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NIRMA ltd.

Nirma is one of the few names-which is instantly recognized as a true Indian company which took on mighty multinati onals andrewrote the marketing rules to win the heart of princess, i.e. theconsumers.Nirma, the proverbial “Rags to Riches” saga of Dr.Karsanbhaipatel,is a classic example of success of Indian companies in the face-off stiff compitition.startin as a one man operation in 1969,today,it has about 14,000 employee base turnover is above 25,00 corers. India is one of the largest consumer economy, with burgeoning middle class in such a case Nirma aptly concentrated all its effective tools towards creating and building a strong preference towards its ‘value money ‘product.

Nirma consumer products: Nirma detergent cake Nirma washing powder Nirma clean dish wash bar.. Nirma bartan bar Nirma beauty shoap,bath shoap,lime fresh shoap,rose shop, nirma sandal

Nirma industrial product:
sulfuric acid,glycerin,soda ash, pure salt

. Lack global tie ups and thus lacking in export market. Acquisition for strengthening its distribution tie ups.17 billion u m b r e l l a b r a n d offering consumers a broad portfolio of products at multiple price points in the Detergents. High interest burden 2. Weaknesses: 1. Less presence in premium segment. soaps and personal care market. Exports 2. Nirma is a Rs. 2. 4. Opportunities: 1.Strengths: 1. Strong brand equity. Wide distribution network. 3. Produce a range of industrial chemical products which primarily serve as raw material or intermediates for soaps and detergent business. 3. Market leadership in detergent market and fabric wash industry player in toilet soap industry.

toot h p a s t e s a n d fabric whiteners.3. Threats: MNCs coming to India particularly in Toilet and Soap industry. Entry into other categories like shampoos. .