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METAPHOR, ANALOGY (Tip: SIMILIARITY!) Question Types: - Explain the phrase: ―….‖ (metaphor) - Why X is being described as Y?

- Identify and explain one metaphor from Paragraph X. Purpose: - To test if you can draw similarities between two unlike ideas. Task: - Metaphor: Comparison between two unlike ideas. A metaphor is a vehicle that allows you to understand a complex, unique or abstract idea more deeply. - To draw links between two unlike ideas – the literal definition and figurative definition. (What does it mean on its own, and what does it mean in context?) Template: - ―Just as X…, Y… ― - ―X is… Similarly, Y is…. ― Examples: a. Why does the author refer to ambition as an ―investment of emotional capital‖? (SAJC Pre-Prelim 2008) Ans. Just as an investment is risky/involves uncertainty/involves committing resources in the hope of earning a return (literal definition), so ambition may not generate success despite the heart/soul/emotional energy put into it (figurative definition). b. Explain what the author means by ‗our destiny is simply this chameleon stranger— ourself!‘ (‗A‘ Level 2004) Ans. Just as a chameleon changes its colours according to the surroundings (literal definition), one‘s fate is continually changing as one‘s thinking is volatile (figurative definition)