+ poe-( #a4it I ne6er 28e(tion My ha*it o) eating+ =<'ept+ When -ini (kirt+ In )ront o) -e .ode Spin+ '8rio8( /hee&+ In(atia*&e (pirit+ In6i(i*&e han%+ >8t8re+ 5N. Seed 7earn >ro.

i"ili-ation 9eop&e+ ra'e(+ =-*ra'e ea'h -orning+ &o6e+ earth+ Cheri(h+ pre(er6e root(+ e<pre((ion+ hi(tory 'magination 7i(ten+ *reathe in (i&en'e+ inha&e -orning -i(t+ In('ri*e &etter( on '&o8%(+ /hite+ $o8'h rain+ (8n(hine 3ature Nationa& 9ark(+ Di*rant pa&ette+ 4&orio8( =arth The Boo.Ballet 5e&i'ate -otion+ =6ery -8('&e+ e-otion+ 9ainte% -e-orie(+ per(i(ten'e Pra* IE.g&a%+ We are %i))erent+ @n%er *&8e (ky+ 6a(t 8ni6er(e . of Future Se'ret 9a((age+ in('ription(+ 7o6e+ i&&8-inate% *y %e(ire+ )8&)i&&-ent 'nnocence 5/e&& in gra'e+ 1o8rney+ &i)e+ =n%8ring rea(on+ @n'harte% (pa'e .

-an in the /or&%+ 5o yo8 kno/C Spirit /i&& an(/er+ g8i%e+ J8(t &i(ten+ -ighty 6oi'e+ /ithin Voice 7or% (peak thro8gh h8-an &ip(+ .Shh Goodness What %oe( 7or% /ant >ro.. ..(k yo8r -in%+ heart+ %eep in(i%e+ Spirit /i&& an(/er+ g8i%e Patience $a-e anger+ >right)8& in(tin't o) pain+ Mani)e(t h8-i&ity+ patien'e Logic .&&8ring /i(he( 1racle of Basics Bn /ing( o) poetry+ %o6e+ 4&i%ing /or%(+ phra(e(+ tho8ght(+ .e6ea& &ight in /or%(+ a'tion(+ @n/rap heart+ .hyth-i' &ogi'+ &i(ten.ea(on Greeting 4oo% 5ay+ 4oo% ?night+ .

'mprints >o((i&( (peak+ &o8%+ 5ri)ting &an%(+ -a((e(+ 9re(ent 'hapter+ (tage+ $ran()or-ing =arth Famil* In e6ery %/e&&ing+ Soothing /e&&+ H8en'h thir(t+ in%8&ge in ta(te The Boo.-ong (tar(+ %i6ine (ket'h Bn par'h-ent+ 6a(t 8ni6er(e Wish .ompositions In e6ery grain o) (an%+ So'ia& &ogarith-(+ =28ation( in (pa'e+ 4eo-etri'a& hy(teria .e6ea&ing it( na-e Moon .hyth-+ rhy-e+ arti(anE( (phere+ 5e)ine *reath+ re)&e'te% &ight+ Moon+ (ti&& )re(h+ h8--ing at night .e1e't nothingne((+ :8-an (pirit (ha&& %/e&& in pea'e+ :8-i&ity Fractal . of Lite 4o%+ (aint(+ ange&(+ -an .

Thoughts =-*ra'e+ go&%en &ea6e(+ :8-an tho8ght(+ Wor%( 2ourne* >&irting *r8(he(+ 9arti'&e(+ tre(pa((ing earth+ >ro.%i(tant (pa'e+ ne/ 'hapter+ =arth Pra*er 9ray in 'h8r'he(+ te-p&e(+ $he (pirit o) 4o%+ e-*e%%e% in (hrine+ Go8r heart /i&& )o&&o/+ yo8r -in% /i&& g8i%e Path $he path o) &i)e+ S'ien'e in /i(%o-+ =6er&a(ting &ite Vitru"ian Man 7eonar%oE( &a(t (enten'e: I... et'etera+ *e'a8(e (o8p i( getting 'o&%J >&orentine -an+ C&o(e to yo8r heart+ 5ra/ing(+ geo-etry *&en%ing /ith &ight Who 9ro8% egret Bn e&ephantE( hea%+ Where i( the *rain+ @n%er thi'k (kin+ perhap( )eather(+ My(terio8( (pe&& .

Disguise Behin% -a(k+ e&o28ent '&a/(+ In18(ti'e+ %i(g8i(e% a( )rien% C&ai-ing inno'ent *&oo% Bread S'r8-ptio8( *rea%+ Bake% *y /i(%o-+ B8tter on top+ $a(te &ike hea6en+ Mnia-+ -nia-+ -nia.omet Co-et(+ hea6en&y g8e(t(+ 4&orio8( -anner(+ In g&i-p(e o) (e28en'e Sculpture Breathing (tone+ 7i6ing )&e(h+ 7i28e)ie% )or+arth Da&&ey(+ -o8ntain( )ragrant %rea-(+ Ny-ph( hi%ing in (trea-(+ Whi(per on %e/+ /ater )a&&(+ Co-e+ %rink )or.p&ea(8re(+ :i%%en *eneath Peace $ea'h pea'e+ With &o6e+ @n%er(tan% %e(tiny .

e%+ /hite+ $ran(parent g&a(( Masterpiece >o&%( o) %rapery+ S'ien'e o) )a*ri' 4&an'ing on )&e(h+ 4oo% -anner(+ rhy-e In painterE( *reath Water Cha(e /ater)a&&(+ Mi(t+ Cook+ %rink+ Share+ (8*-i((i6e (8*(tan'e+ Water in g&a(( Sensation Water+ 5rink in a-a.ommunion Water an% /ine+ :8-*&e ta&e In -agi' 'ha&i'e+ .The #oll* .=arth to in)inity .e-ent+ $o8'h (en(8a& &ip( =-*ra'e (no/)&ake+ Me&te% on )a'e Trinit* 9yra-i%a& 7a/+ =<ten%e% ar-( >ro.

%oring )ragran'e Lo"e >ee&+ tre-*&ing heart+ :ear+ /hi(per at night+ $o8'h+ (o&itary tear on &o6er( )a'e+ :o&% ten%er han%(+ ar-(+ .e'ite &o6e+ rit8a& *ri%ge+ pa((ion 3atural Beaut* .e6ea& (e'ret 'o%e+ Bet/een -o&e'8&e(+ $ran(parent (8*(tan'e 3e$ Generation $ea'h 'hi&%ren+ $o *e'o-e prophet(+ Sprea% )rien%(hip+ har-ony+ &o6e Water Pitcher Water pit'her+ Magi' (8*(tan'e+ So)t+ (8*&i-e+ %e&i'ate+ Inti-ate &ip(+ tran(parent rhyth-+ 7i6ing in ne'tar+ (en(e(+ e<i(ten'e Perfection 5rink %e/%rop(+ per)e'tion+ =&o28ent+ -y(terio8( e((ay+ .Surface Tension .e)&e'te% *&e((ing( in pon%+ Serenity ('8&pte% in )a*ri'+ ne/ te<t8re+ S8*&i-e *ea8ty+ .

+%altation =terna& pa((ion+ ='ho thro8gh (pa'e+ .e&ent&e(( rhy-e(+ a'o8(ti' trea(8re Veteran In 6eteranE( eye(+ :i(tory e-*e%%e% in ti-e+ :8-an a))air( *&en%e% /ith pri%e Lo"e St8**orn tho8ght+ 9er(i(tent in the -orning+ We&'o-e )ir(t &ight+ pre(ent at night Slender Se&uence $i-e+ ho8r(+ %ay(+ Ma('8&ine )8t8re+ $en%er+ -agi'a& phra(e Trance S'8&pt e'(ta(y With yo8r &ip(+ 7i28e)y 6i(ion( Romance 9aint eye&i%( /ith ki((e(+ S'8&pt &ip( /ith pa((ion+ Inha*it )ragrant note(+ ro-an'e 5ou and ' Se&) a/arene((+ Go are in -e+ I yo8 .

ir+ /ater+ (en(e(+ Man+ In -otion+ e<i(ten'e Prefect Sense @ni6er(e+ $ho8ght o) $ho8ght(+ Witho8t kno/ing+ /hat i( /orth .Path =arth+ &i)e+ 9er)e't 8nity+ .omposition Sai&ing /or%(+ $en% a/arene((+ Br%aine% a8%ien'e J8(ti'e 7ight+ %e(troy (ha%o/ o) &ie(+ In a&& )ra-e( o) ti-e+ $ra6e&ing )ro.%i(tant (pa'e+ Speak )or tho(e+ /ho 'anEt+ 7ight+ a&/ay( pre(ent )or yo8r right( Free Will Dein( o) /i&&+ (/eat+ Wro8ght in iron+ Wo6en -8('&e(+ ta&ent +motions >&y high+ $o8'h /or%(+ Senten'e(+ i--orta& phra(e .

. :one(t 5ragon 98*&i(hing 2012 =--ai&: 2727-ark3g-ai&.'ohttp(:00///.'o- ..'reate(pa'e.Go8+ Sip 6irt8e( (&o/&y.

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