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Procedure: Glassware used in the experiment was dried in an oven for one hour.

A drying tube with anhydrous calcium chloride was prepared. Approximately .15g of magnesium turnings were scrubbed until shiny with steel wool and put into a 20-mL round bottom flask with a magnetic stir vain. .7mL bromobenzine was combined with 4mL anhydrous diethyl ether and put into a pre-weighed conical vial. The weight was taken again and the weight of the mixture was determined. The apparatus was placed in a warm sand bath on top of the hot plate and the stir was set on a low level. A syringe containing .8mL of the bromobenzine solution was inserted into the rubber septum of the apparatus and was added to the flask containing the magnesium turnings at the rate of about 6 drops every 30 seconds. The rest of the bromobenzine was added in the same manor. 2 mL of anhydrous ether was placed into the vial originally containing the bromobenzine solution and was added using the syringe to the reaction mixture. The magnesium turnings were dissolved and the mixture was cooled to room temperature. 1.09g benzophenone was combined with 2mL anhydrous ether and was rapidly injected into the reaction mixture using a syringe. The mixture was cooled to room temperature. 1mL anhydrous ether was put in and the vial that contained the benzophenone solution and was added to the reaction mixture. The mixture solidified. 6mL of hydrochloric acid was added to the reaction mixture drop wise until the mixture dissolved into a liquid and 2 distinct layers formed. The top layer was extracted and put into a 10mL beaker. The aqueous layer was re-extracted with 5mL ether 2 times. The top layers were combined into the beaker and dried with anhydrous sodium sulfate and rinsed with diethyl ether. The water was evaporated by air drying. Vacuum filtration was used to collect the triphenylmethanol. The

The product was recrystallized. A melting point was obtained.crude produce was weighed. An IR spectroscopy was performed. The pure product was weighed. .