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SAMPLING GATES 1.Explain basic operating principle of samplinggate ? 2.a.explain U.S.G, advantages & disadvantages ? b.explain U.S.

G with 1 or more input signals ? c.explain U.S.G with 1 or more gate signals ? 3.a.explain B.G.S using 1 and 2 transistors ? b.explain gain,operation of B.S.G using 2,4,6 diodes ? 4.Applications of Sampling Gate ? explain chopper stabilizer amplifier and sampling oscilloscope ?

LOGIC GATES 1.Explain and realize the basic gates using diodes and transistors ? 2. i)AND  problem in AND gate and how to overcome it ii)OR iii)NOT 3.Explain the operation of 3 i/p NAND,NOR gates using diodes and transistors ? 3.a)what are different types of logic families and compare them b)Explain 3 i/p NOR gate using RTL logic 4.Explain 3 i/p NAND gate in DTL family ? 5.Explain operation of 3 i/p NAND gate in TTL totem pole o/p ? 6.a)Explain operation of NAND,NOR using CMOS logic ? with help of truth table b)Explain logic systems 7.write short notes on a.Noise Margin b.Figure of Merit c.propogation delay d.power dissipation

Fan in and Fan out f.Define synchronization and explain principle of synchronization 2.Tristate logic SYNCHRONIZTION 1.What are different types of synchronization methods.wirte short notes on phase delay and phase jitter b.Explain sine wave synchronization in sweep circuit .1-1.2-1) 3.a.Wired AND connection g. explain in detail (3-1.e.How astable multivibrator acts as voltage divider ? monostable multi vibrator ? 4.