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To identify TB suspects among children: SCORE IF SIGN OR SYMPTOM IS PRESENT

GENERAL FEATURES Duration of illness Failure to thrive or weight loss TB contact Malnutrition Chronic infant disease Frequency of illness Chest x-ray Lymph nodes Swelling of bone or joint Ascites Meningitis Angle deformity of spine
No abdominal mass Recurrent

<2 weeks Weight gain None

2-4 weeks


More than 4 weeks



No weight gain Reported, Reported not proven Proven EPTB, EPTB Smear+ Not improved after 4 weeks Not improved after 4 weeks No response to antibiotics TB suggestive gg (infiltration, cavity or hilar lymph nodes) Cervical, sub-mandibular Suggestive feature on X-ray With abdominal mass Chronic C.N.S. signs

Weight loss Proven Smear +

X-ray feature


Tanzania 2008 . fever) Version for field Tanzania 2008 Version for field testing.testing. chronic cough.If score > 9: •• C id the child as TB suspect and offer PICT Consider h hild d ff if HIV status is unknown Use the f ll i test to di h following diagnose TB i children: in hild •• Sputum smear microscopy (if child > 5 years age) •• Chest X ray The diagnosis TB should be made if the child has 2 or more of the following: •• Physical changes highly suggestive of TB •• Sputum smear positive and/or Chest X ray suggestive of TB Step 1 Step 2 S Step 3 •• Chronic symptoms suggestive of TB (weight loss.