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But why have I, a has-been who can't write poetry, who still thinks that smoking pipes

gives one an appearance of intellectual authority who accepts every tiresome cliché of the European Left, not kept my anti-Israel ravings to myself? Because my own origins, as a former member of the Waffen SS who lectured Germans about morality for sixty years meant that in all decency I should keep my mouth shut, that I should not pretend to declare "truth" to cover up my own guilt by saying that it's all Israel's fault when Iran declares it should be wiped off the map, then starts building nuclear weapons and holding Holocaust denial conferences.

Why only now, grown old (and foolish), and pretending to be a great moral spokesman , do I say: "Israel's atomic power endangers an already fragile world peace- but Iran's doesn't?" Because what must be said may be too late tomorrow; we must ensure that Iran develops nuclear weapons capable of destroying Israel and obtaining dominance in the Middle East so once again we must allow

a threat is foreseeable. may demand that those responsible for the open danger we face renounce the use of force (meaning only Israel must renounce the use of force) although only Iran has threatened Israel's existence and Israel has only talked about destroying Iran's nuclear facilities We may insist that the governments of both Iran and Israel allow an international authority free and open inspection of the nuclear potential and capability of both because we know that such inspections are largely pointless and will never be fully allowed by either side so that I will stick my stick my tobacco pipe in the orifice where it belongs. so that our complicity can be expunged by any of the usual excuses and we can establish a false "moral equivalence" and then say that Israel is threatening auslöschen. And granted: I've broken my silence because I participate in the West's hypocrisy. and I hope too that many may be freed from their silence. a perfect inversion of the truth. .